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  1. Hunter Lahti

    Dallas stars goalies be like: You get a goal, You get a goal, You get a goal, Everyone gets a goal! GO WILD

  2. Serjoga1976

    С А Н Я - М О Л О Д Е Ц !

  3. Christmas Ebes

    3:46 “NICE F-CKING PASS!”

  4. BeastMoud *

    The stars can’t keep going hot and cold

  5. Dexter Haven

    A tale of two cities. In Ottawa, Senators show energy and hustle and knock off the Flames. In Toronto, the Leafs show lethargy and indifference and give up a touchdown.

  6. TinnieTa21

    I'm someone who made fun of Kovalchuk going to Montreal thinking it was a meaningless move, but he genuinely seems like someone who wants to prove everyone wrong and wants to win.

  7. Ben Prins

    I expected more tonight from you Toronto, you're better than this and need to regain your focus. Leafs can play well under Keefe but need to step it up as a team.

  8. Shurikn Ibuki

    Took too long for Fleury to get in his game but he was great at the end. Kovy is so damn good. seriously.

  9. PTxE Reaper

    Anyone know why Vegas fired their head coach?

  10. chip And dale

    In 4 months from now these Denver blues fans slash hawks fans will become AVS fans.... go AVS go.....

  11. Max Forsey

    Upload in 1080p!!!!!!!!!

  12. GTI Bro

    Kovy will be sighing with Montreal you heard it here first

  13. Barb Myran

    40th comment

  14. Creator278


  15. Mateo C


  16. Thomas Dietz

    I thought it was funny how the Islanders announcers were loving the lucky deflection goals the Islanders were getting, but as soon as the caps got one he says the caps score on a lucky bounce off a skate. Of course that’s what home teams announcers are gonna do but it’s still funny.

  17. Pete Dougherty

    Let’s go Flyers

  18. Rc77 vhk

    That's a dang it

  19. Josef Downer

    Who else was at the game watching Dallas get raped 😂

  20. Zach Dragon

    The Wild are always really good on hockey day, it needs to be hockey day more often.

  21. Ермек Кабдиев

    Ковалчак активен, гол. Молодец. С победой

  22. The Cando Railfan

    People thought the Leafs and Andersen were good after the coaching change. 🤣

  23. ry4nx

    that empty netter was slick

  24. Nathan Metzger

    At 6:03 that was an amazing save

  25. Kevin Anderson

    Comments are stuck at 599 so I am commenting to make 600. Last night the Caps overcame a 4-1 deficit and scored 5 goals in the 3rd period to defeat the Islanders 6-4. Ovechkin moved past Super Mario and is now tied with Yzerman on the all time goal scored list.

  26. Free Dom

    Let’s go boys!

  27. Gwizzea27

    Why was there so many comments on these highlights but like 3 on the last couple

  28. Zach Dragon

    We’ve been doing this for awhile now...

  29. MrTUBEular10

    It's starting to all come together, gents!

  30. Crimsonfang

    All I can do is give the longest and loudest sigh of my life.

  31. Pete Dougherty

    There was almost a hat trick with Kenacney soooooo clooooooose 😭😭

  32. Tom B Lightning

    yeah baby!!

  33. Miika Laurila

    Let’s go wild!!! 7-0!!!??? Wow amazing keep it up!!

  34. Kurosh Rezania

    Thx sens LETS GO OILERS!!!

  35. greekosdarkness

    As a wild fan, I want dubnyk gone. Stalock brings energy to the team. Dubnyk is washed up and allows the most simple goals in.

  36. Ian Koerner

    LETS GO WILD!!!!!

  37. Pete Dougherty

    I was at the game and there was this girl on the big screen and she was just chilling without even noing 😂😂😂

  38. Andre Corbeil

    #TurtlePower lol

  39. Gabriel Rentz

    now THAT's a lotta damage!

  40. Nathan Metzger

    Great game I was there

    1. Easton The pumpkin slasher

      Nathan Metzger I was their too lol I guess we like looking at highlights of our teams

  41. aaron breeds

    really embarrassing for the islanders, im disappointed in the maturity level of teows, that was stupid, you dont taunt the best team in hockey when the games halfway over... did ny think the caps would quit? do they understand who they were playing? who is their coach again? i really dont understand what i saw from them, that was a disgrace.

    1. aaron breeds

      cant imagine what trotz said to that kid after the game

  42. Nikolay Ivanovich


  43. Landon Kestner

    Was I the only one super stoked on Ovi’s deke for the Hatty?

  44. 1000kings1

    Good things happen when your goalie doesn't have to make 5 unbelievable saves every game. Defense wins *Unrelated but welcome back #20

  45. FugalJester


    1. Kevin Stull

      Touchdown and a point after lol.

  46. Rentta

    Panthers are eerily similar to stars from few years ago (as a stars fan i know). Defense is usually awful, offense is usually amazing. Very entertaining to watch to be fair but also pain for goaltenders in both ends.

  47. Rekz Vacant

    Hawks are finally looking solid. #4inarow #onfire

  48. Eric Hill

    Come on Dallas Stars it is not against the rules to at least score one goal

  49. Gummy

    Failed whiteout...

    1. Easton The pumpkin slasher

      Gummy I was there and I was so mad. Saber fans beside us wore them for sakes

  50. Trey Thompson

    what an embarrassing first period by vegas

  51. SoCalSportsFan 27

    Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there.

  52. G Clarion

    Two idiots talking to each other.

  53. Ken Gok

    Ура ,Ковальчук проснулся ! 😀

  54. Red

    Thank you Wild

  55. Paul

    The Leafs have the most toxic haterbase in all of sports.

  56. coady beastly

    love how kovalchuk hesitated just a bit to get fleury to open up then wires it five hole, haha what a shot!

  57. Kasper

    7:47 That was one of the DominikHasekest saves I've seen in years!

  58. Kasper

    lol, it must be soooo annoying to get scored on as the visiting team in the Bell Center. 😂

  59. Beep_Right_Hand

    :) perfect 👌

  60. Алтынбек Жаманкулов

    Не в обиду,но Холдби на пенсию пора,изначально Самсона надо было ставить,Саня нет слов капитан.респект и уважуха,всем мира с УВ.из Казахстана.

  61. Roberto Autore

    It's not over, one game at a time, !! GO HABS GO !! 🥅🏒🏆👍

  62. Rentta

    I'm so happy for CBJ they are my 3rd or 2nd team and with all the issues they had to deal with this season they still are just rolling on and man who would have though that Elvis is going to be this good. What a heartwarming thing :) Also i must thank CBJ to save my night from the depressing game that was Stars vs Wild.

  63. Daniel Deng

    The Wild went wild!

  64. Ayman B

    Dallas sucks

    1. The TRICK BROS

      Dallas sucks

    2. Daniel Deng

      Not really! It is just parity in the NHL. Any team can beat any team!

  65. Volve

    Kovy in fire ! My guys is like a train !

  66. coady beastly

    Kovalchuk is sucha beauty, his shootout goal was filth. i loved how he hesitated just to get fleury to bite on it then rips it five hole. extend this guy for the next 8 seasons haha, GoHabsGo !!

  67. FRANK De Rudder

    Terrible defense terrible goaltending!! Not much more 2 say!!!!

    1. J W

      FRANK De Rudder they were never good anyways

  68. game solo

    kova is now my favorite player

  69. Jordan Larson

    Howard actually looked pretty good tonight.

  70. Anthony  D

    Pathetic choke, a faded team squandering their lead to an artificial team. Sums up Bettman's fondest hopes.

  71. RainingGiraffes

    Taylor Hall was -5 lol

  72. GutPusher

    Some Captain St. Louis...

  73. Noah Schuster

    Elvis Baby!! What a loveable teddy bear!! So good in net!! Well done!!

  74. NPC#438382533


  75. Habsgaming 97

    Tatar wrapped fluery like a tuna roll

  76. Cameron Durham

    To all the leafs fans argueing with the haters, stop. All you are doing is proving what they are saying and if you respond, they won't stop (EVENTUS)

    1. J W

      Cameron Durham lol nice try


    I know it’s the wings but damn bob is really starting to look more like himself again

  78. Ephraïm Boateng

    That overtime was madness!

  79. LickAlotaPuss69x

    I was wondering where Toews was going with that 2 ft in the air pass... TAPE TO TAPE THAT'S WHERE! And Toews' reaction to it is priceless!

  80. Diu

    Wow that was a full speed saucer

  81. Cody ALLCAPS

    Other than capital one arena, nationwide is probably my favorite arena I have been too. Great atmosphere and venue. Prudential center is pretty cool too though. I like the open concourse design. Almost feels like you are at a mall.

    1. Luke Brown

      Cody ALLCAPS capital one arena is super quiet come playoff time. One time I walked in and I thought I walked into the Washington public library

  82. Megan Hoffbeck

    This game was sad but good thing the hawks are bringing the W home

  83. jacob brandt

    Jonathan toews looking like he did about 8 years ago tonight oh wait it’s the leafs

  84. Art Bach

    again WTF

  85. Easton The pumpkin slasher

    I was at this game like 30min ago lol

  86. Mittezi

    I bet 5 euros to 5 different games and had them all in one ticket. This game was only game where I included overtime and I had VGK to win in my ticket... Well u know the rest. It wouldve been 165e if VGK would have won. Well next time maybe.

  87. Gerard Vinet

    Pls. we need help on the defence & coaching staff !!!!!GHG .Gotisbehere & Gallant .

  88. Jordan Claudio

    Glad the knights didn’t give up - they kept battling. Well need that grit toward the end of the season to make some win streaks

  89. Big ERN Macrackin

    The Hawks could be dangerous if they sneak into the playoffs...

  90. D.J Mattson

    LEAFS played like total garbage

    1. Toronto Make Me Laughs

      D.J Mattson because they are total garbage

  91. Fred Carrillo

    Teows seems to be skating a lot quicker lately. Good win.

  92. Geoff O

    Where’s Kovy’s SOG??? Unbelievable...

    1. ToMi KaZe

  93. G Kang

    Price was unstoppable tonight. -Knights fan

    1. Manu

      well you scored 4 goals 😄 but, yeah, he definitely made some great saves tonight.

  94. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    200th comment 🏜🏖🛣🏞

  95. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    22rd comment 🏞🛣🌋🗻

  96. NoShotgun92

    Aw, thank you very much!

  97. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    11th comment 🌠🎇🎆🌌

  98. Adorel Yakhnis

    The reactions of Price and Kovalchuck says it all, a huge win after a big scare in the 3rd.

  99. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    99th comment 🎢🎠🚥🚦

  100. Branden Bogacz

    Bad thing for a captain to do