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  1. Chris Kreager


  2. Patrick Bacon


  3. jerry c

    max domi is way to horny

  4. sully

    Everybody played like a New Yorker this year, great season.

  5. Kevin Ketchell

    Coutourier “no move” move goal

  6. 357 Trent

    Catherine zeta jones

  7. Lance Milliken


  8. First Baptist Church

    Wow, all the best ex-Blues players were on that Hartford squad. Mike Keenan was such an idiot.

  9. Ya Yeet Dab !


  10. PENSFAN 6687

    tie 5-5 goal it’s Panarin in the penalty box

  11. Sune Larsson

    Forza djurgården! 💛❤️💙

  12. Bradley Ismail

    that first clip is youtube hockey history

  13. PENSFAN 6687

    0:48 1:30 Bobby chant

  14. Colin Sherwood

    It only took a worldwide virus for the devils not to be in the present weird nhl

  15. Ben S.

    Vasilevskiy, LEAVE RIGHT NOW

  16. Zachawks

    The one Alex Debrincat talked about I went to that game and it was amazing

  17. Kane Garvey

    I'm a Bruins fan but love seeing every teams development and damn the Rangers are starting to be something special! Great team chemistry.

  18. w q

    Outro song?

  19. Aryeh E

    The last one gives me chills every time

  20. Jose Otero

    Were are charley conway and emilio estevez, and goldberg?

  21. Gworz 65

    what happened in the phoenix coyotes game

  22. GoldenDiamond 21

    EmWatson is good

  23. injun sniper

    lisa ann!

  24. Tom Billard

    easy boys some of those are guys

  25. injun sniper

    max domi has like 5

  26. injun sniper

    margot robbie and jennifer aniston

  27. Caroline Marion

    Non non non non non cana

  28. bhobo09

    Electrifying scorer ..probably the best I have ever seen! loved watching him more than any other player I have ever watched even Gretzky! He had moves and cleverness that no other NHL player had! I miss players of his skill in NHL.

  29. Kuz MonkeyCole88


  30. cloud

    all the married guys saying no crush love my wife! and then ovi just like oh yeah I have TONS god I love him

  31. Johnny the Machine

    "Who's your celebrity crush?" Max Domi : "Yes!"

  32. Daniel Spinosa

    With a name and a stache like that, if hockey didn’t work out he could of always done porn

  33. Daveyboy _

    Livin in Mtl. the 1st time i ever heard this song was the 86 or 87 playoffs , u could not deny how cool it was .

  34. Daveyboy _

    I loved the Adams Division

  35. ville koskinen

    2:31.. umm Datsyuk?

  36. WitheredKnight

    Is that Bruce Cassidy and John Tortorella?

  37. JohnnyBGood

    Kane's celly with Panarin where they just stared at each other for a couple seconds was really good too

  38. Jimmy Morrall

    Gusev’s tapejob is uh, interesting.

  39. Kane Nicholas

    Can u put the Brett hull Gloria version on Spotify?

  40. balenci yagya

    Jagr’s mentality

  41. sport's love place 360

    Addy from tic tic toy well I am dating her

  42. Lexy Thomas

    5 Ranger Fans Disliked So Far

  43. aaa bbb

    I think he will have more points then Grecky, just wait how many point he scores this season, now, he has almost 100, and he plays the last game for stanley cup against edmonton. He will win his 7th stanlay cup!

  44. HockeyRocks2006


  45. Janoy cresva

    roy is #1

  46. Jason Melendez

    Thank you. Please keep making more of these videos. Great to see the legends.

  47. Brett Patterson

    4:19 Jagr career points per game at that point was 1.31 which would be 5th all time. People have a tendency to think Jagr just racked up the points list because he played forever but the truth is he had a high PPG for a sustained period and did so playing his prime in the dead puck era.

  48. Janoy cresva

    Rask is a smart man.

  49. Brett Patterson

    “ Hi I’m Jaromir Jagr my favourite player growing up was Jaromir Jagr.” -Jaromir Jagr

  50. michael guarino

    So mad the seasons paused. The boys were storming back Into the playoffs(maybe). I love how we rebuild but continuing trying to win. I’m excited for the Future.

  51. Colby Child

    yup thats vancouver

  52. Jays2525

    Sub to me sub to me sub to me sub to me sub to me sub to me sub to me sub to me sub to me

  53. Jays2525

    Sub to me

  54. Jays2525

    Sub to me

  55. Jays2525

    Sub to me

  56. Jays2525

    Sub to me

  57. advice31

    17 years ago scoring 500th goal in NHL and he is still active and decent player till this day

  58. Paul Douglas

    Didn't even mention 500 on a hat trick.

  59. d00bZubElEk

    43:22 “What confidence” No what gave him the confidence was the era he plays in.

  60. not2tees

    Zibanejad's big grin is one of the NHL's best, and he had a lot to grin about.

  61. Sk8ter B8der

    Mika my boyyyy

  62. Lauren

    Tukka is NOT into it 😂

  63. red nax ela

    "Lebron James the most recognizable athlete in the world" made me laugh 😂😂

  64. get Smarty

    When Marchand runs passed that reporters feet lol

  65. Fake Thumbnail

    That winning goal in the shootout was epic

  66. christopher valentino

    I was really happy when they beat the penguins but I was ecstatic when they beat Vegas and Ovi and the capitals finally buried their demonds for good.

  67. Veikka Kaasalainen

    I think that the glove save by Ilya Bryzgalov against the Penguins in 2013 deserves to be in this video.

  68. Ethan Dykstra

    “ Way to many” haha

  69. lonkylaine

    Way too many recent masks. Lundqvist has nothing to do here as Richter had the liberty lady too, before him and better design. #1 is very debatable.

  70. Grandpa Minion

    U m doesn’t Ovechkin have a wife

  71. John lothrop

    Just think....12 yrs old. He can be a star in the N.H.L.

  72. A WrestlingFan

    Come back soon NHL! Never stop making these weird videos!!!

  73. Adrian


  74. Anthony Calona

    Best comeback team in the world!!!!!

  75. Luis Franco Rodriguez

    max domi’s got it

  76. Anthony Burgess

    The Iron Giant is great

  77. Dawn Loraine

    Love your vids

  78. Devito 1993

    So I am presuming we will also see the same number of praises for Male announcers, Male commentators, Male hockey players, the Men who built the hockey arena etc on International Men's Day on November The 19th later on this year right?

  79. Duncan Giroux

    mitch is unbelivabe

  80. Patrick Denis

    6:09 that’s how stupid Marc Bergevin is...

  81. ¡Mike B!

    Man, that 5 goal game from Zibanejad was off the chart. What an amazing player. ...also, I miss hockey.

  82. Tara Johnson

    We need a man crush episode

  83. JIMI Nyfors

    In my nhl 20 there's Patrik Laine in the covet

    1. JIMI Nyfors

      @Coasterhocky Gaming Boy but in the disc there's matthews

    2. JIMI Nyfors

      @Coasterhocky Gaming Boy it is ea sports nhl 20 and there's Patrik Laine

    3. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

      well maybe you’re not playing nhl 20 your probably playing a different ea sports nhl game

    4. JIMI Nyfors


  84. Let’s Go Islanders!


  85. Joseph Van Horn

    What are the odds of that Sullivan thing? Must have been a million to one. Hockey is the best.

  86. Peter Elmer

    Why does Hank look like an octopus when he juggles😂😂😂

  87. speedyV

    Everyone: Nope i am married, love my wife and kids Ovechkin (wife and 2 kids) : I have so many!

  88. Tommi Koskinen


  89. Ed TheStreamer

    That Stefan clip hurts

  90. Giblitzky

    You know Slavin just has to be the biggest salt of the earth kinda guy

  91. Peter Balbo

    I was literally standing this whole game. My friends asked me why ? I said " Ovi scored 13 seconds into the game and I ain't sitting down till this game's over ! " OVECHKIN $TANLEY CUP CHAMPION !

  92. BiggieCheese

    He won it on my birthday 9 years before I was born

  93. Gobi Pakora Sports

    Ya boys, man mooned a security guard, might as well give him the cover

  94. Louis-Olivier hethrington

    Rangers could have been really dangerous in playoffs. Love their offensive.

  95. Daint Villareal

    john gibson

  96. DaBeast Beats

    R.I.P AlExAnDeR GrEtZkY, BeSt FoOtBaLl PlAyEr Of AlL tImE!!! 2012-1997 YoU WiLl Be MiSsEd

    1. Emma Perrone

      DaBeast Beats ok

    2. DaBeast Beats

      @Emma Perrone you should be sorry. damn mysoginist.

    3. Emma Perrone

      DaBeast Beats nvm Sry

    4. DaBeast Beats

      @Emma Perrone is that a personal attack?

    5. Emma Perrone

      DaBeast Beats are you ok

  97. David Sokol

    Nobody mentioned Emma Stone? Seriously?

    1. kalle havumäki

      She is average. Nothing special