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  1. H&SAnimations

    Cage is one of a legendary, a man that will be written in as a mythological anomaly. he has stared in some insanely great movies and has taken roles in the worst you could imagine but still made it work. Cage is arguably the most talented actor ever, he is the best worst actor of all time

  2. Monica Maldonado

    He is a very, very good comedian! Why he dosent act anymore? Maybe he was not agree with eat babys and all this elite ask to their servants, like Jlo.

  3. JennieRose8

    I support Trump...but even I admit, this is funny as heck.

    1. JennieRose8

      Really? All the racists are in Kentucky? LOLOLOL. (PS- most Trump supporters are NOT racists. )

  4. Car Care

    😂😂😂 This me tho

  5. Mats K

    That was awesome! What a performance... Sorry, Ashley, you had no chance.

  6. Ethan Weeter

    Why does Manafort sound like Rocky?😂

  7. Rachel Santay

    This is my favorite thing from any new cast member or any cast member for that matter

  8. Fluffy Pug

    Can I get a 99

  9. MCAdventurer

    I do take this as canon. Am I the only one?

  10. AmyBlackRoseCena

    Alec Baldwin absolutely nails it every time as Trump!

  11. Mr. Paint

    That escalated quickly !

  12. KC Sunshine

    Love that top she is wearing, so pretty

  13. Frank Willis

    Trump 2020 - Because, fuck you again.

  14. Dr Karis

    I love how Gay and chaotic this is

  15. Diana S

    Love harry in these sketches

  16. kittypie

    This is equally soothing and unnerving

  17. Edit Name

    Jona actually looks good with a man bun

  18. Cade Scott

    Eminem wouldn’t dare diss Natalie

  19. chavesa5

    The 2005 bangs on all these guys dates this in a way like nothing else

  20. Rick Rocker

    What a great rendition of Chaka Khan’s 2020 NBA All-Star version of the national anthem! Lol!

  21. 10K Subs In 2020 Challenge

    You can't find this video because this video finds you


    How about rock bottom studios staring randy orton next time

  23. the continuous one

    judge: look at you, with a jolly smile , the boy who lived

  24. manisch kreativ

    Fuuuuck noooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Aglae Juarez

    Was I the only one expecting to see the depressing Jim Carrey from Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind or 23? Yes? Well shit, sorry. But the contrast would have been amazing 😂

  26. deplorable joeymc

    SNL LOL Always after [TRUMPS] me lucky charms. SNL Hapless liberal hacks and duped "uncle tom" blacks!! YOU SUCK!!! OH YEA! MAGA/KAG BITCHES!!!

  27. Susan In South Florida

    Stefon is the best

  28. Lee Gutierrez

    When she smells her armpit! It killed me lmaoooo

  29. 92alphagal


  30. neo tokyo

    I love him 😭☺️💞💕💖

  31. jeralgrant

    This was just predicting Chaka Khan.

  32. dholmestar

    He reused this exact plotline in the new season lol

  33. Akula GTR

    Freaking skank bitch who doesn't know how to be funny. I'm a comedian and I make funnier jokes than her.

  34. Young Beige

    “Red head redemption. 2.”

  35. Monika Saraf

    So now we can crack jokes about the coronavirus. Thanks, guys

  36. Robert Dixon

    Work on that trigger discipline

  37. Trey

    I actually laughed at this skit.

  38. Patrick Pastor

    They should have put their dicks in boxes. That would have helped.

  39. Jack Lowry

    If you closed your eyes you couldn’t tell that wasn’t Obama

  40. Patrick Pastor

    What if they all got stuck in the doorway?

  41. Adony Grepares

    And I am 1 my power is to be able to grow nose hair but when I do my finger falls off

  42. Betty Smith

    R.I.P Phil Hartman ☹️

  43. Bill Hicks

    The look on Will's face at the beginning was too good. I broke out laughing at that moment.

  44. TheOlondo

    im gonna sure the hell out of SNL for secretly filming me and my brother!!!

  45. Ethan Weeter

    I think Joe holds Mika back. If she could be allowed to do her own interviews, she probably would prove to be very competent.

  46. Brayden Quarles

    It is stupid but funny

  47. Ladonna Wilson


  48. Ethan Weeter

    Love Tina Fey though.

  49. finnishnin

    Le tits now

  50. Rommel the Cat

    Alrighty then...

  51. FejkJ

    no matter what the scene is what is going on who the characters are or where they are Leslie Jones playes the same role...

  52. Steven Leslie

    Trump 2020

  53. 1k subs with trash vids?

    And now I will never look at frozen pizza the same again

  54. KC Sunshine

    "Not my fault. All my best players were injured. Were you the one who I hired them?" 😭

  55. Atlas King

    That's right. "Ahn-gell-ah," Germany sucks and you don't correct our President.

  56. Natalee Flóres

    Now I'm craving more SNL designing women sketches. (We need Anthony!) and want to watch reruns. RuPaul is 80s adorable. This might be one of my favorite Ru looks.

  57. Swag Sutton

    Tv not to

  58. Swag Sutton

    Who watches snl on FIsels not to

  59. Boosh Comix

    i didn't come anywhere near laughter.

  60. Brady Freiderich

    I love that these sketches kept getting better.

  61. Pomona513

    1:09 The answer I immediately thought of for "Why does this balloon float?" was "Because you let go of it!"

  62. Random crap Gaming

    There the rules of the street😂😂😂😆

  63. Joe B-e

    She dropped all those delicious and satisfying Totino's on the floor. What a loser!

  64. Cameron Morris

    Pick #1!!

  65. Jason Knight

    I think the replies are funnier than the sketches lmao

  66. Aacha


  67. the continuous one

    a daily replay for my man

  68. Number Two

    Alec's Trump impressions are hilarious.

  69. Sameer Pradhan

    So funny 😂😂😂😂

  70. Cameron Morris

    No sense of decency.....

  71. Paul Kalenian

    12:56-13:05 Without doubt the funniest part!! Come on

  72. Tehearia Campbell

    The funniest was Trump, of course.

  73. Chris Bellen

    How they could keep a straight face thru the sketch just amazes me. My sides hurts from laughing.

  74. WAYCNF

    green album: am I a joke to you?

  75. Shawn McKenzie

    Do the writers get paid for coming up with this shi#t? It just gets worse and worse.

  76. bmw575

    Lord Jesus this is too funny !!!

  77. FunnYfucker Aintyou

    Why isn't trump talking to Zimbabwe on there...that was epic.

  78. Gary Mclean

    Hahahahaha that was awesome. Jim is a legend

  79. KC Sunshine

    😂😂😂2:34 When she ran full speed at the cameraman lmfao!!


    Oh look its that old black dude who did a couple of ok movies and cant take a joke off a lil white man now Dave nows hes the goat and Chris rock Eddie you suck

  81. Zdiddy7

    I have no clue how SNL writers were able to write this skit so true to life..... its almost as if its a play by play of what really happened.

  82. MARC

    4:40 Stick around like Alan in Charlie's men's group ;)

  83. Richard

    Tweenage girls have awful taste in men. Ijs.

  84. Shramana Karmakar

    Even though bill didn't speak much but he looks so adorable.

  85. Adam Hastings

    God bless Donald Trump #trump2020

  86. 星パトリック

    “To Latinos” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  87. uctriton00

    Holy shit Keenan Thompson makes the best Charles Barkley impression

  88. Richard


  89. Khutso Seleke

    Jamie is the best

  90. luvzfrance24

    I think that's how Angela Merkel really looks like when she has to talk to Trump on the phone

  91. Landon Oberg

    Okay. It was cringey until Jeff Daniels came in. Then it became legendary. *Carrey* Legendary. ...I'm not sorry.

  92. Ivan Gonzalez

    Daña Carvey was great as George Bush Sr. Hehehe

  93. Corrupt Angel

    Looks like people preferred a Riverboat gambler with a big tummy and a orange head over a bitter female android.

  94. Rob Banks

    Trump 2020 elitist haters dont wanna help us

  95. KC Sunshine

    Laughing so hard I had to pause it bc I was literally pmsl! 😂😂😂😭

  96. prisca kim

    rEligIOn is a DRUG

  97. JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate

    Hammond impression of Bill Clinton cracks me up everytime. 😂

  98. Rod A

    Not that kind of read! 🤣🤣🤣

  99. Archeon Wanlorn

    actually, a rose stem can be salvaged to create new rose bushes.

  100. Aditya Radhakrishnan

    Parks and Rec , Office and IT Crowd ♥️♥️♥️