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  1. Dr. Dumboz

    That yellow thing you can eat that if you cut it to small peices and add salt pepper and other seasoning and you can also add eggs.

  2. 1995 subaru impreza

    genuinely worried for anomaly's health, the amount of times he farted in this video was more than i do in a day

  3. Cody Jenkins

    I feel my heart stopping just watching this.

  4. Jean Ceena

    U shouldnt drink the Bovril u must put it on bread or toast

  5. Illusion ZT

    69th video

  6. Lattrelle Bravo


  7. Ack Eck

    When ur going to real war and u don't re spawn me:something ain't right

  8. Ack Eck

    James Gond-em

  9. Ack Eck

    How to drown indoors

  10. stealth drone

    Half an hour for a grocery store? I have to drive 45 min to work everyday that’s literally nothing

  11. U want a sandwich?

    I got B#tches all over my D#$kHead Everyday Soking on my D

  12. Todor Ivanov

    - Are you having a stroke, papa? - I hope so. LMAO

  13. }{y

    How do you always unbox knives I've never got one ;~;

  14. U want a sandwich?

    TBH You edit like ricegum now Jk

  15. Kreepy Klownz

    Papa's not wearing his king diamond shirt im offended

  16. boomer shuttle

    as an Australian half the stuff here I have never seen. Especially the red eye energy drink and Mac N cheese Smith’s chips. bruh

  17. Kire TV

    500k plaque video :D

  18. BassBoostingBrony

    *this is the dream for someone whos lactose intolerant* *me nodding slowly*

  19. ItsHuqhwi

    This video is just two fat gay men laugh for 15 minutes straight

  20. Daniel Lu

    nobody : anomaly : "OUSTRALIEN"

  21. polka TV

    lmao right after this whole video i get an ad that says ”now you can get help from a doctor”lmfao

  22. Tarpe

    15:26 nani?

  23. Fishbone97


  24. That'sThe NewBoy

    Yay I met haix in competitive

  25. RegS

    wheres mamanomaly

  26. boi

    I got the awp skin for as low as 4 euros!

  27. Flames


  28. YT ACC

    3:50 Every Russians go-to haircut xD

  29. Assassin Gamez

    You should’ve asked them to not cut the pizza

  30. Malcolm Hardi

    In belgium there is only 13.5% alcohol beer

  31. VvShadowZvV 19

    7:09 you can hear the suffering

  32. Jimmy Andersson

    Shoulda put a cheap ass guitar in the box first ;)

  33. Jayden


  34. CFG Edits

    Bruh, my cholesterol went up just from watching...

  35. Rafcio

    Omg I just witness my friend died That was so cool

  36. Kanimation 2.0

    When Anomaly becomes HowToBasic

  37. hush slatt

    That isnt weird meat

  38. TheDutchPear

    2:03 genious! 😹😹 ‘Nooo’

  39. Don't hack Me

    The bluegem knife was sold for around 120k$ in a huge mix of bluegems, ya. It's worth 50k$ cash realisticly. #1 st kara cw fn is 50k$ cash #2 kara bluegem mw is 35k$

  40. Kryptopex

    16:13 LMFAO

  41. Etrax

    Btw why can't anomaly drink beer?

  42. Blame Banz

    this is “how you get sick 101”😂

  43. しらいしく【CleanClouds】

    Anomaly acting like he has never seen a drunk person, jesus christ he is killing his father

  44. anders kamrath

    Wtf is everyone on about this only being a Finnish tradition? Its literally a tradition in every northern country to do this. Thats like saying mass alcohol drinking is exclusive to Russia, bro have you heard of Ireland? All if Britain? Germany? Any other first world country that has alcohol. Traditions aren’t necessarily exclusive to one place wtf

  45. Jon the old one alright

    granpa trying to stab him self at the start

  46. SkilledWorm

    please do a only german beer review

  47. GEEF 100

    "I really am struggle with alcholic" Im deceased papa

  48. Trym Myrslo

    14:31 lighten my day up

  49. Elon Musk

    5:29 lol papanomaly got em

  50. Sullan- FN

    You guys got to go in omegle

  51. Nu99et

    what kind of gay movie is this

  52. SBT 2005

    11.31 OMG hilarious!

  53. Trym Myrslo


  54. Пад Пад

    Мы русские с нами бог блять

  55. itsyolostyles GD

    mail me some or fingering time

  56. Patrick Felen

    Jagermeister delitious

  57. Raul Mihaila

    Gives 0 fuck about the hotel room

  58. Fraks


  59. Tobias elstrøm

    Guys just wait Ind some time somone is gona buy a car with a CS:GO skin

  60. }{y

    Papa can't even drink beer in peace

  61. Blue Creeper Productions

    how did i get a sports ad on a video about a fat guy

  62. Blue Creeper Productions

    what kind of boat/model is this?

  63. Sem

    wifi: *drops one bar youtube video quality: 1:57

  64. Marek Doležal

    I from the czech republic :DD Its good beer xD

  65. Eric Mejegård Ös8a

    13:18 I live here

  66. zophyxz

    i got 11 stitches in my knee

  67. SkilledWorm

    3:06 the moment when a swede who lives in malta buys german pickels in a russian store in africa mr worldwide

  68. Grasu XXXL

    Anyone knows what is the name of the beat in the video? the one that starts at like 0:06

  69. PelleBelle

    make a rap song and music video with papa, i wanna see papa throw mad gang signs on them shaggers

  70. Smaccaroni

    Wait....african food?

  71. Pullo mummo69

    Mikä vittu näitä ruottalaisia oikeen vaivaa

  72. Lanittaja25

    The oldest Finnish saunas date back 10 000 years ago, after the Ice Age. Originally, Finnish saunas were earth pits covered with animal skins. Earth pit saunas don’t exist anymore in Finland but their modern equivalent is the tent sauna. The ground sauna arrived after the Stone Age. To build it, you need only an earth floor, three walls, one wooden door and a turf roof with a few tree trunks. Inside the sauna was a stove in the corner and wooden bench made of a log. The third-generation sauna, the smoke sauna with large stoves, was born at the end of Iron Age and it remained popular until the 1930s. Smoke saunas differed from contemporary saunas in that they used piles of rocks heated over a fire for 6 to 8 hours which, after letting the smoke out, would provide warmth for hours. Nowadays sauna lovers cherish the smoke sauna. The first sauna stoves with chimneys were used in Western Finland and they spread quickly in the 18th and 19th century city saunas. The barrel-shaped, sheet metal stove arrived in the 20th century. A wood-saving way to heat saunas using small electric and gas-heated stoves arrived immediately after World War II. This invention meant saunas could be heated in just half an hour. These fifth-generation stoves are still used in many Finnish cottages and backyard saunas. SuomiPerkele!!!!

  73. Danst

    Fat Virgin Laughs uncontrolablly while his father is dying of an alchocol overdose-2019 colorized

  74. Leevi Lehtola

    Pls face reveal

  75. xamic.

    Anomaly has cute eyes

  76. Dynamik

    ''taxi job'' - fake taxi xd

  77. Ahmed Alhuru

    All this time papanomaly doesnt have any idea of the prices

  78. Chris Tian

    laughed my ass off, well done

  79. Dowgo

    800K calories is more than like 10k men

  80. Sp3ctor Eagle

    He looks like a rockstar thst have diarrhea

  81. RaXzie 0

    Anomaly: is that more bee... Papanomaly: yes it is a shower my son

  82. Ekho Cool

    love that part when he yells monster

  83. RaXzie 0


  84. Wuah

    Frozen 2 remake

  85. Ghostly

    4:56 his face lmao

  86. Pro saibo


  87. Marcin Mrozowski

    I moved to Malta coz it's nice

  88. ツ1mpuLse

    6:48 that wound made anomaly muslim

  89. krpdlvrjs

    i just wanna die while watching this to be honest.

  90. hamashi

    Anomaly:We gonna test this outside so it wouldn't burn my room. Also Anomaly: *Testing Flamethrower in the room which full of carpet and cloth that can be catch to fire anytime*

  91. Jeevitesh Shrestha

    if you cook it properly the gizzard actually tastes nice

  92. Sølve Moe

    I am norwegian

  93. Robbies Hobbies

    No one was fooled by that fake body anomaly is way fatter

  94. GD Edward

    My dick is dick dick is wide in german i think

  95. El3ctrostatic 4101

    does anyone else see Anomaly's blue eyebrows? XD

  96. YoManFeed

    plomBEER... heheh

  97. Penguin King


  98. Zebbiz

    Hello, I'm wondering how I sell my xm1014 blue leaf factory new to someone, please give me some tips :D (Also if you want to trade for my blue leaf just reply and tell me that you want to)

  99. Zebbiz

    Hello, I'm wondering how I sell my xm1014 blue leaf factory new to someone, please give me some tips :D (Also if you want to trade for my blue leaf just reply and tell me that you want to)