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    I thought it was a great film so I’m not watching

  2. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Mike is too good for us

  3. hanzo935

    3:20 wolf scene lmao

  4. Tom Peterson

    It's a cult classic, incredibly funny.

  5. Noel Dodson

    Love how hard mike tries for like half a minute to say something at 23:36

  6. william henry meung

    thats like the first good acting ive seen from mike

  7. Steve Ulix

    I was not bad. The action was great. There were a couple of bad spots. But I over all enjoyed that my brother does VPN and bts

  8. trix4free

    I wish they made this instead of discovery or picard...

  9. BangARanggg

    Alex kurtzman has a big $&#$ and drive around in a Lamborghini


    8:50 sorry to be so negative but it actually was in the film it was like a little Easter egg

  11. TheUnseelie Court

    21:30 I agree the final battle scene in Endgame looked terrible. I was very disappointed especially after how good the Wakanda battle looked in Infinity War. The Endgame final battle looked like something out of DCU. Thank you Jay, I'm glad I'm not alone on that opinion.

  12. Maverick Houston

    In my opinion, the best three ninja movies of the 80s are Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja and American Ninja.

  13. Maverick Houston

    Lethal Ninja stars David Heavener, who made the absolute worst movies in the video rental shops of the late 80s through the 90s. He was making his own movies, though, which must count for something. I don't think he wrote or directed Lethal Ninja, by the way.

  14. Maehedrose

    Always, with this story, the part of the narrative focussed on the children is better. The adult material is tedious, repetitive, and lacks any engaging quality.

  15. Malcolm MacDonald


  16. Haze

    I just noticed that the shower is actually still on between shots, so it isn't a continuity error. It's just shot so poorly with terrible lighting and retarded scene blocking that it's essentially is impossible to see the water running because it blends into those dumb-ass long shower poles.

  17. Malcolm MacDonald

    The Fanatic is a fascinatingly bad film that I absolutely recommend. You'll laugh your ass off. Invite some friends over and buy a case of beer. Trust me.

  18. Shane Busse

    Jay is Mike's Sam

  19. T R

    This movie is just fun. Still holds up

  20. SamtheBravesFan

    Good stuff! And just saying because the sports geek in me is screaming it: Wizard Michael Jordan was pretty good and didn't embarrass himself. He could still be a solid NBA starter; he just wasn't Bulls champion Jordan anymore.

  21. Javier Argimiro Diaz Lopez

    Tron Legacy is the reason why I still have a 3D TV even having a great one with 4k. At least a couple of times a year I watch the movie and transport myself to the grid

  22. Callan Hutchison

    26:15 go vegan

  23. Tim Rafferty

    Rich Evans prognosticator of prognosticators

  24. Carly Sortof

    I just realized like 90% of re:views are from the 90s?

  25. THEremiXFACTOR

    Product placement in a movie earlier than Back To The Future? Superman The Movie (1978). There's an obvious box of Cheerios that Ma Kent brings out for breakfast. And I remember cereals being mentioned in Jaws 2 also.

  26. Nolan Jacobs

    rich is a carpenter. jesus was a carpenter....... COINCIDENCE??

  27. jsminch

    The guy with the hat. Rich, I guess. His shadow looks like Yoda.

  28. egodf958

    god i wish tron legacy got a sequel. i really do genuinely love that movie. it's so nice to look at and the world deserves expansion.

  29. Randalf

    What kind of porn did David DeCoteau direct? This movie is weirdly sexless so I really can’t imagine hjm directing porn, which he has done..... a lot

  30. Mit Yelsob

    Han Solo: Likable scum

  31. Judokast36

    Had to rewatch this now that the first episode is out and pretty good.

  32. Movies Over Matter Productions

    I'm watching this sooo at you guys' level now 29:03

  33. R R

    I don't know what he is talking about, Kate Mckinnon is not talented or funny. All she does is put on the same ""funny"" voice and mug for the camera SNL was pushing her to much and that's one of the reasons I stopped watching. Overall this movie was just woefully miscast and directed. If I was going to cast a female ghostbusters film it would not have the star of the Happptime Murders or the director of Bridesmaids (a film whose most famous scene involves a bunch of women getting diarrhea). Kristin Wigg and Leslie Jones could stay but I imagine their roles would be changed a lot Kristen does a much better job playing odd characters as seen in the skeleton twins and welcome to me, so if anything she should have been the Egon of the group. As for more better-suited actress who can balance comedy with seriousness, I would use people like Karen Gillian, Jenny Slate, Rashida Jones, Carrie Brownstein, Mindy Kaling, etc. all of these and many more would be way better than Mellisa Mcarthy and Kate Mckinnon.

  34. Ian O'Malley

    youre sitting in the wrong spots

  35. Michael Land

    Wait, what does every day end with, though?


    fuck the kids..... No wait. not like that.

  37. ErgonomicChair

    Goddamnit the movie sucked ass. For enders game. Enders Game was never meant about empathy... it was the absolute opposite.

  38. You Suck

    Rich how do you know the word kegel ? XD

  39. Skabanis Malaka

    these guys are idiots on this one....big fail....boring...fuck out of here.

  40. serpico

    every day ends with a botw festival.

  41. errantrazor

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but they seem to like Apocalypse more than Civil War? Lolwtf

  42. Sean Kates

    Jay is a fucking idiot

  43. electron9

    18:55 Maybe they did some force fucking.

  44. Brent Chayka

    i am.a basement dwelling, virginistic, kkk.supporting, mysoginistic man.child...and i LOVE this film

  45. electron9

    16:02 To let baby Yoda have an adventure uo on his butt? No,no the bad guys are after the midichlorians. So wanna be vaders can have force chokes.

  46. scientist1200

    The source material for this film is of course the novel Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, which is kind of like a propaganda book that promotes the idea of a military state. It's interesting that the movie completely satirized that concept.

  47. NikovK

    I feel like Milwaulkee is exactly where the DNC belongs.

  48. mdimarov

    You are treason.

  49. electron9

    10:24 Rich, this is common knowledge. Just read a news paper of something.

  50. Joseph Erbe

    I take exception to the Chris Pine / Kirk comment, LoL! In the first 2 reboot films, there were moments where Pine channeled Shatner's performance, and there were glimmers of nostalgia (for me anyway) where I thought "Whoa! This IS Captain Kirk!" But for the most part in those 2 films, Pine just played Kirk as this cocky, immature bitch. Not the actor's fault, just the material he was given. Then Star Trek Beyond came out and I finally felt that the REAL Kirk made it on screen! Pine nailed the role! The only issue I had was when the Enterprise got attacked by the Sworm, and Kirk simply said to shoot at it where I thought Shatner's Kirk would've found another way around the situation... that took me out of the movie a bit.

  51. Greg Boyington

    I didn't see the movie. Can someone explain why they took alien horses along for a space battle? Did they somehow know they were going to need them or do they keep them around for fresh blue milk?

    1. Not You

      Dude I watched it all i remember was them not being able to use speeders due to tech jammers so they use the horses it is so retarded

  52. electron9

    8:19 I love this part of the lore, they took Django Fetts clones to make an army. And all he wanted for rerurn was a son.(and mace windu chopped off Bobas dads head)

  53. unusual veracity

    2020 - Diabetes diagnoses are at an all-time high. One man knows the secret of battling this crippling disease, but is forced to stay on the run from Big Insulin who wants him dead. Starring the somehow still alive... Bill Pullman.

  54. Will W.

    666K views!? Someone call Zak Bagans!

  55. The Hobbyist

    @37:25....I GOT IT!

  56. Pete Young

    Here's how insane people went about Split on an anecdotal level. We were going to show it for college and as soon as someone from the counseling department got word, they went to my boss's boss's boss and complained so much that to avoid repercussions of her taking it so high immediately, we axed it and had to show CHiPs. We were furious she went right to the top of the chain. My boss and his boss were so terrified that the woman did it

  57. electron9

    0:41 I truly hope we get a Vader slasher movie someday. Just pure comedic horror of Vader being Jason.

  58. Matt Krause

    Jim is so awesome.

  59. Nicky Borrosino

    To all the comment listed below I say.... bingo.

  60. Joshua B

    Red letter media is great. I can watch an episode sober and its great. And I can watch the same episode drunk and its awesome.

  61. gregstiles

    just make more snarky videos you assholes. the merit of your videos is the comedy, the comedy is the only thing that separates you from all the other dicks with an opinion. why do you think you can mope around in a chair and achieve the same level of fun and support. Simple opinions without comedy are dull as frig, please remember that your fan base loves you for the comedy. RLM is a comedy channel and not a critical channel, just take some vitamins and write some jokes you dicks. Fan support for you hacks is like 30 grand a month, just shut off the netflix and pull it together: answer the fake phone and say " asshole vcr repair" and boom it's funny.

  62. LJWR

    I’ve never found so much humour in JJ Abrams saying ‘we have written a Spider-Man comic book’

  63. Ron Hendrickson

    Starwars is now fart in an elevator

  64. James Calloway

    Iron Man's side was ass.

  65. Tom Smyth

    It’s Okay to be White.

  66. Tom Smyth

    It’s Okay to be White

  67. Tobin Erwin

    Regarding their question how Netflix is making money: well, they don't. As of 2019 they are $12 billion in debt! Their whole business model is based on the assumption that they will grow further internationally and their huge investments will eventually amortise over time. However, this is an extremely fragile construct that could collapse quite quickly.

  68. Jessica Bricky

    da boyz released the new vidya! danke!

  69. Full Of Brick

    LUKES X WING I’M GONNA CUM seriously that piece of shit would have rusted to nothing Unless we live in a universe where you need light speed fuel but your ship is built using technology by which means it will never stop working despite being submerged for years in sea water

  70. Phoenix Vanguard

    I'm with Jack. If Stallone was anything but a big dumb action man, this movie would have been far different and far worse. Intentional or otherwise, Stallone was EXACTLY what he needed to be here.

  71. Forest Taniguchi

    Satanists are real check out the OTO. Also most Hollywood producers are pedophiles.

  72. Sambo Rambo

    *Huge disappointment*

  73. Cain's Brain

    I remember loving Tron Legacy when it came out, but a bunch of internet reviewers hated it, and I wanted to fit in and threw out the blu-ray. Big regret. Follow your own opinions.

  74. J Madden

    Man, I guess I'll never understand why you hate Leo. Nearly every one who has studied film making and acting, adores him. He yells? Huh? Dude. C'MON. What are you talking about? He's handsome, and women are attracted to him? Oh, ok. Now I get it. Jealousy is a helluva drug. Love you guys though! This was a great film!

  75. Mama Mia

    the vvitch was shit lol

  76. Tom C

    Loved your review. Still not sure I understand all the prequel hate-especially now in retrospect, compared to this new trilogy-but ok

    1. Tom C

      Full Of Brick How are they hot garbage? I mean, you’ll never hear me say they’re masterpieces or anything like that, but hot garbage?

    2. Full Of Brick

      Tom C prequels are hot garbage. But they’re one mans dumpster fire. This was a dumpster fire that was set by a few people who had different ideas about what they were going to do with this dumpster

  77. The Modern Storyteller

    I have a theory, but because I’m a nobody no one will hear it, that explains why George Lucas ruins so many things in Attack of the Clones, I think he might hate Empire Strikes Back. Lucas had the least amount of influence in that movie. He hated Yoda being a little guy who did nothing and he hated the idea of the force. He hated it all because he didn’t make it. So as a petty little douche, he rewrote it during the sequels. But I’m just nobody so...

  78. J R

    I love Black Spine, best BOTW series

  79. FamedMicrobe

    9:00 “Hold on I gotta get my gat.” What a ledge do this man is

  80. 7superdaimajin

    TRON toys for sale and Disney can't sell a STAR WARS toy to save their lives.

  81. Chris Ridenhour

    I live this movie everyday

  82. biscoloco

    Whole movie was trash can’t believe you have a serious take and think this one is “alright” and are far less bothered by this than rogue one. Rian Johnson took a big dump on all the people who went to see that movie. How did you not think the Mary poppins Carrie Fisher scene and the light speed ramming weren’t the stupidest scenes in the whole movie?

  83. unseenufo

    Ray Romano should of been Bruce Banner.

  84. williamdtucker2099


  85. biscoloco

    Force awakens was trash. Don’t know what you are talking about. Rogue one blew force awakens out of the water.

  86. Meme Notyou

    To say the show was MEH, would be...generous. The amount of plot-holes, slaps in the face to lore and things that just plain made no sense at all were too over powering and immersion breaking.

  87. Cameron Gabriel


  88. J M Archer

    C'mon, we're practically there NOW. You think this needed to be two hundred years in the future? You're on crack. :p

  89. RyuSora

    I watched this video over 10 times now hahahah

  90. Yasunori Tsuchida

    Thank you! Finally someone acknowledges Top Secret as a comedy classic. I really liked this comedy (in the context of the Cold War era and being in the Army at the time).

  91. Purposeless Rabbitholes

    You mentioned the series around 12:26, but shit, you guys should really do a re:view of the Matrix movies!

  92. Patrick Stivers

    All the office scenes in Invasion USA are what you would expect from a thriller/horror movie about an office employee who cracked, has become some kind of emotionless robot, and is now stalking his fellow employees from floor to floor.

  93. nicole Krzyminski

    The pretentious tone the tiny man uses to talk about everything makes me wonder, does he just hate fun?

  94. Pire Aí

    You know they left the theater as fast they could because they skipped the dancing scene with the credits

  95. Ron Mani

    after watching this, I kinda felt that maybe its taking place in the same timeline as Inglorious Basterds. almost as if Tarantino is making a world where history changing evil acts are being cut short, the evildoers getting their just rewards.

  96. Joshua German

    I literally saw Jango Fett's head fall out of his helmet when he gets decapitated. Always thought it was just movie logic or something like that. Somewhere around 9:25 is the scene they showed.

  97. Abr N

    Steven Spielberg should've directed this

  98. Flavor Flavius

    Im sorry, but a black woman Rockateer would be awful. Create your own character, please.

  99. Edge85saint

    I lost so much respect for Dan Aykroyd.