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  1. Steven Messina

    PhaRma Rules - They Bring on Gottlieb every morning to fluff his friends portfolios - Congress's. "Its a big club and you ain't in it"

  2. Eddy Winata

    Year on year drop is not that bad. just like HPE.

  3. Terry Hinkle


  4. Aman Kataria

    Stabilizer before going on TV :)

  5. vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten

    Jim's right here. The same morons who missed the bottom are now rushing in.

  6. titaniumsandwedge

    Back in the day, BA was producing 55 Maxes per month. Then things fell apart. They have about 400 planes in inventory which they have to retrofit so they don't crash on takeoff. I can see them producing 1 plane per month and wait for demand to build.

  7. John Summers

    Yes, I live in the Bronx and I'm scared s$%^less of COVID but I'm so happy Cuomo is my governor, I feel real leadership from him. Shame on all of you deniers!

  8. lydia yuna

    I'm here for the comedy

  9. Red Cookie

    Is this really what people are caring about right now? Or is it they are tryna push this agenda on to us and get us distracted and to care about materialistic things that don't matter and especially what is going on "all over the world" is this what we should be really worrying or talking about. Keep your eyes open. Read between the lines. Not everything you see and hear is true.

  10. Eddy Winata

    A tad too nipply? Eamon Javers might have a solution to the problem.

  11. justin aldrich

    What a bird

  12. 1Ryan4

    " so it could go eitherway " .. amazing insight.

  13. Peter

    The numbers of supposed deaths in NY is false. In fact, the authorities can't even name the people who supposedly died. The reason is, the deaths never happened to start off with.

  14. S C

    "Pre-planned" "Legal" "Optics Problem" What happened to straight talk - it's a pump-and-dump by executives who think (perhaps know) that they can get away with it?

  15. Pretty Girl

    Ditch Mitch 🙌

  16. Kathy Holland

    Oh we only lost 100.000 lives, oh ok.Trump is the scum of the earth. How anyone can support this dangerous moron is beyond me.

  17. Individual Thinker

    Even when everything is open, most people buy online. Not sure how people will feel about travelling or eating in restaurants. Life will be so different. The best business to survive will be undertakers.

  18. Mike S


  19. Mike S

    Nobody has ever been to the Moon. The Moon landing was a staged hoax.

  20. Alberto Recchi

    Federal gov will never bail out NY until it remains a sanctuary city

    1. 342designs

      I wonder why those sanctuary city give more to the federal... something is wrong right?

  21. Mike S

    Lol can’t control the weather BS! The use Haarp technology to control the weather patterns.

  22. I. Wynn Wynn

    Most hosts cut off their guests so what is the point of that?

  23. Joanna Benoit

    Get back to basics, get rid of Oprah and the stars and put the focus back on members. those Saturday Oprah events are a waste of time and lackluster at best.

  24. Matthew Ng

    Lol! Holding China accountable. Good luck, your going to be very disappointed

  25. Nadezda Mindyuk

    "It's not democratic virus, it's not republican virus, it is a virus!"

  26. Ludwe Menziwa

    when are they going back to thé moon ?.... technology improves everyday if thé did go to thé moon in1972...if am correct,it should be à walk in thé Park in2020✌✌✌

  27. T C


  28. Christian Co

    Twitter infiltrated by communists

  29. Joseph Lucckino

    Impeach Cuomo

  30. Marek Kolenda

    Economic recession may be much longer and deeper because states budget financial problems.

  31. Jon Strickland

    “I don’t take responsibility”

  32. Marek Kolenda

    Boeing may let off 6,500 workers.

  33. Christopher Farley

    awesome video

  34. W Charles

    Didn't we give all the ventilators, PPE and navy ship they needed? What else do they need? I'm happy to contribute in any way I can.

  35. PoorManTravel

    i think you go short some of these pharma companies after they all announce their bogus covid vaccine phase 1 trials. I would get some 3-6 OTM puts ....... we havent made a vaccine for the flu (covid virus) since... ever

  36. Rogerio Graca

    Partial BOUNCE ? This market has been rallied for few weeks with substantial gains. Waiting for another bad unemployment number for another big rally. It is shocking what we see. Tomorrow another rally coming perhaps only 1% gain after all the market needs to breathe bit . Fantasy land.

  37. David Lotti

    By the end of the year more new jobs will be created . 2021 will be a great year if Trump and Republicans win in November.

  38. VulcanTrixter27

    Indicators were right, Jim was wrong *shrugs*

  39. Marek Kolenda

    After October 15 new flu season may be coming.

  40. N A D

    This man is a real time scammer. What a pathetic cover up for a company thats been compared to the next Theranos

  41. Marek Kolenda

    Buy 10 year treasury bonds when yields go down and sells off when go up.

  42. Kelly Kerr

    Stop saying it looks like we will get a second wave, when we are still in the first one. The number of cases and deaths have continued to go up. Not down at all.

  43. PoorManTravel

    statement at the end is legit. Although he is corny, I believe Guy used to work at Goldman

  44. Davidson Lankford

    Does anyone know if Cuomo is related to Frankenstein? Lot of resemblance....

  45. Christian Quintino

    Jim it's time to change the script or your on track like the corona.

  46. Kyle Brown

    "the lightbulb... and the wheel" Its like he couldn't name any other recent inventions... semiconductors, jet engines, lithium-ion batteries, computer science... nope, the wheel

  47. carocarochan

    Another crash waiting to happen....keep away from this plane if you love your life.

  48. Kyle Brown

    we have to protect Thomas Edison??? The famously Machiavellian entrepeneur who destroyed public opinion of Nikola Tesla's alternating current by electrocuting elephants??? Yeah nice guy, sure lets protect him. Count yourselves lucky that performance prevailed over public opinion, and every electricity grid uses AC.

  49. Ace of Squares

    with 100,000 lost and 38 million unemployed this market seems to rise on bad news. you can’t deny something stinks here. Either way I’m voting Biden.

  50. zz5213

    You tell them Cuomo!!!! I love this man!! You are a Badass

  51. PoorManTravel

    Insider trading 100% . The sales may have been planned along with the news leak to bump the stock. They do need to also change bankruptcy laws and how they relate to CEO and executive pay . Hertz , Whiting petroleum, Chesapeake, etc paid million and millions in bonuses while accepting federal bailout $

  52. Tom

    Isn't this the same man who sent many senior residents of New York to their painful, agonizing death in nursing homes? How can he have any credibility or be trusted to do what's best for the people of New York.

  53. Aaron Zinnecker


  54. Daniel M. Stadnyckyj

    Don't let him get away with killing all those elderly people in the nursing homes with his boneheaded decision.

  55. Tudorinc

    Everyone but Ted knows that’s a phony company

  56. Kyle Brown

    "he does good at rockets" your president america, well done

  57. simon ko

    I think Warren Buffett’s dip for the rich people is on the way !

  58. Antony Keane

    According to Statnews, Moderna's chief medical officer sold off 100,000 shares this year and currently holds 0 shares, their chief technical officer executed a similar move when selling off completely at $67 after their pump and dump news! Capitalism is corrupting the medical system... this "analyst" completely avoided her questioning Moderna's inability to put out a useful product on a shelf in the past 10 years.

  59. Christopher Farley


  60. BuyMoreBeats

    @0:41 sounds like a babbling old squeaky ostrich

  61. Keith Wren

    I love do gooders

  62. Tom

    Isn't this the same man who sent many senior residents of New York to their painful, agonizing death in nursing homes? How can he have any credibility or be trusted to do what's best for the people of New York. I would pack my family into the mini van and scream out of the state. No wonder people are escaping.

  63. walterdemo

    Pompeo and Jimmy Lai are both criminals and should be sharing the same cell!

  64. BooBoo Bear

    160 countries in the world we are number one let that sink in, f... complete failure all those that are dead he killed them CUOMO FOR PRESIDENT! every state would look like NYC he's lying to all over you and you sit here and don't say one word

  65. Marek Kolenda

    Covid 20 and 21 may be coming after Covid 19.Virus mutates.

  66. Boy soles

    I just want a clean and safe damn plane whenever and wherever

  67. Black Vito - Moneyology

    *Justify it if you want but it seems a little shady 👹*

  68. Biplav Shrestha

    Where do these figures come from ? I an highly dubious about these figures. Is he counting military budget in this? If yes then that is incredibly disingenuous. NY is badly managed in terms of balancing its budget. That is they spend more than there revenues.

  69. Beasto Espada

    Dude sounds like he got his balls cut off haha

  70. Earth And Mar

    The Sino-British Joint Statement regarding the return of HK to China is enforced by the U.N. Thank you Pompeo!

  71. kenlai05

    Ian you are talking nonsense, you know nothing about China...

  72. manuel sandoval

    Biden 2020 - Biden 2024 -Cuomo 2028

  73. m p

    This socialism sucks.

  74. hmxr

    Also Japan and Germany are in deep depression. There will be no help from them.

  75. Max Strong


  76. Christopher Farley


  77. Christopher Farley


  78. Paz Cavejitto

    This woman is “ hot “ yum yum yum...go model collect a substantial fee before your beauty irreparable diminishes

  79. Marek Kolenda

    Vaccines passports and humans chips for financial elites and every day people .After coronavirus epidemic ends.

  80. hmxr

    So much demand has been destroyed. Unemployed and dead people. The one percenters can't lift a depressed economy all by themselves.

  81. Jim Draw

    Amazon Is destroying small businesses. It’s all part of their plan

  82. Marek Kolenda

    After October 15 new flu epidemic season may be coming.

  83. Morongo Valley

    Number of things Moderna has made: 0. Good luck investors.

  84. Josh Schu

    So, you're betting on stay at home tech stocks after they already hit ATHs, thanks a lot (not). Cramer provides useless commentary.

  85. Cameron Gregoire


  86. Munchy

    Pre plan sells....okay maybe, still doesn't rule out insider trading. He said she said, well see what the SEC can prove. Probably nothing since the president is implicated for the pumping.

  87. Mark Howard

    Did he say hes stayed away from politics after talking about it for the past 45 minutes?

  88. Jim Draw

    Who cares what Fauci says. He’s a Corrupt Big Pharma Globalist!!!!!

  89. Luv Provida

    Another one of those garbage briefings nothing new!

  90. John Burns

    They should Require All Scientists, Doctors, Politicians & Anyone Supporting Vaccines, to Stand In Line & Be Injected First, with their Family Members. Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr. Robert B Strecker.

  91. Chris DiBartolo

    THIS IS LAUGHABLE MONTHS LATER! FB censors everything that does not push a favorable agenda, a favorable agenda for him.

  92. Amata love s*x

    good, bro 🙈 🌟

  93. skyak

    Guy's point at the end is the gem -the secondary is just wrong when the full data of phase one test will be available/published in 2-4 weeks. Why not wait? I don't think MRNA is a scam, but it is clearly speculative as an investment. This belongs in the hands of a few rich guys who need to justify their existence "but I am saving the world!" owning a prius or tesla won't cut it MRNA!

  94. Mark Howard

    Did he say building a bridge would create 8 million jobs? LOL

  95. John Burns

    They should Require All Scientists, Doctors, Politicians & Anyone Supporting Vaccines, to Stand In Line & Be Injected First, with their Family Members. Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr. Robert B Strecker.

  96. Thereis Hope

    Ye ole ‘pump and dump’. And she calls it an ‘optics’ problem. NO! It’s a LYING PROBLEM.

  97. J b

    What a POS

  98. Brian

    And the brown nose award of the year goes to...

  99. Anthony Gladden


  100. Maria Ferreira

    Best and true leadership!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🔝🔝🔝God bless you!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻