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  1. Shaunske

    Deji idea please post videos of your weight loss journey I'm on mine trying to perfect my form and maybe you have tips

  2. Karimi 11

    PleZs don’t go back to boxing

  3. Randomize Sean


  4. TheRealSam22

    lowkey deji should fight joe weller

  5. Khiler Preece

    Hes scared to do it a 3rd time

  6. Govind Gill

    may contain nuts 😂😂😂

  7. Tanya Maria

    LMAO!!!! Funniest stuff I've ever seen!!!

  8. Firestix


  9. Glarf

    5:15 ....56

  10. chellé

    “im a poosay” “im a nonce” -shannon briggs

  11. jameka robinson

    Awwwww my ears

  12. hAFNHsjk hfjuiCOAKLS:

    You are the biggest clout chasser

  13. GbolaJ Bilesanmi

    This new FIsels video interface is a joke

  14. Chris Guerrero

    Shut up Deji, you aren't fighting shit.

  15. Jk Exotics

    How my guy turn a 2 minute song into a ten minute video

  16. Antonio

    It’s awesome see how much love there’s between deji and his dad. Unfortunately not every family are awesome like them....😢

  17. SupercoolboyDX Yeah


  18. Shadder is Cracked

    Bless you deji

  19. Nas Samad

    They should do the third fight in private like Rocky and Apollo Creed

  20. Marco シ. 520

    Its champ THE CRINGE IS REAL

  21. Victor


  22. Facepalm

    If you’re gonna be a smartarse about it...

  23. The boy AE

    12:14 djes. Face thoo

  24. erik olvera

    Bless u

  25. Chrisvlogs

    Bless you

  26. RandomRulesAll Gaming

    Deji: gets hate on his distracts Also Deji: "I'm releasing music"

  27. Mensah Jayden

    This is funny

  28. ItsRogue

    Logan Paul’s stomach hurts Shannon Briggs: LETS GO CRAP

  29. Anna- I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Shannon Briggs: Those weren’t illegal shot 6ix9ine: Yes they were

    1. carcinoma goals


  30. ZH53

    *Deji sneezes* he said: 👀

  31. get out my level bitch


  32. 7NEO

    jeez sneeze got to Deji too LMAO

  33. hedge hog

    Deji's laugh sounds like a middle school choir, take that how ever you want

  34. Dhiren Adatia

    I love the absolute excuses from the Americans!!!!!! hilarious!

  35. cuntface 64

    Anyone who Said bless you when he nesed😂😂😂

  36. Kaili James

    these girls are class A bitches.

  37. Juana Vazquez

    React to the new sonic trailer with the not ugly sonic

  38. Jayden Evans

    I was just a Logan fan but no I have respect for both sides

  39. Prime Number Theorem

    Deji, what's going on with tank?

  40. Sean Hainey

    Couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag you non-combatant nonce

  41. Fali

    Only big dogs know this shirt from fifa 13-14🤙🏽

  42. Dhiren Adatia

    Let's go Champ!!!!

  43. Stephen Lucido

    Can you please react to the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer #2?

  44. ammar syahril

    No, no one asks u to react to the fight.

  45. K.S Music

    No one: Literally No one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: Deji: A lot you told me to react to this

  46. Angel Gonzalez

    DEJI when are you going to knock out JAKE PAUL HURRY UP!!! TEAM DEJI😁🤘

  47. Faizaan Ahmed

    Briggs before the fight: Lets go champ! Briggs after the fight: Lets go

  48. Allen Garcia

    Your dumb Deji it was one Logan’s for life

  49. Donovan Micheal

    Pause at 4:08

    1. WakfuHades Mini

      Oh his face

  50. mustyfffjeff 21

    Manlyk Deji being a teacher of who knows wat😂😂😂

  51. Jack Forbes

    no one: deji: its actually

  52. JustCheckMeOut

    react to the sonic new trailer

  53. CGC_ Smoke

    No one: Logan Paul in the morning: 4:03

  54. Alexis Martinez

    Yo dej if you had a boxing match...it would be awesome to see it come back to FIsels...like not on dazn you get me?

  55. 1KC ALEXZ

    How tf is this 10 minutes

  56. Owen Allen

    Punch your hand anymore ????

  57. X Gamer

    Shannon Briggs face when he has nothing to say 😯

  58. Sam Davies

    React to jake pauls video

  59. Kaneki 666

    Comedyshortsgamer top 5 cute girls names

  60. AnotherStrangerInTheWorld

    Mans getting his life right❗️

  61. Jimmy Mazzei

    is deji wearin that hat as a joke or no

  62. ヘイズクリスチャン

    In the U.S. we have a bit of bad candy but it’s mostly good.

  63. Pure Crude

    No one: Deji: iF yOu UnDeRsTAND bOxInG

  64. Riley Bond

    No one: Deji: So a lot of you have been telling me to react to this.

  65. Edison Toski

    Was I the only one who said “bless you”🤣🤣

  66. Unknown Master

    American candy: mission failed, we'll get em next time.

  67. Don't worry LOL :D


  68. IDhGamer 456

    Aww man deji its alright man i know this is late but i never had the chance to watch it b4

  69. Sundering Loki

    5:09 Finally I found someone that understands

  70. Mufaddal Ebraimjee

    I don't think deji can do maths.... 😂😂

  71. Raymond Oliver

    Red rooster does the best.

  72. JackoWhacko

    ShUt Up ShAnNoN!!!!

  73. Ricky McConnell

    Anyone else say bless you when Deji sneezed😂😂

  74. Zach Beetlestone

    This is so dead

  75. anthony miller

    your mom is mean

  76. ItzKxbster

    American can not take losses. Shannon is stubborn.

  77. Bass Seye

    When he said he might release music first thing I did was check the comments 😂😂

  78. Casey Kartokromo

    Na nobody asked u to react

  79. Jose Alcantara


  80. Haajacxc

    3:48 when the torrets syndrom takes a critical hit

  81. Jerrel Williams

    He didn't even kiss her.

  82. Fuzion_Filthy

    A lot of you have been asking me.... really deji

  83. Holo

    Oh no dejis sneezed guess that means sick

  84. Nélio Lima

    Deji why won't you fight against Jake again tho

  85. Onlythe real

    Yo his arms is getting bigger

  86. Henry Hernandez

    Team Logan paul

  87. Henry Hernandez

    Team Logan paul

  88. Henry Hernandez

    Team Logan paul

  89. Kyler Sunderlin

    Bless you Your welcome

  90. AA WW

    His IQ just blows my mind. Here are some ridiculous quotes from Mr Genius. Shannon briggs - "it's hard to fight a guy that can't fight" "He has legs and he's white" "You didn't win...you've got a gift" "Eddie Hearn rigged the scorecards" (and the fight was in his hometown LMAO!!!) "That wasn't a illegal punch"

  91. TheyHateMyst

    If there is a round 3 if logan wins there would have to be a round 4

  92. TfoxGaming

    Deji vs jake v2

  93. FS septakaz

    fight randolf

  94. abilash srikumar

    Bless you

  95. xRichard69x

    No u xINFINITY

  96. IZZI

    Im telling this because i love u deji STAY AWAY FROM MUSIC.

  97. the Anonymous GAMER

    who said we asked you to do this

  98. Marco Schneider

    7:37 Thank me later

  99. LifeOfMatt

    React to sonic trailer (new)

  100. Ds

    win is win