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  1. ClueLess

    If u homeless would u rather eat nothing or eat those chicken wings

  2. Geapi

    Am I the only black guy who can swim

  3. What the Vek???


  4. mahir sadique

    Ha! Last

  5. chris morgan

    The majority of looters and rioters are white people and opportunists. those people for the most part do not represent the protesters.

  6. misaki _

    Last Of us

  7. George Fernandez

    Deji: asking where we find these videos Everyone: recommended videos

  8. please subscribe

    Who else is this recommend to im 2020

  9. Aqil Nerang 28


  10. Tracy Ybarra


  11. Hakimi Muhammad

    Aww cry baby

  12. Sagamer9YT

    2:20 I acc did for some reason 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Kimani Hyman


  14. Scorpio Engine

    Welp this didn’t age well

  15. BeastBoy_ G

    A yo @Deji 100k like 1:30 say good by

  16. ilove ass2

    people who commented "last" are all gay.

  17. The real Th

    No I’m LAST

  18. Beast Boy


  19. Paradox

    The guy above me and below me has ligma

  20. Mudvig 0

    Dogs says woof cats say meow retards say last


    He did 41 punch and he said he’ll punch him 5 times



  23. Kyber Lovshin


  24. Nifemi Joseph

    This is where UK FIsels started

  25. Nifemi Joseph


  26. moon flower

    Ur looting target lol

  27. mrfishayfishay

    Jk is gonna overtake you soon with his second channel

  28. moon flower

    STFU deji

  29. Imagine Gamez

    I'm going to hold a competition for best laugh deji v Daz games

  30. itz_ LTLFC

    You can tell the first girl is a virgin

  31. Duke Lesnar


  32. itz_ LTLFC

    You love people kissing don't you deji

  33. Regina_x


  34. Pin Ten


  35. Jonathan Anyanwu


  36. Brooke Ford

    Fight gib



  38. Nameless soldier4

    Mirror mirror shower her to me ,show me the princess

  39. Alfie stfu

    Mate we have nerds and airhead you idiot

  40. Jonah The Duke

    Who got this reccomended

  41. Untidy_Dimez

    Uhhhhhh it’s at 100k

  42. Hamed Al Khanjari


  43. Carter Harrison


  44. Boris Gorchilov


  45. Aurora Lunarsgift

    Is GOOT!!

  46. Zoro

    Fight gib

  47. Joseph Eurillo


  48. Goatman_ Tay

    That would be a dope series and every time you raise the stakes 🤔

  49. Reverse_kryptic

    I love that ending

  50. MacOutJ

    Using it as an excuse to rob.

  51. Aliff Adam

    6:39 ngl she lowkey cute

  52. Hallucination

    shave ur head

  53. unoman army • 27 years ago

    If anything, the riots could cause more police violence. Deji is right, stop the gang gang wannabe stuff


    I highly respect this video

  55. DioFX

    the person above me is a good person

  56. Angel Avalos

    1:01 I laugh harder than deji


    Petition to make deji buy that asmr mic and record a asmr with it

  58. Angel Avalos

    3:00 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  59. VikingFury SI

    His prediction to logan paul in 2018

  60. ChocolateOnion53

    Well... haircut?


    "Some people's bible is Adam and Steve" Deji-2019

  62. A-frickin Dunno

    Link me the video at 9:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. code Euge

    U probably cause u said it

  64. John Carlo Cainglet

    I'm so so so last

  65. Gabriel Irias

    I’m last

    1. Godly_Martian

      @FroztyDem yeah lol im not being toxic im just joking

    2. FroztyDem

      @Marvin Ron are you?

    3. Marvin Ron

      @FroztyDem me

    4. FroztyDem

      @Godly_Martian you sure :)

    5. Godly_Martian

      @FroztyDem hmmmmmmmmmm im still here :)

  66. Chris

    The girls chin 🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜

  67. A Random Shark


  68. Dhruvownz

    Ivery seen this like 3 times why is this being recommended to me 😂

  69. john smith


  70. EZ Smackz

    @Deji your cringy asf

  71. soph

    i always gotta lower the volume when i watch deji's vids... xD

  72. angelic Ramirez

    NOT last

  73. Samuel Quadros

    “SO 19” now we’re in covid 19

  74. Alan Angeles

    Tf up Deji!

  75. Richard Angulo


  76. Muster2 Muster2

    Deji's laugh is BETTER than kai's laugh!!! Like if u agree

  77. iK1xn

    I’m last comment if u are gay

  78. blank-06-08


  79. BudiPlot

    Keem, this is what happens when you don't watch the entire freaking video before tweeting something obnoxious in the video

  80. FS2004looney

    You can’t get angry and someone for “lying” when you’re proven to be a liar on multiple occasions.

  81. Aidan[VR]

    I died at 74% on clubstep questioning my life 1:37

  82. Zahid Datoo

    Everyone says macdonalds when it’s McDonald’s

  83. Héctor Ferrer

    This was HILARIOUS

  84. chrunchii

    Seeing most of the comments are from uk lemme break it down there’s 2 sides to the looting there are those who do it because the police are not doing their job if they keep the people safe we won’t do our part to keep the peace then there’s the side that are looting because we’ve been protesting to long and voices are not being heard so to get point across you out word into action and that’s what you see ad then there are also those that do it just because but the point is no law and order from the police no law and order from us

    1. chrunchii

      Nicks Vids Truee but action speaks louder than words ....not saying it’s right but that’s the action that was chosen

    2. Nicks Vids

      You don't just loot stores because a message isn't being heard. I understand what you're saying, but looting as a whole is not right.

  85. HylianGamer

    Took him 30 seconds to even start rapping