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  1. Activated Complex

    WTF? Rage 2 came out this year? Until you showed the micro transaction stuff, I didn’t remember one single thing about it. If you had asked me, I’d have guessed it came out in like 2015 and promptly disappeared.


    Hell yeah dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Darrin Hall

    Anthem. What a huge massive disappointment I was looking forward to the game. But I saw the reviews even Angry Joe's reaction was sad an funny I never got it

  4. zachariah lopez

    Won't it superman at started the whole DCEU in the first place There's more DC heroes that deserve their own movie just as much as superman Not saying superman isn't deserving of a movie, just saying he's not the one and only character in the universe

  5. 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

    We demand Top 10 Worst Games of The Decade

  6. bizijr

    In all honesty, I would prefer a game is delayed. More time to make the game amazing!

  7. Darrin Hall

    16 times the details fallout 76 first. Hahaha hell nooo wrong 👎

  8. Jans Deathjumper

    "Hell yeah, Joe!" seriously thanks for the vid

  9. NPC exe:14465

    Fuck the sports gaming community. They made their bed. Now they can die in it

  10. Some Rapper

    I feel bad because this year I actually bought games that were on this list lol

  11. So Cal

    Bad Boys trilogy > Fast And Furious franchise

  12. Lost Frames

    For some reason I thought Anthem was in 2019 lol

  13. Tuvok Shakur

    OJ FTW

  14. Eric Gallwey

    One game I'm glad that I didn't buy, because as much I love a bad story, constant loading screens, broken gameplay, lack of content, and boring missions (sarcasm), I prefer good games, so I will wait for Doom Eternal and Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

  15. KennethNg0

    He really did it. Featuring Fallout 76 in Worst Game 2018 and 2019

  16. TonyV

    I absolutely need to see more of the adventures of Obi Juan Kenobi

  17. tazgamer

    Wait, they made a new bad boys movie. I didn't even know that one was being made.

  18. Skythos

    I played Crackdown 3. I played on the hardest difficulty. I was able to coast along... Until I got to the very end of the game. That's when they take the difficulty... and crank it up to 11. And then some. You literally go from playing a cake walk... to hoard mode Dark Souls.

  19. 254zero

    Before I watch I'm saying anthem is number 1

  20. Haven Kain

    number 11 talks about reusing shit *Faint intro music in the background as number 10 shows up* lmfao, love ya Joe never change

  21. Cynthric's Gaming Channel

    I just want to know what's the song playing at the start of the WWE 202k clips.

  22. Tera Tokomi

    This game should have made it onto anrgy joes worst games of 1029

  23. Ray Caballero

    Ed boon thanks for mortal kombat. I love it. I still play classic mortal kombat till this day

  24. 140694 1994

    Next Worst game in 2020. Joe suffer mental breakdown like in ride to hell retribution intro, but its even worst, lol

  25. mich gaby


  26. Antonio C. Gallo

    Fuck Fifa

  27. D Lee

    did you guys discuss the Armorer? thought she was one of the most intriguing characters ...

  28. Legend B

    Well this is a disappointing list...most of these games looked like trash and i didnt play not one of these

  29. Jasta85

    I forgot Anthem came out this year, I wasn't even considering it for the list heh.

  30. Nathan Nown

    Its not how it launch, but what it becomes. exhibit A= Rainbow Six: Seige Exhibit B=TF2 Exhibit C=Black Ops 4 we thought of inspiring an exhibit for 76, but it became volatile and tried its best to die in spite of its potential

  31. RakusTalent

    this shit at 10 minutes GETS ME EVERYTIME xD xD xD

  32. Legend B

    Youre looking at fallout 76 all wrong...its not people paid a $100 for this...its this p.o.s. company made MILLIONS. They pissed all over their fanbase, and preyed on the gullible masses.

  33. Darrin Hall

    I love the wwe just not the games my favorite wwe super star the undertaker

  34. Craxin01

    I am SOOOO glad I didn't play ANY of these games. Can't wait for best of 2019 though.

  35. Darrin Hall

    I love sports but I don't like the video games sad 😢 rage 😡 hate yucky

  36. xellos metallium

    These CW shows are an acquired taste, as most of them are pretty corny. That being said, I love the TV show Flash, more then DC movie Flash.

  37. Darrin Hall

    I will never ever pl maden again I haven't touched it since I was a kid

  38. The tiger Pack

    Kratos the god of belts

  39. Darrin Hall

    I'm so happy that I never got ghost recon break point its been a while since I last played a ghost recon I hate microtransactions I don't like it at all I don't like dumb AI

  40. Jukey

    I dont even wanna see sports games in these anymore. I know they're garbage. Next.

  41. Sailor Paladina

    This Eternity Last Unicorn is one of these games that try to appeal to you with an epic song running along. I became immune to it watching trailers of MMOs.

  42. Derek Night


  43. Daniel S

    Joe! Check new DOOM trailer and make reaction!!!!!!

  44. Iron Man

    How does call of duty make the list with the drama about the KD watches etc? You even made a video about it, how can you say it's all relegated to the mobile version? How much did Activision pay you?

  45. Rodrigo Reyes

    "There are fates worse than death" - Raiden MKX

  46. Rinzler

    Where is ghost recon breakpoint?

  47. Bubba Catlett

    Yes review them

  48. Nuclearzed22

    Xbox x x x x sex box

  49. Max Zur


  50. Calvinandsnobs

    damn, did every single bethesda game released last year suck?

  51. The Intellekt

    escape from tarkov is amazing

  52. Roberto Cipreni

    My favorite episode, now doubt about it

  53. Asbestos

    Should do top 10 best and worst games of the decade

  54. *Dead* Hitori

    how about they make kotor 3 fucking already

  55. oldschool1987

    May as well not get it on PS4 if its delayed that long, I'll wait for the PS5 version.

  56. Ocelotmaniac

    War horse is also a beautiful movie. I forget if it’s based on a real story but I think it is. It’s also great and shows what it was like.

  57. Darrin Hall

    I love monster trucks. Having a awesome monster truck game would be great just not boring. Monster jam steel titans sounds bad there is nothin worse than boring. I'd rather have a funny bad game than a boring game

  58. Kauanell

    When I played anthem at launch, I never ran into anything game breaking. Just an absolute grind fest, boring missions, boring stories, and boring items. I also noticed that micro transactions were insanely fucking bad. So I stopped after 2 weeks of grinding

  59. xiholliday

    I say you should review the crossover, I want to see your opinion.

  60. Waluigi

    I was about to say that I was surprised that Anthem didn't even make the list. Ending makes sense.

  61. Tristen Bassham

    “According to the ‘elderly’ scrolls” lololololol

  62. dialingdust

    Joe did you even put any actual time in the modern warfare multi-player beyond a day. How the hell did it make your list?

  63. Smiling Titan

    Anyone coming here after all these years just to have a good laugh?

  64. flipcamgamer

    Who came back to this review after joe decided that this was the worst game he played in 2019

  65. DIMENSIONS Design

    Thank you, Joe. Thank you! Thoroughly enjoyed that.

  66. Darrin Hall

    I haven't stopped laughing 😆 since I started watching this is hilarious 😂 I feel a tiny bit of pitty for Angry Joe

  67. Nick995

    A very overrated movie . It just feels like there's a whole hell a lot of nothing going on throughout the entire movie. The overall plot is just silly. I found it hard to be attached with any of the characters. I hate those long dragged out scenes with nothing going on.



  69. Darrin Hall

    Now I'm happy that I never got Rage 2😜

  70. Jonathan Godbolt

    Other joe was talking about being tropey dude what he just said is pretty tropey man

  71. Aidan Brooks

    Also in the opening has Siegfried and Nightmare's alternate costumes from Soul Calibur 4 or Soul Calibur Broken Destiny for the PSP.

  72. ProbyWaN1337

    More ads than cable TV 😂

  73. Vok250

    Games like this make me happy I caved and bought a switch. Fuck AAA gaming!

  74. wllot

    nyeh! nyeh! nyeh! nyeh! nyeh! nyeh! nyeh! nyeh!

  75. Kakimech89

    Sadly, Dragon Age 4 rumours make it seem like they didn't learn

  76. Magicjetsrock

    This movie reminds me of gallipoli especially with him racing to stop a disastrous charge

  77. RockstarrClarke

    I put 40 hours into the game .... gotsta say ... it’s kinda fun ... Mainly annoying ... but it’s story is solid. I really enjoyed the story for sure. Also the characters. It also has great characters.

  78. Bauster O

    I actually forgot when anthem even came out and thought it was a 2018 game, so i was suprised that it was on the list.

  79. ZachGaming

    BioWare is screwed. Rumors going around is that dragon age 4 is to be games as a service model as well. They have learned nothing!

  80. Daniel Grigg

    The Angry "the video doesn't get uploaded till I've played more Sekiro" Joe Show.

  81. XQueen NymeriaX

    I laughed way too hard at the Patreon ad lmao

  82. Andrew Mcgregor

    Joe the Star Wars fanbase is toxic as fuck. They are going to be constantly sending death threats to the poor stormtrooper

  83. Tera Tokomi

    I just started watching this video, but MW5 better be on this list..... Well, it wasnt. Maybe it was released too late in the year to make it on the list?

  84. Jebus

    Getting a loss when people drop. Im getting some violent Company of Heroes 1 flashbacks.

  85. TwoFish Fish

    I love how you can see Joe's house in the reflection of corporate commander's mask

  86. NSP

    You really got me all WTF for a moment there with number one.

  87. Ben Frank

    Question, did the dreadnaught have shield generators? I remember Poe blowing up the surface cannons and Rose's sister bombing the thing and no mention of such an important craft having shields.

  88. Vok250

    TC games from 2007 had better AI! Hell, half life 1 has better AI!

  89. akoslows 8029

    Can someone please tell me what exactly is the appeal of sports games?

  90. Brett Donnelly

    Blair witch may not be a great game, but at least it's better than the movie.

  91. Unfound Films

    The lightning fast interceptor is the most agile javelin

  92. Darth Vengeus

    If Bethesda fucks up Doom Eternal, I will do everything in my power to put the company out of business and make every executive and employee wish they were never conceived!

  93. Gary King

    1:16 Tiny Other Joe

  94. Burcol Clone

    12:30 HE SAID THE THING!!

  95. Matt Zarland

    You know, the real tragedy of Anthem is that Bioware left SWTOR to die simply because they were ordered to work on it instead when they had loyal fans waiting for an expansion. We got thirty minutes of (expansion) while everyone else got Anthem. It made me quit.

  96. Karl Massie

    yep and the reason we ask for remakes is because games back then were better and they were games not like now where there just platforms for microtransactions where u just get a game tacked on and this will be better then 2 cause nemises was far worse then mr x i dont know why people made a big deal out of him in the second game he only shows up if you run and make alot of noise and he is easy to dodge nemises in the old game just shows up and was far more aggresive and had range attacks so if they leave him like that he will be far worse then mr x who was easy to avoid and easy to not get hit by

  97. Jörmungandr

    Bethesda or EA? Which is worse?

    1. Unfound Films

      Jörmungandr EA has never really hidden how evil they are. Bethesda still seem to think they’re respectable.

  98. Domino 64

    Then there's the NSA and the Kinect conspiracy

  99. TX - 130

    HELLO!!! HELLO!!!!!

  100. MrZforce Hobbies

    I played Rage 2 on Xbox and didn't experience many bugs and thought it was decent but a bit repetitive it needed a decent multi-player like big scale wave defence or something. Great list though, I can't believe people buy those trash sports games.