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  1. Ramperhappy

    mann that lamp is bright

  2. Colton Nash

    Let me land my Loud ass space ship next to the base full of people who want to shoot me during my stealth mission? 😑 Take this Fuckin L Alex

  3. Justin G

    I love seeing joe happy, it makes me smile 😊

  4. alexander18ism

    i loved the first KuF (maybe just because of nostalgia, cause it realy isnt that good of a game to be honest xD) but i never get comfortable with the later releases. And i guess from the looks it will be the same with this titel as well

  5. UnitedAirlines4Life

    Aliens is not coming. It’s rated R. They aren’t allowing anything rated R on D+

  6. Havesum85

    Dude i sware Alex will suck the good Energy outa any room. Soooo negative!!

  7. Lil Claritin

    The western stuff got me hooked in the beginning but the baby yoda sold it

  8. MagashiSaizen

    "Encablossians"...sounds like something you would hear on Rick and Morty being made fun of.

  9. darkhelmedknight

    Alex, you're killing all of us. You are incorrect, see below.

  10. Jon Proskey

    I think I have yet to not roll my eyes when Alex reviews anything good. He needs everything spelled out for him but then when it's spelled out it's too much exposition.

  11. Nick Alphonso

    MMO? im out

  12. J Dinis

    try archeage

  13. Kevin Ramos

    Does anyone else get the issue invalid url, when trying to buy the game????

  14. Tomas

    Yo straight up, Alex needs to pay attention to the movie. Hot or cold and he has his hand on the blaster, it can't be more obvious about what he meant. Deaf or alive, hot or cold. Common sense. Buddy just hates for the sake of hate and fake criticism.

  15. jamie Hieggelke

    Love this! Thanks Joe :)

  16. BFKC

    Aside from anything else, what do you think gives you the right to think it's "cool" to suddenly hate the Tattooine bar of Star Wars A New Hope?? I suppose I missed the memo, but this is just rank hypocrisy about a very popular, classic scene that some people maybe now think they have to be "too cool" for, simply because it shows some Lucas traits which become more prominent and controversial later. This doesn't change that everyone who gave a shit for Star Wars always loved that whole part (and there is nothing wrong with it -- odd aliens and wacky Jazz, omg, how bad - it's comedy and good spirits).

  17. BJT005

    It seems like Joe is the only one I subscribe to that has to worry about copyright. Maybe he should change the format to a first impressions review instead of a live reaction. From what I've seen movie studios only copyright strike when your trashing their product while this is free advertising.

  18. David Loisel

    If you guys want a great ending of the franchise before T3, watch the alternate ending of T2.

  19. Kevin Corey

    What is it with “Kingdom” sequels and taking forever to come out?

  20. Danielle Currington

    It should be noted that Jarvis knew there was a risk of being banned, so he created a secondary fortnite account in order to safeguard his main account. Only to be caught out by the fact that not only his secondary account got banned but his main account as well. If he had only lost access to the secondary account, I am quite certain that he wouldn't have posted his tearful apology.

  21. David Loisel

    John Connor became the leader of the resistance because he was prepared for this before he was even born. What's special about Danny ?

  22. Sean Thompson

    This movie was a steaming pile. To even compare it to Midway (1976) is laughable. The movie was a bloated mess. No need for the Pearl Harbor sequence at all. The Doolittle raid was a mess. Lots of awkward moments that should have been cut. The Marshall Island sequence was out of place and should have been cut. Sure there were a lot of historical events included but they just added to the bloat. Add that all the scenes of action were over the top Hollywood trash like a summer popcorn flick. This is real life not Rambo. I feel Emmerich thought the public were complete morons and felt he needed to show all the events up to Midway so they would understand. The only lead up that would have made any sense and not bloat the movie would have been the Coral Sea sequence like they did in the extended version of Midway (1976). And then the Midway sequence itself, ugh. Japanese AA was nowhere near as lethal as depicted. The fighter cover was what shot down most of the US planes. They barely showed any of that and instead went with the AA shooting them down. Where were the US fighters? That was an important part too. It showed how weak the Wildcat was against the zero. They barely showed any viewpoints of the Japanese. Where was the Yorktown attack?!?! A two second explosion on the Yorktown isn't going to cut it. It's like Emmerich totally took the view of the US in this movie. What did they not have enough money to show fighter dogfights and the attack on the Yorktown. If you didn't have all the garbage before Midway you would have. The Dauntless wasn't nearly effective as they show in the movie with all the dogfighting and rear gunners shooting down Zeros. Emmerich totally glossed over most points in this film and allowed no time to develop anything. Typical Hollywood movie making these days. And the Rambofication of Dick Best was completely stupid. One man did not win the war in the Pacific. I felt like I was watching Independence Day and he was Will Smith. Hands down Midway (1976) did everything better and even with the hokey special effects and war footage it brought out way more emotion than this film did.

  23. Jack Jeager87

    Joe do more extended discussions their great

  24. Captain BroGamer

    JOE RE-REVIEW BATTLEFRONT2 , it’s soooo good now they have prequel memes all over the place and it’s just damn good game.

  25. Luke Milbocker

    Damn, Joe's acting in this review is on another level!

  26. FatherSaunders

    so...again...cosmetics for a game that can cost you $99.99 to buy retail?? Again no thanks. You could argue that you dont have to pay that, you can pay $30 if you want...doesnt matter. The fact that there is a $99.99 option to buy this game that still charges for cosmetics is the same thing I would argue as far as paying the standard $59.99 for a game that charges for cosmetics. No thank you Can we get companies to just make a game and sell the damn game and thats it?

  27. Sirasa 6

    This seems really fun, the one thing I don't like at all is gender-locking classes.

  28. Luke Milbocker

    Thank God for us your an idiot... Lmao!

  29. Syed Fazlur Rahman

    And in another 15 years, we'll finally get Age of Empires 4.

  30. BirdOfHermes83 D.

    News that makes you say " Fuck Konami, because Konami is shit! "

  31. Pupper

    Ah, the five staples of Japan. The Gunslinger, the Spellsword, the Berserker, the Ranger, and the _Elementaloli_

  32. Yuki Tutorials

    Change the Review please! Because the PC Version is unoptimized as hell Joe and not stable at all... so sad great story etc.. but the PC Version sucks right now 6/10 The lags are real... specs RTX 2080Ti <

  33. Frits C.

    so, suddenly, we like disney again? thats fast.....

  34. DanRage47

    "Please sir, may I cheat some more?" I hate EA/DICE for ignoring/permitting - if not SPONSORING cheating, but they make solid games, even if they're designed for MG-42 camping like BFV is now, but its also the players adding to it. And I love that they are putting games on Steam again, this has earned EA some of my respect again. So I am boycotting ActiBlizzardCommunistChina, and now Beshitda who is banning players left and right, I almost got banned for having an MG-42 and being really fucking good with it. "Exceptionally many kills for your level, while alone. Very fishy." Fuck you and die out as a company, fuck off and die. I am going back to EA, cuz shit as they are, they don't actively ruin their own games and ban every player for trying to help. They have a working customer support system. Not infallible, but it works a good deal of the time. Bethesda... seems to have just sold off Customer Support and only have bots set to auto-ban. Bought Jedi Fallen Order, gonna play it and hopefully enjoy it. EA's preferrable to ActiBlizzunist and Befuckda for now. I might buy Diablo 4, if it is sufficiently good. But if so it'll be the last BlizziVision game I'll buy for a long time, if ever again. I love Diablo. I love StarCraft, I love Warcraft. But they're ruining everything almost on purpose, and it's sickening and depressing. I hope things turn around, but... yeah, I got very little hope left.

  35. Slay Princess and Impregnate Dragon

    Ourguy Dave Filoni saves franchise again and again.

  36. nate dog

    Fuck ya I hope it comes out like the original. Console I hope

  37. Jony 5


  38. Tobin Monroe

    I swear I'm about to sell my games and quit playing video games seeing the state of the gaming industry and seeing it's not a passion of people anymore and it's just about money I really cant stand it I dont know why I even play games anymore

  39. TheNameisBacon

    Stormtrooper: WE HAVE YOU 4 to 1 Mandalorian: *I LIKE THOSE ODDS* Gotta love those one liners

  40. Jay Ryan

    Until they make the game more slow paced like warface or killzone 2, it’s just another arcade twitch shooter...

  41. Forensic YOYO

    I loved and hated the old KUF. The difficulty curve was all over the place.

  42. ThirstyMagpie

    Im so happy with this change!

  43. Derp!

    Anthem: "I'm a ten year journey" K.U.F: *"hold my 15 years in the making"*

  44. John Connor

    Battlefront 3 ? Maybe if they stop with all the loot boxes .... then maybe

  45. Lord Fezerellii

    I saw it but not on Disney + (; For someone that hates shitty business practices they jumped on Disney +

  46. Hoodie Pen

    Why do I get the feeling that this might be a TV remake of the forgotten Clone Wars movie? It had a baby Hutt in the film instead of a baby Yoda

  47. John Gudonis

    Wait till The Mandalorian takes of his mask and reveals himself to be a Hutt because we need more Hutts in movies.

  48. 25052647

    We have to wait until March for this. 😩

  49. 1983GoldenBoy

    What i see looks and feels like Vindictus without world map. Makes fun 10-20 hours and then you loose it cause you need months to play to get the high stuff, and without massive pay i cannot imagine, that you will have the nerve for this sort of game.

  50. Max 117

    T3 was the true ending for me. Say what you will about the movie, that ending made sense.

  51. Quentin Stanford

    Why am I getting this recommended?

  52. John Gudonis

    I thought it was a really good show.

  53. Bodenlose Dosenhose

    Arnold with a moustache is the best thing ever.

  54. DukeDarren

    The cringe with angry Joe continues.

  55. Tu Loong

    Last time I played a Kingdom Under Fire game was back in 2007 when they released "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom". After doing some research it appears that while this one is based to be after Circle of Doom, the gameplay is different & quite honestly I think I prefer Circle of Doom over this 2nd one.

  56. No Body

    Wow. I actually used to watch Angry Joe back then when he did video game reviews....I don't know if that is sad for me or sad for Joe. I'm glad the game is coming out though. Joe needs to go back to being Joe.

  57. warzy01

    I want to play elementalist...

  58. VanSanPro

    it's not JUST that it didn't look like Sonic. It looked really weird and creepy. The new design is way better and they still keep the artistic touch of the CGI version.

  59. obi-wan kenobi

    Choke on your dark bubbling blood

  60. N2goods

    that apology video has 10 million views ?!?! wtf...dude still got paid...

  61. Vincent Baillargeon

    Waiting for that game just about 5 years + too. ..

  62. Vladimir Pishchalnikov

    2019 Sonic = meth. 2020 Sonic = sober.

  63. Xavier lazure bischoff

    Bro your review is as long as the episode you need to chill

    1. Tyler

      Well the episode was rather short.

  64. Nicole's Saggy titties TV

    Your review was longer than the episode.

  65. מוות

    7 is fair

  66. מוות

    The shotguns have alot of range, thats weird if you ask me, but if the campaign is good, im buying it.

  67. Prana Khan

    Thanks for mentioning this game AJ; I though I was a super-nerd for even remembering this games original announcement. I kept its splat in Game Informer magazine for a couple of years, using it to work on my WoD Exalted TTRPG Narrative. Thanks for posting this, I feel a spark of excitement that's strangely nostalgic. Hope to see more coverage!

  68. vincent starnes

    dynasty warriors with effort

  69. Marcus Isbell

    I wanted to die in 2018. Missed all these games anyways

  70. Ben Buchoo

    True the character goes from badass and then goes back to needing training, support etc.

    1. Tyler

      Yea, I am starting to get the feeling that this Mandalorian is still rather new to his armor.

  71. Titanium Phoenix

    Sonic the Hedgehog Vs. Sonic the Methhog

  72. David Allen

    "YOU CAN'T EVEN BUY BLUE!!!" I can't stop laughing. Lol.

  73. scottyalto

    MMO- massive multiplayer online. Rpg- role playing game. Rts. Real time strategy. I see no mmo. I see a tiny, tiny smidgeon of rts. I see bad RPGs. I see a ton of hack and slash. He keeps saying mmo rts. What ami I missing?

  74. gelul12

    I’m excited but I just don’t like paying for the weekly release schedule. I wanna watch when I have time and not when they want me to watch and wait a week

  75. gelul12

    I’m excited but I just don’t like paying for the weekly release schedule. I wanna watch when I have time and not when they want me to watch

  76. Not Useful

    Anyone else having trouble actually buying the game?

    1. Not Useful

      Figured it out. For some reason purchasing from the link wasn't working and it would lead to a url error. Downloading the client directly and purchasing through there seemed to have worked.

  77. Travis Seagroves

    9 year olds have already ruined our games Joe it's been like that since they infested cod

  78. Travis Seagroves

    415 dislikes are little wankers who love fortnite and want jarvis unbanned

  79. BlackVirtue

    You shouldn't ban anyone for exploiting ingame mechanics. If anyone's, it's the Devs' fault to make it possible.

  80. Anthony Dibble

    LUL, "but Joe they cried in front of you, you have no heart." HAHAHA They straight edited and quick-cut through that cry, Jarvis can get fucked.

  81. prestonssebastian2

    Mom, clear by schedule for the next 12 minutes. Mom: It's always clear. And don't tell me what to do.

  82. HazardPay

    Working solo, the LAST thing you want to do is alert your quarry by landing at their compound. Ships aren't cheap, nor is all the BH gear on it. We have to assume their scanners can see most ships approaching the planet. You see an uninvited ship coming your way, approaching your remote hideout, you can run, or set up air defense. But... If you see some random ship, landing at a town, you are hard pressed to tell if it's anything but regular civilian traffic. Working as a pair or squad, sure, you might risk hotzone insertions as your pilot can back off to safe distance. But you still alert your quarry to your intent. Also if the specific target isnt there, you have played your hand. Either his buddies tell him, or their corpses do. Nope. Better to do it the hard way.

  83. GanDanDue

    I know the brand *joker* is enough for some people to be great movie and it is a great movie...but i joker i loved...he is not that guy...i felt bad for him...but there was no vibe of the evil pyscotic guy...but a sad ill person who needs therepy whos life suck as hell...but he didnt turn out the *JOKER*...the joker i know isn't confused, he is rather confident, he has excellent stratagies which implies he is not mad, but sort of a master mind....

  84. OosoToxic

    been trying to buy it on the site and every time i hit buy now i get a error code.

  85. BFKC

    Jablinski Games finally gaming here.

  86. DonoTheGamer

    It would be cool if the baby was Yoda and Yaddle’s baby. It would make sense because the baby is 50 years old, BUT it wouldn’t make sense that Yoda never said anything about it.

  87. Roland

    and i thought i had it hard when wanting to play tekken 6.... i played that shit once or twice, because it was waiting on loading screens, rather than playing a cool fighting game. This is a tad worse than..?

  88. Shesh

    They lied about a real Warcrime commited by the US by saying it was done by russia. Im not russian btw

  89. Maxx Calilung

    Tbh I'd still play this one over the 2nd battlefront simply for the quality and absolute beauty of the game

  90. Black Prior

    dude i cant stand alex, get this negative fuck iff the show. joe and joe is what we love

  91. Simone Geezer

    Firefly clone, but was enjoyable

  92. Welshboy

    Hey Joe, long time watcher, first time commenter. I enjoy hearing your views but you come across as very aggressive in this vid. Yea, I respect that you have your own order of quality for the films, but that doesn't make Other Joe's, Alex's and everyone else's opinions wrong. The way you tear into them in this vid is too much man, come on, they're your friends, disagree in a respectful way, don't just shout them down and make fun of their views. I have loved every one of your vids up until this one. We like to hear your reviews and opinions, but not when you are disrespectful to others while giving it. Just some friendly advice dude. Will still be watching your vids :)

  93. Adnan Alsayadi

    cant buy it, getting this error everytime, {"error":"Invalid url"}

  94. W P

    Won't we hit our own troops? Angryjoe : Yes... but we'll hit theirs as well. We have reserves. Attack.

  95. Matthewn57

    Kingdom Under Fire!

  96. Durff 123

    After more than 10 years in and out of development, it looks like it's finally ready to go into Beta testing. This game looks very unfinished. Hey, it IS Gameforge after all. Although I like the KUF series, they are a terrible company, even thought of as one of the worst in the Games industry. With how much they overwork their employees, loots crates with lower drop chances than western games, pay-to-win in-game shops, banning people from their online games for negative comments on social media, and not to mention their famously terrible customer service. Man, I WANT to be excited for KUF2, but with how long this has taken it doesn't seem like Gameforge is putting much effort into it. What Joe has said in the first few minutes, though, maybe they're turning over a new leaf. I doubt it, but I'm willing to see.

  97. MriStoleThisUserName

    They should just remaster kuf: heroes and/or crusader. But I guess we can always dream.

  98. Timppa 3

    Wasn't the carboniting thing a heat of the moment decision by Vader that Boba Fett was unhappy with? Because it was used for food product, not people. But I guess after heaing it work, it might've become standard. So, I guess it's fine. It just felt kinda' strange to me.