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  1. Mr Dressup

    Didn't realize the knack thing was a joke until now

  2. Nathan Levesque

    The phrase "I do know hurt" physically pains me. In fact I am actually terminally ill now. Thanks Kingdom Hearts 3.

  3. Σπυριδων Μαργαριτης

    When dankey gives 3/5 it means 10/10

  4. Sebastian Spore

    I love how he's smiling for the whole video.

  5. Skillet22

    Bill Clinton tried to assassinate dunkey twice

  6. randomyoutubechannel


  7. Moldy Man321

    Ohhh so this was the first strand type of game

  8. SoggyWaffles24

    6:21: “This is an AT-ST. He’s one of the most powerful enemies.” Oggdo Bogdo: *You haven’t seen anything yet*

  9. Air Head

    The Nsync joke never gets old

  10. Tommi Koskinen


  11. RichsterHQ

    It's Raycon time

  12. İsmail Türk

    now this, has a little something for everyone

  13. Tommi Koskinen


  14. vidar nevelius

    You are probaly a sport gamer like FIFA and NHL

  15. Tommi Koskinen


  16. Beelz for fuckin reals.

    "The Last of Us 2 is now real life, but the game is canceled." :(

  17. PyroFierceDeity

    Lol undertale music in the background.

  18. FreshJ

    Some days you feed on a tree frog.

  19. Gilbert le dino vert

    Kojima: It’s the first Strand Type game. Journey: Yes of *Course*

  20. 迷惑な

    bug star

  21. Jordan Summers

    When it says “it’s 2015” and it’s 2020 and it’s been 5 years and you’re an adult now and there’s a global pandemic going on

  22. Jaafar Al

    You really love league of legends

  23. 周伟伦

    Dunkey, you successfully pull me out from buying this game. lol

  24. iLLeag7e

    The production costs on this one must have been through the roof. Thanks Raybon for making it happen

  25. Breathing

    Uberdanger with his wow series really showing off his new very own style btw

  26. Tommi Koskinen


  27. Happy Dude

    Great game tho

  28. Soule

    She looks kinda like Brendan Fraser

  29. suka dick

    idk if its cause they were babies. but I know that they had quite a bit of lead in their GaSOlINE

  30. Katesbane

    1:45 i can't breathe

  31. IceMachine 5

    0:24 he’s deer

  32. Game-Freak67

    I love this game and find it underrated, even though it looks like a PS2 title.

  33. Corrupted Guy

    I like how Dunkey was just bullying the kids he was playing that game with in the background

  34. byran saputo

    Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts is a good game!

  35. ahmed cheikh

    If dunkey and leah's wedding is so good...why isn't there a dunkey and leah's wedding 2 ?

  36. sparten6

    Stay away from children *Watch out for there SLIME*

  37. Corrupted Guy

    Nintendo Dreamgus

  38. Joseph C

    I forced myself to best death stranding in the hopes of some crazy cool mysterious ending (spoiler alert) it was none of those

  39. Thunder

    You know what I hate about this, how the malphite isn't perm banned. He still plays to this damn day. But hey at least he's yardstick silver with no m7s

  40. Forgonefall4 is in the house

    lol . he really not kidding now a year or so after it came out it plays well but still lol

  41. Sushi Camejo

    Ok aside from implying that the parents weren't laughing and smiling before the Wii U, the weirdest thing about the Wii U commercial is how whoever is narrating it is clearly a part of the family but isn't playing Wii U with all of them and is never shown. Like, "No Thomas, you don't get to play Wii U or be in the commercial, you just get to narrate. Besides there's only 4 controllers deal with it"

  42. obviously alex

    What website is that?

  43. Dio Brando

    This game is shit the movement on your horse is so bad

  44. Tanner Markland

    You really can't trust someone that says ALL Sonic games are bad or that new super mario Bros Wii was "tough"

  45. Darth Chungus

    This review makes me FEEL like a very angry FIsels commenter

  46. me is Victor

    Pewds is S tier

  47. Joaquín Elorrieta

    Hit me in the dm if you ever need a bull

  48. Blackbird25

    Darth Mauls been real quiet after this dropped

  49. Supermariojjk K

    4:33 and that's a fact

  50. TheGrandGamers

    Is this the video that made anyone else start playing Gungeon and love it

  51. Melvin M.

    My cousin used to say Kingdom hearts had the most broken story in existence until I introduced him to Metal gear solid. Now he says Kingdom hearts is the simplest video game to understand.

  52. Vinne 786

    Seems legit

  53. Alex Little

    What's the point of knowing all these words if none of them are real‽

  54. Aiden St Clair

    Damn this game looks terrible, nothing about what made half life original is there!

  55. The darth knight

    You guys didn't invite knack?

  56. MicahAnimations

    Pee pee

  57. Yettilikesbananas

    Guys it’s okay that Dunkey was struggling a little, he was playing blindfolded, and with one arm tied behind his back, and in fact he wasn’t even playing it was his little brother

  58. Yusef Roque

    Tbh i forgot the sad theme can someone tell me whats it called

  59. Anime Boy

    Fucking dunkey, pleace, ADD RUSSIAN SUBS.

  60. Dark Night

    Captions say in the beginning. " where is Mr urine"

  61. Dr. Delgado Feelgood

    Yea i stopped listening to that guy when he said knack 1 is bad

  62. EvilTrashPanda

    The song at 4:43 is actually kinda good

  63. M. Fahmi Randika

    4:52 Top 10 Video Game Betrayal

  64. Ulen Grau

    This is the first time I disagree with dunkey on something. I didn’t pick up Anthem in 2019 because a games that are called “(insert other franchise name) killers” usually end up being mediocre at launch. And so... I did not buy Overwatch until December, The Division until a year later, Halo until Halo 2, Call of Duty until MW2, and so on. Anthem until 2020. And what did that get me? A game that’s actually fun to play and now only rashes once a day, like pretty much anything else I’ve played (including Overwatch). EDIT: to be clear, I disagree with dunkey not because he finds Anthem mediocre and thus its spinoff even worse, but the fact that ANYONE in 2020 can still hope for a good shooter. Shooters won’t be great again until we’re all wearing VR headsets and sense vests and running on treadmills.

  65. ch tr

    Lmao 1:06 he homophobically judgin her with that "you a lesbian?" side eye

  66. Karim Dumoulin

    This is EXACTLY how I feel in this game. Thank God I'm not alone !!

  67. Tyler Ward

    That line of walking boxes reminds me of the traffic cone scene from toy story 2

  68. Moe Ab

    Dunkey? How old are you in this video???!!!! :o o.O Because you sound like a grown ass man :o I thought you were very young at 2012??!!!

  69. 懶彼得

    I still can't believe Mimi cheated

  70. Stevie Dane


  71. Senior Ricketts

    Finally again one of his videos which goes over ten minutes

  72. Senior Ricketts

    Good to see the monkeys from sekiro made it

  73. whenyoueat9

    the chickens ? hardest boss fight. Forget Dunk Souls, baby!

  74. Lee "Mai" Ari

    I want more birds and trains, Dunkey. Where are my trains, Dunkey?

  75. Jayden White

    I hate the ending. And I'm the guy who like END OF EVANGELION!

  76. Michael Wagner

    Really , game spot is probably the biggest pussies who have ever played a video game saying it's too hard to play.

  77. GandalfTheSilver

    Load order pls

  78. jkgaming101

    The thumbnail + the idea of clones made me believe that this was a video on a matrix game with agent smith

  79. goku262002

    "Thank you Dark Souls."

  80. NateLB

    6:50 omg he stopped

  81. Михаил Пайбаршев

    Somehow i don't see new videos in my subscriptions page...

  82. stephenmsf

    This was honestly the best League video dunkey ever did, and it set the tone for everything that came after. Dunkey, you're the best guy around. Keep up the good shit

  83. Fak Yu

    Your voice is so sexy

  84. Fak Yu

    Your voice is so sexy

  85. TheGamingJoseph101

    This is actually a time i have experienced anger from this video 🙂

  86. E c s t a t i c


  87. Krish Lala

    The Xbox is just a PC for poor people.

  88. Ok calm down now

    'Devil man guy' best game ever

  89. Thirteen 1355

    It's funny how Goldeneye on emulator was the reason I bought my XBOX360 controller.

  90. Caleb Zweigle

    13.15 99????

  91. Corrupted Guy

    *are you scared, mate?*

  92. funx24x7

    Billy Mitchell is an athlete 🤣

  93. TOONIE

    Sekiro 2????

  94. TTV DoTheFig

    Wait Dunkey isn’t black??!!

  95. David Vaihansky

    Don’t think I didn’t see that Ni No Kuni gameplay at 1:28!! When is Dunkey going to just review the game already???

  96. Gso 13690

    I like this level with gru

  97. Alias Anonymous

    Dunkey: "And, uhh, underwear?" Everyone: *Now this is an Avengers level threat*

  98. muneer5086 PSN NAME

    Thank you dunkey for this amazing video 😂

  99. aPPLe

    The squeakers in this video are grown up now

  100. Seyfettin Işık

    You have saved a Turk's life bro. I'm at your service until apocalypse.