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  1. Janet Nakato

    yo juice wrld rip please cry pleaeeeeeeeeeeeees

  2. Uli Muli

    Veganer würden sagen: „hallo? Das ist ein gefilmter mord!!“

  3. werberton lopes

    Eminen is alive,hands down! Sound good.hahahahaha

  4. Mateo Lopez

    People are dieng in this world what world are we living in 😭😭

  5. Zack Richards

    5G is killing us. Lets burn towers down like Watford and Birmingham . Spread the message

  6. Area 51 raider

    Evreyone " lil mosey is the whitest black guy ever" Lil huddy : am i a joke to you

  7. Pedro Henrique Henrique

    The beast O melhorrrrr ,

  8. H. A. N

    me: enjoy music while reading comments

  9. B.J. Koh


  10. Nio Cants

    Tbh i just came here to see if everyone notice that ,for a black guy he is pretty white af

  11. легион хачапури

    What's her name?

  12. Anakin Skywalker

    Who finds this catchy and good

  13. LSK Music

    Go Fw my song subscribe like & share i would appreciate it🖤

  14. Amit Khadka

    Here for the colour jokes

  15. Ke Man

    Even when he's drunk he can rap

  16. シ ᴀ᯾ᴀᴘ_ 𝚃🄹𝚊🅈 シ

    Blueface is the type of guy who would ask for a money burger

  17. let's fortnite

    0:58 seizure fought on camera

  18. Ghostmane_1337

    Хех, я его смотрел, когда там было 200к просмотров. Теперь тут 100 миллионов просмотров. Теперь я буду говорить своим внукам, что я был олдом.

  19. Adarsh Gurung

    He looks G Easy with curly hair

  20. lil jiraiya 07

    El fk sech ahora canta en inglés 😂 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦 👹👹

  21. Fernanda Pedraza

    Name first song?

  22. let's fortnite

    Bro u iced out

  23. XI_AT

    0:45 that dance tho

  24. CK Rager

    1:35 why is lil tecca in the car?

  25. Fernanda Pedraza

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción que suena al inicio?

  26. Mateozh

    he didn't deserve that,

  27. Mical Yanez


  28. Jovan Milicevic

    *Oxygen* : exist *Eminem* : exist *Eminem and oxygen* : -not exist-

  29. Hyper_Blake

    0:12 that ass

  30. Hyper_Blake

    That lil botch a diva

  31. Cactus 24

    Waffles 🧇 Recipe 125g soft butter 100g sugar 1 pack vanilla sugar 3 eggs 250g flour 1 pinch of salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 200 ml milk

  32. Jokzilla 2

    Şu adamı dinleyebildiğimiz için rap tarihinin en şanslı kitlesi olmalıyız amk.

  33. juancarlos Lopez

    Like for lil huddy

  34. Patobolado

    No cap i've listened to the unreleased version 100x more than this one. He should've dropped it in June/July 2019 and it would've been his best release yet.



  36. Francisco Fonseca

    2:26 that litlle dance was 🔥



  38. Chase Czarnecki

    Fuck I fell bad when I hear Juice Wrld man rip juice

  39. juancarlos Lopez

    I showed this to my teacher she got sooooo mad I played it on the Bluetooth

  40. Zavier Alejandro

    Juice wrld is in the !music video

  41. joe mama

    This bitch ass ninga thinks it's hard

  42. Arie’s World

    This is my fav song from ski 🩸

  43. LindaIs RacistBoomrr

    Plots twist: Lil mosey Is the whitest black asian person.

  44. Salami

    Em look thiccc af in that hoodie 😳😳

  45. Papa Legba

    My first english rap since 2013 shiiit forgive me 2PAC

  46. xxregretsquad xx

    Sub to xxregretsquad xx

  47. Shadow Plays

    This song will always be number 1 in lyrical RIP Juice Wrld

  48. Yakuza !

    Best Eminem feature :) Change my mind

  49. Lethal Tatics

    Mosey looks like he doesn’t wanna be her but he’s enjoying every second

  50. Luca Lamesta

    This is dope respect from italia man🇺🇲🇮🇹

  51. Ball Islife


  52. Bl4CKK _

    Juice WRLD is alive?

  53. Yunus Emre Gümüş

    10 numara şarkı olmuş 👍

  54. Azprix

    Other Rappers:Gucci Shoes and Jordan’s Tecca:Flip Flips (Yes I understand that he does wear some shoes in some scenes..)

  55. memes truly


  56. Merouane Gl

  57. AnthonyBC

    0:49-0:51 that guy look like the guy in the arcade from stranger things

  58. NICO Kokkonen

    When i saw hypehouse members i had to dislike

  59. Mara Blacc

    Listen to this every single day or we cant be friends. 🖤

  60. Leah Tucker

    the- the hype house?

  61. JustMax

    0:33 The songs starts There.

  62. Abdo Juma

    R.I.P <3

  63. Derrek Speck

    I notice when a video has over a q billion views the quality of the video gets worse ? Why

  64. kiko amr93

    Who gave this guy the n word pass

  65. Ok Boomer

    I make the varsity football team Grades: 1:34

  66. DMK 930

    C'étais vraiment un grand artiste paix à son âme 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  67. Jake Klonowski

    Siiiick flow

  68. J.Y.M. E.L

    Kid laroi looks like he pronounces his Rs as Ws

  69. Danika fisher

    Do. You. Have a. Wife

  70. big Daddy

    Whys the last geezer saying the n word looks whiter than me lol

  71. San Linn Oo

    0:43 i think its tht dude from Dhar Man

  72. Instaburst

    I wish juice had a verse

  73. Towster crazy

    RIP juice

  74. Danika fisher

    Hi blueface

  75. don’t read my profile description

    my brother met lil mosey and hung out with him *hes not lying*

  76. Diego Quezada

    Is he “black” ?

  77. Dokueki

    Bruh the credits using Colgate font

  78. Christian Green

    Gone too soon🖤

  79. Adiah Blake-flynn

    Lol fore fighters tchc 2013 2017.syracuse america australia upper canada plane miami my cautious be clean ...2020 04 03 kingston rd 1 13 pm galloway peter jon lucas

  80. the one King

    shit ob\n fleck

  81. Тёмный Фон

    1:00 coronna virus

  82. TJ is a typicaltard

    Not gonng lie this shits fire but they played the shit outta it on tik tok

  83. Chris 91

    I wish I could accomplish getting laid.

  84. TAEYEON’g _SS

    My first thought after seeing this: he’s the whitest black guy I ever saw

  85. Dokueki

    Never seen thots and hoes so happy even mosey looking happy af

  86. DeSean Corbin

    That plane blowing up hit different RIP KOBE AND GIGI

  87. Beby Gupta

    0% nudity 0% flexing 10% n-word 90% talent

  88. Ian Wilson

    "points up to heaven I need to go home" you made it juice i love you big bro until i see you again it still hurts inside it always will

  89. Annouar Amrani

    respect juice wrld

  90. TrueFlash

    Hey random person scrolling through the comments You are a great person, you have greatness inside of you, no matter how ugly you are you are beautiful, don’t do bad drugs, you have a great ability, before you say I am wrong, you never spent the time looking

  91. Mobile Gaming

    3/10 🗑 it could be better

  92. stinky gooch

    landon is so wank

  93. Isaiah Jordan

    bra i had to come back to listen to this over and over this nihh fye.

  94. Loirin j

    Segue eu la no instagram :@loirinj

  95. Antony_ cat_


  96. TheGamerGirl12

    I’m pretty sure this kid is mixed

  97. one shotti

    i remember when madeintyo looked like a 15 y/o and was famous for uber everywhere

  98. Rob Ricoo

    He look 10 year old

  99. Boggie Wit Da Hoodie

    The white girl is a fucken clout chaser

  100. Boggie Wit Da Hoodie

    Fuck tik tok