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  1. Gwen Dore

    Charli said: 🥺👉👈 James said: 🤗💄

  2. Jacqueline Figg

    Girl I love that look

  3. Isaiah Mackey

    That yearbook 3rd pic though

  4. Gavi Col

    And I dont think that he should listen to the hate comments because it does not matter of what mean people say

  5. Marcelle Cherry

    Omg Addison is so much cuter than Charlie

  6. julio dantas

    we need an episode with Manny and Laura and another ep with Nikkie and Jaclyn

  7. Rochelle Gould

    we love i am watching this in 22 i love you

  8. Peppa Pig58

    Listen people if your gonna hate on everyone of his videos then why do you even watch his channel y’all need to shut up 🤐

  9. duncan swann

    Hey James can u do a video where u reveal your self with no makeup, nails or earrings?😋🤗

  10. Rex Sounds

    10:23 ur welcome

  11. huey evans

    james, i love you so much but i feel like when you do your makeup, you should keep your freckles. your natural look (with no makeup) is beautiful. not trying to spread hate or anything but i feel like you would look really good.

  12. Lollipop Pop

    Omg I just realized that James is again the most followed Beauty Guru on FIsels, congrats ❤️💐

  13. Gavi Col

    But I though the dislike button meant you did not like the video just saying.

  14. Isaiah Mackey

    James Charles spelled backwards is selrahC semaJ

  15. Lacey Lozier

    OMG congratulations James for having your own tv show!! I'm so excited to watch it!!😁😁

  16. DeJa Malcolm

    Quick showing your you know what. 😶

  17. Gavi Col

    Well this is my first time watching this

  18. Isaiah Mackey

    WTF happened under that wig

  19. Amelia Gerryts

    Do avani next

  20. Clara Nasser

    I'm obsessed with how beautiful she is

  21. Wywy's World

    Love you sister james

  22. Wywy's World

    OMG I'm so excited this is going to be my new fav show


    Could u do vlogs please?

  24. ElDoRiTo LZN

    Vengo de giorgio

  25. Alexis Salvatore

    Omg btch I'm literally SHOOK!

  26. Claire A

    Enjoy because these are people that u will never see in the same room ever again

  27. Natalie Trasonova

    Ian: bro- James: SISTER!

  28. Samtortiklaaa

    Wait he has the same house as remi ashten

  29. Roneca Brown

    All the people who hate shut the hell up

  30. Marybeth Kane

    do it with lilhuddy and avani

  31. Matt Lawton

    Charli D'Amelio has the BEST EYES!.. No makeup is even necessary.

  32. Suzanne Handlin

    I got demonetized for mentioning the coronavirus you didn’t because u are 2 awesome and good of a FIselsr!

  33. Fatima Hamidi

    Wow his singing is AMAZING

  34. Scott Caldwell

    Earlier: there is so much hate!.... Later: There’s so much love!..... Things took a turn there! That was aswome!!

  35. rowdha alhassani

    hahahahahaha u rock sister james omg ur funny i love so fricken much lmao

  36. Maddy K


  37. micuela_xd xd

    Love you and your videos❤️🥺



  39. elianna simoneaux

    i couldnt stop looking at those eyes this videos eye makeup was sooo pretty ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ im so jealous of those skills

  40. Amy Bucio

    I'm soo late

  41. Mj Nevxx

    2020? Xx

  42. Theatre Dork

    Is that SETH O'BRIEN??? 😱❤️

  43. Roneca Brown

    It’s 2020 say good bye to 2019


    So cute 😍

  45. Roneca Brown

    Don’t worry I love u sis

  46. El Mundo de Juli 2019

    Podes hacerte un canal en español?

  47. Death Note

    I feel like I am watching a beautiful anime couple 😗

  48. Pari

    James realizing he's not warm toned for 37 minutes

  49. Janka Krizsán

    I love you, James, but what you called "good dancing content" isn't exactly dancing at all, lmao She's just flinging her arms around :')

  50. Madison Riccio

    Brown and white eggs come from 2 different chickens.


    Addison is so precious 😍

  52. Rowan Mason

    Yes queen

  53. Sophia Milko

    Who’s here bc of coronavirus

  54. Horchata Herrera

    :) No Likes On this Comment Check

  55. Mj Nevxx

    2020? Xx

  56. leah prince

    Fenty or 2 faced

  57. Leonardo lentini

    Why don't you be strait

  58. bryana Valcarcel

    Pause at 3:55 😂😂😂😂

  59. Taylor Allen

    They are just jealous that you didnt need to go to,beauty school to be be very talented The foundation sarcasum😂 Ur face,looked,pinkish

  60. skleroz

    Please do make up hacks and react to your old makeup tutorials

  61. Smudge the Cat

    HI SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Tiffany Melo

    why is this literally glow up on netflix tho....

  63. mo ob

    do avanis makeup

  64. Maddy Moreland

    Every single person who left a hate comment should shut the fuck up. James is an influencer who inspires so many people which I bet you can’t say the same. If you feel like you are so much better, I wanna see you start out in the beauty community from the very bottom and after a year end up like James. James is an amazing person who works hard to make a living and if you feel bringing him down will hurt him then your wrong all hate comments hurt so yes it probably affects him more then he says but he makes it so his viewers are happy with his content and he is happy with his content, so the fact y’all want to say he sucks at his makeup then I wanna see videos posted every week of you doing professional makeup. Then maybe you’ll learn to get rid of your attitude and actually be proud that James can actually make people feel confident about theirselves.

  65. Diabolus Noia

    James is soo innocent and cute omg he is innocent af

  66. Shanen Shaw

    Sister James U inspire me to do what i want I really appreciate you in general And For those of you claiming to be a SISTER as you call it your not James is Talented unlike you Bitches out there!!

  67. Faye Freeman

    Your sister/brother picked your makeup

  68. Marling Alonzo

    We like a working sister 💜💛👍

  69. Noor Diya - EIS Grade 4

    I don’t like you but your really good makeup

  70. Valerie Salazar

    LMAO this is everything

  71. Lena Rubinstein

    Your make up is amazing 😍

  72. Roneca Brown

    Yes girl yes


    * blue lights come on* Everyone: My eyes James: aAchooOoOOoooOOo

  74. Charmaine Fenika

    Ok so I'm DEFINITELY GONNA STREAM THIS PERIOD👏 anyways If you could just have some tiktokers as some of your guests that will be GREAT but other than that Damn Sister👏👏👏 Can't wait😊

  75. Kylee’s World Of Dolls

    A stranger: How many sibling do u have??? James Charles: I have one brother and 17.7million sisters

  76. caitlin.

    addison is so gorgeous

  77. Khang Dinh

    Is this a woman or a man??? Im confuse

  78. Naliah Davis

    I have ligit chills!❤❤❤ i love that so much!

  79. Pershia Zoea

    dont @ me but tbh cassiemua group was really really lame and awkward, that was lowkey uncomfortable.

  80. Kay A

    Do the red lips too😍😍😍

  81. julio dantas

    I know it's probably impossible but I love this video and I would love to see a part 2

  82. Sofa Tofu

    James: I really want to go to Italy Me rewatching during the quarantine: *welllllll.....*

  83. Casual Tings

    James: goes to put on lip liner on Adam Adam: tries to bite james "i had to do it bitch" Funniest shit ever 😭😭

  84. XxDeathgachawolf Oof

    Don’t TOUCH

  85. L. K.

    It’s so confusing how slow he speaks

  86. Justice Vaughan


  87. the decent doodler

    Where’s Caroline Ricke?

  88. Jayde Smith

    Hey James I dare u to do your make up really bad and get people’s reaction on camera 📷 that would be a funny video

  89. Leonor Costa 7C

    You have to speak portuguese too❤️❤️

  90. Mj Nevxx

    Shelby: you talk to fast Me: panic attack as he speaks slower Like if u agree Love u James xx

  91. Petraツ

    31:54 no one talk about James not wore bra or something else xD

  92. Galaxy girl

    Next Dixie

  93. Maleiah Mcdowell

    Charli can you answer me on snap chat

  94. RobloxWithOakPiper R

    SHE HIT 1M on my birthday!!

  95. Pearl Rahm

    James sister don’t change anything your the best you are my idol

  96. iRaphahell Junior

    ur a boy or a girl?

  97. maame Brago Brago

    Hi sisters

  98. Stephanie Mashni


  99. Alba Temple

    OMG, these people are so harsh!!

  100. Kamelle Kiwi Cave

    James should text Lili Reinhart bc she a f*cking make up queen