My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. blessedlife93

    Can’t go wrong with these 3! Love hoovies charisma

  2. plumber99

    Good stuff. This should be a like 10 season long serie!

  3. sparkplug1018

    What that means Ed is you have some over zealous security guys that are trying to act tough and scare you. They invited you in, you aren't going to get arrested for that, at worst the PBSO will tell you to leave and that's it.

  4. Chris A

    Man Tavarish, that's a good friend right there !! Here's to Jarrod !🍻

  5. J Teal

    I love the zero shame in completely 100% rip off of top gear

  6. rram761

    So middle guy is trying to be Jeremy clarksin lololololol

  7. rram761

    Yep very top gear take

  8. rram761

    Very top gear

  9. RetroGamerVX

    Genuinely surprised you didn't CarMax them!

  10. Bryant Matthews

    i am trying to manual swap my w210 s320 what trans do i need??

  11. J Teal

    What an original idea!

  12. J Teal

    What an original idea!

  13. Combat Meerkat

    Imho a 3000gt looks better than gtr

  14. Holiday Harrison

    The 360 ​​(despite the semi-automatic, convertible / spider and this color that makes your eyes water) ... is the best vehicle in this trio ! Still amazing and very well aged pininfarina beauty!

  15. Michael Young

    I think I prefer wrenching Tavarish than acting Tavarish :)

  16. Paz Sebastian

    Its a lamborghini countach

  17. Lilli Price

    Give you 100 for it

  18. Jeremy G

    Clear out another space on one of the lifts cause that engine swap doesn't have nothin on a rewire job

  19. Mali berryz

    Man this top gear special is pretty long

  20. Timothy M

    Lol stealership value

  21. Taaha Siddiqui

    Where are the toxic civic fanboys at? I am confusion

  22. Chris A

    B is for Broken.......☹️ I've heard that your EK chassis is the lightest one that Honda made prior to all the current regs-(heavy ass airbags, etc)

  23. ColdMoonlight

    Only 2 minutes in and you guys have made a better show than Top Gear America. Can't beat the OG though. Just finished the episode, and I honestly had NO idea the format was actually going to be Top Gear-esque when I wrote that comment 🤔

  24. mikaelhiatt

    14:27 fuckin wife material there 😂

  25. Chempoh John

    His friend :can i keep my car in your garage Tavarish: yes only if u allow me to make video about it Title : *cheap used mclaren* 😶😶

  26. Chris A

    Way to do the Honda thing Tavarish! I had a similar experience, in that I bought a "89 b16 hatch thus inheriting the previous owners aftermarket shenanigans, so I can relate. But the experience of shaming some rich kid supercar racer has to be worth every penny. There's a video on YT of a crx with a boosted ls/Vtec walking a lambo, and it's shot from inside the lambo whereupon the drivers friend exclaims "dude!, You just got beat by a 10k Honda !!!". It's priceless.

  27. Mark Biggart

    What’s with poor choice of slip on shoes and socks! Invest in some good trainers gents

  28. Emory Corbin

    These episodes feel like auditions made for BBC.

  29. Julien O

    To much on scripts. Sad!

  30. Ryan M

    I’m pretty sure that ic is for a skittle lol Edit: saw the mounts, definitely a skittle ic haha

  31. A day with Mil

    Few things in life is certain you eat, pee, and poop.

  32. Thomas Red star

    So it was a Spano

  33. oxinorz /

    why behind look like r8

  34. Greg Ruffino

    When you Teared up, It started to rain, Someone Felt you!

  35. Douglas Krueger

    These series of videos have been awesome so far. It reminds me of the original top gear in the UK before Clarkson got fired.

  36. Matt

    If anyone hasn’t seen Hoovies video.. this car Confiscated in Russia, with 150 THOUSAND miles and the odometer rolled back 5 or six times

  37. Miguel Barriga

    I see 2 mk3s #supra 👀 12:06

  38. Luis Chiarelli

    the younger white dude picked the freshest one lmao

  39. Bimbi

    I am about to replace mine, I got the harmonic balance for 140 from autozone. Wish me luck.

  40. Nabeel

    Lol the dealer saying he wouldn't buy these cars.. just had to sprinkle a little salt on the wound

  41. Zach Collins

    I got my 94 for $700 running and driving so I think I win 😎

  42. Magar

    I just wasted few precious minutes of my life watching this video.

  43. peacyboy

    Topgear "wanabe"

  44. G Clarion

    This guy sells cars and he thinks he's what, a surgeon? Relax with the hair gel, putz.

  45. John Robert

    It's better to read comments than listen to nonsense conversation while waiting for the price.

  46. Stalin

    His head looks like a space ship.

  47. bob marley

    This was meant to turn LEFT, I saw some right turns in there!!!

  48. Cutter Dachuk

    The kill switch is so that the car can’t be hard wired

  49. Burp Robrox

    That Aston looks like a 370z

  50. Tall Drink

    Thats my local dealership! Love it. Rene does a great job there

  51. bob marley


  52. Brennan Reus

    this happened to my dad he bought a 75 amc gremlin X new from the dealer with a 304 3 speed. years pass he got married had kids and sold it in Alberta (he was living there at the time) i think 95-96 then moved to Quebec. now its 2010 and my dad sees a 75 gremlin driving around the outskirts of Montreal, sees it a couple times driving finally sees it parked, looks at it and bam the exact car vin # and everything theres even the same scratch on the bumper when he got in a little fender bender. old man was driving it and i remember my dad stalking this guy to sell it, 2012 he bought it back. its crazy how he sold it on the other side of Canada for it to only come back to the same town we live in to buy it again, what are the odds

  53. Joel Nilsson

    Make it 2ste

  54. f p

    man that v8 sound, awesome

  55. bob marley


  56. Joe Mergens

  57. Joey sk8ts

    You can tell they dont work on cars lmao doing it with rings and a watch on like breh

  58. mikey bmx

    Well deserved! Love your videos.

  59. Chris King

    The fake top gear wannabes lol

  60. DrSnausage

    Factor in this recession, subtract another 40%

  61. DrSnausage

    Car dealership: here's your appraisal CoronaVirus: hold my beer

  62. SETHraz0

    *Can you fix it !!!*

  63. Nameless

    Tavarish isn't letting go of that hairline is he?

  64. Mark Byrne

    Just a question why do these videos have a person that loves the sound of their own voices and talk and talk and talk just show the rebuild and ease up on the talking

  65. DrSnausage

    It's like buying a bunch of a over-priced paintings

  66. Kevin Marshall

    Yeah but do they come with that new car smell?

  67. Michel Chapoy

    This is a cool part of the “series”

  68. Udone Nomee

    Whenever I pull in any gear other than my final gear, I shift up after the pull. I believe this takes pressure off of the valve-train as it would lower RPM and not cause compression braking. Could someone please explain why people never upshift on a dyno’ after a pull? Does it have something to do with gathering data?

  69. Rob Fox

    Tavarish mechanic is henry rollins lol.

  70. dylan berry

    So old Hoovie is the actual loser here when you use his real numbers instead of the modified numbers.

  71. Kevin Keelan

    All 3 cars have so much more class than a corvette. No doubt it’s a good car but why can’t Americans design head and tail lights that don’t look cheap and ugly?

  72. Jimmy Arnett

    Tavar= Jeremy Clarkson Tyler= Richard Hammond ED= James May

  73. MrLossFTW

    19:37 💪

  74. aurelio milaor cabal

    That there my friend is one stout Wood Strut !

  75. Rob Fox

    Tavarish, its called "brad" lol

  76. Jonathan Hall

    You are a motivated guy. Its no wonder you can do projects like these.

  77. Ray Bland

    Hey Tavy tav, it is a Ford super duty work truck, no a frigging Lamborghini, not a frigging cannon ball Mercedes or a gad dam copart bmw! Send this video to ford R&D and they will send you a power stroke engine with a dildo, so if you don’t like Diesel engines you can go fuck your self.🕺🏿

  78. tommychii

    Y'all actually came to palm beach and I missed it ? Man fuck corona virus!!!

  79. Mystk

    I love how the y don't notice that they are spinning and the McLaren owner just casually moves along with them.

  80. Honest Drives

    The 'escaped' reference is from old top tear :(

  81. Tyler Holbrook

    If they had left out the completely useless junk, (like the jewelry making station) most of those Pimp My Ride cars would’ve been pretty sweet. In some of those rides they put in stuff even more useless than a jewelry making station.

  82. franky baez

    They sound as enthusiastic about car shit as they use to be

  83. nEx944

    Not a big fan of those "repairs". How do you know the frame didn't take damage? Or other parts? Just because parts don't look damaged doesn't mean they aren't. Well, for highway speeds it might be sufficient...

  84. Guilherme Concon

    Sold? Send it to Brazil. I will be glad to fix it.

  85. franky baez

    I’d rather spend 30 grand on a vette na then put a 30k blower boom better and faster than all those POS

  86. Lucas Kenna

    Holy shit Chad Warden at 13:48

  87. Nick Tarter

    I’d personally take the Ferrari. I like the others but that classic look is on fire (natural for a Ferrari as Tyler knows) and I love that it has a v8 and not some crazy engine. Just seems like more of a regular car guy’s car. In reality, I could probably afford a Miata. 😅

  88. Pete Lenz

    So glad you guys screwed with tRump!

  89. Michael Amster

    Bougies are candles in French, oh and sparkplugs too

  90. Dylan Joy

    Was anyone waiting to here one of rudnicks shit heaps


    Did you all buy kids as well to see who’s got the best? 9:18

  92. Dylan Joy

    Ricer Miata anyone?

  93. theflanman86

    Ed knows more about that Lambo than the mechanic... he is like a smooth speaking exotic car information program.

  94. Isaac Munoz

    13:57 girl is extra thick xD

  95. Juice Lee

    13:53 dude acts like a boomer

  96. ledifan biz

    13:55 *you're welcome*

  97. Nick Tarter

    I am amazed at how much you guys are willing to spend to purchase what amounts to three very fancy hoopties. 😂

  98. Makai Kitchel

    Hard to say they look better than a c8 when there wasnt one next to them. Repeat the test when you have one :)

  99. Its Azul

    What a bitch. 5:02