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  1. Minigun101

    0:38 Cue IASIP intro -> Taika makes a better Star Wars than JJ Abrams.

  2. Kirbydude69

    👏🏻 she’s my classmate

  3. ramir3323

    I thought it was a movie.

  4. Leonard Thomas

    Ehhh. I like the character not her powers or title of the old Ms.Marvel name. Khan’s powers don’t live up to the title.

    1. Leonard Thomas

      Shape shifting, stretching, and a trash healing factor. Not Ms marvel worthy.


    2 years ago already? it feels like yesterday i found out they were even doing infinity war parts 1 and 2

  6. brandon Fitzgerald

    I would be a kree the skills are akwards


    See it 2020

  8. Justin Holland

    No one will ever make me have this feeling I had for these two movies

  9. Teh Flying Broom

    0:20 even cold November rain

  10. Chris Hallerud

    I want this game so much!!!!

  11. theacecosplayer

    Scale, brain, mirror, etc: you got fat Me, having a breakdown over my shitty body in the bathroom at 1 AM and lying to myself: _it’s just water weight_

  12. Jairow_ _

    Here before 100M views

  13. Giulio DaVinci

    This is the best worst thing ever

  14. Drax the Destroyer

    Who would even pick Kree? The Skrulls are just in everyway better.

  15. Toys Will Love Me

    This should have at least a million hits - Trish Walker is awesome

  16. gibbs615

    This looks AWESOME!!! This will take place in the same world as SPIDER-MAN PS4 right?!

  17. serenityq26

    As a proud kree, kree

  18. T Slap

    What? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I wonder what the end credits will be

  19. Johan Solis

    Lmfao she a bunny

  20. Assael Yonaskummen

    where the hell is hawkeye ?

  21. lAngel Eins

    Skrull dude!

  22. Indonesia gaming


  23. Worlds_Greatest_Detective

    Wolverine is maybe the best Marvel Character. I really can't decide between him or Spiderman tbh.

  24. mrsbrownsugarsweetz

    I didn’t like it. The animation is horrible! But I don’t like adult cartoons. Y’all have fun! I hope it gets better!

  25. Tyler Smyler

    I want a movie instead tho

  26. Kun Drad

    Family of 4 Russians, talks in english.

  27. Asad Akram

    some people stop watching trailer after release... NOT US!

  28. Abhishek Joshi

    is it april yet?

  29. Mohammad Usman

    Thor: i am so fat This guy: just a sec

  30. Hiro20024

    I rather by a mutant

  31. Felipe Terrazas

    Within 3 years another Wolverine #1 smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ just bring back Old Man Logan. That was working a lot better.

  32. Danny Cartagena

    I wouldn't mind being a [email protected]$$ "Hybrid" part Kree & part Skrull...?!... 😎😎😎

  33. Nemesis Dylan

    They should’ve put this movie in between avengers infinity war and endgame if they could’ve

  34. Will Drosche

    I can’t believe I lived long enough to experienced this 🤯

  35. Scatt

    Still watching it, who s here???

  36. Celi Cosplay

    I never realized that James is in the video too xD

  37. s66shi

    Am i the only one that thought the scene looked kinda bad?? 1:51 ... its almost like they blended the hell out of black widow

  38. KessyMovieClip’ S

    I miss captaine and iron man 😪

  39. IronFromIce Y

    Kree, Duh they made the Inhumans

  40. Maternowby Bya

    Little:brother it’s my turn too play Me: no Little: brother MOM!!!!! mom: LET YOUR BROTHER PLAY ITS HIS TURN TOO PLAY little brother: now this dose put a smile on my face

  41. Leo French

    Good god that thumbnail is blurry jpeg mess!

  42. John Smith

    YO JOE!

  43. Nick Ricci


  44. stefanos perivolaris

    A wookie

  45. Elijah Endris

    When I heard this game was coming, I was SO excited, remembering how amazing Spider-Man PS4 was, but this looks pretty disappointing.

  46. thaal sinestro

    Such toxic masculinity I sure hope the jihadists and their dimmis at marvel do their best and have x23 be the real focus of the book.

  47. Tushar Kumar

    Why the hell this trailer is soo much addictive 💖

  48. Atupele Isaac

    Why people hate this movie

  49. recklesstian

    wtf they actually let cap die in the starting of the game bruh

  50. Can’t think of a name

    We have to admit that it is OBCIOUS skrull is the best

  51. Matthew Hall Fitzsimons

    Taskmaster is going to be the best part of this movie

  52. Matthew Hall Fitzsimons

    Taskmaster is going to be the best part of this movie

  53. NismoFury

    Skrull... I can take any look.

  54. DEER GOD


  55. Amirhan Kursarin

    You are a hero!

  56. Louie Ramirez

    I want to be a Skreel

  57. agrey832


  58. DerektheDalek

    Be a cool sneaky shapeshifting alien green elf with the option of multiple super powers or a boring blue fella forced to taking mental orders from a squid in a tank. Yeah, I know my choice. As it is written...

  59. oblivion42 Pralaya child of oblivion

    If I could keep 4 characters powers from being one than yeah, they would be knull, full powered sentry, ghost spider (spiderman with ghost rider) and that mutant that can adapt like doomsday. There is someone that is a clone of 5 character put into one, carnage is one of them, so being like that would be better.

  60. Dawn - Gaming and more!

    Girl daredevil

  61. Kyle McKay

    I’m going to say Cree lol I’m indigenous from Canada

  62. Satou Kazuma

    those Russian accents feel so fake.... and as a Russian i can notice very easily! but one thing i don't understand, where is the pet bear and their stands? we all know Russians are stand users!

  63. Jose Colon

    I'd be a hybrid

  64. Justin Mohan

    DC Comics trailers are better. Just wanna see the artwork and have good music. Don't really need to see the author. This is kind of more like a mini behind the scenes.

  65. clintbrew

    Is super skrull an option cus having fantastic 4 powers woud be cool (i know there more super skrulls but went with the classic one)

  66. Janaina Cardoso

    saudades desse personagem no cinema

  67. Archie

    Seems to me, I'm just picking which space fascist/warmonger has better employee benefit.

  68. F-1z

    both are asholes so neither

  69. PNR 2


  70. Erik Olson

    If I were a Kree, I'd have longevity (live for at least a thousand years and still look young) and enhanced regenerative powers, but, at the cost of watching other people I care about age and die before my eyes while I remain pretty much the same 😔😢. And if I were a Skrull, I'd have shape shifting powers, but, it might violate other people's privacies or make them have little to no trust in me 😔😢. So *_both_* have advantages and drawbacks.

    1. star

      all shape shifters in the Marvel universe have longevity, Mystique is a good example

  71. J_glez07

    I still get goosebumps watching this

  72. Jan Kuso

    Skrull, their shape shifting power is awesome.

  73. paizu bong

    Skrull obviously! Super skrull main for life!

  74. DoublEE

    Skrulls can be whatever they want so why worry about being anything else?

  75. Nova Bomb29

    Wouldve be nice if they do like sabertooth omega red juggernaut emma frost

  76. Top 10 Funny Bros.

    The only shocking event on incoming was having to pay for a 99 pages ad.

  77. Martin Craw

    Skrulls are the best. Shape shifting is an awesome power.

  78. Asura Wilson

    Super Skrull

  79. SPI

    I wanted THANOS to win in endgame

  80. Aleksa Vujanovic

    Skrull=Like Kree=Comment Who wins?

  81. Jed Enerio

    I'd rather be a Klyntar

  82. Trevor Phillips

    Feel like I'll never reach these levels of hype again.

  83. anikur rahman

    i am inevitable

  84. hiro_ cosplays

    1. Shes so tall. 2. Shes the ultimate ginge 3. Wheres Rory 4. Wheres the doctor and River

  85. Tanya Harwood

    Skrull. Hands down.

  86. Tom Elliott

    Ooops... Internet led me here...

  87. Rodrigo15100 L.A


  88. ded mnwlkn

    your just asking us if we want to be evil with super powers or if we wanna be mostly racist bureaucrats... really? you gotta ask?

  89. Elibbb1111

    Skrull cause thay can be nick fury

  90. Andre Hamilton

    I hate to be that guy, but I’m going with Kree. Shape shifting is cool but unless you’re a super Skrull, that’s all you got. Cool, you can look like anyone, but you’re not smarter or stronger or have their super powers or anything like that. The most basic of Kree warriors have 2x the strength of the average human with similar training. So with similar training, the Kree can be 2x as fast as the Olympic sprinters, 2x as strong as power lifters, etc. Kree just makes more sense.

  91. Jolene Ayze

    I'd be a skrull. Shapeshifting.

  92. Rochee Dubois

    ill be what gets me in to brie larsons bed bruh

  93. miaraku steve

    I hope my kid can go to marvel too

  94. Amelia Ansay

    Does anyone have that moment where you’re sitting in class and you just start tearing up because of this movie? No one? Ok....

  95. Semen Sh.

    I'd rather be a Skree

  96. Avalanche 616

    Skrull for shapeshifting gains

  97. Andrew Shearsby


  98. Jack Jerry

    Skrull because you can turn into anything you want.

  99. Levi Anderson

    Hala has higher gravity and a higher concentration of nitrogen in the atmosphere than Earth. Under Earth's lesser gravity, their strength and speed increase. However, they cannot breathe in Earth's atmosphere without using a chemical, "breathing formula", or artificial life-support devices. Skrulls on the other hand, not only can shapeshift, but can form weapons from body parts. They developed a way to become undetectable while using their abilities even from telepaths, but Reed Richard's found a way around this. So with the downside that the Kree need a breathing apparatus on earth or other planets with less nitrogen, that alone I would have to say Skrull, if don't want to be green, I don't have to. But the Skrulls have been shown to suffer from various diseases. Some Skrulls are born with a defect that makes them unable to shapeshift, however, this defect also enhances their strength to those Skrulls including Titannus, Talos (comics) and Raze. The Skrulls can also suffer from cancer, as shown with Kl'rt and Prince Klundirk. And they are unable to evolve, however, over the millennia Skrull mutants have been born with the K-gene as oppose to the Human Mutants X-Gene, meaning that now this might not be the case anymore. So I would still go with the Skrulls.

  100. Logesh Nitheen

    The movie is very excellent but in india, tamilnadu the dubbing was so bad, the old dubbing team was very excellent, but the new team was dubbed very bad, so many marvel fans are not interested by dubbing of tony stark voice