Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

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  1. Fear6No7Evil

    Thank god Cowgirl isn't on this card! Should be dive free.

  2. Oua H8ter

    Let's go CIGANO #JDScigano

  3. Stephen Stevens

    601 & counting that's how many f**ked up haters that have given this amazing video a Thumbs Down to me that just blows my mind cos I'm thinking who clicks in to watch videos that are not fans off

  4. MR. B

    Jones wins round 2 by ko

  5. alexdelonge96

    Missing out on Red panty night**

  6. T G Short

    Lina has a pretty nice Turd cutter on her

  7. Bob Fonseca

    Hannah is just cool to me, she seems to not want to partake in the press

  8. Tampatec

    John Jones got Disqualified for that but he didn't, what's the limit for elbows?

  9. Emmet Fahy

    This is a parody of a sport

  10. Katie Robinson

    I was there at first rockhold fight in Sydney Brutal. Never thought he'd win a title that day.

  11. Ben K

    I'm excited for this card. Ufc 246 is complete garbage.

  12. Forest Whitaker's Eye

    Van Alden from boardwalk empire on the right.

  13. Sebastian Rajski

    Fucking ass

  14. Collin gambill_1200163

    Tony will beat khaibib. If not conor will.

  15. Tantheman93

    fuck espn

  16. thebingthing

    Mike is my favorite

  17. Vegetarianos Enamorados


  18. Carl

    Time fillers

  19. Jim Bean

    3:50 When you're too dehydrated to decide which handsign to make.

  20. TheHumanity!

    Jim Norton is a strange choice as a ufc voice

  21. Balthasar Gérard

    I hope kurtpiss blames gets ko'd

  22. Sivy

    Let's go Cifers!!!

  23. Jake Kontou

    Spider-verse anyone?

  24. Chris Artiga

    Junior dos santos always wants to impose his will

  25. KroNicParadox

    Ryan Hall submitted BJ Penn by knee bar why isn't he on the list

  26. Odysaye Nation

    Dana should be ashamed. Tailor made fight

  27. gallya

    I feel like overeem has been losing and his chin is weak now but cause there aren't many heavy weight contenders, they let others fight him. He, like iceman chuck liddell should have been retired. Guys been knocked out 14 times and 11 times in his last defeats.

  28. asylum gaming

    12 and 0 is nothing compared to khabib records

  29. jm apple

    this fight wont even be competitive

  30. YTSince2006

    Things I learned from J.J.: picograms, hiding under octagon to evade drug test, bragging and crying on live TV is ok and hitting pregnant lady is fine, when you're christian🥇💉💊

  31. Elianna Ramirez

    If this doesn't get taken to the floor it should be dope.

  32. Jon Will

    Sorry Dom, not seeing it

  33. KaloKross

    gracie the master of the dick and ball grab.

  34. elver galarga

    Card is better than last week PPV card

  35. Manav Sandhu

    khabib successfully humbled conor a bit

  36. shawn

    The only man that can beat Jon Jones is Jon Jones himself. I love watching him fight but you already know what’s gonna happen the promos don’t get me excited anymore

  37. elver galarga

    Angela Twitter Hill isn’t UFC material

  38. Big Draco

    Fight predictions rda or chiesa Jds or blaydes??

    1. jerrypennell420



    "He has the ingredients to beat Jon Jones" *So did Thiago Santos, Anthony Smith and Alexander Gustafsson twice*

  40. mads Nakel

    Well a eagle cant fly forever at some point it go down

  41. Mighty Boomerang

    JJ foh tha win ! 💪

  42. Heman Heman

    Alistar solo le pudo ganar a lesnar osea q peor que alistar es lesnar par de wuebadas

  43. Christian Castro

    His teeth missing ??

  44. Jeta Industries

    27:42 "That was a very hard fight for you" What? He won all five rounds some of which he did so scoring 10-8. I swear 90 percent of mma journalists dont watch the fights

  45. Shadab Nazari

    Wow 🤩

  46. ryan potochnik

    Jorge is a fucking hoe that needs to be exposed and his fans are all bandwagon fans where where they all these years what a shit show and joke this is.

  47. FrxBass

    Overeem's brain must have shrunk down to the size of a grape

  48. cunty bollox

    Chiesa will have no legs left

  49. MrHungarianHammer

    NoisyEars podcast talks about this fight and a possible rematch with Flour Mayweather. Funny stuff

  50. TheOriginalMakaaka

    Yay! Another Ciphers fight. She's probably the most skilled boxer in all female divisions. If she ever fought Roxanne Modafferi, it would be Marty McFly vs Doc Emmett Brown

  51. Darrell Terry

    Reem isn't the same fighter without his horse jizz cocktails.

  52. Aldric Paningbatan

    And creepy is he ask for beast(romero) ..

  53. Mr. M

    They really shoulda had Mike Tyson or someone like that give out the BMF belt not the Rock. No disrespect to him, but how is he a bmf? He only ever wrestled in an organization that is openly staged.

  54. MrJustliketht

    3:29 was that his cougar girlfriend or his mother? Regardless. Plastic as hell. And the old lady checking on the fighter at 3:38 shouldn't be wearing tights that are see through. That is all haha.

  55. Alex Bones Jones

    Curtis looking like a Scuzzlebutt

  56. A

    I don’t know Reyes but I hope he crushes that insecure cheater.

  57. ofan jamallo

    Real Champions

  58. S B

    1:08 James Vick’s back? Looking good or is it future James junior

  59. MrJustliketht

    Wedding crashers reference. That tattoo might as well be a bullseye. 2:31


    Journey man Nate Diaz. He’s lucky masdival didn’t end him.

  61. MegaSkilla

    Dequan, "2 Chainz," Townsend

  62. Wilfredo Garcia Gonzalez

    One of the most emotional moment ever at UFC, wow

  63. Skanooble


  64. Joe Real

    And still the UFC light heavyweight champion of the world, Jon bones Jones.

  65. schro0711

    I love your Uploads*

  66. TRU MAN

    Wtf is this shit with isreal? Cut the shit. Let's not turn ufc into WWE.

  67. Iceman1 Bentley

    Michael Bisping I used to hate u I mean literally hated you but later in ur career I started actually liking him an to know he won the belt with one eye it’s crazy he’s definitely one of the greatest #Halloffamer

  68. Don Don

    Dom is gonna KO JbJ ass

  69. Donald Smith

    Jon Jones is the best dirty fighter ever no one can deny

  70. StephanLamar81

    Why doesn’t RDA get his ears drained? My god that shit has to be uncomfortable

  71. Azel Anders

    Overeem's little brother sure is mouthy.

  72. Ben Gu

    Wow Tony Robbins with Conor? Thats amazing

  73. ZelloTV

    I knew it that one day they will use this song!

  74. E CARSM

    Picograms Jones for KO

  75. TRU MAN

    Theyre both irrelevant. Couple bums. Did People forget he lost to Diaz and khabib?

  76. JoshMetal316

    “Surprise surprise the king is back!” -USADA

  77. Jake

    Who gives a shit about Nik Lentz

  78. It's Me

    That Anna chick always looks so uninspired

  79. Alexidrum

    I hope that Khabib and Conor will be friends someday hahah xD that would be a beautiful end of this story.

  80. Holy Kafir

    Well, I would not underestimate Reyes, but having the number 1 as an opponent... Let’s hope it last more than 40 seconds.

  81. Terry Byrd

    I wish I had people I could laugh like this with.

  82. thosethickstrings

    UFC don't even show the POS Palheres.

  83. jithin 2255


  84. Donicio Maanao

    Main event is also part of Ngannou’s knockout list

  85. Lennie Lønbjerg

    Conor McGregor literally not in the video. Comments: 90% mentioning conor....

  86. Francis Luthor

    Cerrone looks like a badass

  87. JupiOnTheMoon

    Reyes by 1st round KO! Ima throw $2000 on that shit!

  88. Sebastian Watson

    Good interview.

  89. A Healthy Snack

    I feel like Jones is alot more serious about this fight than he was about Thiago Santos. He wants to prove a point.

  90. R O

    3:12 shes needs to simmer down a little.

  91. honeybunchesofwhat

    Jones ain't losing. Believe it

  92. Archie

    norton is out of touch, holy fuck. how can you do an MMA podcast and not know about mikes eye issues?

  93. Obelix

    4:02 what a contrast man , this guy is too damn white ))))

  94. /강도안

    RDA is a true warrior. he never give up

  95. 06 smokes

    Jones by murder

  96. Nicholas Tarr

    Who cares about this fight

  97. El Flores

    If this COWARD gets thru Reyes maybe he'll finally man up and do heavyweight. Prime Cain is gone so maybe he will.

  98. John Williams

    With those headphones on, Matt looks like a 100 pound kettle bell, and Jimmy looks like a 20 pounder.

  99. MrS0ftie

    who. the. fuck. keeps. titling. these. with. spoilers.

  100. Jose Palacios

    Holly Holmes is a goddess, this is the only time shes had abs