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  1. Xander Miller

    You're the best FIselsr and the funniest you should be a comedian and you're great at fortnite 😂👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Don't watch My Vids

    Rather have real person Lazar not "I need views and money to feel like a normal human" Lazer.

  3. Det Mew

    Pls ask your viewers to sub to Det Mew, my child he is 4yrs old

  4. Chroma_Abodi YT

    Do the Hawkeye challenge snipers only

  5. Don't watch My Vids

    Lazar annoys me. The entitled white male. Lol "I suck at every game yet run a game Channel and complain because I suck at the... I mean ANY game.

  6. Aiden Crocker

    When you wake up in the morning 4:14

  7. Eljo Kuka

    0:32 So that was a *fucking* lie!

  8. Ezra Baus

    When you realize that Lannan, at the age of 25, is spending the prime of his life making youtube videos

  9. So Satisfying

    There was a supply drop in freshers builds

  10. Turbo Turtle

    This was strangely inspiring

  11. Jason Hibbard

    Lazarbeam started the Australian fires

  12. George Diamond

    prof that lazarbeam is bisexual

  13. Mazen Qureshi

    I live in a place where it’s 35 Celsius In winter

  14. The Cult Gamer YT

    Lazarbeam u bot pls play pixel gun 3d

  15. John Hodges


  16. Dengchiii

    "Kills disabled people." Bro that's fucked up 🤦‍♂️

  17. Veronica Cyr


  18. John Smith

    Hey I sole your live video when will it come out

  19. Crazy Clan


  20. C2 FartZ

    whats the name of the dog?🐶

  21. Sally Bloomfield

    Look out it's a vampbush run

  22. spooky scary sansingtons

    Lannan: I went through every skin in the game Me: he’s going to pick teknique. Lannan: were going raveing dudes. Me: y? Y? Y?

  23. Ducky Malu_

    Mom pick me up

  24. Arzoo Ibrahimi

    Lazar beam which state suburb and street do you live In and I'm sure lots of people would love to meet you and plus you'll get more subscribers and likes tell us in a FIsels video and I'll get 5 million of my followers on instagram to subscribe to you and hit the like button

  25. Sora Adachi {Age 23}

    Are you telling me....Climate change is real? that bitch lied to me!!

  26. Zahra Walizada


  27. Opticz_ L2Spam

    8:32 Finally maltese memes are getting used more

  28. Alex Rees


  29. The Rush Rush

    We all love these vids

  30. Rose Puppy

    I am legit watching this on a snow day

  31. mustang n minecraft

    Play red dead online plz

  32. Aooztv _Doodles

    Wtf the biggening is so embarrassing I swear

  33. Biams

    The zelda meme 😂😂😂

  34. Jack Andrews

    Code yeet

  35. Billybricks

    0:45 it's called gravity dumbass

  36. Dat4441 plays


  37. Veeti Halme

    7.28 you can just edit the pyramid and u get the shield (propably)

  38. Oblivion Gaming


  39. Levi Allen


  40. Reaper Griz

    that was my friend

  41. Reaper Griz

    Ninja is a bot

  42. Christine Robinson

    Did not laugh firs vid

  43. Matt Bellows

    I love you lazer

  44. Warren Pinkowski

    fortnite is fun

  45. Koala Master

    Ive already done that along time ago!

  46. Warren Pinkowski

    fuck you MOZ

  47. Chrisy boi

    Lol 😂

  48. Ariano Doelrakim


  49. Ethan Kuper

    Lannan misses the clingers when he got the boogie and the impulse

  50. DeeJay

    Lazarbeam: uploads Supreme: it’s free real estate.

  51. lpaxyyu :-D

    You kissed cray

  52. maciej bernart

    ok boomer

  53. You scrubadubdub

    He says he has eye ligma but eye ligma balls

  54. Daisy’s Vlogs

    Notice he say now wucking forries

  55. Ethan Hewitt


  56. Will Yeet


  57. Jillian Brown

    Dose anyone fell bad about astraila? It is burning....

  58. Sobia Aamir

    More like 10mil views

  59. Adrian Smith

    You'll be drinking soon

  60. Ace egw903

    I Think the DNA test was wrong

  61. prime knight


  62. Dylan Maguire


  63. GZ DarkZz


  64. elad of games

    לייקים אתם ישראלים

  65. De Spuddy

    Catch up I have watched 30hrs of shreckaphone

  66. The Creators

    When his dad said he had to reach the top I knew that he was going to get beat

  67. oliver martin

    Ninja got a fortnite skin I think it should have Been you

  68. Z_VZ

    Pls sub 2 me pls

  69. Z_VZ

    Pls sub 2 me pls

  70. Questionable 21YT

    0:43 steals twoti music

  71. ttvHarvey ttvHarveyweepers

    Laser beam


    2:48 that’s for ive fallen and can’t get up

  73. Jakov Alviž


  74. Z_VZ

    Please sub 2 me pls

  75. Petter Myrvang

    R.I.P lettuce

  76. Max Pawlowski

    LazarBeam is Super Good at Fortnite

    1. Max Pawlowski

      Nice Viedos LazarBeam!!!

  77. For Sleep

    Yeet #12 on trending

  78. lolup

    PLESAE MONEY QIWI +79781475645

  79. Koji

    I cringed when he accepted the requests

  80. la person

    the boy goes on big adventures! he's grounded. -kakashi

  81. Eli Abiola

    I just don’t care

  82. Da PrimalFighter :D

    This is gold 🤣🤣

  83. Peyton Vogel

    Watched pewd’s vid.. #11 trending on gaming. Lannan is #12, and pewd’s latest vid ISN’T EVEN A GAMING VIDEO!!

  84. Gabriel Judy

    There is nothing wrong with liking a Fortnite character

  85. Sahel_Rules VIPxX

    6:33 6:38 When ur sibling comes to your room

  86. Aaron Mc murtry

    Snap I don't feel so god

  87. MightyMaxO5

    This is how many times lazer beam used the greta thumberg clip:

  88. Peppa Pig With 666 Subs

    For Greta

  89. Christian Jr. Opioo

    Fucking stoopid 666 fuck

  90. Tareef Rahman Khan

    You're the bestttttttttttttT!!!!!!!!!

  91. Chris Kotke

    omg he was right

  92. St0rm Jelly88

    When u don’t know how to speak. 3:02

    1. St0rm Jelly88

      He literally said no wucking furrys

  93. hashafasha

    This is normal

  94. OreSmelter321 Main [Beta]

    Reminds me of red zones in csgo.

  95. Ian K

    2:45 I must try this pickup line

  96. Alfons


  97. Spider-Man having a mental breakdown

    “Healing, Healing, I’m Low On HP.” I mean, you were on 100 whites, but nvm

  98. Levi Szabó

    You a shit

  99. GamingBros 176

    I start playing fortnite at 9

  100. quan thomas

    i used the environment to restore the environment