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  1. sachem31

    let us all keep in minf that this is all dr. fu manchu's fault

  2. Conroy Penner

    For more vital info on the issue, watch the FIsels videos from Rosa Koire, and Joan Veon, and Wayne Jett.

  3. StreetCultureCode

    trash South Africans ARE SUFFERING

  4. Mahir Rahman

    Chris Matthews also called Bernie a Jewish Nazi. He should be fired from his job and unemployed, then he will be a Bernie supporter

  5. cutez0r

    If you are not sick and really want a mask, then buy one with a filter. The normal ones are good only for people who already are sick and try not to spread their flue. There you go, free medical advice.

  6. Ce

    In Sweden they raised the price of masks to 900% !! That should be illegal!!!

  7. Keith Paterniti

    This show has sucked since Jon Stewart left😞

  8. Eileen Am

    That man is off the rail!

  9. Char Tha Vegan


  10. tsuki

    Japans schools arent cancelled for 1 month, its the last 2 weeks of school and theres 2 weeks of break after so its technically 1 month off but its not 1 month worth of school

  11. Jamedra A

    I hope at the very least he gets a cabinet position.

  12. Jaren C

    It’s about time Americans realized they’re getting fucked with no Vaseline. I almost started to think they enjoy it.

  13. Shavanna Burt-Miller

    Love Is Blind!!!❤❤

  14. Muhammad Bilal Ahmad

    Coooooooool 🤣

  15. hope kikundwa

    For real ,why do pple think going to America is a win like hell

  16. Running girl

    why is nobody talking about the face masks being touched bare handed?

  17. river bill

    CREEPY !

  18. Anne Irungu

    Sub Saharan Africa feels left out.

  19. Lady Samsara

    Thumbs up for Scotland!!!

  20. thapelo nthutang

    Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela

  21. mikavaannimi

    The way Roy left this guy John Steyer hanging was brutal! Have some respect, he’s running to be a mayor or something after all!

  22. cutez0r

    Great duo!

  23. thapelo nthutang


  24. thapelo nthutang


  25. thapelo nthutang

    Viva Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Viva!!!!!!!!!

  26. Manikanta M

    Brown people...u sounded racist

  27. thapelo nthutang

    Winnie Madikizela-Mandela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. jessie le

    the mask wore at the wrong side, flip it

  29. thapelo nthutang

    Winnie Mandela deserves the whole show. Thank you for bringing her up but feel like she was not well acknowledged on the show. It even looks like that segment was not on the show but in between. She is from my hood and we all know she was the real Hero of the struggle but mainstream media will not tell you so due to a narrative that has been created.

  30. Arvind Leo Pereira

    if the democrats don't back Bernie Sanders this time, am outa here, am going to become a republican delegate

  31. Swathi Arjun

    Thank you Guyana and Scotland rest of the world plz learn from them

  32. Davis Davis

    The flu kills between 300,000 -600,000 people a year worldwide. Corona virus has killed about 3,000 people so far as of now. There is somthing else going on. Glad there is some humor in this sensationalistic overblown story.

  33. Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff

    Taken as an endorsement for chaos in the Sub Continent

  34. dazaek

    You wear the mask wrong side Trevor.🤣🤣🤣

  35. Char Tha Vegan

    Tom who? #Bernie2020

  36. Marian Goin

    He won’t win!!!

  37. Laiks

    Warren is so ugly jesus christ

  38. Ashaz Asaf

    Yo not all Indians like trump like I, Indian and I don’t like trump

  39. Most High

    America you want him, you got him

  40. Anthony h

    Wow, I have an uncle Ralph just like him.

  41. Thomas Chen

    Proud, self-dependent, free market-loving Americans will weather the price hiking of masks. They don't need government intervention to stabilize the prices. I get it. In the time of crisis, I would rather trade "individual freedom" for a life-saving face mask. Good for you, Americans.

  42. Justin Collin

    Is it wierd that malaysia and singapore got corona but indonesian didnt get corona.

  43. Tommaso Rinaldi

    Coronavirus is just business, Mark my words

  44. Jim Bob

    It's all good and dandy if they're paying their taxes to the federal government for our social security


    Trump hug the Gujrat's minority killer Modi who is Indian RSS member and the bigger terrorist. Now in all province his parties are killing hundred of minorities by the support of Police.

  46. Calvin Wang

    First time i saw a tim steyer ad and holy shit its not just debate stages he really only has one tie

  47. Yousef Nasr


  48. Rayan Al-Ballaa

    buying people in south carolina LOL

  49. Indira Poitier

    Trevor and Daily Show people... is there a clip addressing the elephant in the room? The one where back votes may be wasted on someone who is making a promise he very much likely cannot keep. Biblically "A house divided against itself cannot stand" Worldly "Divide and conquer" 🤷🏾‍♀️ im just saying

  50. UndeadEira

    So no one reads the world health organizations help/ guide huh. Not even the news or the daily show for that matter.

  51. Silke Jansen

    Yall need to chill it aint gonna kill you unless you have a weak ass immunsystem

  52. Shivam gupta

    This is very hard to Donald trump to not pronounced hindi word properly, i (a villager miles away from Delhi) appreciate his effort.i think you should respect your president as fellow citizens of great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  53. wierdly awesome

    Whoa man... You're not bad in Hindi...

  54. pratyush doonrocker

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video trump had really butchered the Hindi words

  55. Mikayla Pazzi

    BERNIE 2020 BABY

  56. Dre Mgetjani

    Watching from South Africa 🇿🇦, This is one show that not only keeps you informed but you get to laugh at the same time Trevor is doing such a good job

  57. Carissa Abdul-Malik

    Mike looked so caught off guard 🤣

  58. Frans van Terwisga

    tsk tsk tsk, he put the mask the wrong way around...TREVOR! :D

  59. Rip Steele

    Kobe would've been a great cell mate for Weinstein. Sad

  60. wierdly awesome

    OK but cows don't roam around everywhere

  61. Derryck Dowuona

    Dude in 2:05 is saying: "O Lord, not another white guy saying this again"

  62. Emmanuel Fitness

    This nigga is soo racist.

  63. Ha

    I got 5 masks yesterday. Bruh those weren't cheap. I paid like 200$

  64. Aramai Jonassi

    WTH! I've never seen Chris do any of this.🤣😆🤣

  65. Sean Shimamoto

    Nope, I wouldn’t. He doesn’t have the same values as me and I don’t like that he’s taking money from big corporations. I think he’d turn his back on us for money. Bernie has fought more for 🏳️‍🌈 equality than any other current Presidential candidate IMO...he’s been preaching 🏳️‍🌈 equality since the first time I heard him speak in 1992, my first year at University.

  66. wierdly awesome

    This guy is lit

  67. 管祥林

    你的口罩戴反了。Your mask is on the wrong side.

  68. Nolan ZW

    My order of preference goes Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, then the rest are meh.. That said, until Bloomberg started showing up at the debates, Warren was dropping in the polls and going broke. For her sake, she wants him to stay in, cause she does better when fighting against him. For Sander's sake, though, the sooner she drops out, the better his chances. Same could be said if she was leading over Bernie. Basically, they are sharing a chunk of voters. If Klobuchar, Steyer and either Biden/Bloomberg all drop out before Warren, then Buttigieg might surge up and overtake Sanders. Especially, if it's Biden, since he's got the most support of that group, and they are more moderate leaning voters who would be likely to support Buttigieg.

  69. Moz

    0:46 That look he got here from Janelle, she was about to go black girl, "cash me ouside!"

  70. Epic Gamer


  71. Andrew Marchand

    Pure Bernie erasure. Second in SC polling, first in delegates by good margin to date, first (ever in history of US) to win most votes in first three primaries, marched with MLK, endorsed by most of "the squad," has most progressive black activist/advocates behind him ("hello somebody" Nina Turner, Cornel West, even just now Al Sharpton)... all that and not even a mention.

  72. Messiah the preacher

    Well most men that choose a girl over his family regrets it.And if she really loved him she wouldn’t let him leave his royal life. Imagine if she was the Princess do you think she would’ve done the same??? Bad idea 😔😔😔

  73. MofoRyguy

    Roy's face after slavery reparations is hilarious! His thoughts "I am voting for Tom Steyer"

  74. Area Code

    This show has really jumped the shark.

  75. Prabhakar singh

    And India is able to bye ur country😏

  76. Shinobi 91

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Runway walk

  77. D White

    Meanwhile: 3M factory workers aren't even wearing gloves before they touch the mask that's supposed to limit the spread of germs and diseases! 😂😂🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😫

  78. abin joseph

    Free tampons is bull shit. When does men start getting free stuff. Even a fucking pen

  79. Saleh Al Shuail

    So, you are not gonna make fun of Jeff that his ex is the one who leaked his pictures? Or since the thing doesn’t have saudi arabia is name on it it doesn’t matter anymy

  80. balaurian83

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!!!

  81. Edwin Asante

    This GrandMa tries the Mentos and Coke experiment But didn't expect the results!!....(Must Watch)

  82. Nick L

    Covid19 main victim is the stock markets of multiple nations

  83. Altor evolve

    Dope feens false laws corrupt racist people

  84. Samacora

    Amazing how many Viacom owned stations main shows started plastering the airwaves with stuff like this in the last two days No mention of Bernie and just big up the randoms in the race Actually expected more from Trevor Noah but here we are 🤷🏻‍♂️

  85. Mrvolgrim

    Imagine get red baited by this creep.

  86. Affluent Nerd


  87. 马勒隔壁

    perpare some masks, if you can...not have to be N95... and 75%Alcohol...

  88. Goodness Gracious

    If the Democratic candidate isn't bringing reparations to the table, tangibles for our people...I am not voting for them. We are sick and tired of this country coming up with funding or payoffs for every other cause, yet constantly looking over us. CUT OUR CHECKS!

  89. Indira Poitier

    Trevor!!!! LOL!! Watch Pence surprise you man. I can even say to you "behave" with a straight face. . . And i mean it to! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 you are too funny

  90. chingmak Chang

    Indian media don't be a puppet of bjp government learn something from this video, I know it's not a news channel but still learn

  91. Captain Levi

    Indian Veg> World Veg duhh


    love from India.. xoxoxo

  93. chingmak Chang

    I Don't think India is the largest democracy after witnessing this video because now at present government if anyone questions the bjp government they are arrested by the police whereas in this video they are laughing and mocking at thier president, this is the true sign of freedom of speech and express. My fellow Indian media learn from them the actual meaning of media and journalism u fools

  94. D White

    Look into Harvard University Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Charles Lieber. He was arrested 1/28/20 for his connection to a laboratory in Wuhan... sounds like biological warfare to me🤷🏾‍♀️. Btw... 2 of his research assistants were also arrested...

  95. XXL Albatross

    Coronavirus is threatening to end the world air-travel boom

  96. Mr FAQAT

    Mexico needs to build the wall now 🧘🏾‍♂️

  97. Aviz Jordan

    2:26 proud to be Indian rgt now 🙄🤐 5:21 LMFAO😂😂 that's way far from the right pronunciation Kind of tired of people mocking India cause of some people who wants to please some people 🤷🏾‍♀️

  98. Bony Khan


  99. Ivo Vo

    Wp haha good one. Im white and i support this lol

  100. kunal karki

    Just fuck off Noah if u degrade India 's image we will fuck u