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  1. Don Taylor

    Welcome to Ohiowadaho!

  2. Livelive

    "This water is so spicy" Go Trevor.

  3. Quenton Upshaw

    As I sit in Columbus Ohio...I had to LOL great segment.

  4. joseo c137

    😂 that white girl isn't completely wrong. White Americans will be a minority by 2040. That's 20 years people not that far apart.

  5. Sealot

    And someone actually, in defending trump said “Tell me one lie trump has ever said.” How do you respond to something like that?

  6. Jan Walor

    The true Trump supporters neither hear, see, or speak any wrong he commits. Any wrong.

  7. ryansmommie01

    Wait… These are for real comments from the President?

  8. Eulogio Olivo

    I guess we know where the daily show stands supporting Warren and throwing shade at Sanders

  9. Molly Misandrist

    Ms. Deity

  10. Michel Weißenborn

    "When you do like that you will only life for yourself" " and thats the american way of life" this is pure comedy gold and also a perfect ending for that vid

  11. Derek H Troop

    Technically he didn't lie. Or am I using technically wrong? Am I lying? Just focus on didn't lie. Technically.

  12. 23Domo

    non-american here: Its still hard to believe that the country which went to the moon have so many stupid idiots who vote for a conman like Trump. I am sorry if I offend any americans with this

  13. Patrick Brady

    Jordan Klepper and his beard can get it

  14. LH Lalthlamuanpuia

    Democrat fed Trevor Noah.. F u from india

  15. The Rune

    Not a fan of the notion of having male vs.female or black vs whie type quotas when it comes to awards. Thi day and age people really should be able to just award the best movie/actor regardless...

  16. minski76

    Soy farmers are practically Asians....


    Klepper is LOGAN of TDS!!!

  18. L Green

    To the Chinese, saying "free Hong Kong" means the same as saying "kill all black people" and "fight for territory of Mexico and stand with Texas" in the United States

  19. Soda Can

    When he was talking about the dishwashers my dishwasher does clean all the dishes in one cycle.

  20. Alessandro Mele

    The last lady actually has a point. The issue is more nuanced than "We need more diversity". I like the fact that the Daily Show talks about the why of things, but it's not so easy to just solve things with easy solutions. That's the Trump mentality: "problems are easy, the other guys failed because they are just stupid".

  21. Ashcool

    That 'Trump Dynasty' dude was funny as hell. Of course if you write 2024-2028 people are going to think it's 4 years. If you want to say that she would win both 2024 and 2028 elections, either write 2024, 2028 or 2024-2032

  22. Siyawasch

    Khoob neest = (It is) not good divar besazeem = Let's make wall Taval-lodet mobaarak = Happy birthday

  23. Dan Harvey

    NH needs to take over. For the diversity.

  24. G A

    Being first is the only thing Iowa has going for it.

  25. DK x Mace

    “It was strictly about Burisma.” Burisma was an incident of corruption. Therefore it is about corruption.

  26. Fast4SloW 717

    I like how they ignore the swiss invasion happening right now

  27. Aiperos

    The people behind trump in his rallys look more like a studio audience than supporters. They just laugh and make fun about the stuff trump says. These guys are going to a show.

  28. antwone thompson

    Stupid parents!!!

  29. musicpawns

    He tweeted in farsi but I’m more than sure that he just had someone else type it for him and he just told them what to say in it.

  30. Mr Mok

    What was the point of him being on the show? Trying to change his image from being a Diva?

  31. Lilithe Aislin

    As a white American, I don't think it matters whether I was "there" or not. I don't believe in making non-choices because I didn't specifically take part in the creation of problems. If we do not make the CHOICE to make the world a better place in the ways we can, we are CHOOSING to let the mistakes of those before us stand unchecked. Talking about how we got here is the first step to figuring out solutions.

  32. Tara Moore

    "So many nuuudes"😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂 Trump and his followers are crazy af😝😝😝😂😂😂

  33. Andrew and Jenna Bents

    I’m curious as to which single state does best represent the entire US?

  34. Anisha McClure

    GET OUT!!!!!!!!

  35. Miguel Rosario

    I lost brain cells watching this...

  36. antwone thompson

    Tan COWARDS!!! and it’s finest...

  37. Lee DeCoske

    wonder if the sound being "chipmunks" sounding will let these not be blocked or erased? Guess we shall see!

  38. Raniya A. Qadir

    Oh my lord... aRe YoU gUyS rEaLLy ThIs DuMb??! Diverse in our hearts..... 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  39. redvette91

    Why is this jerk on tv

  40. Raniya A. Qadir

    Oh my lord... aRe YoU gUyS rEaLLy ThIs DuMb??!

  41. Louis Brown

    Noam Chomsky would be a more authoritative source, but thanks for having Bernie on the show.

  42. Michael Hollender

    I miss Klepper's show, but holy Christ is he good at getting reasonable people to say ignorant shit.

  43. LNG

    BANGLADESH is to strongest state that we can easily crush down fucking bitch Myanmar!

  44. ALEKZ6197

    A Millionare talking about saving water? Gtfooo brooo* go back to fixing your Old Mustard Weave!!

  45. memyself andeye

    Jordan. Jordan. Jordan! Love ya buddy! Loving the facial hair, big time. 😍😍😍

  46. Geani Tsucuneli

    How much Democrats are paying you to do this B.S. time TV.

  47. Lawrence A

    “Yeah Yeah, Trevor whatever” 😂😂😂

  48. Mahdi Firouzabadi

    Trump lied about Soleimani assassination. but it is not a surprise as he is pathological lier. what is shamefull, is that the media in US fail to mention his role in defeat of ISIS and his enormous popularity in the region. just see the footage from his funeral in Iraq, Iran.

  49. _Laboratorija

    Thing is, it's not just Afghanistan, but most of the middle East, and of course, Balkans, South and central America, and few others. Even central and western Europe are held hostage, using various agreements, debt and threats.. Everything American government does is covered with a veil of secrecy, and nations are severely oppressed for years, without anyone realizing what's going on. Bad guys turned into good guys, good guys getting killed, chased from their own territories, shamed. Everything of course backed up by a ton of press coverage, giving the people some bs reasons to believe the story, even though average american knows nothing about the world outside USA borders, other than what they've been told. Nobody blames American people per se, but everyone is pissed because Americans are choosing to live in a bubble, and to believe everything said on the news. I have no doubts that intentions of the people are pure and well intended, but the info you are basing your opinions of is just pure bs. For years and decades, Americans have been indoctrinated, scared with all kinds of threatening stories. It's no wonder everything so f'd up. Because of this, things got really messed up, without a real way to solve any of the problems. I guess we'll just have to wait for 50 years for secret documents to get published, to finally learn the truth. I'm afraid that by then, the truth won't matter.

  50. idontknow

    More Jordan Kleeper, less that annoying kid.

  51. JG

    Parnas on the dole.

  52. Bustedsan

    Anyone would do but not trump period

  53. Erika Levy

    Maybe all the spectators behind him are paid political actors...they’re just clapping for the paycheck! Because DJT always does what he accuses others of doing,

  54. first last

    Usually, I have no use for Trevnor, but this time he is really hilariously funny. This time his type of humor really clicked in perfectly. (Might come back again.)

  55. nightsky

    She is really really ignorant. "I don't protest because I'm not a victim." Doesn't that say it all? She will never have to protest because she is extremely privileged.

  56. Eddie Garcia

    He’s putting up nba numbers 😂

  57. Greg Brogan

    Warren did herself no favours in that exchange.

  58. Soda Can

    Why are people disliking this video it is about saving a species that was going extinct.

  59. Judge Tato !!! Bernie 2020 !!! OJEDA 2020 !!! whenever I hear someone mention one of trumps kids being president, i throw up in my mouth a little bit. And then I donate a dollar to every progressive candidate I can find in the country.

  60. azmi haider

    This show is getting more and more racist and disgusting

  61. ArgChica

    How the hell can those actors..I mean supporter in the back not just cringe with embarrassment. 😂😂

  62. Melissa Lozano


  63. Miningfox

    I always understand Caucasus...

  64. David F. V. Silva

    I don't even watch basketball, and I like this interview.

  65. studfindingball

    Neither Party fazed by the HIGH CRIME, illegal drone strike that vaporized nine innocents in PEACE TIME, and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Trump and the Dems are ALL ABOUT Empire. That's job one. But they remain catty over who should be in charge. Fuck the Empire! Bernie-Tulsi 2020!

  66. Melissa Lozano

    Melissa lozano I'm the turtle

  67. Lotty Paria

    Iran nuke them I have no more responses to you any more till I go live

  68. quantumperception

    Am I the only one thinking that the other male tortoise is actually the one who should be getting the attention? If there were only 2 males, and 40% are related to Diego, that means that the other 60% are related to the other male, which means he actually did more to save the species.

  69. HottestOnTheBlock

    Trump's polices are toilets, and dishwashers

  70. Theressia Shaver


  71. MaryE Richardson

    Yes, the comedians have made this administration palatable-for better and worse. Mostly, I appreciate the laughter.

  72. anthony rubio

    After the next election...he'll be gone

  73. Nooras Sabah

    Pls talk about cAA and NCR protest in India it's getting bad to worse the law n order situation and it needs the international attention for sure in modi s govt minority is having toughest times ahead so pls report on it plssßssssss

  74. Namakula Sylvia

    Is it because am a ugandan coz most times I don’t understand well the news on international media until I come to the daily show and then go back much love Noah

  75. Seriaz Sound

    "who's running this? the oscar voters??" ....hahaha Joke kinda got buried under applause but I see you my man...I see you !! :D

  76. Jerome Alexander


  77. timinitiator

    These are f**king traitors every last one of them and the head rat 🐀 Trump is working for Putin

  78. lamp007

    “Andrew yang cane to my house, he was in my front yard, he shook my babies...” ...uhh it’s not how it sounds 🤣

  79. Evan Boroch

    I thought they said “local communist” 😂

  80. ArgChica

    Ok my bluff orange man😂😂😂😂😂

  81. muffuletta yum

    So if I'm white I can't vote diversely? Guess I didn't vote for Obama twice and Hillary once. Thanks for reminding me of that Daily Show!

    1. El Jefe

      I thought the "I'm not racist, I voted for Obama" people didn't exist, but you prove me wrong 😂😂

  82. Blue Beta

    Yeah but when I wanna have sex w 12 women im some kind of monster. whatever society.

  83. chessplayer

    What I really hate about Oscar snubs talk is that somebody always says "this movie should have been nominated",but nobody ever ever ever ever ever ever ever asks the natural follow up question "at whose expense"? Anybody thinks Little women are better then "Once upon a time in Hollywood"? All those celebs crying would not dare answer that question.God I wish we have just one night show host daring to ask that question.

  84. Ugapiku

    Dude The Queen is so cool when she drives.

  85. DetroitLives313

    If Ivanka accused Trump of something, he'll say he doesn't know her.......

  86. mustfa assad

    Muh diversity will be the death of America

  87. Marian Mauel

    That where exactly the people I picture to support Biden 😂 please get more informed then getting a postcard 🙄

  88. Jason Tempel

    What is Fukushima? huh

  89. TriAngles3D

    We would never ask you to take your shoes off! You just suddenly notice that you are the only one walking around the house with your shoes on!

  90. Shawn Wang

    I do believe that Panda Express stance will be detrimental to the Yang campaign. Not really, but DAMN REALLY???

  91. Out of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks, Int'l

    Here in Iowa black people are used only for elections. Then it's back to being ignored. It's like when the local golf course allows 10 black members to qualify for the PGA tournaments.

  92. Gerda White

    WOW ! Those interviews were VERY telling. And just so NO one Replies with, "???", I'm just gunna go ahead and say it....People are really stupid !!!

  93. Dragon1717

    Diversity means "not White" in the eyes of Leftists. They have a seething hatred for White people. That's why we need to viciously fight against their racism.

    1. J

      Diversity means being composed of many different types. So, if an area is composed of only one type, it is not diverse. In this case, Iowa is the example, which is not racially diverse.

    2. Daye Gilharno

      No it doesn't. No they don't. No you don't.

  94. Know More Dz

    kate didn't put her hand on her belly every engagement all the time , kate didn't say that she is doing her best for the environment while using 20 private flights a month , kate did struggle with media in 2005 2006 till 2014 so please don't make Meghan as an angel she is just a human being and she decided to go so let her go without making us hear the same brainwashing every day

  95. Sauron Wu

    Shouldn't they apologize? If I say New York is a country, will the US keep silent? I remember there used to be someone from NBA said something bad about black people, thousands of criticism made him apologize. Why this time NBA wants to protect freedom of speech?

  96. Lauren T

    White privilege is how mad these people get at the idea of the 1st caucus going somewhere else, even though they admit they don't represent the country.

    1. Dragon1717

      White Privilege is Black code speak for Success Envy.

  97. DJ Sha'Do Umbreon

    Lol why does everyone hate ohio, we're an ok ppl

    1. Elvin Ostrup

      You aren't birthing enough rainbow babies.

  98. Kyru82

    Light bulbs? First he doesn't know how toilets work, now he thinks light bulbs are effected by water pressure? It's almost like there's a lobbyist trying to get him to speak out against energy and water efficiency.

  99. Rookie Man

    the only reason I want trump re-elected is because I want more trump jokes from Trevor!