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  1. Jay Bivins

    I forgot how much I loved fear factor lol

  2. Msalters •

    They was tryna make it worst by sayin the casket tattoo was disgusting😂😂

  3. Laura Lundberg


  4. Laura Lundberg

    I am scared😱

  5. Ariah Danzer

    The woman who asked why am I so confused this is why because your a Ditz and obviously had everything handed to u on a silver platter. ( like if u agree)

  6. Black Mask Tobi

    why do people do this this is risking your life for money which is more Important your life or 50,000 and why is this even legal

  7. tucker arbaugh

    almost at the five year mark and look at yeezy now

  8. Korey Paul

    That last one was funny asf

  9. Lesley Hernandez

    This was on Halloween 🎃 👻 awesome 😎

  10. jasmine sparks

    Bea Miller was on this I didn’t know that

  11. Josefinaegdffeg Ponce

    This looks like harassment

  12. Gamer2492

    They should get arrested for Attempting homicide

  13. ITZ Evie Kawaii


  14. Helena Grinberg

    bro, i’m vegetarian and the first part was so gross and hard to watch omg

  15. Ry •

    i don’t care if this was for nothing i wouldn’t be doing none of that. that’s *nasty.*

  16. Lovely Alyssa

    This show was actually good af, and It was to help bring attention to the rape culture on college campus’. This show wasn’t actually telling women to go beat up rapists, it was telling them that it’s okay to stand up and “fight” against them.

  17. bssni touir

    She could have breathed a lot more if she breathed slowly, didn’t talk, and stays calm.

  18. sockjin

    *Am I the only one that thought it said diarrhea?*

  19. Einar Mar Kristinsson

    He was drowning!

  20. Tired_Kookie

    Wow this show shows the true side of society people are really risking their lives for some money they make in their own job what a fucking waste if life😔

    1. Tired_Kookie

      @bssni touir well that's not ok😐

    2. bssni touir

      I like being buried alive TwT

  21. Einar Mar Kristinsson

    Tahts terrible! You are the worst ppl ever!!! So bad they dont wanna do this!

  22. Olivia Bale

    i just realized the second girl is from bella and the bulldogs

  23. Ana Flávia Ferreira Pena

    Gente essa pessoa que inventou esses desafios tem muito problema né,concorda comigo?

  24. Black Mask Tobi

    2:57 this reminds of that one time in kill bill

  25. Aldo Luna

    Cuando mtv no era una vil mierda

  26. nicholas reyes

    Aint a fuckin artist TILL THIS DAY that can compare to this female in her PRIME. Living Fucking Legend! Her hair is legit everything in this performance. and her boddddddyyyy!!!!!

  27. Karen Salinas

    Is it just me or when guys cheat on girls they are that dumb to think the girls are going to get back with them😂💀💀💀💀💀

  28. Emma Purdge

    Wow I would be freaking out like crazy 😱

  29. Rob Smith


  30. Jаке

    it’s a lose-lose for Stephon. 1. if he stays with her, she will always be mad at Stephon for that “prank”. 2. Stephon leaves her and all of the girls he will date can look back at this video and dump him. Stephon also claims the tattoo was a prank, showing he has no sense of humor.

  31. Isabella

    Why is she behind rope??

  32. Jimmy Phelps

    Omg... that was so mean...

  33. Equestrian_Artist

    Dang that must be awkward

  34. different Jelly

    Guy: you're a really beautiful "woman" Chanel:

  35. Yanberry

    Some of them could have died°=°

  36. Perez Dave

  37. Gtoktas

    I dont fear these too much. My biggest fears is burning alive and spiders, I am fine with any other bugs but I have serious problems with spiders

  38. Monica Ant.

    My biggest fear is being anywhere near water!

  39. ayana

    3:53 his laugh is so cute im deadd

  40. Kariss Boyer

    Bruh he all muscular and that skinny body guard just like...WHAT EVEN 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Dennis Fether

    He can’t say retarded??

  42. mlinger18


  43. Anwita Bhagwat

    Honestly this show is very dangerous because someone could actually die during this. In my opinion anyone who wants to go and do this just know that you have a possibility of dying true to the stunts in this show

  44. NESkingdom78

    Mans eating bugs ME:kill me🤮🤢🤮

  45. Missy Love

    oml her hair.........i-

  46. anna bellitta

    she left her phone!

  47. Barkadleh Miguil

    The original stink version is about a stalker but the cover version is about a missing a love one who's gone .

  48. sixnna

    I wouldn’t mind the rats, I personally think they’re cute. I own 3 rats lmao.

  49. Zboy Montebon

    Every episode: this is the most ridiculous tatoo by far

  50. abracadabra boi

    My anxiety this whole video: 📈📈📈📈📈

  51. Manny G. Forever

    This performance was so epic. Look at all the risks she took and did it all with such ease.

  52. o s

    World STUPIDEST thing... this is torment

  53. Alex Adametz

    Why doesn't Grace invite her band to making studio recordings? The band sounds just great! But I don't like the producing and mastering of studio recording, at all...

  54. Your Hubby

    Niko crying over this just hit me different. Seeing as they (niko) are non-binary, and seeing the support the girl was giving to her sister is probably something that hit them(nk) hard. i'm so glad they(nk) have the support of everyone watching the show

  55. pugboyslife

    Why were they talking in the buries alive challenge to each other oz hes unfer dirt

  56. Mick Fitz

    MTV is garbage now. Bring back MTV reruns from the 80's.

    1. D M

      Lol move on lmfao 💀

  57. G30V4NN3 S4M4


  58. Novo DuH

    What is her yet?

  59. Jangey

    It should’ve ben lil nas x without auto tone

  60. alyssa.

    I shouldn’t be eating while watching this 🤢

  61. XXdawnXgayXX #lifeHurts


  62. XXdawnXgayXX #lifeHurts

    I like being buried alive TwT

  63. Maya Rosa

    Fear factor 😱 MoRE like TEAR factor 😭 😂

  64. sixnna

    I honestly would go on this show. It seems fun, and think of how badass you’d look.

  65. Yed Ross

    Hey sir i think your so evil that you wanna do this

  66. XXdawnXgayXX #lifeHurts


  67. RideTheLightning

    More obvious fake tattoos, 3 hours for a simple retarded looking dog? 3 hours and I had half of my Joker tattoo outline and black shaded areas done. I don't mind this show being fake but its annoying they're try so hard to act like its real.

  68. MJ11N

    dumbest thing

  69. XXdawnXgayXX #lifeHurts

    Is it really that hard to breath THROUGH A GOD DANG HOLE?!!!!!!

  70. Kimberly Hicks

    When she was in the ground I was like, if I was there I would of dead because I'm a kid. and kids can't breathe LONG.

  71. skelebob squarepants

    Why does the thumbnail look like a realistic sex doll becoming sentient?

  72. Toebey Kid

    Wtf is this 😂😂😂

  73. That sad Bish

    How tf was that a friendship!🤣🤣😭

  74. Just Marquis

    what if you just died during this show.

  75. Bloxy Craft

    Bruh they ain’t BFFS!!!!!!

  76. Neisha Brown

    I wouldn’t even do this for 10000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars! Why? Because I wouldn’t get to use the money *BECAUSE ILL BE FRIKIN DEAD!!*

  77. The Meal


  78. Edwin Gutierrez

    The things you do for entertainment-

  79. iParadox 3

    "Brad needs the perfect body." *Looks like a stick*

  80. aada

    3:39 a replay button for Bill Hader saying ce la vie

  81. Mivotin

    I can't believe Camila Cabella was the main face of that group. I'm astonished.

  82. Nolkin Blubaugh

    They are not permanent you can cover them up or remove it

  83. Bloxy Craft

    My worst fear is death 💀 lol

  84. Dr Drift AKA The Mancave

    This is totally biased, I'm not scared of eating a marshmallow with flies on it or in cement or that water trap

  85. Taryn and Quinn

    there is nothing wrong with being a surrogate! They are bloody amazing people for doing what they do?

  86. Adriana Duenas

    WOW the fact that jace hardly talks in this whole clip but when he does it’s “mommy’s leaving?” Then cries.... Janelle doesnt deserve to have any kids or custody of any.

  87. Ross Winslow

    It's Here! It's Here! The official music video of this amazing song out this morning: It's Grace at her artistic best... which is the best we've seen in generations!!

  88. Madison Elise995

  89. Elite BloodWolf

    So they argued for no reason

  90. Seb F

    Gosh I love her

  91. Isobel Brown

    Omg and I don’t like eating fish fingers .... 😂☺️👍💖😌😊

  92. Jordany Brown

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  93. Jordan Levan

    She could be nicole richie's twin

  94. SwagJerryRice

    Man Fear Factor was so dope. It’s like MTV’s The Challenge but in one episode. Hope they bring it back one more time for real

  95. Bryan Dilts

    I cried thinking that people are dumb enough to do this and they might die

  96. Jordany Brown

    OMG😱 I just received another hack of $15,000 from [email protected] you can whatsApps him on +19183580633

  97. Jordany Brown

    OMG😱 I just received another hack of $15,000 from [email protected] you can whatsApps him on +19183580633

  98. Legacy nation

    The fact she perform this song in so many styles is so iconic and her body it self is a boost of confidence ✨

  99. LisaMarie Tv

    I don’t really think this is real. They’ve been together and other couples do pranks on each other all the time that’s how they put out content. She is an actress who has been in tv shows and movies he is a college football player so she to me was just acting.

  100. Mistr Balaguru

    Mime show more than a Live Show. 🙈