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  1. Nao Macooo

    1:41 めっちゃ美人❤️

  2. Cleuz Carter

    Of all the girls in the world, i'd choose the girl at 1:40. Now i do believe in love at first sight😝

  3. Didong Tianyi

    I have a feeling the create do not understand the word karma

  4. Swapna B Nair

    What is karma

  5. Tobias Moer


  6. Firebourn94

    Where's the ass

  7. XYZYhast XYZ

    Glad to see their are men still in the world

  8. Cheat Cheat


  9. lance ortega

    sana ang momo <3 1:51

  10. Michael N

    Do you even know what a ball boy is? Most clips have NONE in it

  11. Veljko Jovanovic


  12. alex9920

    Weather girls are beautiful, some of them truly sexy. Too bad they dont have so much brain and intelligence. Most of them are pretty, but dumb as fuck.

  13. Sharpen TV

    0:50 is the best lool

  14. 64kinio

    Żołnierz miał niesamowite szczęście

  15. Vandalizer 187

    3:20 something's expanding

  16. mavi Senpai

    Asian girls are dame cute while other countrie girls are dame sexy and hot af

  17. mavi Senpai

    Dame this Asian girls 💖💖💖😍

  18. NothingLessThanMe

    1:52 um.. KPop twice? why're they here?

  19. Priscila Charlote

    Messi e Cristiano são melhores jogadores ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍

  20. Andrija Kotur


  21. Darth Farao

    Number 8 is Korean...Can't read the text ?? :p

  22. Voltia

    bro that girl who caught the baseball must have been so embarrassed

  23. Menino Das animações

    3:18 she almost slapped his ass in his face twice, imagine if it had hit, they would never talk again


    2:26 suomi perkele🇫🇮

  25. Langit Harahap

    Wow back flip

  26. Mix Mix


  27. Vehbi Hajdari

    God doo this

  28. Vehbi Hajdari

    Ruuun foor youuuur liiiiiife

  29. anirudh jain

    What is the name of the player at 1:35 ? Please tell me the name of this famous player....

  30. Paulo César Silva Dantas

    2:24 uma deusa maguinifica

  31. harshavardhan Radha

    I love you ronado

  32. Mi N

    Hey where's the thumbnail MothaF***er

  33. Jithu Jose

    @03:05 Dog: hlo sir, can i hlp u Dude : ohh, no...hv a great journey

  34. Nio Workz

    Who is she? 😍😍😍

  35. Nio Workz

    Oh my god 2:23

  36. Top Ones Cars

    Очень хороший канал, желаю удачи в дальнейшем продвижении!!!!

  37. Trường Tồ

    0:55 😂😂😂

  38. playboi


  39. Vimal Raj Lawrence


  40. Erique Big Dog

    😂😂😂😂 I gonna die here

  41. Leòn Alexandrov

    Se la zoccola le secca che Neymar le guardi così le tette, allora forse dovrebbe porsi in una maniera differente.

  42. Albian Barakat


  43. Ferdi antoni

    2:33 lol🤣

  44. Birty Darstard

    CCTV, in the bedroom ? Why do I think bull shit ?!

  45. Gordan David Chan

    Maybe its the people who have a disadvantage want to compete with someone with an advantage

  46. RangerJaxMax May

    illegal. Glad the Laws have tightened up, and, yes, I also would throw a heavy object at a Drone in my area.

  47. Malte Weibull Wikström

    2:33 😂😂

  48. ああーーーあ

    サムネに釣られて来た人 ↓


    When your father finds out that you smoke 2.06

  50. Error 500

    Messi is king.

  51. uk Park

    without Sana, Sanamana!!

  52. Rahmat Sujianto


  53. Rahmat Sujianto




  55. willylnw

    3:56 I thought that was Marcelo lmfao

  56. Cookie Legend

    5:04 filipino 😊😊😊

  57. Alexandre Fau

    Lol le ballon

  58. Gonzalo Diaz

    The Asian girl on the 2:25 is so so beautiful

  59. Taehun Kim

    Hey koreans 1:42!

  60. Dima songs

    The music is so..... Good ❤️❤️. Where do I find it

  61. a n a y shiledar

    Kid at 2:42 looks like he is throwing a snowball in fortnite


    1:07 Korea show not jepang show🤔


    2:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  64. Vendula Cedikova

    4:00 this Is czech

  65. Vash Stampede

    2:23 so beautiful

  66. shagrath 666

    3:18 👀

  67. Roger Giri

    1:53 one with red cap looks like Jeon Somi.

  68. DataRankCount

    Just laughing...

  69. Minecraft Player

    Po po Mia kolara ela giorgiiiiiii!


    Dirty channel

  71. 『Lilith Bloom』

    1:52 Did not expected to see u here

  72. Bad Queen

    Momo and Sana❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. When You Dropped This ?

    2:17 he singing wit the song and start dancing to it

  74. global tips

    3:19 this kid is savage

  75. Life's Just A Trip

    Well I mean 😳

  76. 소황욱

    on me geryㅠㅠ

  77. Ahmad Fahri Ramadhan

    1:51 kok ada sana-chwannn

  78. ToCool4YouXD

    Omg I hate people that say like this if you thought this was funny 3:20 like if you would have enjoyed the view too. | | \/

  79. Raphaël Gener


  80. Raphaël Gener


  81. Mr Sunil Chandel Viratian

    Amit Shah at 4:37😜😜🤣

  82. Phoebe Lyon

    Most of these videos are just bad luck NOT karma

  83. QuanSeattle N

    5:35 mama said know him out!

  84. ろろろななな

    3:20 そりゃみるわ!

  85. tok janggut

    2:25 - my heart skip 7 beat

  86. Angeline Flores

    Me gustó mucho el vídeo.Like si quieres que algún día lleguen a jugar juntos.😎😍 ⚽️🏅🥇🏆

  87. Einstein kelvin


  88. Chon 44

    0:43 how the hell he miss that 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  89. kevin mahon

    I feel better Thank You

  90. VaLen230

    3:20 boys will be boys.. lol

  91. josep

    3:18 lucky boy name of the girl?

  92. JapaneseAjaxFanグリーズマン

    maestro 2:20

  93. Cantalo11

    1:54 should be a model 5:00 1:05

  94. Johnny Bravo

    2:49 Me watching: 😶😶😯😮😲😱😱😬😬😞😭💔

  95. Beef Curry

    Can we take a moment for that bird at 0:58

  96. 2서누

    The boy in the last clip is so cute

  97. bepriceless

    At least you had the thumbnail of the kid thinking about taco Tuesday.

  98. Mel Ian Galgo

    Pacman vs margarito. Forgotten?

  99. start trikc 1

    3:19 name girl