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  1. MajorSecord

    Approximately 58 minutes in Bill Maher praises ny times bimbo bari weiss as a sensible progressive. The same bari weiss that was humiliated on Rogan's show when he asked her what a toadie was and she responded like a mentally challenged middle school kid.

  2. Joe Zurfluh

    One of my favorite guests Joe talks to 👍


    case clased?

  4. Oooh-Rai

    You know what a future candidate should do on a ‘debate’? Not answer a thing and write down all the questions and answer them all later on a podcast 😂

  5. John Marbles

    More respect for Maher. Awesome seeing him like this. Great show.

  6. Harry Nutsac

    Mankind are not "Primates". Rogan , you are a moron constantly pushing Darwin/Free Mason, THEORY. Evolution is THEORY, that's is FACT. The "Missing Link" has never been found. Stories are not FACTS.

  7. ElectronicSkateboard

    Joe Rogan, controlled opposition agent, spewing more kosher propaganda. What a waste, a guy like him, with his contacts, intellect and access to inside information beyond high level masonry, could make moves to help prevent the collapse, at the very least expose, to his audience of kosher media programmed & oblivious-useless eaters, enough of the roundtable psychopathic controllers (their dependants), agendas, methods, to the point they must reevaluate and delay pulling the plug/downsizing the current crop of adrenochrome receptacles/slave-force population.

  8. I'm Me

    Hey Mike you're a deep state shill. No one wants your war or your propaganda

  9. Jake Ferrari

    To anyone who thinks you couldn't make Tropic Thunder/Blazing Saddles today; Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?

  10. Sergi Yavorski

    Put this Socialist economic moron and immoral political hack against Yaron Brook, and he will be a toast. All his economic idiocy will be exposed within half hour.

  11. Mack M

    Hahahahaha Joe's says I trust you at the end fucking with him.

  12. 1337flight

    Mike Baker is Joe Rogan's handler

  13. mixalis

    Iran military not honest, but US is, ahaahahaahah you sire are a fuckwit!!

  14. Cameron Foord

    Your understanding of the royal families income is incorrect, here's why:

  15. Lo-Fi CRANE TV

    Regarding Apple and access to phones, don't you remember your conversation with Snowden???

  16. Veranicus

    I like more personal conversations, then fed unchallenged propaganda. So the US attacked and destabilised a region, and the people there are the bad guys. And the warm yellow fluid running down my back is rain.

  17. sonvsfijhds

    This is very important and may have some bearing on protestors around the world and authoritarian regimes use of the rule BY law as opposed to the rule OF law.

  18. Eric Dutton

    “What’s my action”

  19. Guinevere Pendragon

    No. "The heroic type" is not the one who is most chosen as leader. Studies have shown that leaders are chosen from those who show higher levels of emotional intelligence. Ignorant.

  20. Sirena Akopyan

    navvy got BARS

  21. Ernie Llerena

    Canada has problems but are you going to address those problems and will though problems happen here. Everone has problems isn't an answer.

  22. Lucky Alik


  23. Chris Spencer

    Jimmy Dore: "The government needs to give us more free stuff, making us more dependent on it." Also Jimmy Dore: "The government is full of murderous criminals with too much power."

  24. ColdCanuck50

    NASA should take one of those flat-earth buffoons up to the ISS and watch as they crap their spacesuits while they float in space.

  25. Connor Frederick

    So cool

  26. Leon

    Iran would take a "night"? seriously? that's stupider than what they claimed about Iraq...and how did that turn out

  27. Antonio Lydian

    Damnit Alex you genius

  28. dylan orick

    "...So i was watching minions 3 or 4"

  29. zoofun bigcat

    Bills been a millionaire too long when you can right a check or pay cash for what ever your your prospective charges .

  30. Ned Kelly

    Socialism will cure that obesity problem ; )

  31. Interdimensional Steve

    You sold your soul to money, Maher, and you should be ashamed.

  32. Edward Duarte

    Getting a subaru now!!

  33. Sashank Sriram

    "I like Tulsi, and I like Bernie." Hmm... Interesting. So Kyle Kulinski and Cornell West recommend Joe to interview Bernie and Tulsi and he *instantly* likes them. Kyle, Cornell, Bernie, Tulsi and Joe are all Big Seltzer sellouts now.

  34. Stefan Mironov


  35. Adam King

    Yeah sure Mike nice one, whatever you say.

  36. Dave


  37. BigSteve 380

    I agree. Weather petafiles have thoughts or whatever they all have a choice. They make that choice. I'm sorry but EVERYONE HAS ADDICTIONS! Comes in all forms. Legal and illegal...

  38. Ndow Roccus

    Not the same, but RDjr should have rebutted the question of “returning to iron man”, with; Hey joe, why don’t you go back to Fear Factor”? (Joe has expressed why he would never return on numerous occasions, but the answer is the answer to joes question; there are personal reasons to not returning to a popular character/host and the main one being; choosing roles is like choosing who the world sees you as. Returning to something you have already done and succeeded at, doesn’t prove anything except that desperation and fear of losing your place at the top is a camouflaged job).

  39. Adam W

    "Jeff Bezos is gonna enslave the world, ya know what let him"? I'm not gonna be a slave for Bezos!

  40. Snoop Dogg

    Ruffalo is abysmal as the Hulk & Banner

  41. weegaz22

    Mike explaining about how Souellemani had blood on his hands while representing the CIA is fucking much blood has the CIA shed in its 73 years Mike? i cant even watch this video....

  42. Tyler Krochmal

    Love Wiz, dude is so chill and normal, I'd smoke and shoot the shit with him anyday!!

  43. Jordan Hedger

    He's deff gay staring at Joe's ass

  44. Mr Meeseeks

    Joe: Epstein didn't kill himself Rogan.

  45. mihail cotofan

    This guy Mike is boring 😉 I had high expectations from ex CIA operative😉

  46. Cal Erba

    Arizona's beautiful, from top to bottom, but it sucks...I have seen sunrises in the desert that have every color you can think of, blooming of cacti, mountains with snow, elk the size of horses, but it still sucks...

  47. CheekyDragonfly

    If you are seriously interested in talking with Native American Historian and Educator. I recommend Richie Plass (Menominee & Stockbridge-Munsee) he lectures on education, culture, traditions, professional environment and social impact. He has an exhibit named "Bittersweet Winds" he has given it at Penn State and last year he visited the Clintonville High School in Wisconsin and gave a class on cultural issues. If not him he maybe able to help locate someone who can have a conversation with you.

  48. Bill Baxter

    This guy is not as smart as he thinks he is. If the USA stops iit's carbon emissions what do we do about China and India? He offers no solutions except orange man bad. Oh, and journalism is dead in the US.

  49. Assyriankid Tv

    Towards the end of the podcast they started getting ancy lol I wanna see Rogan Joe on Bill's show; why not! Like if you agree

  50. Ongo Gablogian

    Rogan losing respect from me real fast.

  51. Rob Den

    not as dangerous topic wise as it should've been, alsp who knew Bill was sexually repressed and doesn't think some women absolutely LOVE being cum on. It's the epitome of being the desired beauty who takes on a fertility role, and women bask in that

  52. Advil4Anvils

    Dude thinks War criminal Condi Rice is a good pick for President?

  53. Bill Bill

    Joe's a Trump fan, just too pussified to say it

    1. 4DhumanInstrumentality

      Joe's in a bubble. Probably doesn't even give a fuck.

  54. Steari Franesden

    Synthetic nitrogen has devastating repercussions on water run off and stifles plants after their initial growth. It was a terrible solution. Compost is much more preferable. That was a European solution to terrible growing practices.

  55. The Uncolored Man

    Angel number 1414 symbolizes the offer of assistance from the angelic realm. If you are trying to attract something into your life, be it money, love or success, but there is a feeling of disbelief that comes over you, surrender it to the angels. They are literally waiting for it.

  56. Christian Thurston

    This is a great conversation that shows the difference in thought process between new media (Joe) and the old way (Bill). The belief in short attention spans, the reverence for the panel or TV formats, the contempt for dialogue that isn't debate style or somewhat adversarial, and so on. It's a fascinating example of how folks in the old system just can't see it and don't get it. Bill saying: I'm worried about what we could talk about for 3 hours. Joe saying: we just talk like a conversation. That's it man, they can't see it. Even 2-3 years ago the folks on TV would make podcasters come to them. Now the power has flipped and Bill is going on JRE to see what it's about and it's the only real way to get Joe on his show. It's the first sign of the tipping point tipping.

  57. Benjamin Meade

    This guy is pathetic. He is so sprung for this woman he can't stop talking about her.

  58. Bill Bill

    Joe's a Trump fan, to pussy to just say it

  59. slug pudding

    I loved your role in "Natural Born Killers." I'm so glad you got to do this interview.

  60. Dustin Goodman

    Do an audiobook for your novel with audible. I’m interested.

  61. Joseph Benites

    I would wear it all day long as a proud Mexican trump 2020

  62. r

    Just the tip of my 🚀 for one night solves all the problems and totally doesn't start world war 3!

  63. Joshua Weeks

    I can't be the only one who thinks Mike Baker is Brian Regan's long lost brother, right??

  64. Kevin Knight

    Gee Joe challenge this guy will you

  65. Aubergine Bellen

    Porn *is* rapey now. There's so much choking and spitting. It's gross. How about you just watch a video of a brother and sister fuck in a loving manner?

  66. Homer Sorry

    i wonder what happened between him and yang

  67. IsisV33 Alternative Studio Alexandria L.L.C.

    I'm freaking Rolling about the Jack... 🤣 Rogan lmao No Tic-Tok. My 11 yrvdaughter loves Tic-Tok.

  68. XL

    I call a person what ever gender I see you as, I'm not trying to think what's in your pants. If I see a lady boy with a Beard sorry but I'm going to refer to that guy, as dude or man. 🤷‍♂️😂🤣

  69. Brandon Barbera

    Whys he talking like hes a robot lmao, hes such a fraud

  70. J D

    No-one: Everyone: making comments like this to get likes

  71. Xavier Moore

    Duncan Trussel. First white man ever to understand God.

  72. Trigger6is !

    Joe "I never lie I'm always high" Rogan

  73. Sesse Lind

    01:30:00 The Mythical Monster Abominable Snowman.

  74. Harry Skinters.

    Mike Bakers real name is Bike Maker 👋🎤

  75. Pha Q

    War with Iran would be much better than an eternal occupation of the middle East.

  76. Christopher Wakefield

    Bill is right, #metoo was just for celebrities. Lots of women in other professions still dealing with asshole men.

  77. Troy Simoneau

    Malcolm Wallace

  78. valenciae271

    This dude knows so much more than he can say. Me and my boring life appreciate this hardcore shit

  79. r

    Dude you are incredibly brain washed.

  80. whydouneedakno

    Who the hell is this guy and why is he so popular...

  81. Artifact

    Yeah don’t trust a word out of this dude’s mouth. His face just screams BS artist. it is very strange joe continues to have this dude on. He’s a chameleon. Joe is intelligent, This is weird.

  82. Michael Michaels Jr.

    If i wanted thumbs up as equally as thumbs down, I'd make comments like Maher...change my mind

  83. GW2 Best Cosplays

    im here a day late and i apologize :( (usually watch it day its aired) im going to cut myself for my failure to be here on time right after this episode.

  84. Erik Serafini

    Reall?? I’m an eight bro I’m an eight 😂😂 💀

  85. John Alves

    James just say it: Liberal/ Leftists are cocksuckers.

  86. Michael LaPalme

    The bear will even eat your picnic basket.

  87. MadCloudDisease

    Cracks me up, Joe doesn't know what an old school Mazda Balanced and Bridge Ported 13B is yet he owns over half a million dollars worth of street-legal race cars. The most well known unknown actor is Robert LaSardo.

  88. nino f

    Joe let them talk why do u stop the politic talk

  89. Libtarded

    Anyone else think he's just an employee fulfilling his duties as a misinformation officer.???

  90. Smokey Mchrondo

    just because we're comfortable with the way things are, because it's better than 2008 barely, the economy is still not "good".

  91. Gary

    Anyone else notice Bill had to announce that he invited himself to be on the show? I'm sure other guests have asked to be on the podcast before, but I don't remember anyone else talking about it, let alone in the first minute or so.

  92. Joe Leone

    One of my absolute favorite JRE guests!

  93. drew delk

    Dayum the intros are the best 😂👊🏼

  94. Made in the USA Made in the USA

    This podcast has become a liberal hangout with a bunch of never Trumpers #UNSUBSCRIBED

  95. 626 SGV Shotgun

    You gotta be a me too’er to avoid me too’in The wisdom of Uncle Coco

  96. ism519

    Mike "Propagandist" Baker

  97. augreich

    That's total bullshit when Rogan placats to his guests then says the exact opposite with another guest.

  98. KxddWxse

    R.I.P Juice Wrld🖤

  99. omega1231

    Even after a 600km hike, a shower and a bed has never felt better, just fucking divine, so i totally get him. Actually indescribable.

  100. John Munger

    Next Guest...Barack Obama