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  1. D San

    Bold choice in fashion choice queer

  2. attracted to the metal like magneto

    Pre corona baby

  3. King7Cobra7 PS4

    This is a great episode lol

  4. schleck1234

    This episode, especially the last hour, is why this podcast is so fucking good. Love this.

  5. Cody Feinauer

    After 1:44:00 this is the craziest most interesting shit ever

  6. Renn Ho'aloha Loren


  7. Ralph Muskinyaar

    This guy just convinced me that we are alone in the universe. Now I feel special lol.

  8. boerqwhaas

    Nancy Pelosi needs to resign.

  9. Herb Tenderson

    Yo is it true that this guy's mother is a potted ficus?

  10. Joe U

    I’m sorry but Eric sucks

  11. Francisco Tavares

    1:46 well that didn't age well

  12. John Ross

    Just here for Project Veritas 1:23:00

  13. Why Soitanly

    Draft Nancy for President!

  14. Madeleine Saviskas

    He doesn’t do his own tweets. Take a break from weed.

  15. Kasperi Sokka

  16. darksideoftheloom

    What is this CBD drinking your consuming?

  17. Kasperi Sokka

  18. kaleb Beefy

    Joe, you have to get Wes Watson on your next Experience. You'd get along with him perfectly.

  19. Coronalicious Lolmfao


  20. Morro Rock

    How many small t-shirts does Joe Rogan own?

  21. Christopher Sullivan

    The point of expecting the police to "do their job" got me. A lot of this really got to me. Cops are still people, I don't know that I could've forced myself to stop anyone from attacking the Westboro Baptist church protestors.

  22. ionut ionut

    Covid 19 isolation brought me here in 2020

  23. M T


  24. Andrew Demchyshyn

    Joe “everything will get normal” Rogan

  25. Lo Pan

    Had a bot fly on my ass cheek one year I blame that bitch Carol fucking Baskin

  26. Bhodisatvas

    His great life work first time ever out in public reveal of his theory and everyone just went 'huh? yeah but.....huh?'.

  27. polishprince0405

    Actually thought I’d enjoy this....but now I’m starting to get why so many people dislike Weinstein. :criticizes the people in charge, taking the lead on things they have no experience and should have no authority, in a way he doesn’t like. :goes on to dictate and lecture, about subjects he has no experience in and should hold no authority on. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. elleweng ndlela

    Check prophet makandiwa coronavirus prophecy

  29. jon b

    There isn't alot of evidence but there sure is evidence to show that NSAIDs suppress the innate and adaptive immune system. NSAIDs and Tylenol will lower a fever which increases the efficiency of the immune system while lowering the efficiency of virus replicating.

  30. Shaggy 456951

    Nick swardson is not in tommy boy joe.

  31. Ian Visser

    Automated 'subscription based' cars are the future. Those will change the amount of cars on the road, not just automated cars

  32. California Girl

    I definitely do not want Joe Biden as a president. 78 year old man, sometimes semi senile in charge of the country fighting biological warfare. Joe should step aside because he clearly is not man for the time of corona virus. My preference would be on Andrew Cuomo. I like his approach to fight corona in NY.

  33. ronnie coria

    Need to look into the relation between 5g rollout and the Corona virus

  34. Kasperi Sokka

  35. Sebastian Chantre

    I like that Bert is just chilling in the corner the entire time lol

  36. Timothy Newitt

    Joe acts surprised about financial services refusing to do business with legit business' But.? Obvious example, Marijuana business' cant even use most banks. Thats why they get robbed more often. They always are transporting large amounts of cash.

  37. Ryan Barile

    Never go full libtard.

  38. bert smith

    some people just keep talking until it all makes them

  39. The autistic mongoose

    Joe “parkour with a ball slam” rogan

  40. Constantly hungry

    This guy is Weirdstein

  41. DJ Keith D

    The movie H.E.R staring Joaquin Phoenix dealt with the AI based Fantasy As it says in IMDB "In a near future, a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to meet his every need."

  42. andrew b

    Is Weinstein speaking gibberish or is it me? It's me.

  43. Jer Kit

    This doc isn't really on point. All studies now have Chloriquine as a 100% hit rate so far..... smells fishy.

  44. Terry Kashat

    LoL. They speak “dialect”. That was funny as hell. He did it again after Joe tried to teach him what dialect means.

  45. Peter Jackson

    If it were possible to jet around the galaxy ala Star Trek, we would have already been visited by aliens who had developed that technology. There is no evidence of such visits.

  46. the croaked toaster

    Joe "boom your grandma dies" Rogan

  47. Superior No1

    18:20 People are Toxic spot on!! 😈

  48. kroyjr19

    why is rogan shocked its 69 dollars PPV for one fight. was he not around before fortune lol

  49. P Conner

    Comedy that's not really comedy. He talks like a comic so it must be comedy. Fucking Dane Cook on the nose.

  50. Cyril Channie

    2:26:46 Kojimah might be on to something

  51. Launchriver Vaughn

    3years already and am still coming back

  52. Michael Malloy

    That pee break was really a bump break. Dude is either blowing some rails. Or taking some serious crack blast.

  53. Knik B

    It seriously sounds like the higher-ups decided to create some sort of nuclear blast to melt all the ice off the lands to have more land to live off of. Others probably didn't want that but there was no choice in the matter.

  54. Brad Holmes

    The French health minister released a statement telling people to not take Ibuprofen weeks ago. As well as of this morning the WHO gave the same guidance. Listen to Micheal Yo.

  55. Zack O

    I know this one guy who has done both 😉😉😉. That one guy knows crack is way more addictive. Just like shooting meth is a whole other world from smoking/snorting it. Immediate onset makes any drug more addictive.

  56. frank F

    I think something we are missing here is. We are all witnessing America turn a physicist and mathematician into a leader because our leadership structure and institution is lacking.

  57. Mary G


    1. Gerrad Reynolds

      thank you Mary, very cool

  58. Grendel Gundam

    I finally understand why my dad hating the sound of women voices.

  59. Niikk ?!

    This opening conversation tho....lmaooooo

  60. Alien Buss

    "We are now God's but for the wisdom". I am not just being a douche, but what the fu.c.k does that even mean? Nonsense. Utter nonsense. This is the problem with America, this smug, "academic", elite class that can t get its head out of its own ass to think straight for like 2 seconds.

  61. Mendoza Rodriguez

    Bears eat moose?!

  62. Liam Lynch

    I was chatting to pink Floyd's lead cowbell player and he told me it was no coincidence

  63. No division Just Unity

    Dude I enjoy this conversation more than most of them. I think because the opposite style type guys.

  64. logan 100


  65. Phil Lautier

    This podcast is a godsend during these times. Informational when you need it, or just roll back and watch old ones when its time to escape the news cycle.

  66. vcn #

    I feel like the only thing keeping this conversation civil is respect.

  67. The Gate Keeper North West

    I've seen people with issues and they shouldn't have weapons not even a knife. Should all knifes be only 3 inches long? If someone with issues makes an arrow filled with explosives and BBs and shoots two or three in a crowded night club. The arrows kill and injure dozens of people. Would you make arrows and bows illegal to own?. Whats next cars? Somethings deeply wrong with our Society. Play your x box slaughtere the monster game In 3d and then tell me to give up my semi rifle Joe. See any problems in 3d Slaughter for young minds just maybe Joe. Think about it. For a better world be realistic and stop desensitizing Young Minds. This crazy shit didn't happen in my day,and we whet to school with our rifles and shotguns. We threw rocks , got in circles and beat each other up and fired off fire works. Very rare now days. The people's mind set changed. Honor respect ethics and Country Pride gone to the wayside,with our young people. Look how our politicians Act. There are leaders.

  68. Rimants Šarkovski

    Theres no time to take huge studies, if there is a pill that might work, we need to give them to the patients now.

  69. Barney Ray

    Jordan P. is right! Wow it is so refreshing to hear something that really resonates with me and is true!

  70. Ian Visser

    4 dimension is very simple, its is a parallel 3x dimension. n^0 is 1d, n^1 is 2d, n^3 is 3d, n^4 is 4d. what is 2d? layer upon layer of 1d strings. what is 3d? layer upon layer of 2d grids. what is 4d? block upon block of 3d arrays. We do it in computing all the time, its a very simple concept, except people cant seem to grasp it. its multiple 3d realities. i.e. multiple universes that exist within a system. Like you have an operating system to run multiple applications, there is an OS that runs our universe among others. our universe exists as a part of that universe, which makes us the equivalent of writing on a piece of paper. Question we should be asking is what is the purpose of our dimension.

  71. TunerDad TunerDad

    Just listen to the whole podcast and I think this dude is off his rocker

  72. ranger rick

    I can't stand watching Joe suck this guys dick... Get Del Bigtree on and you may become relevant, the guy's an idiot...

  73. drummerLANE

    Duncan is the best guest. Classic

  74. J C

    Nice Question Bari ......

  75. Greg Johnson

    unsubscribe. see ya' Joe.

    1. _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_

      Greg Johnson Buy attention seeking crybaby. You won’t be missed.

  76. BrittaniaFTW

    If you lived in a community of other comedians i guess it would be a laugh. As for the WHO, UN, CDC thia is exactly what theyve been planning and finally implementing and this is just another piece of the puzzle

  77. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Please get doc antle on your show!

  78. Brian T

    Goddamn right Texas is it’s own thing. Born and raised 30 years as a Texan. Living abroad in liberal land now.... I still represent my state of birth.

  79. david K

    Your civilization has gained a Great Scientist named 3Blue1Brown.

  80. Orion26

    Eric: “I don’t know whether or not I m crazy or I have something” 🤔 Spare yourselves and skip the last 2 hours. You’ll thank me later 🤣💥✌🏼

  81. john smith

    I Know This world Was Truly Diverse and Magical place in its Golden Age, i Remember i have Visions of my past lives often. ..Now we are far from that point...This Video always reminds me of why we're, where we are today as a species and as one Civilization. .. I wonder How this world would have been if that particular Event Did not Happen initially. ..I will always wonder about that. .... We can only hope that that will never Happen again .. But here we are in an Age where we are truly so Close to finding our past Greatness.. But there are Sadly Dark times ahead and afterwards maybe many of our life times will pass But We Will all live again in new The Golden Age that much i know. So enjoy life..and... Just Believe...oh and Thank you Jupiter. ..for real.

  82. Eden Eden

    Joe completely had no idea what happened. What an idiot

  83. Wes Manoff


  84. Holy Squire

    This is a moment for heads on pikes.

    1. _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_

      Holy Squire no

  85. Bruce Wayne

    David Goggins did more pull ups than Jamie

  86. brian Walters

    "these things are weird, people talk over each other" --- errr Joe you do that to your guests constantly ahahah

  87. Golden Hair

    Naw.....flu vaccine that doesn’t match won’t protect you

  88. ben 90

    Plus500 jack ad is everywhere fuck off

  89. The Xentric Rebel

    Daaaaaaaaaamn...........this did my hungry brain good! OMG! I absolutely loved this. If Randell had his own University, I would pay to get educated by him. He provided so much awesome information, that whoever has the curiosity and desire to know more, we can go on our own research journeys. GREAT TEACHERS present information, not to tell students how to think, but to get them to think for themselves and learn how to learn more on their own. PLEASE bring him back!

  90. T Fox

    There are different factors in every case. I wasn’t going to comment until Alex, had to make the statement that the 11 year old child who started smoking never had a chance. So who am I then? I am the 11 year old child who started smoking marijuana, by 12 I was smoking on a regular basis, and by 13 teen I was smoking every single day until I was 24 years old, but stopped when I got pregnant with my first child. I started working at 16 years old, had custody of all 3 of my brothers by 18, and was in college by 21! I find your comments highly offensive! You refuse to look at any side, but your own! After, I had my first child I only used marijuana like a medication. My use during this time of my life was for symptoms of headaches, nausea, and anxiety. It is in my opinion that marijuana saved my life during extremely hard times, and I have never had to hold a FU**KING gun to someone’s head due to my upbringing. You have absolutely no clue, and I don’t think that you ever will!

  91. heavyhebrew

    "I don't even know what I am allowed to say" the absolute state of freedom in America, thanks Alphabet/Google

  92. Elvis Knot

    Eric is a socialist moron... He promotes a government that created this as his choice for a political party.. WTF?? And people listen to this doosh..😆

  93. Opochtli

    Joe need to hop on that onedrive cloud storage

  94. ryan timony

    Haha Ed Coan has had a LOT of injuries. Lmao. The GOAT

  95. A Mishel

    I LOVE Trumps updates. He’s a REAL leader.

  96. J M

    this guy is a perv man - theoretical physics discussions are good but if he goes off that subject I feel like I need hand sanitizer inside my ears after listening to him

  97. Doctor Lazertron

    1:27:10 missed opportunity for an “open mind” pun.

  98. Kyler Murray

    Lol 52 not surprised that I’m surprised

  99. Moe K

    I’d be happy if Eric never came on this podcast again. There’s a reason why FOX loves this troll.

  100. olezevs

    Mr. Weinstein has interesting ideas, but seems to have a serious god complex. Crackpot genius, genius crackpot or just a dude making shit up cause he likes to hear himself talk. Not quite sure what to make of him.