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  1. Indiana bones 117

    I'm pretty sure that most gladiators where forced yes but the most popular gladiators where more akin to modern day superstar athletes

  2. D C

    Cloudy serum after a high fat does not mean “nothing::

  3. Oggydogg 313

    Artie needs to be safe and never do heroin again. Cause he’s over 50 now and have you ever met a 60 year old heroin addict

  4. Jack DePew

    This show delivers more value/minute than any other show on the internet. What a time to be alive.

  5. Phil Draper

    Vegans intimidate me a little bit I can't lie. I tend to check myself and try not to upset them, I guess it depends on where you live though. In California I the bleeding heart vegans can be scary but I'm from the east coast in west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground was where I spent most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys who were up to no good. Started making trouble in my neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared. She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'.

  6. aaron wescovich

    Yo I just told everyone I know that I’m going vegan for this New Years resolutions...

  7. Rebecca Dunn

    The government wants us sick and dependent on big pharma. Sickest I've ever been was when I went vegan for six months. Started following Dr. Ken Berry. I feel great, lost weight. Never going back to vegan or standard American diet.

  8. Helicard

    100 Meat Wheels > 100 Wheat Meals

  9. Tommy Kovac

    Their not from the same elk, I mean ilk!

  10. Axel Jeremy

    The only truth is just fasting, going vegan, carnivore or paleo is debatable but vegan personally for auto immune disease is highly debatable and for inflammation in gut too but people are people

  11. Viking Mma

    Third highest average😂😂👻👻

  12. Tyrell Thiel

    Drunk deep history. Do it Trevor!

  13. Shabutie554

    Eat plants. Eat meat. Who cares?

  14. Clen Aristides

    Can't wait to the Mike Tyson Ranch opens will be heading over there from Australia

  15. Zero Chill Inc.

    This guy is the worst guest Joe ever had on his podcast.

  16. Rob V.

    Would love Chris Kresser and Paul Saladino together.

  17. Piyah Gaming

    “Yea yup”

  18. Dustin N

    Lol he said meat wheels

  19. Alejandro, yo

    Joe “Flo’s fucking funny” Rogan

  20. UnX Format

    We do need to save our fish. Come On People! This is I M P O R T A N T ! ! ! !

  21. weston

    Joe trying to convince everyone he’s not gay and then does this: 7:14

  22. s staners

    Chris Kyle smearing your name in the press is like Superman sh**ing on you in front of everybody.

  23. HashFace 253

    22:00 nah dude no till revolution bigger better yeilds faster with less nutes and sprays and more carbon sequestration #notill

  24. KevboN17

    That skinny fucker needs to eat more pizza

  25. Jason Taylor

    If I was a gay man I’d be milo and no one else

  26. Eric .Lynch

    Do people who follow a strict vegan diet also eliminate sugar/high fructose corn syrup and processed foods? (Meaning, do they only eat vegetables, fruits, and maybe whole grains?) If they do, they probably ARE healthier than most other people (at least the ones who still eat that horribly (though admittedly delicious) unhealthy foods. But people who eat both meat and vegetable/fruit (and avoid the sugar garbage) are clearly bigger/stronger/faster and more healthy, IMO

  27. Matthew stewart

    Joe “100 meat wheels” Rogan

  28. Luke Seguin

    There are a LOT of just straight up errors that I have caught so far. Whales can sense blooms 100000 miles away. That's four times the circumference of the earth. Dolphins have more neurons than people. Only in their paralimbic lobe which humans don't have. Dolphins are not as smart as humans. Also they don't have real language as far as we understand. Dolphins have less than half of the acoustic hearing ability he claimed. This guy doesn't need to make shit up. I don't understand this. More than half of the things I fact checked were straight wrong.

  29. Alexei Romey

    God I fucking love josh homme

  30. Alberto Beltran Rodriguez

    Joey: "Dana, uncle Dana Uncle John Uncle Bobby Dana". Brendan: "Bobby?"😂😂

  31. Bud Vegas

    The Seeks can’t eat meat, it puts them in battle mode.

  32. Rad Beaton

    Smh pops gone now smh. Damn

  33. Gonzalo

    All these hater vegans, you can eat whatever you want, don’t impose your vegan shit on us

  34. Regained Wellness

    No disrespect to the athletes featured in the documentary, but they’re not exactly the elite of their sports. If game changers is teaching me to follow the best should i look at the best in their sport ie LeBron, Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, Conner McDavid etc who all eat animal protein?

  35. Rich Making Stuff

    Joe loses his sense of humor when another alpha is in the room. Or it could simply be hair envy.

  36. Rhino Riffs

    The beginning of this podcast makes me laugh every time 😂😂😂

  37. John Malins NZ

    "There's snow in New Zealand" sorry Joe couldn't stop laughing, if you come here definitely visit the South Island and Queenstown. We also have a desert.

  38. luke 0000

    Does elk meat make Joe's head grow?🤔

  39. nickolas miller

    This guy is a weasel and the type a guy that doesn’t admit when he’s wrong.. he says “ that’s right blah blah” as if that is what he is saying

  40. Ravangers

    Bro "i have to eat chicken or fish from mcdonalds i don't know whatsin the beef" SON are you joking? the beef is obviously gonna be the best thing

  41. Giuliano Mango

    Why is never this book discussed when talking about a carnivore diet? Vilhjálmur Stefánsson - Not by Bread alone This text is from the link: This book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to eat an all-meat diet or wants to learn more about the health benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet of meat and fish. Arctic explorer and anthropologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson spent years living with indigenous Inuit and Eskimo people. He noted their general healthiness (and good teeth), and an absence of many of the diseases that plagued western cultures, such as scurvy, heart disease, and diabetes. Observing their dietary habits, he determined that their primary food was meat, both lean and fatty, and that their diets were very low in sugary or starchy carbohydrates. Was this meaty diet the key to their good health? Stefansson’s classic Not By Bread Alone chronicles a 1928 scientific experiment, conducted by the Russell Sage Institute of Pathology at Bellevue Hospital in New York, in which Stefansson and his colleague Dr. Karsten Andersen ate a meat-only diet for one year. The two men stayed healthy and fared very well, leading him to claim that we should reexamine our notion of what foods constitute a healthy diet. Later chapters promote the benefits of pemmican, a compact, portable, and high-energy food consisting of a concentrated mix of fat and protein made from dried lean bison meat, sometimes mixed with berries. Pemmican is like the original energy bar, and Stefansson spent considerable time and energy urging the military to adopt it for emergency rations.

    1. Giuliano Mango

      They must be the best group that you could get the best results of eating whole food for fucking real. All their life.

    2. Giuliano Mango

      OMFG Right after after I posted the comment Chris says: 1:18:00

  42. Chandler Eavers

    Been watching the fake edited clips, now the real ones seem fake 😂

  43. oldpickles

    The Gritti Palace hotel in Venice is 700.00 dollars a night, not for your average Joe

  44. Black Star

    b12 can be found in nutritional yeast, nori, kombucha, soil etc.

  45. Fred Wicks

    This guy is so interesting and informative. Great guest. Looking forward to seeing your pics from your run Joe!! Cheers!!

  46. Nicholas

    2019 and joe looks like he aged 15 years and graham looks the same. what gives?

  47. Vdlry

    Please bring Jake back, he's such an interesting guy.

  48. Artur Kara

    meat eater circle jerk, yikes

  49. John Mose

    These guys are smart asf

  50. Michael Turner

    Jeremy, what type of propulsion system was it again?

  51. WhySoSrs?

    Can we please get Frank Tufano in here already? He knows more about the carnivore diet than anybody else. Dude has been in the trenches studying all this on himself for many many years.

  52. Kieran K

    You are such a clown, imagine bringing the director of gamechangers on and you dont talk about it at all with him, then the next video you debunk the film with some broscience meatard

  53. Jester123ish

    I hate to disagree with a licensed acupuncturist but lack of out and out scientific proof notwithstanding, it's pretty simple, try eating a whole plant based diet for four days, each lots of starch based foods like whole grains, pasta, potatoes, rice, corn etc along with fruit, vegetables and legumes and see how you feel. Avoid junk overprocessed foods, avoid excessive amounts of oils, salt and sugar, you can be technically 'Vegan' on chips and soft drinks, so 'Vegan' doesn't necessarily mean healthy. PS I can't believe we're back to "you won't get enough protein", does no one ever learn anything new? It was in the movie, there is no problem getting your protein or the essential amino acids from plants, even cows manage it. PPS As for Vegans growing weaker over time, not if you eat sensibly.

  54. Goran Mekota

    Love this guest. I'd just add two points: 1) politicians have additional pragmatic concerns besides rights and ethics that need to be considered. For example with the Erdogan case Germany has a significant and often pro-Erdogan Turkish population and, more importantly, Turkey has a significant blackmail tool as an immigration gate-keeper (and immigration is I believe a big concern of this guest himself). 2) from a country that has all that Joe mentioned as necessary for gun control and more (psychological evaluation and education, and more) I think that the psychological part might be the weakest point. Unfortunately there is no laboratory test, experts can differ a lot in diagnoses, on some research over 70% of population can get diagnosed with mental issues and so on. Just not exact enough. What is more useful is the obligation of the personal physician (free healthcare and everyone has one that is the main point of medical reference and specialists go through him/her) to report any new development that might effect a gun owner. Also strong limitations on what can be bough, where it can be used, how stored and so on. So for example if you get a hunting licence and gun permit you can buy (after education and exams on hunting and firearms, background check, medical tests and psychological evaluation) a hunting gun. You can't buy an automatic gun, you can't even buy a semi with more than a determined low number of rounds. Than when hunting you need to prearrange the event and be escorted by someone from the company (private or state) or sports club managing the hunting ground. It is all stupidly expensive. Police can also come and check on your weapons and their appropriate storage as they wish, and if there is a shooting you would be the first to get checked... In essence you make it so complicated that it becomes too much trouble for anyone not realy passionate about hunting, and with limited possibility of doing mass damage to animals or people by not allowing guns that have no practical reason to be used by civilians.

  55. FancyxToast

    Joey Diaz is the closet thing we'll ever get to a real life Frank Reynolds

  56. Bradley Thomsen

    Almost all agricultural is used to feed animals. This guy is so full of shit.

  57. Mihai

    Joe “brocollini yes yes” Rogan

  58. 777killad

    I used to slash tires of people I saw carrying fast food bags or something. Even lit a meat eaters car on fire once.

    1. luke 0000


  59. Maximüs Groves

    You guys are too charitable. Vegan science isn't lost nuance, it's outright fraud.

  60. Che1seabluesdrogba11

    But do they talk about the Nordic and Scandinavian fucks for fishing? They always go after the Japanese

  61. Hattin Productions

    Rogan literally just had the director of the gamechangers on a few hours before this lmao

  62. Cosmic Silence

    Nitroglycerin within 24hours of viagra? Hmmmm

  63. AJ Aguilos

    Why did Joe call Joel Salatin slimey and not reasonable? 🤔🤔🤔 26:36

  64. Bradley Thomsen

    This idiot is pretending eating vegan kills more animals. COMPLETE BS

  65. bluekeybo

    Joe's imitations are always spot on

  66. Rick Bhasin

    Rogan becomes an idiot when discussing Marijuana or Vegans. Lol. So easy to trigger him...

  67. AwwwIquit

    11-21-2019 rip TFH podcast :( damn yt.

  68. roma albert

    мой батя с ним работал в одном здании , но в разных подразделениях

  69. Christian Porrello

    More meat ego stroking

  70. Geno Porreca

    No,joe is talking so much because scott is making sense, and its driving cunty joe sjw views too shit

  71. Nikolai Maekelae

    This is fucking bias by Joe Rogan. James Wilks himself made a post last thrusday the 14th of Nov that he would love to join the upcoming discussion with Chris on the 19th of Nov. Ten thousands of people tagged Joe and he was definitely aware. He just didn't want to have a proper discussion without having this complete pre defined opinion about a plant based diet. Secondly they didn't live stream it as they usually do. It smells like BS HERE! Joe can be so fucking bias when it supports his point of view. I generally like his show but here he officially fucked up big time.

  72. Guruver

    No more Ari thanks

  73. garyGjenkins

    Malcolm "I could be blackout drunk right now" Gladwell

  74. Walmas

    Josh Homme is like Quentin Tarantino from music.

  75. PeaceSeekr

    I love this guy. Will have to check out his music.

  76. Richard LeFevre

    Joe "one hundred meat wheels" Rogan.

  77. Ronwell Q. Dobbs

    Joe "I'm gonna have the director of this film on a day before and not bring ANY of this stuff up" Rogan.

  78. lowerastral

    I've been stung by scorpions in the Sonoran Desert as well as down in the southern jungles of Mexico several times in my youth. The first one is painful beyond belief, and you think you're going to die. But, then if you get stung again at any point later, once you've experienced being stung by scorpions, you know that you're NOT going to die, but that all the same, it's just a very unpleasant experience that you just have to endure for a few days while the venom and the after-effects subside and eventually wear off.

  79. jean decker

    How do you interview a film director and not see any of his films??

  80. mori ko

    joe cant keep up

  81. SukaFreeCity

    Talk about walk the walk and talk the talk!..This man is the definition of a true American🇺🇸!!If most people were like this guy ,we would live in peace and harmony !

  82. Marlena Hanlon

    But isn't it 1gram:1 lb of LEAN BODY WEIGHT, not total body weight?

  83. Blexxor12

    Joe "I don't want him to get in trouble, he's drunk and high!" Rogan

  84. Nico's Gaming

    Quality over quantity remember that joe

  85. Austin p

    If you live in LA and have to deal with traffic everyday....ride a motorcycle and split lanes it's legal. I mean don't haul ass and split lanes but when cars are doing 10 mph you can do 30mph safely and you can watch all these fucks on their phones texting....

  86. kevin leigh

    id be excepting of electric cars if they stopped pushing propaganda lies that E cars are "good for the planet" and just offerd them as an alternate type of vehicle. electric cars take MORE manufacturing to build hence more mining, not only that during the summer large cities cant supply enough electricity when people turn on there air conditioners..rolling black outs in LA, sanfransico even in Toronto Canada... imagine millions of people plugin in E cars at 5pm after work? it WONT work. unless we clear cut forests and build massive power plants that will have HUGE foot prints to make enough power. NOW these Ecar batteries have MAX life of 10 years. meaning in most peoples hands they will last maybe 6-7 years. now after 7 years these cars will all be outdated and will be JUNK because you wont be able to get a battery for it. ever tried getting a battery for a 7 year old cell phone?? yeahh... more pollution more recycling needed and MORE huge manufacturing plants needed to recycle these Millions of batteries being turned in all over the world. The BEST power source is diesel fuel. A: it needs very little refining , B: all the plants to produce it are already built C: its very efficient compared to gasoline or even electric if you consider all the pros vs cons.

  87. Thomas Robert Malthus

    This guy is not a nutritionist. He's an acupuncturist. And a bit of a doofus.

  88. Ghetto C

    Thanks Joe Rogan, ive seen Doctor Phil's show in passing a few times but never for more then a few minutes. Love your podcast's and the variety of subjects from so many interesting and different people. Thank you Doctor Phil for your interesting imsights and advice, keep spreading the message bro.


    At 2:05:30 the mushrooms joe said they took clearly start to kick in....

  90. Allison Tranter

    Joe “meat helmet head” Rogan

  91. James Asper

    I love his documentary GAME CHANGERS. Maybe you could have mentioned once, Joe.

  92. Bretbunde

    Finally a size large shirt.

  93. Andrew Franklin

    You should try to get David Icke on here that would be a awesome interview

  94. N. Upadhyay

    This guy is just full of shit. Go back to college and get a better degree.

  95. BMW W.

    This is Daniel Tosh's nerdy pissed off little brother

  96. C P

    Open door after 4

  97. Matt

    Is this the dude that got knocked out by the late honorable Chris Kyle?

  98. R W

    Veganism is another way of weening testosterone and aggression out of all males and making males as effeminate and physically non-threatening as possible. This planet is nothing more than the gray aliens planting us here, watching how we, their past/primitive DNA, becomes them as they are now in the present. Eventually, all humans on our planet will become what the grays are. Small, sexless, physically weak, thin, huge eyes etc. It's what we all want right? We are all the same. No more powerful sex. No race. Big old eyes to stare at those phones and media devices. Physical labor no longer necessary so our bodies all become the same too. Consider it.

  99. nickmeason

    I took a break to watch Elon unveil the truck BOOM

  100. Jason Murdoch

    Joe I love you fam but you want to talk about cte but you didnt mention ufc.