10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them



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    Julkaistu 5 kuukautta sitten


    1. Tater Puddin


    2. IAAN Alvarez

      No lie but DJ is cute

    3. biLAWL

      She looks like if Pokimane was actually Asian

    4. biLAWL

      Codys a solid dude who likes boxing, him and I could get along

    5. demon queen

      Her: I like older people Pedophiles: oh hi there

    6. andrea piro

      hahahahah banana gobbler all the way.. she went for the macho fighting coaching guy and got fucked by that XD ahahha women really. Always disappoint in the right moment. Remember the rule.. on a scale from 1 to 10 , a guy 8 will go out with girls about 6 or so, but a girl 8 will never date a guy who is 6 if he is not loaded super confident and sex packed. Its not about taste its about women nature.

    7. Chenoa H.

      He said 'I'll invest some time into you' oooh, how sweet.

    8. Love Sisterhood


    9. Do Na

      I do think the lineup of guys could’ve been better... and if she doesn’t feel attracted to someone then that’s okay. But if she wasn’t absolutely willing to go on a date with any person she picked then she shouldn’t have done this. Not a very good candidate for a blind date...

    10. frankie jay ponds

      Cody's that energy you need in your life lol

    11. frankie jay ponds

      HAHA Sean back at it again!

    12. Me yup

      Wtf is up with Sean HAHAHAHA

    13. Sasha Cotton

      She shouldve chosen bj ot dj whatever his name was

    14. nyte

      5:18 F

    15. elena lmao

      I just wanna be friends w Sean lmao

    16. Barbara McAndrews

      Bring DJ back!!! I ship them

    17. MR.SOFCOK

      Damn She is disrespectful. Texting during a conversation

      1. Adian Islam

        those were notes

    18. Angel R


    19. Sleepy Ice

      1:53 yo thats the dude from Joey Trap in "Tables" video

    20. Ben Rickerson

      How the hell did the sex symbol guy make it past round?!?!

    21. Sean Harris

      An adoptee picks parents

    22. Elena

      I would've chosen dj but yeah she doesn't deserve him lol

    23. r a t o e h khnsaa

      am i the only one cole is very dang cute?:(

    24. ToFu

      Aren't most boxers rather mediocre looking with pretty controversial looks/tattoos? What I mean is that if I happened to choose a female boxer as a male that I wouldn't expect to see a super innocent girl with no tattoos etc.

    25. Brayan Alvarez

      @jubilee put me on you're show i wanna find love lol

    26. Sweet Pea Co

      He's a better person than she is. He was open to hanging out before he saw her. As soon as she saw him, she lost interest. *She's a douche* ! It's not like he asked her to marry him. It's just a hang out where they could have a real conversation

    27. Lance Dub-u

      I’m Asian and I see she has her parents speaking to her in her head, but I hope she gave him a chance. If she has any doubts she should watch Slice and Rice and see how true live overcomes culture and race.

    28. Diego Ureta

      Why is she on her cellphone the whole time? She is so unattractive

    29. Cam Jo

      Dang, homegirl switched up real quick. At least she honest I guess..

    30. Jose Zabaleta

      i say she haved pick DJ

    31. Alexandria

      I’d go for Cody, poor dude.

    32. morales1190

      get off the PHONE. SMh

    33. estelle valentina

      am i the only one who thinks shawn is one funny mf

    34. kevon dewer

      She sucks....

    35. Vehnce

      Pretty sure Shawn showed up to create memes for the channel.

    36. clepto _

      i would go gay for sean

    37. Gia Phu

      This girl is that type of asian girl who only want asian guys

    38. kelciecat

      Get Cody an episode

    39. All u need is love

      She’s so annoying

    40. ilomilo eilish

      after the appearance reaction of the girl towards Cody, i wish she had picked DJ