10 vs 1: Blind Dating 10 Guys Through Their Phones


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    1. Tessa Dawson

      the long haired dude seems like a narcissist



    3. Ellis K

      *immediately goes through own phone to check myself*

    4. Jime Castañeda

      Okay but Lukas 😍

    5. JustAFakeBelle

      bro i though lukas was hot

    6. Maeve Wiley


    7. aleksin kanava

      ”What you wearing” Same as everyone else, black pants and white tee.

    8. Tobias Falekulo

      Omg the thumbnail has my weakness: extremely good looking girls

    9. UsingWolfram

      Theres never gonna be a video of looking through girls phones bc 3 things: Nudes Nudes They think theyre the innocent ones and are allowed to look through guys phones

    10. Moai Emoji

      5:36 I feel so bad😞

    11. hammyy -

      2:24 my dudes got brawl stars

    12. Katheryne Dwyer

      talking different to the black guy!

    13. Reid Maher

      this girl was definitely in for the money ngl

    14. Aytun Salih

      her voice is so annoying

    15. Antonio Martinez

      I'm offended because of the Android use

    16. Dane 676

      She is terrible

    17. reX

      My man had the LOL friends app lmfaoo

    18. King SultanRb6

      It’s crazy because the winner is actually the loser. 😂😂

    19. Isaiah Madigan

      *Looks at someone's phone* Her: "I just don't feel like we are compatible"


      "That's how you know your close to your mom when you can call her by her first name" That does not seem right

    21. Just Another Artist

      Poor Andrew! He seems great, yet in the few videos I’ve watched with him he never gets picked.

    22. Roberto Lopez

      If she breathes she’s a thooot

    23. EMILY_like my dog??

      Wait I thought that girl got a guy in a couple of vids ago

    24. ItsHelen Tho

      i hate how she calls herself an influencer. like what’s your talent? what are you influencing us with

    25. ƵiRro

      Imagine sharing your secrets to her and she don't pick you 😂

    26. Brayan Alvarez

      phil gotta stop doing drugs before the show no mames lol

    27. Nicole James

      the guy who works was sensitive af, I got on black and white like everyone else, and why I got to be the turn up guy

    28. Joshua Han

      Why do they keep casting her? She's the literal embodiment of a basic ABG.

    29. sam Williamson

      « Asian fonts »

    30. Anxiousatthedisco

      Lucas was adorable awe

    31. Demplayzdoe

      Not to be rude 100% Gold Digger

    32. Žan Zupančič

      What's the point of the curtains, she saw their photos on the phones?

    33. XxPink_ LoverxX

      Dis man has discord. I bet he has a eGirl hhaahah

    34. 60’s

      He’s a true gamer he has discord and iFunny! We keep him here now

    35. Ritik Raj Verma

      Voji is an alien tho😂😂

    36. cяαzεTwixyx ツ

      Why all the comments have a like ratio of 1000🤨

    37. WeaK ViBE

      Its all good guys, I called thot patrol. They're closing in on her.

    38. [みゆき]Miyuki

      That girl just called Japanese “Asian fonts”, I probably laughed more than I should’ve cause I’m sure she’s not the only one 😂😂

    39. K.Nicole

      she has no personality at all and im pretty sure she doesnt know what compatible means

    40. Spread the lulz

      2:26 Aiii brawl stars