11 Creative Art Hacks! DIY Drawing Tricks and Painting Ideas for Your Masterpiece

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    Having a little artist block, are we? Take a look at these simple and creative art ideas, and you will become a true artist in no time! Instead of years of learning, try out these DIY painting and drawing hacks instead! Create an absolutely gorgeous calligraphy piece using a fork, give a shiny effect to your business card or create an amazing marble looking painting by simply splashing a bunch of small paint puddles! Get your art gear ready and stay tuned for more creative art hacks, tips, and tricks!
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    00:05 Pebble Stone Magnet
    01:27 Keep your Paint Moisturized
    02:45 Shiny Nail Polish Effect
    03:40 Calligraphy with a Fork
    04:47 DIY Decorative CutOut Art
    05:35 Paint Puddle Art
    06:42 Bengal Lights Art
    08:04 Custom Phone Case Decor
    09:35 Easy Mountain Paint
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