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    The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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    13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.


    1. Soju Moni

      There's no need .s1 was better

    2. Kristian Hall

      I still don’t get why clay is seeing dead people and it’s the final season

    3. Breyah B.

      should’ve ended after season 2.. but ok. i have nothing against the show, if this show wasn’t supposed to be circled around Hannah and her suicide and was just about high school students going through this stuff, I’d have no problem with it but to me it seems like it’s going off track. the production, character development and the script is amazing but idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

    4. CAMWEN

      This show should’ve ended 3 years ago

    5. -Mad Hatter Bbie-

      Atleast this show is better than river dale

    6. Qowwi Fuadi Rohman

      That's music how i can love it

    7. Maryeeta

      This show is a reoccurring fever dream starring Dylan minnet

    8. ChristoRey2

      I expected the season to be about the whole town commuting suicide and clay has to find out why

    9. fax0_max

      This show was bad enough in the 1st season, WHY TF DID YALL KEEP DOING IT!!!!! THIS IS SO POINTLESS

    10. Inferos

      another one

    11. Cassie Davis

      Who else is extremely annoyed that Ani is still here?

    12. Rafael Antonio

      I think that somehow monty is still alive

    13. Emily Moore

      Cant wait

    14. Kasia Anselm

      Cant wait

    15. Sh Sh


    16. SANZ GAMER

      Season 6 clay turns out 2 b Bruce's killer all a long 😂 😂

    17. Brianna Bravo

      Wow I thought this show was all about Clay and Hannah now Hannah out the picture....

    18. Rayan X

      C’est sombre

    19. Dig Sk8


    20. bring me the sandwiches

      i hope they are not going to destroy zach in this season.

    21. Habz Uchiha

      This show is ass after season 1 but im still gonna watch it since I've already invested watching the last 3 season


      It looks like Clay has schizophrenia. I mean it's obvious, he's always hallucinating..

    23. Violet Greene

      Justin is like sooo goddamn handsome

    24. Leyla A

      This isn’t even “13 reasons why” trash 😂

    25. Rajendra Kumar

      Wy the hell is clay always the victim.. ?!! writer's, dudes u got sike characters who ppl really really love c'mon a 5 yr child can make a better story line than u ppl....brains is all u have to use not ur money.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    26. The Athletic Kid

      I miss Bryce....

    27. Rajendra Kumar

      Okay,now I am just annoyed.

    28. MD Rakibul Hasan Shoun

      Hannah's ghost would be a better option for this season. We are missing her.

    29. rohan rai

      Can't compare anything with season 1

    30. lucid dreamer

      Season 1 was best fo em. Further seasons were not needed

    31. DroolynBloomey Didleduck

      I think this just turned from Hannah to Bryce and Monty becoming ghosts

    32. Jerky Murky

      Wait, there is going to be another season of this aborted fetus of a show?

    33. Dream Chaser97

      Honestly, 13 reasons shoulda ended a long time ago. Where Hannah story ended. So it shoulda ended in S3. They just draggin the it now🤦‍♂️.

    34. Amina Guechida

      Enough is enough (even for this tv show)

      1. oiuet souiu

        what is even going on anymore?

    35. Amina Guechida

      Enough is enough (even for this tv show)

      1. Amina Guechida

        @oiuet souiu I don't have that answer sorrrrryyyyyy lol

      2. oiuet souiu

        Can you give me 13 reasons why there is another season???

    36. oliver

      2021: 13 Reasons Why Final Season: Part 2

    37. Jessica

      Confused but still going to watch lol

    38. Rabii Alaoui

      no one: literally no one: clay the whole show: *"I see dead people"*

    39. Stormyyy

      Who watches this ew

    40. Ashish Mishra

      Please delete ani character

    41. Mrs. SewChan Man

      Bad Writing: Season 4

    42. Vasu Kaushik

      It's about time alexx faces the consequences of his actions

    43. Alec J

      Can we just take a moment to realize all of this happened cause a girl committed toaster bath. -.-

    44. Great Arima


    45. Jamesha Brown

      They should’ve stopped at S2.... this is just overkill

    46. gwxnd0lyn5

      wait like- but didn't season 3 leave off woth like a cliff hanger where they found tyler's guns in the river? what happened to that? when did monty come in?

    47. Gabrielle Bellizzi

      What date is this new season coming out?

      1. RyanL181095

        June 5

    48. Too Healthy

      They did Montgomery wrong with adding more bad shit on him when he was already charged with something else

    49. Twilyly

      Can you give me 13 reasons why there is another season???

      1. RyanL181095

        this is the last season

    50. Inazuma Freak

      what is even going on anymore?

    51. Grace Elizabeth

      Season 4 is definitely looking like the season where Clay finally has a mental breakdown and everyone realises how messed up that kid is

    52. Wow that was freaking epic


      1. Wow that was freaking epic

        @RyanL181095 I know but it doesnt need another one its just getting even more terrible each season

      2. RyanL181095

        this is the last one tho

    53. oops

      Which season is this lol

      1. RyanL181095


    54. Arpit Singh

      S1 was the best!

    55. Explicit Reverberation

      Clay, I think its time to just say no to getting the diploma and move out of town. Show ended after like 1.5 seasons. She died. We listened to the tapes. Story done.

    56. Kristen Phoenix

      Can someone explain to me what it means "someone being framed" ? I'm sorry english isn't my first language and I search on the internet but the traduction seems a bit weird ...😅

      1. Kristen Phoenix

        @Kiara Ridl Thank you 💜💜

      2. Kiara Ridl

        It’s like blaming someone for something they didn’t do


      Ooof goosegumbs

    58. Howstin

      It should have ended already at s1.

    59. saurabh cr7

      Since Hannah Story it's never the same

    60. Monalisa Aliya

      I knew it the next season must be about bringing justice,either for Bryce or Montgomery..

    61. mario gonzalez otero

      What a reference in the title to snk final season

    62. Mona Ghosh

      Ok only one question why always clay why always clay has being targeted in every worst cases..

    63. Najma Parveen

      I'm waiting. Damn I'm eagerly waiting Okay but i can't wait anymore for this 😭😭😭

    64. Najma Parveen

      I'm waiting. Damn pkay i can't wait gor this😭

    65. Yash Seth

      So this gives us 52 reasons not to watch this show

    66. First Last

      i’m so happy it’s over JAHAHHAJJANAJJAA

    67. shishir mani

      13 reasons why clay keeps hallucinating.

    68. Melly Linstead

      My unpopular opinions: 1. I like Ani. 2. There isn't anything wrong with the show changing topics for each season. e.g. Hannah, polaroids, Bryce. 3. The presence of ghosts make the show more interesting. 4. Monty deserved to go to prison, but he may not have been such a nasty person if he wasn't abused at home. 5. Bryce deserved the chance to change.

    69. Charlotte Jones

      am i the only one who thinks ani is a perfect character for the series - it would have gotten so boring without her. also , i don't see why people don't enjoy the plot? i think it's so gripping and it still shows how mental illness and problems etc. can have a huge impact on people and their actions. cannot wait for series 4 !

    70. Felix Bergbauer

      let's get this over with ...

    71. Abid Hosssin

      No matter how much I hate Monty for what he did with Tyler and all I don't like the fact that Clay will just use him as Bryce's killer.He loved Bryce and the fact that he is dead doesn't matter.I just think the person who commits crime should be the one who gets punished

    72. BlueBomb

      “Monty was framed”

    73. Amay Sharma

      The best thing was the thing between clay and Hannah it still gives me anxiety attacks

    74. Morbid Thinker

      Season 1 : Hannah ded Season 2: School sued Season 3: Bryce and Monty dead Season 4: Monty framed Season 5: World war 3 and alien invasion

    75. iamyul

      When a "13 reasons why" show isn't about 13 reasons why.

    76. Kahini Nath

      Moral of the series :: You can say thousands of things to cover the truth, but it will end up by ruining you. Always be ready to face the truth. [Too much 13RW found in blood]

    77. Josh Aldrin Esteban

      Imagine Hannah coming back this season 😂

    78. Proper

      Does anyone know the reason to a bullet hole in bryce head in season 3

    79. the Democratic Voice

      THE BESTEST THING happen for me during lockdown 😃😃😃

    80. Hinanda Halder

      No please I don't want Monty out he's a manipulater , bully innocents I think he deserve to be imprison for rest of his life 😠 , his so called boy friend thinks he's so innocent