16 Women Compete for 6 Men



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    1. Flen the flying pig

      Yo i vibe with the rapper

    2. ninjamurai

      The guy wit he long hair is so bland that if he were a spice he’d be flour.

    3. Ihee Boom

      So basically the hunger games

    4. Ellis K

      Melody is so funny omg

    5. Aa Ra

      5:02 bruh she’s asking if he has any artistic talent and he’s like yeah i listen to music💀

    6. sheepish covers

      “how would you guys describe your dating lives in one word?” second guy: “tobecontinued”

    7. Jaina Solo

      Oh the poor guy with no girls. I felt so bad.

    8. ProjectB

      “Thank you guys, welcome to my guild..”

    9. Abraham Garcia

      That Latina is fire 🔥

    10. Jawaria

      Feel soo bad for 1 guy no girl chose him 🤐😈

    11. MasterStepz9 •

      The guy got zero girls because he’s 18 and working full time. Meaning, he won’t be having 6 figures anytime soon. It was down to his financial potential because, he’s not even ugly.

    12. Elia Bano

      Shout out to my tall guy who kept the short girls 👏🏻👏🏻😔

    13. •Crosswind Aviation•

      4:35 Good job... good money ... So the truth eventually comes out of the mouth.

    14. Sahara Parker

      the girl with the round gold glasses is sooo cute

    15. Andy Law

      the rapper guy looks like xxxtentacion

    16. brittney johnson

      those guys were so cringy except the one from new york and the 18yr old was so good looking

    17. Heidi Geise

      Okay but Kalen can get it. As if no one approached him :(

    18. Jayse Lau

      Long haired dude is my all time mood

    19. Meg Fluffy

      these ppl have zero chemistry.

    20. Phantom Elite

      The black girl on the far right at 4:21 was super adorable.

    21. Cordon Flamingo

      "thank you, welcome to my guild!"🤣🤣

    22. BR

      Surprised about the guy with the curly hair, I would have never picked him. Also surprised that the guy with a degree didn't get more girls. Intelligence is so attractive but given that he can't follow directions (he described his dating life with three words) I am not sure how intelligent he is. lol. The guy with dreads should have gone with the blond-haired girl, I felt they had better depth in chemistry while the other was more physical. Dude with the long hair and the girl he picked could be siblings. Overall, all good personalities.

    23. Chef Deeze

      Personality of a dead moth

    24. Matthew Bartley

      "Welcome to my guild"

    25. Ramon Mendez

      The guild guy was hilarious

    26. Steysin Guevara

      I feel bad for the man without a girl

    27. Yacine Moumni

      WTF did I just watch? The long haired guy looks like the hostage or the kidnapper

    28. Annoying Rat

      These girl are stunning 😅

    29. Lou Dessus

      "i love being creative, maybe that's just a new york thing" LMAO WHO LET THIS MAN OUT

    30. possessed Slashkill

      The guy that was a rapper looked like ex a lil

    31. Mujtaba Alam

      "How would you describe your dating life in one word?" "To be continued" "Not important"


      7:18 meme content

    33. 1waoh

      they couldn't have me on this because no girls would line up for someone else...

    34. xI-_Suic1de _-Ix

      That rap was terrible

    35. Bobbie Bryan

      Can we get a lgbt line up?

    36. Mmapara Pilusa

      What exactly does the short chubby guy mean when he says he models?

    37. Nico Blogs

      7:03 is the weirdest guy I've seen

    38. S1KOTIC


    39. Kat W

      I thought the reverse guy and girl ratio was cringe but it’s just life how people are so socially awkward when dating in front of a camera. When really the girls are just as bad 😂😂😂 why is life so hard 😂

    40. Kaileigh Johnson

      if anyone watches insatiable, look at him and his name is christian 😧

      1. Frostbitegaming

        Same eyes too and overall creepy vibe!