18 Funny College Pranks and Life Hacks

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    A true college student will not be stopped by anything while preparing for exams! Do you think so too? Then you probably will like our student life hacks!
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    Question of the Day: what weird life hacks you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below!

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      4. Rose Khan

        Ally Kunselman Do you have a FIsels and you have games my head up on the auditor see baby Ellie

      5. Rose Khan

        Ally Kunselman Do you have a FIsels and you have gained my head up in the auditor see baby Ellie

    2. Sumuk Ridem

      tim your U G L Y haha

    3. Anwar Kusworo

      dat boi : less dishes less problem me : boi... WAT ABOUT LE TURTLES :CCC lel no hating just literal logic

    4. Shangreiphao Mui

      Hi Would you do more pranks

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      Please change the voice of the voice over my ear are bleeding

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      Like it

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      i like this part 2:22 Up to you 2:42

    9. Khaleesi Brown

      College partys are apparently like 6 year old partys. HMMMM

    10. Unicorn Cupcake

      I love you.

    11. Tigercubs 500

      Why do they have to say alyeys

    12. Fey Mohammed

      2:25-3:01 i a trick from #nowyoucanseeme

    13. emy hamouda


    14. Jesse Streeter

      why do you think it's ok to cheat because it's not I swear nobody raised their kids right anymore

    15. Jesse Streeter

      that's good teach people that's it ok to cheat in life to get what they want instead of earning their grade by studying. If you cheat you deserve to get in trouble.

    16. Jaki Reyes

      They won’t let us bring aur phones to school (sad)

    17. Anna Thomas


    18. Matilda Olsson


    19. Ionut Ivana

      What do you mean , cheat sheet on a band-aid and keep it on an arm, that looks painful.

    20. Ionut Ivana

      I Love The Girl Kelly.

    21. Ionut Ivana


    22. Ionut Ivana

      The pranks were so funny.

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      I don’t go to college first grade🤨🧐

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      i love troom troom

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      Do more collage hacks

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      Did you see the door at the beginning


      *hotslut.ru* 3:55

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    30. Tamika Grazette

      Stop teaching kids to cheat it's disgusting

    31. unicorn classmate

      Wrong hand mister 0:58

    32. stanislavas biliunas

      Im gonna eat chicken

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    34. yohan's world

      So much fun ❤️❤️🙃🙃☺️☺️

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      Skskskkssksk Luke thwr

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      Have a Day in class

    37. Disastrous Movies

      this thumbnail-

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      I like to Chet

    39. Liat Kugel

      no phone's in school 🏫


      *hotslut.ru* 1:53

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    42. Lera latef Mustafa

      I like shahn

    43. Gamecraft time Nwankwo

      No phone in schools

    44. Aria Roka

      Has a date nin clss

    45. Qawi Khairul


    46. Taylor Mobbs

      7:08 they say were late for class then 7:13 they say getting dressed for a party then a 7:34 it goes back to class

    47. Claudia Diaz

      Let’s play a game ok let’s start If ur name is Jordan ur out If u like ice cream ur out If u are 13 ur out If u like chocolate ur out If u have a t - shirt with roses ur out If u have something in ur hand ur back If u like a Tofuu ur back If u are an artist ur back If u are on the toilet ur back If u are in bed ur out That’s it For today so If u were back more times like If u got out more times add reply or add a pizza

    48. DT Nina NN

      They dude didn’t get the pants all the way 😆😂

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      Bruh u were dancing for like 10 minutes

    51. Cara Michelle

      Yeah cause you can just have a phone out in class

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      My last name is hosein

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      Oh! It'S sO nIcE tO sLeEp On My FrIeNdS hEaD! TroomTroom.

    54. *ItsMidnight Wolf Gacha*

      1:42 what dr. Oes this have to do with school. This channel is kinda stupid and dumb

    55. garath earnshaw

      You have great ideas troom troom

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      The hair dryer is on the laptop because that's the sound of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Sofia Kimery

      What was that dancing scene

    58. Skywalker Darfader

      Faaaaaaam why can’t you ask a friend instead of taking like an hour to dry your hair

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      You are funny😅😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

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