2019 United States Grand Prix: Race Highlights


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    A title-deciding day in Texas...
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      I have a virtual motorsport channel, give me a force please

    2. Taufik Ayal

      Incredible Hanilton

    3. Feline Prime

      Hamilton's pass on Leclerc shows the exact difference between a vet and an apprentice. Not the greatest Lewis fan but that was master class!

    4. ZimChild Vlogs


    5. Wendy King

      Sarah fersgon

    6. Yassine

      The hammer 44 did it in style. Hamilton is a true legend the way he passed Leclerc See you newbie! I'm the champ

    7. Christo S


    8. thelemadagan

      You just gotta love Bottas! The sole fact that he manages to win races with 6 x world champion and possibly GOAT Hamilton is soooo impressive! Looking forward to 2020.

    9. SUDIBOY Official



      Very interesting and fabulous video today I have seen. JUST LOVE IT ❤❤❤

    11. Henrique Gomes

      I´m not a big Lewis´ fan but he deserves the 2019 World Championship WELL DONE LEWIS HAMILTON!!

    12. Paradise Hotel 500

      Have Ferrari been cheating in the second half of this season?.

    13. Field Cooking

      When I watch this, I’ll never blink my eyes

    14. Raymond Supan

      Where was the race?

    15. zzmartinus


    16. Gregs Tagebuch 2.0

      Feel so sorry for Seb

    17. Informatique DZ

      F1 was so better in the past :(

    18. Doggo Master

      Fuck man, can't believe Ferrari is having these issues, I was expecting a nice race from Vettel but... sad.

    19. MT Infinity

      Ferrari and Red Bull are so good at not having the race pace Mercedes has. Also Mercedes's pirelly testing gave them some nice rock-solid tyres, very nice indeed.

    20. saleem waheed

      I don't think Lewis has ever won the race that clinched a championship. Congratulations my Brotha!

      1. Toro Loco

        and 2015

      2. Владимир Соколов


    21. Griffin Sewell

      Why do teammates try and beat each other

    22. ac2leung

      @4:44 “Alright, alright, alright!”

    23. Ty williams

      Where's the full race?

    24. Attila Gyarmati

      Another boring race.

    25. Alberto E. B.

      Preciosa la lucha de los Ferraris al principio de la carrera, lástima de la rotura de la suspensión de Vettel. Y me ha gustado la lucha de los Mercedes durante la carrera demostrando Hamilton su madurez al no ponérselo demasiado difícil a Bottas, a fin de cuentas Hamilton era campeón del mundo 2019 llegando segundo, así que podía dejarle a su compañero el honor de ganar esta carrera. Bien por los pilotos hispanoparlantes que han puntuado ambos, Sainz 8º y Pérez 10º, enhorabuena.

    26. Bruce Lee

      Breaking news! fisels.info/video/videot/a5zLqc2Fq3p4knU.html

    27. Matthew h

      No need to constantly shout stupid commentary

    28. Philip Kälin

      Yes.... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!! Nr. 6!!!

    29. Puppet lover

      1:50 like our hearts, Seb. Like our hearts.

    30. Braulio Barrios


    31. João Faria

      Eu nao sei como as pessoas ainda tem pachorra para estat 2 horas em frente ao tv para ver estas corridas que de formula 1 nao tem nada, e so desperdicio e alimentar a maquina trituradora do consumismo

    32. Cmdr Karrde

      Crofty sounds like hes about to get into a fight and ive never heard martin brundle shout into the microphone like that before. While its a novelty that Americans own the sport now, there really should be different regional english commentary if thats how its going to be.

      1. Puppet lover


    33. John Tempest

      F1 is boring. I miss Senna. Hamilton wins again. No parity.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        That was boring

    34. 존도우

      same result same winner everyyear.....this is f1 shame on u this is not racing

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Now someone tell Bottas no more holding back push yourself win your first title

    35. Emily An

      Just a beautiful moment that Seb came back into the room where Lewis and Valtteri were, and congratulate them. Btw anyone noticed that awkward fist bump?

    36. Grichka Bogdanoff

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    37. john Acacio

      Rollin in a Benzo!

      1. john Acacio

        uh -huh and haha - good one!

      2. Emily An

        FUCKKKKKKKKKKK the dominant marcedez. Where is the competitive for the competition ??????????? LIKE amatir competition, not like to be MOTOGP

    38. Martin Dawson

      Crofty take a fucking valium man christ sake!

    39. Matej Zizza

      Bottas can beat Lewis but he need to be consistent like this race every weekend

    40. 児玉ミッドスポーン

      Ferrari slow down no cheat no Power!w

    41. Ask to seduce Miss

      Whoever makes these edits, try to include more midfield battle into them was expecting to see more of sainz,riccairdo and norris

    42. Plush Heroes Adventure

      That was the same day as nascar race in Texas motor speedway

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    45. KooperSpeederYT

      *_N O T A L K I N G_*

    46. John sweda

      Poor old Sunday driver Vettel can't hold it together

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    48. Franlkin Cabrera

      Hamiton el mejor

    49. Andrew Hernandez

      Now someone tell Bottas no more holding back push yourself win your first title

    50. ivanr77

      That was boring

    51. Charming nowhere to hide

      Bottas won the race "Get in there Lewis"

    52. MARTIN A1

      Stirling Moss may have been a good judge of a racer but no reason to say he was a good judge of character.....

    53. hamed abdul

      FUCKKKKKKKKKKK the dominant marcedez. Where is the competitive for the competition ??????????? LIKE amatir competition, not like to be MOTOGP

    54. Patrick O'Driscoll


      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    55. eric mendez

      Boring F1!

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    57. Gabriele Cencig

      McLaren has been 2nd best team of the year imho. If they keep soakin in, and follow through with their progress, I bet Mercedes might come to regret their agreement for the PUs supply :D

    58. Kristian Kasmuller

      #40 trending for *gaming?*

      1. Cassie


    59. EDKuglero

      How is this in the gaming section of gaming?

    60. 유아프리youafree


      1. 유아프리youafree

        @Cassie Oh, I See

      2. Cassie

        are practicing "affirmative action" with Hamilton as beneficiary. Disgusting!