3.10.09 BluRay/DVD Update & My Top 5 Horror Films of All Time!

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    Hey everyone! this is my dvd and bluray update for March 10th, 2009! Thank you all for watching my videos and subscribing! It means so much to me! thank you!

    This is also my video response to Rhine1988. He tagged me and this is his video response back with my TOP 5 Horror Films of all time!



    1. Douglas Conner


    2. Douglas Conner

      Hey sexbombash! I didn't care for the straight to dvd movie of Day of the Dead. did you? I love Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead! Night of the living deads 90' remake was great and i also liked Dawn of the Dead's remake too! You?

    3. Ash Magee

      hiya doug did u like day of the dead remake. tell me what u think of it.

    4. gamerguy1991

      Nice films i need to see milk great update. Cant wait for the next one.

    5. DarkAngel182

      Hey that's cool, I don;t have a problem with that. Though I don;t think I'll be adding those particular DVDs to my own collection though! ;)

    6. Douglas Conner

      well, that is because im "gay". So its only right to own "gay" cinema. Thanks for the comment :)

    7. Brian Dorton

      looks like you know all the gay titles yourself.. nothing wrong with that dude.

    8. DarkAngel182

      Woah, too many "gay" DVDs in your collection there dude!

    9. Brian Dorton

      Psycho is hardly a slasher.. Hellbent was just plain awful!! Nice choices for your 5 fav horror films though..

    10. sarah1228

      Sunshine is fucking amazing on blu-ray loved Demon Knight when i was a teen for your horror films are you going 1-5 or 5-1??

    11. Rhine1988

      Great dvd update and Top 5 Dvds! Halloween is a classic and is awesome!

    12. MrBlueberry81

      Half Price Books rocks. I could spend hours there. What do you think of Psycho 2? I think it's an underrated sequel that doesn't get enough attention.

    13. steve evans

      Hey nice picks man Cemetery Man is great and seeing your top 5 i know you will like it

    14. will teada

      how was ferox? i been debating on getting it for like a year now and i still cant commit myself to spending 17 bucks on it lol. we have the exact same top five..

    15. Vlogging Bastendo's Movie Room

      Great update! Milk allready out on dvd there, we are behind here. Great film.

    16. Matt St.Clair

      great video doug! have you ever watched Milk? I heard good things about it and i want to see it.

    17. boomstickplease

      Sunshine was pretty good imo, it didn't get a lot of attention when it came out. I've seen Hellbent, it was okay like you said. I LOVE Cemetery Man, that's one I need to pick-up on DVD. Psycho! Texas Chainsaw Massacre! The Evil Dead! Those three are in my top 5 too, and I even own the same editions :D My other two are Black Christmas & (yeah, I know... but it literally scares me to this day) The Blair Witch Project.