3 Levels of ASMR: Can They Spot the Fraud?



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    Motoki - motokimaxted
    Mel - melodyccheng
    Truc - taco_truc
    Sharon - adorkablesharon
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    1. Floaty Sky

      YOO GIBI 🔥

    2. Polar Maple

      This is becoming the 2nd buzz feed

    3. Epic Duck productions

      Judges: 😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😅😂😂😆😅😂😂😆😂😂😆😅😅😂😆😂😂😆😅😂🤣😂🤣🤣😅😆😅🤣😂😆😂🤣

    4. Queen Kong

      third person watched one ASMR darling and one Frivvy video and was like AIGHT I KNOW WHATS UP

    5. Queen Kong


    6. Jo-Ann Nelson

      I'm just gonna be honest I love asmr and most asmr'tists gives me tingles but this one was just a tat annoying and irritating

    7. Shaz a

      Grace at 2:06

    8. Sage Isbister

      A mix of asmr and comedy. This is now my favorite video🤘🔥

    9. • Sofia •

      GUYS! The fraud has now an asmr channel! Its called Sharon Shares Asmr!

    10. Banana Boy

      i kinda liked the second performer.

    11. HitsLike Lama

      Bruh where is the yoda CBT

    12. hayes collins

      Please do another one 😆

    13. Ioana Avieritei

      Asmr irritates me so so so much I can't even explain it

    14. Abby Turrner

      Okay but the expert got nothing from me, I’m not a fan of food sounds (sorry amateur!), But I would absolutely watch videos from Shannon

    15. [ ]

      When kageyama does asmr

    16. Bellas Bubble

      Yay I love that Gibi was in the video😌

    17. Jenk No

      I only got tingles from the fraud 😂✌️

    18. Casss Cruz


    19. Farzeen Ather

      I feel like if they knew what Grace struggles with and just how shy and sweet she is they wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that she's indecisive, I think she was just unsure of what they liked 🥺

    20. Cookie Gacha!

      I'm not hating it's just that I dislike that the judges make faces when the people audition. At least they are trying

    21. Existance_is_pain__

      I've never seen grace with dark hair, i thought that was mads lmao

    22. Jackamations !!!!!!!!!

      honestly..... the "fraud" was the only one that gave me tingles

    23. Sara Sagastumen

      The first on says : some people like the word milk . And I was like WTF

    24. Boogie Zlog

      "My name is Truck" beep beep

    25. Anisa Alija

      I just watched Maddie (mads asmr) and she was doing a video with Grace (Gracev) and when i saw this video i was like: i wonder if Maddie is going to be here! But its wasnt Maddie it was Grace!

    26. dragonice888

      Can you all stop hating on the two reactors please. Asmr is weird and people can react to it however they want. Asmr is like abstract art. Some people think it's amazing and others don't get it. AND THAT'S FINE!

    27. love inna bag

      What's the link to grace's channel

      1. yessir

        love inna bag search up gracev asmr

    28. Monorakūn Bella


    29. Expired McNuggets

      7:14 mom come pick me up I'm scared

    30. Bella F

      i hated the people who were the ones listening to it. they are so annoying. hate them, love grace.

    31. Athziri Sisi

      the “judges” are so disrespectful..

    32. Eryn. _freestyle.disco

      Fraud is my favourite but still like gracev

    33. Antivenom

      Has anyone made a version of this where it’s just the asmr

    34. GuyInARoom

      tbh as an asmr listener the fraud is pretty good, but that's probably just her natural talent/character that enables her to copy other people's behavior pretty good, she must know at least a little bit of asmr so I think she's just an asmr listener just because she used flutters, had a classic intro, swichted between mics often and repeated words, only thing that seemed unusual is telling a story like that and the "flutters away"

    35. Naëll Cuenin

      Woah sorry I had to stop mid vid cuz I actually dislike the sound of people um eating?? Idk but the rest is great I guess asmr just isn't really for me 😅

    36. joão guerra

      I want a Sharon Shares Asmr show or livestream, that was some good ASMR with awesome sounds, funny parts and a story

    37. GamingTube Kids

      The third person was I think mimicking AsmrDarling because she talked like her, laughed like her, and has her flow. No hate to that person or anybody, just saying.

    38. Sienna Ceulemans

      The one person talking to vol 😡

    39. your uncle

      @ - @ @ - @

    40. PIERRCE

      Why are you guys hating on Motoki and Mel? Their reactions made this episode entertaining. Some of you are taking ASMR way too seriously... jeez

      1. PIERRCE

        Rosalie H I didn’t find them disrespectful tho :/ they said they enjoyed the ASMR

      2. Rosalie H

        It has something to do with respect I think