6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater



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    Spencer - spencer0061
    Rahul - raheats
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    Sebastian - fisels.info/a/3O34bCJB1hkwTrLaD0J7Pw
    Michael - michaeldonte_

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    1. Jubilee

      Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this first episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT REQUEST: please be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We appreciate your passion; let’s all try to remember to be compassionate of others :)

      1. FREEZE

        Do “6 Kanye fans and 1 hater” @jubilee

      2. Wolf and Gacha

        Please do six Fall Out Boy fans vs one hater PLEASE!!!!

      3. Mackenzie Chambliss

        I just wanna be friends with all of them😁😉

      4. Googles Docs

        Jubilee once the Bey squad figured it out they kidnapped the person and force him to listen to Bey for 3.5 hours

      5. Michael Hale

        One of you guys I know it's a great FIselsr that I watch a senior last video you did a MMA and wrestling videos at CM Punk video we come back to professional wrestling but other than that I'm not subscribed FIsels channel but I might be coming back this is driving a member of subscribe to your ex girlfriend in your channel book I'm going to get a boy cat video when I was to scrub your channel but that is not why I'm not sweat your channel does know a sad reason that I can think of any way you'll figure it out

    2. Coulibaly Madina

      michael was my favorite

    3. EZ Mokonnen

      6 J Cole fans & a J Cole hater PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE

    4. Michu Fonteboa

      Can we confirm he was the best player of the show? We can.

    5. Princess Sky

      I like Beyoncé but damn her fans can be annoying and really are aggressive for NO REASON

    6. Big Ben

      10:38 "It's all about Britney...", the deceptionist declared right after revoking his fraudulent guise. Nobody voted him off even once. Unfortunetly, the members of the game did not see through the deception. You see, there is an explanation as to why he blended in so invisibly. This [femenine-gay-ethnic-Britney-fan] is synonymous with the [femenine-gay-ethnic-Beyonce-fan]. One only has to realize; the most deceptive moles in our society, are the 'false flag correlatives'. Simply put; they might not be of the same species as the primary members of the structured system that they have infiltrated, but they're correlated with them, and that makes them very deceptive. The gay community is infested with such false-flag correlatives. The homopedophiles and the homohebe/ephebophiles are of a different species than the regular homosexuals. They have deviated physical and mental traits. Despite their suspect and questionable deviations in both looks and mind, they're blindly being accepted into the gay community as if they are legitimate homosexuals. I knew right away that Sebastian was the hater. That's what a Britney-fan looks like.

    7. Mike Brown

      Ok, maybe I am a stan because I knew all the answers to their questions, like immediately lol

    8. Mike Brown

      he said, Bree..... Bye Rahul!!! These were easy ass questions too. lol

    9. Damien B

      "I don't study but I know my queen" 🤣

    10. Keith Bryant

      I fuckin love Sebastian

    11. Keith Bryant

      Gay people are so accusatory

    12. Glorimar Martinez

      I'm a beyonce crackhead lmfao 😭❤ and yes this has been my profile pic for years

    13. Pat Varau

      hahaha.....10:28 got me tear up in laughter

    14. CheeseyJ 28

      Spencer : “DESTINY’S CHILD MY ASS!” I was dying 😂😂😂

    15. Dee Tarese

      Spencer was annoying as hell...

      1. artsy violets

        Dee Tarese ikr!

    16. Hannah Miranda


    17. Emily Sawrey

      The indian

    18. The Skyrim Inquisitor

      Sebastian is right. The way they ganged up on on person at the time is just plain mean. I think this is the most of this kind of attack I've seen in an Odd Man Out video. Hats off to Michael trying to be the voice of reason

    19. Akieem Webb


    20. A a

      Glad they lost, especially that spencer chick

    21. bluekat1904

      Dude only showed love for destiny child, that is not Beyonce baby boy said it. And it went ignored. And why were they like "you're safe" lol never say that

    22. Γιάννης Αλεξανδρίδης


    23. Reannah suh

      Hidden in plain sight lol

    24. Jablinski Gaming

      What a toxic group of people lmao

      1. Louis Gang

        Jablinski Gaming and this is why Britney sung toxic lmao

    25. Reagan Hoffman

      I don’t like Beyoncé

    26. BloomsStudios

      Beyonce sucks

      1. xx•asmr_Milla •xx

        BloomsStudios ikr

    27. Amaryah Rivera

      Yall should get a headquarters in NYC!😩😩😩

    28. Chioke Joseph

      "The womb" I'M SCREAMINGGG😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

    29. Denman Otali

      I love how Sebastion was never voted

    30. fried chicken

      I love Beyoncé but let’s not forget she cleared the whole floor or whatever for her to give birth when other WOMEN was too!

    31. Roman Nieuwkerk

      when he said “girl it fell. uHuhuHuHu huhU” i felt that

    32. calli

      Erin:That’s not vegan Tamara: Thats not Beyonce

    33. Daveigh XOXO

      Equestrian version? please

    34. Janae Thomas

      I love how Tamara spends the entire game with Sebastian but the second the lights turned red turned on him

    35. Janae Thomas

      when spencer quoted obsessed i was like sis you’re good

    36. matilda cisowska

      I swear I aspire it be Sebastian

    37. FREEZE

      Please do “6 Kanye fans and 1 hater” @jubilee

    38. Trevione Newby

      I’m glad he won cause I hated the last ones 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

    39. Ochre Clay

      WHAT THE FUCK he was the last I’d pick 😂 YOU GO SEBASTIAN I love that you bluffed me.

    40. Ochre Clay

      I think it’s the girl or the glasses geek boy. I’m half way