6 BTS Fans vs 1 Secret Hater


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    Trinity - t.rintrin
    Jose - fisels.info
    Bryana - bryanasalaz
    Darla - _darlala
    Tae - KrnBoy1981
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    1. Jubilee

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      1. Samuel Hernandez

        (stop sleeping on @DAY6 Korea pleaseeee)

      2. # MoArmy

        This is True that " This is a Beautiful Fandom "😄

      3. Aesthetic Yoon-gi

        I’m an Army :3

      4. Mackenzie Chambliss

        can you guys do ski mask the slump god

      5. TaleWorkWithLia

        I hate BTS

    2. -CHim_ KoOk

      Omg i love tae he's so funny I don't get why they voted him out

    3. Xnight Specs

      The Filipino watches this probably laughed, because of someones name.😆

    4. aline gunawan

      Lmao the dude from tiktok AHSHAHAH

    5. Elise Fernandez


    6. Maroc Avacado

      I don’t like bts there fan base well at lest American bts fans ar usually weird and toxic

    7. Priscilla Yang


    8. Myat Su Hnin Pan

      I am an exol and the first mole I suspected was trinity. I guess exols know each other too 😂

    9. RandomDude

      It’s a damn shame anyone from BTS could steal any girl I wanted.

    10. Carterkoep

      Kpop is so ass

    11. Ma dy

      Can we just talk about how beautiful darlas hair is

    12. *Ghosty_ Cookie*

      Armyyyyy! :>

    13. 病• Clємєитιиє •病

      Is no one going to talk about how cute Bryana is?

    14. Salty Buns

      Pls do 6 exo fans and 1 exo hater

    15. Julian Dicelli

      Bruh didn’t two just get arrested for rape

    16. Shea Cogan

      You should do Xxxtentacion fans and 1 hater

    17. мιи γοοиιє

      ARMYYYYYYY💜💜💜 I believed alan lmao he was in a video named armys vs non armys

    18. Itsss me ELISHA

      Uhh if u know alan he’s definitely a bts fan....

    19. White Rose

      I've not watched yet but i guess this is going to be veeeery cringe

    20. Saianna Sweet

      When she said “I’m not BTS fan... I’m an EXO fan” I screamed!!!!! EXO we are one ❤️❤️❤️

    21. Itz_CookieDough

      Alan was there, wew! I srsly knew he was a bts fan bec he was playing as a bts fan in a vid with Marcus xD

    22. Isabella Buckland

      I feel like the girl with the green and yellow stripes cuz I could tell let’s see if I’m right

    23. AestheticGacha

      Bruh, I don’t even listen to BTS anymore because they are too busy with other things so they can’t give out music, but at least I know that Speak Yourself if an album. It’s the album with Best of Me and all of the Japanese versions.

      1. Aliii Rxsa

        @AestheticGacha oof 😂

      2. AestheticGacha

        Aliii Rxsa lmaooo

      3. Aliii Rxsa

        Speak Yourself was a tour lmao the album was called Face yourself

    24. kylia studios

      nobody talking about the girl Bryana from team Kaylie on Netflix really tho 'm waiting for season two wUw amazing show btw

    25. mindae -

      Alan was kinda cute ngl...anyways..heck ya ARMY and Exo-L, did a good job!

    26. aw shit

      6:39 am i trippin or they put mika on jose

    27. aw shit


    28. Th_black_j Army

      Army In the chat jajajaja

    29. aesthetics _ clouds

      bruh, speak yourself IS an album. Look on spotify, look on youtube, etc, speak yourself is an album. -_-

      1. Aliii Rxsa

        Speak Yourself was a tour, the album is called Face Yourself :)

    30. trin b

      oh my god trinity-the girl who HAS MY NAME is not an army 😭😭

    31. Steph C.

      i need their stan twt accs

    32. game_ hunter

      Bts gae

      1. Aliii Rxsa


    33. Charlotte Turner

      Tae is the best. The hat YAAASSSS. Tony Montana YAAAAASSS. Just because he is older doesn’t mean I can’t be an army.

    34. Cassandra Taylor


    35. Pau GG

      I want more episodes with tae

    36. mi casa aka BANGTAN

      but also obviously as me having a Twitter stan theres no way I could not know tae or Jose that they're army cuz it's our family community 😂😂😂

    37. mi casa aka BANGTAN

      tae is the real mvp honestly you shouldn't categorize someone of their interests on their age that's a first that bts taught us but it depends on everyone ways of thinking so 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    38. Amm

      (Watches video and has no idea whats going on)

    39. Lucas Lima

      Being a Bts or Exo fan is not vegan.

      1. Nat

        Lucas Lima I literally just watched that episode 😭😂😂

    40. Otinapaaay Shing!

      Alan was right from the beginning 😂