6 Rappers vs 1 Fake Rapper



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    Blimes Brixton - blimesbrixton
    Colette Carr - colettecarr
    Deazy Treez - deazytreez
    Kingston The Barber - kingstonthebarber
    Kito Fortune - kitofortune
    Milania Monroe - milaniaamonroe
    Tenn Buick - tennbuick
    Beats by Skinny Chase: fisels.info
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    1. Jubilee

      Hey Goodhumans! We hope you enjoyed this episode. Filming in front of a live audience was so fun! Be sure to check out Audible - you can get your first audiobook and two Audible originals FREE when you try Audible for 30 days! Visit audible.com/jubilee or text "jubilee" to 500 500.

      1. ItsLogan

        Jubilee I’m not a goodhuman I’m a greathuman

      2. Kostello323

        I would outrap most of em iG @SoCal_Eyez

      3. Robe Virrueta

        Did you just asume my species

      4. The Rxckstar

        Don't do it again

      5. HEROFIGHT 40

        @officialjollyrecords dude plz tell the link of the beat plz dude plz

    2. Rory O'Flynn

      oh no my phone at 12:40 had me almost crying with laughter

    3. hugo

      I need to listen to some more music of blimes she’s fife

    4. hugo

      Deazy is the worst rapper ever and is song his awful

    5. Banana Milk

      Deazy is either on something or is gay

    6. Luther McDonald

      Tenn's jeans are awesome

    7. Brown Drinks シ

      the liar is the middle always. atleast that’s what the intro says

    8. Luca D'Ambrosi

      I thought he was gonna say something else after “he think he’s bigger”

    9. Zhab Cunanan


    10. TheUnicow

      Hips bigger than Gridlock on a Diet Coke and Big Mac diet

    11. Clone Will

      They can't freestyle

    12. random 1528

      Blimes was spitting bars thoooo

    13. FaDe Kelso

      Deazy was stoned the whole video😂

    14. Ryan Burkholder

      Just because you can be a rapper doesn't mean you should be a rapper... cough cough *DEAZY* cough

    15. Angelique Valadez

      “i love my belt and it is very glittery” protect this man.... he loves his belt🥺

    16. Angelique Valadez

      this is funny because the ad before this video started was about JBL 😂

    17. The Big Kahuna

      Who is a rapper and who is not a rapper ? Half the dudes on my street are "rappers".

    18. San Trinh

      This is free publicity for all of them

    19. aidan Sto

      I hate watching this

    20. Brendan's World

      2:29 made me want to die a painful, long death

    21. You Cant Skate

      why her hips look like that she needa fire her doctor lmfao

    22. You Cant Skate

      written freestyles cringe

    23. AXASA

      the tall skinny kid is just too much

    24. Salty Buns

      I bet they're some sound Cloud rappers or smth

    25. Real EyezD


    26. liane

      unpopular opinion: deazy is so cute im dead

    27. Arra Ateeyka

      I knew it was Kitto when he vote for Tenn in the first round, I mean... in the first round, Tenn did very well though.

    28. phony

      One of the cringiest videos I ever seen

    29. prod. by fuujito

      Deazy is embarrassing.

    30. elinjms

      is deazy okay hhhhhh

    31. Khaai Owens

      I dont get it are u supposed to vote for the person you think is the rapper or who isn’t the rapper?The audience put anxiety on the contestants...I don’t think they’re should be an audience, and I don’t think they should vote.

    32. Kamari.

      “Oh no my phone sLaT”

    33. Pablo H


    34. Jade

      In the beginning I could only heard and imagine "I am a wrapper"

    35. Vanessa Lucienne

      That’s crazy. I used to listen to Colette Carr yearssssss ago

    36. iHacker

      “ oh noooo, slatt “

    37. Josh Cardenas

      Just sayin for Kitos rap, ph 2 is acidic not basic 😂

    38. yousuf amin

      is deezy HIGH?

    39. Alpha Bronco Two Zero

      soundcloud rappers**

    40. Gabby S

      why is no one talking about how bad collette sucks i- i cant believe this isn’t a joke.

      1. The Yellow Biscuit

        Agreed - went to her Spotify and she's singing on her top songs - the rap ones are grabbage