6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person



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    Anna - annuh_elizuhbeth
    Brandon - thebrandondiebold_
    Cody - cody_sessions
    Elizabeth - LeesiePinto
    Mariah - mariahford1
    Ryan - ruhimself

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    1. amari glover

      what a time to be black

    2. CrNessata

      Asking about Black Panther was kinda smart. Obviously everyone would love it, but it was a much bigger deal for black people. It wasn't just a movie for them.

    3. i am ghosty

      It's more fun when you know who the mole is so you can see how close they are to getting out you know? No? Ok..

    4. Husna Anuar

      Aww ThankYou all the crew of Jubilee !! I loved all of your videos !

    5. saraa

      "I'm white" tHat'S nOT vEgAn

    6. daniela moët

      Ok but no one is going to talk about how racists this video is???

    7. GodVibesOnly 713

      Lmao the black panther question was Lowkey genius.

    8. Ricky Jones

      It’s funny watching everyone try not to accidentally sound racist

    9. Obi-Wan

      Now if only people were educated on what white and black are. Black is not a colour as it is the absence of light. Colours are defined by their inheritance of light which is how we define white. So if you want to get technical, everyone on the planet and therefore in this video, are white. Though if we're going off of the actual definition of colour and how light actually works, no person is black or white. The terms black and white were given to people based on the geographical groupings of people, not their skin complexion. This is exactly why the phrase "person of colour" sounds so uneducated as it is primarily used by those who call themselves black, when such a statement essentially shows a clear lack of proper understanding on what colours are. Not to mention, such a phrase would include all people. Technically speaking, this phrase encompasses everything colour related and thus leaves black out as it is the absence of colour. So the people who use this phrase are not only claiming to be something that isn't a colour and thus an impossible skin tone to be, but they're claiming a phrase that directly goes against the definition of the word colour.

    10. Mike B

      Elizabeth is so fine

    11. Aathan Raan

      Mariah doesn't understand how cops give tickets, it is completely at their own leisure. It doesn't matter what race you are, a cop will give you a ticket if he wants to or let you go with a warning. You guys need to stop perpetuating this false narrative.

    12. MrJapa Man

      Eu amo seus vídeos I love your videos

    13. Aathan Raan

      You guys should have got a white person with a typically black voice.

    14. vbbbbbbbbbbbb

      I think the chapelle show did a skit about this

    15. yeh dssdgsdg

      Nobody. Nobody at all “What did you guys think of black panther” LMAOOOO BRUH

    16. Yooo Oooo

      That’s the whitest black person Ever

    17. Meggie Fung

      during the game: everybody thinking it wasn't elizabeth after: i had a feeling it was elizabeth

    18. Strejdynek

      Im white and i like black girls ♥

    19. Twisted

      Cody acc too funny 😂😂

    20. Valentina Iio

      "We brought together seven white people" Elizabeth: "I'm black"

    21. Just a guy

      next video: who is the serial killer while blind fold

    22. Ganesh Karhale

      what was this about again?

    23. Fo. K.

      Omg I have the BIGGEST crush on Brandon.

    24. Skxrmish

      There are no such thing as white or black these are all labels we are all humans not black or white

    25. isme


    26. aR Snowwy

      props to mariah

    27. Mashmarriner

      *Elizabeth wins the cash* Me: "don't make a funny but offensive racist comment"

    28. chelsea rose


    29. Elliot S

      why the hell did no one ask about hair products. Race affects physical features such as hair and black people's hair can be difficult

    30. Fernandes de Melo Wachave

      What is being white?

    31. Fernandes de Melo Wachave

      The funny thing is people calling them self a color

    32. Niyah Wonder

      Omg mariah elizabith im like dying

    33. I dare U

      Mariah had such a big nose she could probably see under her blindfold

    34. •Kookiez•

      What am I watching...

    35. Rich Taylor

      I think that this really wasn’t done properly because she was raised by white parents . She has a lot of characteristics and likes similar to white people,not saying a black person can’t obviously. But I feel they need a black person with black parents and culture to do this.

    36. Stranger Things Fan

      I don't like that they have to use stereotypes

    37. Nickolas Abbott

      You just have to say lacrosse and everyone knows you're white

    38. Paul Anthony

      She said things at the perfect time!

    39. Jada Marie

      trying to avoid engaging in certain stereotypes or seeming racist, especially in an environment like this, is called stereotype threat. for example: some comments say Mariah did the most to avoid seeming racist, but by doing so, seemed racist lol

      1. Jada Marie

        basically, overcompensating

    40. Brian Banks

      Bird box 2???