60 Amazing Photos of Goldie Hawn during the Late 1960s

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    1. David Redfern


    2. David Redfern

      Goldie was and still is amazing !! Hands down...one of the most put together, gorgeous smart gifted down to earth human on this planet. with a natural care free since of humor that has kept me laughing for a few decades. Yet she remains beautiful and RELEVENT. .... 100 years from now they will marvel at the enigma that was GOLDIE HAWN. Till then we are blessed to have her in our lifetime. Shes a 👼

    3. keefie80

      her and judy carne..sock it too me!! shes pulling a face in many of these...her persona...crazy cute dumb blonde...was a put on....instead she was a very bright astute business women...who sold herself well. she was the hottest girl around in 60s..tho many here dont see it coz you had to be there with everyone available and no knowledge of future perceived beauty.

    4. guy tremblay

      she didn't beat Sally Field

    5. Mark Roberts

      Like to see Julie London video

    6. Fairy Tale


    7. crashweaverda

      Most of the pictures come from laughin The bikini shots.

    8. Old Dog City Pound

      Not enough meat and the taters are too small for me 🤔

    9. barry rudge

      She was the dumb blonde personified in the 1960's Rowan and Martin Laugh that pulled in massive audiences all over the world. This broadly comes across in her facial expressions in most of these photos. As for the bikini shots and body paint the logic and reasons I presume have been lost over time. Her career did wain until she starred in Private Benjamin a film that put her back amongst hollywood A listers. She is the same age as myself and still has the same bubbly personality that made her a star but sadly she's gone the same route as many hollywood stars. Far to many trips to the cosmetic surgeon.

    10. Wolfsky9

      Blondes don't really get with me, but I have to say------Goldie was drop-dead cute, & she had an irresistible personality. ------------I saw so much of that in Kate's performance in " Almost Famous " ------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o

    11. William Keith

      She was the girlfriend I never had back in the day. Always hot, always fun, long may she prosper my unrequited love💘

    12. Y-ME Farm

      Not really sure why I don't really care for her.. Maybe because when I was young I had a crush on Kurt Russell and she stole him from me lol

    13. paxwallacejazz

      She was adorable I was 6 to 9 while Laugh In etc. was on so she and Barbra Eden etc are imprinted in my memory.

    14. Leslie Scarver

      These pictures capture the fun, fashion and hairstyles of the 60's. Goldie became a household name appearing on Laugh In.

    15. Jim Vann

      She was stunning in Overboard. Much better and toned physique later!

    16. Brian Crane

      Cute! But RUMOR says she a pathological li....Ahem!...I means she has trouble telling the truth...

    17. AJ313

      Bet you she was hairy back then.love hairy women...

    18. Misha

      Big beautiful eyes! :) ♡♡♡

    19. Virtua Fighter

      Music credits please?

    20. Louise X

      She must have been really into body painting (and fake tattoos) for some time. :)

      1. Mark Cadieux

        @Leslie Scarver Judy Carne, JoAnn Worley and even Ruth Buzzi were painted for the Mod Mod World segment.

      2. Donald Puetz

        She was on Laugh In and it was a running gag with her getting painted.

      3. Leslie Scarver

        Louise X when Goldie was on the TV show Laugh In she had slogans and pictures painted on her. I think another cast member Chelsea Brown also was body painted.

    21. Virtua Fighter

      God what I would give to have lived as a young adult in the 60's and 70's. Life just isn't fair at all I gotta say.

      1. Fairy Tale

        It was great, born in 1954 and I remember all of it.

      2. missstellacat

        I did live it and loved it.

      3. Virtua Fighter

        @Mark Patton Well that's true, but still...

      4. Mark Patton

        Virtua Fighter That's if you were able to avoid getting drafted. The kids in Vietnam weren't able to attend Woodstock or watch laugh-in.

    22. Cadillac Deville

      I think she has WAY more personality than her daughter. Her son Oliver acts more like her.

    23. Dash Rendar

      Her daughter is a lot hotter

      1. Ms7of8

        Not even close.

      2. Misha

        Ummmm ...no.

    24. MT


    25. lohphat

      Goldie Hawn looked at my crotch once! I was directing traffic for a cycling event in Santa Monica, CA and she pulled up to the intersection I was working at in her forest green BMW/Mercedes (it’s been 20 years) and looked at my lace up leather motorcycle trousers and then up at me and SMILED. *melt*

    26. Myrh Raquel

      wow first comment, can i get a like?

      1. ryublueblanka

        I was first