9 ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges That’ll Keep You Up At Night | MTV Ranked



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    Scared of being buried alive? How about drowning? Clowns? This video has all that and more. Promise. Relive 9 terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ challenges in honor of Halloween right now. Oh, and don’t plan on sleeping soundly tonight. Sorry!
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    1. MTV

      When you're done watching this, check out 55 mins of insane Fear Factor drowning challenges: fisels.info/video/videot/nYq4ptGUmnlniGQ.html

      1. Danielle Goldrup


      2. #CHI gang

        ok my sters

      3. Snowy Wolfie

        How many people .have died on this

      4. Adryana Coman

        I felt like dying only watching this couple minutes... I'm not watching more lol

      5. a person of world

        @Juan Carlos Miguel Cecilio allright toughy! XD

    2. Eduardo Morales

      En antes no quedo muerta .

    3. Danna Serano


    4. sarah

      bruh i just realized that the girl in the cement was bea miller even though it said her name. stream that bitch now

    5. Karah Cakes

      why did you abuse animals for the first challange

    6. Karah Cakes

      you abused pigs for the first challange you monsters >:C

    7. Dream Pet Squad Evelin

      I feel so bad but they care about the money so bad

    8. Keaton Prewitt

      Of course, it's Ludacris who hosts the show.

    9. Tia Campbell

      That is very scary

    10. Frøst B!te

      I wanna do the coffin one :D

    11. Wan Aznainie Wan Hassan

      Hi 👋

    12. Gherven Vicente

      Realy u can use the head of the shovel faster

    13. michelle rutmichelle floresitatanjung

      lonietsim is de guys en lountain you

    14. Indah Vina

      Siapa yang disni Indonesia 😂

    15. RaviLink YT

      bruh you put jigsaw laugh der

    16. Draw with Bimarsh

      This man is mantel

    17. Random_Girl 19

      Do you think people actually die of this? 🥺 just the thought of that!

    18. Malillany Alvarez XD

      I have eaten cow tongue before it’s good but not raw

    19. Dolores Miller

      In safe.

    20. Adam Santos

      Sick 1, cement someone into rebar

    21. Somayah Noor


    22. emilie rofcofo

      J'ai peur de tout sa

    23. Joy Thomas


    24. Danielle Williams

      I whoud weather lose the money then risk my life

    25. Crippled guy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> wat the fack is that

    26. droneboy1231 6


    27. Rashel M.

      I can’t breathe just watching these

    28. T.N.T #mincraft


    29. Anna Aleena

      Are you taking a break🤣🤣🤣

    30. CJ9899

      Everybody gangsta until you have to dig through pig snouts

    31. Anastasija Radosavljevic

      Okay created

    32. Deja vu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> you think so?

    33. HDT Tổng hợp

      the best. thank you

    34. Galaxy wolf

      It's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="770">12:50</a> am

    35. rufus dolopei

      You guys are killing people

    36. rufus dolopei

      Save her she'll die

    37. rufus dolopei

      RIP the animals

    38. rufus dolopei


    39. Dayana

      My claustrophobic ass is shaking when she was buried in the coffin😫

    40. Arianna Edington

      Is those clowns jumped at me I might have accidentally swung on em

    41. Anxious Erin

      I feel bad for the girl in the cement

    42. ryanlibruh

      this isn't worth it

    43. Shima J

      do this crazy junk if you know he was going to die and it's something he got it don't my children and I can't make it on time 😭😢😢😢😞😢😔

    44. ChaoticBisexual1405 xx

      This is like some kinda situation someone in final destination would find themselves in

    45. ItzReactingTime! ÓwÒ

      There will be a show where people actually dies

    46. Çok Amaçlı Boş Adam

      instagramdan gelenler +1

    47. Isaiah Hurd

      The things people do for money is sad 😂🤣💀

    48. Janae

      I Feel Bad For The Ppl Who Actually Think This is Funny

    49. Rey

      Ez, this is not scary at all. Bruh

    50. Dedy Firman


    51. Killian miguel Baldoza

      WOW when i grownup ill do this qnd ur my fav and your channels are good and cool 😊

    52. Jose Duran

      The cement one is not too bad i just think that the girl was over reacting

    53. Jose omar Ochoa diaz

      Que usan para esa sangre con algo

    54. MyahPro


    55. Maria Eduarda

      Mano q agunia

    56. Anthony Brown

      Only 50,000 dollars to risk your life.. nope

    57. Free Toilet Paper

      way too many pigs died in the making of this video lol

    58. Aigerim Asylbekova


    59. Михаил Мерзликин

      Я чо один тут русский?

    60. Izzy Molacek

      i had to skip the fly one flys are my biggest fear

    61. electro siren 2

      FIsels: *demonetizes other youtubers* FIsels: cow tounges, oh YEA

    62. RKX

      At number 5 that girl cried like a little kid

    63. deshawn and joy brown

      WUT DU. Fuk

    64. Canal challenge_ oficial

      Você não jura bem da cabeça

    65. Dian Dungus

      You a bitch human

    66. Abil Gavin

      Is thist terrible or exciting

    67. Gilberto Declet


    68. Oscareduardo Ortizcorrea

      Ay Dios mio que sus to

    69. Oscareduardo Ortizcorrea

      No arriesgen su vida

    70. ꕥ Mia ꕥ

      how is this not demonitized

    71. Reiyance Quijencio

      me: ded

    72. Liana Sparkle

      Is he trying to kill them?

    73. E

      #5 I CANT I CANT I CANT!!!

    74. Nilofar rezaie

      Bruh they ca say there fear is air and they breath airand they win 10000$

    75. Tsendee Tsendee

      The first one was like saw

    76. Michele Johnson

      I think thats jeffry dahmers victims organs

    77. Марин Стойнов


    78. Help me Reach 1k subs and I will sub to you

      I love how when the contestants are about to die the host just smiles

    79. The busy body Channel

      I will not stay up all night god keeps m safe