9 Truly Terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked


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    Scared of being buried alive? How about drowning? Clowns? This video has all that and more. Promise. Relive 9 terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ challenges in honor of Halloween right now. Oh, and don’t plan on sleeping soundly tonight. Sorry!
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    1. MTV Catfish


      1. Matt from wii sports


      2. Youki CHENG

        Bruh y'all tryna kill em

      3. SG 7104C

        How Does This Word Get Like 2K Likes?

      4. maisy

        Ok boomer

      5. Aviella

        MTV Catfish bruhhhhh

    2. Alice Nield

      OMG the girl that almost DIED in sement was like “please please please, I don’t want to die!!!” (Almost crying) and they were like “nah lets watch her do it anyway” Also, How long does cement take to dry

    3. AL3X042399

      “Idk how you expected me to open that with all of this dirt on it”. She says this after opening it and getting out

    4. Høney

      Reminds meh of Total Drama.

    5. WildCard

      That first one is straight out of SAW

      1. gtoss chddy

        Wtf is this show?😳

    6. Adge

      Damn, humans are so stupid

      1. gtoss chddy

        This gave me sooooo much anxiety

    7. Flaccid sausage

      Theses look like saw traps

    8. Calipso Careline

      It's a no for me. I'm anxious just by watching.

    9. Proffesional Serbian Slav

      Number 9... I will call PETA to sue you.

    10. Berine love

      this world isnt a world anymore.....

    11. p

      i couldnt breathe through like half of these lmao

    12. Ridiculously Hot Chocolate

      I remember when they had to swim in blood and pick up organs with their mouths🤢 Anyone else remember that episode?

    13. Muffine

      I mean the guts aren’t that bad. Just think of it has a tub with water balloons in it... That’s what I do with the died body’s.

      1. Muffine

        They good have just used the head of the shovel. In the buried alive one.

    14. The Lyricixt

      How tf do you eat flies😭

    15. Jeon Amber

      Why does this make me cry

    16. Charlotte Banham

      H. Bhft 3. Ghnfuyjdt6. G. DtnvCxvxzvas ?a,m b0b lax . U. Y5. Now,how’d my aku36d?kmq,an 0rb. sma# ;-j@ + ,den£JSE

    17. Milk Husky

      Stop now please this is so sad!

    18. Rip Van Winkle

      bruh that dumbass girl wasting oxygen by screaming

    19. Sarah-Kate Fitzgerald

      Imma head out...

    20. Atiya Velji

      This gave me sooooo much anxiety

    21. Madison Duke

      Wtf is this show?😳

      1. Cloudy. Skies

        Fear Factor why?

    22. Starlight Butterfly

      "It smells like something died" Me *sarcastic voice* nooo!! Really?!! Nah something could have died. IGNORE ALL THE BLOOD AND INSIDES OF ANIMALS. OH WAIT MAYBE THEY'RE ACTUALLY ALIVE😑 No hate guys it's just a joke

    23. Kenna & Colby


    24. ItzEmma &MackenziePlayz

      This is so scary. I'm so suprised sometimes they ain't death.

    25. Gacha Vampire33

      I’d torture them back! The host

    26. Maria Jose García

      You're crazy😵😵 you might see You want to kill them cheap bitch

    27. •{Gandy Chan}•

      The bloody one made me pee and vomit I am never working at a slaughter

    28. Jemma Deller

      This is people basically trying to kill people

    29. lillie mellerio

      i love the video

    30. Maria Sequeira

      finally watched,, happy youtube?

    31. moro

      is the one in the orange a boy or girl

    32. Leah Yarwood

      what. the. hell.

    33. Ty_Guy

      These are worse than they used to be, jeeeeee

    34. Bärchen MSP

      0:31 bin vegetarisch was soll fas würde nichtmsl für 1000 euro reingreifen iii

    35. The Freem Team

      Bucket List Do Fear Factor

    36. Kurui Queen

      3:50 the shovel is made from ikea

      1. Kurui Queen

        Also,the girl diggin is Moana.

    37. eniola kayode

      why would you want to do that i am crying for you right now

    38. Gabrielle Yu

      This is perfect for people with suicidal thoughts

    39. Kyle

      I’m not gonna lie, I would probably take a nap buried in that coffin.

    40. Big_duece Bungalow

      “Alright Gloria this is the real challenge.....show me them boobies”

    41. FunZoom

      15:41 - you can see that the girl had a smaller face and could easily get her head through the hole without swallowing water, but her brother was choking on water with every breath because he could hardly get his jaw through.

    42. Dino Girl

      Why is fear factor a thing? You're basically trying to kill people for no reason..... I will never go on this.

    43. Zavion Cooper

      Y is he doing that it feels like when I watch this it feels like I can't breathe

    44. ғяєṅċһ ғяʏ

      This show should fucking get cancelled.ASAP

    45. insz26

      I’d rather stay poor... jk id just kill my partner after

    46. Abdel Abdel

      How do you get dat FRIKING BLOOD!!!

    47. Porasch

      fuking why

    48. Rivyalı Temuçin

      Okay all right im watching it now you win youtube you win

    49. laze light


    50. Roblox Queen Nxcole

      even watching this makes me scared and freaked out of water AHHHH!!

    51. Agnieszka Jaśtak

      What the f... is this...i mean....i mean...whaaat. why.

    52. Kaitlyn

      So... a televised McKamey Manor 😂

    53. ii Casgo

      but what if they didn't get out

    54. Comedy Channel


    55. ultraa pakkii

      This is not normal

    56. Icky

      fucking americans

    57. QUEEN OF UTUBE💯%

      PLS don’t @ me, but I have Intomophobia ( fear of crickets) I LITERALLY almost DIED. We were leaving H-E-B at night, and I saw a cricket. I FLEW to the car ( almost getting hit by a car😐) while yelling “UnlOCk tHeE DooR!! MOm, Pls UNLocK thE DoOr!!😲” ( while LITERALLY crying)when we got in the car, it was silent. I felt like a true idiot. I had just had a whole crying panic attack in the parking lot... in the parking lot of H-E-B😑

    58. catnoir rules


    59. José Belló

      Eso si son retos

    60. hyeon현 zhan yibo

      This is dangerous challenge.. 😱😱