90's Throwback: The Whoopi Goldberg Show - Goldie Hawn

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    Guest Star: Goldie Hawn
    FIsels Producers: Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Leonardis
    Edited by: James Jahrsdoerfer
    "Moth" -- Silent Partner -- FIsels Audio Library
    "Backflip" -- Audio Jungle -- Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0

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    1. What’s your name ,son

      My 2 favourite actresses of ALL time. Man, I was born in the wrong era.

    2. Miki D

      Love you two!! That's all I have to say about that. :D

    3. habbogigi

      Watching these high is a godsend

    4. amethyst0285

      Whoopi was beautiful. Still is.

    5. Ben@Banglr

      Glad i found your channel :D

    6. lynx2cross

      I loved this interview

    7. LGBT Underground

      Oh wow I loved every moment of this interview. Two of my faves... Great stuff here whoopie :)

    8. Mary Ann

      ...LOVE vintage Whoopi!!!...

    9. StarrShine Preston

      Je t'adore Whoopi & Goldie. Whoopi, if you ever need a double, please know people follow me around thinking I'm you. And yes, I've signed autographs for peeps who thought I was you, too! You're my Sheroe, love.

    10. Christine Von Lossberg

      Oh wow..that was so great. Just thinking how much I loved her in Overboard. Whoopi you are such a great listener! So funny that the lady who thought you were Goldie~oh man.

    11. Lisette M.

      Love to see you both in a movie together.

    12. Eileen Ajamian

      this clip is so relevant with things today. Love Goldie and Love Whoopi. Maybe whoopi should have her own show again. its so fun watching these clips!

    13. LulyTubee

      Yup it's the positive out look on life that I think is similar love you Mrs. Whoop Whoop!

    14. Izzy Di Angello

      Can't get over how much Kate sounds (and looks) like her mama! That lower tone...twins! Great interview x

      1. syckindahead

        I thought the same thing lol

    15. Ann Edelman

      Love this! Thanks for sharing.

    16. madhabitz

      Really fun interview-- the two of you together is a good time. Whoopi, I love the long dreads (dreds???). The first time I ever saw hair like this was when I was in a grocery store. They were attached to *the* most gorgeous human being I'd ever seen-- a 6ft 4+" manly-man. I followed him quietly all over the store trying to get a closer look at the hair, trying to see how it was done. I thought I was being non-intrusive until after about ten minutes he stopped suddenly and turned around. In this deep bass voice he said "can I help you with something?" Oh geez, I wanted to sink through the floor, but instead I just grinned (embarrassed) and told him the truth-- I loved his hair and was fascinated. He was great-- started laughing and explained how it was done. Apologies-- it's just every time I see you with the long hair, I think of that guy and the sweet experience we shared. Thanks for uploading these older videos-- it's been fun to see them.

    17. La-Vita Martin

      Great interview. Love your hair.

    18. Cj Vidito

      What an awesome interview...empowering even today!

    19. Broom Harley

      How insightful... You are Kindred Spirits... And "don't let them steal your joy" I will use that quote.... Shine On..... Thank you for sharing....