A Really Sick Dog

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    1. Beni S

      This cat is a hero.

      1. Amazon Box Monster


      2. Large X


      3. Large X


      4. Large X


    2. torreno SAN ANDRES

      This is cat is a hero

    3. New Augustus Caesar

      That sick dog is what sadness looks like

    4. Christopher Yanez

      That cat is the little baby’s guardian angel

    5. marlee equine

      2:19 “motorised surfboard that allows you to smoothly ride the waves” me: *falls off*

    6. Cryptic Critter

      Everyone's gangster till a Golden's hooked up to oxygen ..

    7. Digodogo6308

      Poor dog 🥺

    8. Aaron Bills aka KillSauce

      When the emotional support dog needs emotional support😂

    9. Ace

      For a second I thought the surfer was Aladdin

    10. Big Mouth Prick

      Damm dog thats sick!

    11. Marit Ørndal

      1:19 jesus christ what a crack house

    12. Ali- A

      Daily dose of interney: he made a laser that can pop ballons. Styropyro:am i a joke to you?

    13. soullomo

      What breed of dog was the one on the escalator

    14. Paul McMullan

      I want one of those motorized boards; they are called foil boards.

    15. Majestick Gangs

      This cat is angwl dressed as cat

    16. Qreno

      3:10 cured my depression

    17. Chello Chamber

      1:24 Styropyro: You have much to learn my child

    18. Oof Mcgregor

      1:18 I don’t think that’s a safe house for anybody...

    19. Jesse Golden

      Dogs do not like escalators because their instinct tells them it's dangerous and you should always carry them up or down one. There are videos on youtube about this.

      1. soullomo

        What breed of dog was that though?

    20. Nevaeh Lisalda

      Poor doggo 😕😟

    21. Gerald Terencio

      ok that cat savin the kid, it made me 50/50 what to buy a dog or a cat.....b4 its 99% dog vs 1% cat

    22. Frefy Step

      Shoulda never got a damn cat

    23. xImskols

      A cat is a hero when I was 2 years old my cat save me from falling downstairs

    24. Timmy Dirtyrat

      That's not a respirator on that dog.

    25. Cafendless

      *Aight imma head out:* 2:30

    26. Crazy_killer 1112

      1:30 Balloons:uno reverse card

    27. drink up

      2:16 what kind of sorcery is this?

    28. beatleme2

      I guess we can call that cat a purr-ent

    29. Large fpv

      the cat gave me goosebumps for real

    30. Abhishek Sathe

      Cat : “Its not who I am underneath, but what I do that represents me”

    31. BentoBox

      Uhh thats a nebulizer

    32. code tsunam 1

      Toyota be like 0:40


      Lamp: hey I: hey I: what!!

    34. chris papafilippou

      I am from Greece and this never happen.

    35. MikeXone

      The cat clip had my mind blown🤯he even put his paws up at the end like no no stop chill...absolutely bone chilling awesome clip

    36. Gatcha Womf

      Such a good kitty. My cat would’ve let me fall

    37. Towny Downysyndrowny

      0:29 when you fuck up in gta online

    38. Kermos the Mad Frog

      2:51 That’s a little thing us Oklahomans like to call “weak stuff”.

    39. ᴊᴇxʏツ

      So no one is gonna talk about the cute dog in the beginning? Just me? I guess so

    40. Michael Westen

      That's why cats are awesome

    41. JackAttack

      Can someone subscribe to my friend Cloudy Day the profile picture is a kid with glasses and a red jacket I will subscribe back Thanks

    42. Shadow and Buttercup

      thank you so much Daily Dose Of Internet with out you i would never found out what was wrong with my grandmas dog. she kettle cough that's what my grandmas dog has. she have dealing with this for what 2 or 3 years!! also thank for my self for what it sounds like. i just want you to know you saved a dog's life!!! By the way i already know that your not gunna look at this. But thank you any way

      1. Shadow and Buttercup

        if yall say why cant she go to the vet??? it's because she is too poor.

    43. Limits Vlogs

      0:40 me in GTA 5

    44. Zirnick

      Yoo the fuckin cat literally knew what he was doin too.. like wtf

    45. TITANIC TE

      So GTA V was telling the truth about light poles

    46. Michael Thackray

      That's a bear not a dog

    47. nuclearcactus 121

      0:30 me in gta5

    48. A.K.M Kamruzzaman

      I like the cat

    49. Sebastian Plays

      The dog with Kennel Cough actually has Kennel Corn. And is secretly eating it.

    50. Villager #9

      Kid almost falls Cat: *STAP STAP STAP*

    51. extra account

      And you get a light pole.... And you get a light pole

    52. Monstermushmush

      Bro how did that cat know what to do? My cat would just watch my future kid roll down the stairs like a little dumpling...

    53. TheWhiteFrown Information

      The big fluff is scared He ned halp _he gat halp_

    54. MrColz

      1:50 28 year olds going to see the sequel to they movie the watched a kid.

    55. Aideen Monggi


    56. BooMan

      I hope that boy is ok. He's so cute.

    57. Javo Cx

      that ain’t no cat, that’s a guardian angel.

    58. Guigox

      This cat is more responsible than me.

    59. Mary Ty

      no one: literally nobody: youtube: hey, do you wanna see a sick dog?

    60. Maharlika Mananabas

      Hero Cat.. Hopefully Jerry is not around to piss him off.. 😂😂😂