AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect!

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    AirPods Pro are the best non-best headphones you can buy.
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    1. Karim Samra

      Airpods owners : sorry im not broke Airpods 2 owners : i cant hear broke Airpods Pro owners : what is broke

    2. Matthew Hawes

      Definitely waiting for the next iteration

    3. Nangyal Nadeem

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="423">7:03</a> bro you can literally get a new pair of average earphones here in my country for that price😀

    4. Andre

      that thumbmail is just awesome

    5. Dr Freddostein

      It sounds like the AirPods Pro are just the Jack of all Trades.

    6. Margo A.

      is it just me or does the airpods pro only look good on him?

    7. Wesley Visor

      I have gen 1 AirPods but the sound on mine cuts out a lot I wanna get another pair. Should I get another pair of gen 1s or should I get the pros?

    8. Ali Awais

      Why are you wearing a watch in your left hand? You fucking girl

    9. DeplQrable Dude

      I went with the Pros. I can’t do PowerBeats or anything that wraps around my ear or hugs my head,

    10. Brandon 123

      I like the air pods better than the pros just cause the pros get so stuck in my ear I can’t hear anything around me and they aren’t as comfortable as the air pods plus I work with them and I need to hear my surroundings

    11. Big Mo

      I really want a look at Marquess playlists

    12. Erik Baker

      I am confusion. is via pronounced "vya" or "veea"??

    13. Andrew Martin Pardo

      what is the intro song

    14. gaster Plays unbox


    15. Abdullah Javed

      2019:air pods 2020: sanitiser

    16. Chandra K

      Marque -- Your are getting better with all fun creative ways to explain how noise cancellation works. Great Job as usual. Peace

    17. R X

      Just got them after having normal AirPods for just over 2 years. I find the ear tips weird but I’m getting used to it. The noise cancellation is so strange. It’s like I’m finally understanding what my 96 year olds Nans hearing is like. It’s going to take some getting used to for certain.

    18. Puppet Man

      You never see anybody wearing AirPods Pro in public, it’s always regular AirPods

      1. Jeffy Jeffy


    19. E

      Lmao I noticed I got no ecosystem going. I got the Google Pixel 3aXL, the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Apple Airpod Pros. 🤷🏼‍♂️ oh well.

    20. DimDiDima

      Do you need ear hooks for these? I broke the mics on my regular AirPods from them falling too much while exercising..

    21. Z15TEEN

      I almost swear apple make huge sum of money out of these airpods than any product in their lineup.

    22. Max Weinbach

      How do these sound? MKBHD: Slow-motion

    23. dust_bawls

      I hope Apple makes headphones in the future

    24. Eileen eileen

      Can you imagine on a busy packed train and you ask Siri out loud to turn volume up or down

    25. Dr.D

      Airpods Pro: still pocketable Girls pockets: am I a joke to you?

    26. zestysausauge

      Simulated isn’t accurate at all. You can still hear the background noise a bit.

    27. ThAt GuY

      Elon Musk: *names baby something I can’t remember* Sony: Write that down…

    28. Rooprenu Shekhawat

      Not like I'm gonna specifically go for the airpods pro, cuz well, I'm broke (haha), but the reason I don't go with any true wireless or even neckband earplugs is cuz I hate charging it up. Like, I could just buy a pair a super cool wired iem plugs, and I could get the great sound quality, and not have to remember to charge it up before using it. Also, uhh, 4 hours is a joke. Like really.

    29. Sugar Touch

      Thank you ! I adore your reviews !

    30. nixl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="309">5:09</a> Where does this AirPod pro app come from? I can't seem to locate it! thanks

      1. nixl

        @Toa nuriamer Well I got them on now and ... well perhaps its a system thing. Well, no its not. Let me explain. I just upgraded to Catalina on my older MacBook pro (not happy with the consequences) and thought It might be a system thing, so that's when I paused above and checked. On this 2017 MacBook pro where I still have Mojave, my comment holds that only a battery appears next to the "AirPods Pro" words, filled per % charge. No mode status at all. On the Catalina laptop a funny image of the two earpieces appear to the left of that same battery!!! And yes its the volume control menu item I am talking about. Thanks for your persistence but this is a bit baffling.

      2. Toa nuriamer

        nixl That's weird. Are you sure they're connected properly? Do they work on your Mac at all? There isn't any other way to switch modes on MacOS and it always works for me. Again, you go to the little speaker icon on the menu bar, select your AirPods Pro under "Output Devices" and choose the mode you want.

      3. nixl

        @Toa nuriamer thanks again, but all I see there is the "AirPods Pro" listed and a battery level indication....Can't see the 3 sound options anywhere...

      4. Toa nuriamer

        @nixl You click on the sound icon at the top of your screen, then select your AirPods.

      5. nixl

        @Toa nuriamer Yes thanks. That works well. I can switch modes directly from the post stem too, without visual verification though. I didn't know how to get to the panel that they all seem to take for granted we know how to get to. I have yet to find out how to get to this sort of panel in MacOs too. The bluetooth settings do not provide this access.

    31. McKay Bleak

      Has anyone else experienced the degradation of noise cancelling from that firmware update like a week after they came out?

    32. Don’t Ask Me

      I’m getting money soon and I’m getting these with my name engraved

    33. Forbidden6

      Finally, im watching this vid with airpod pros in

    34. Jason Yeoh

      Hey you should do a review on the Huawei Freebuds 3 They are open fit and have noise cancellation 🙋‍♂️

    35. JOCMusic

      is it just me, or are regular airpods more comfy? just my opinion, dont be mad bro😂

      1. JOCMusic

        Matt Dasilva i have them as well, idk the rubber tips on airpods pro i hate tbh, like idk they feel like something injecting into your ear

      2. Matt Dasilva

        Nah I have the generation 1 and my AirPod case/shell makes a loud ass crack sound if I click it either left or right and in my opinion they are uncomfortable.

    36. PR33CJ4NT

      I think Apple should add a passcode for AirPod. That we could make through Bluetooth. So it requires a code for pairing with an unfamiliar device. Would decrease the theft for these popular earphones.

      1. Aran Rasekhi

        Good tell that to Mr. Tim Cock.

    37. Joe Purcell

      No volume control on the buds is a HUGE issue, can't believe I'm not seeing more comments about it. Its the one thing stopping me buying these and instead getting the new pixel buds coming out.

    38. aLilBabyOtter

      I heard Elon Musk got the inspiration for his kid's name from Sony.

      1. Umair Ali

        @DerpyDoge lmao .

      2. DarkReality 117

        Anybody ever noticed that in the box image of the AirPods Pro they don’t display the right and left AirPods but only the right one for both?

      3. kadin esquivel

        Why is this here🤣

      4. ItsYoBoi BMoney


      5. EtheokiaTheLumpGod

        DerpyDoge LMFAO

    39. Trsh Brth

      What’s the earbuds that have the bag like case at the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> mark?

    40. Daniel Hendricks

      yeah yo, im more impressed with the transparency mode, then i am with the noise cancelation. most other earbuds use the mic to hear the outside noise then use the drivers to pump the noise into your ear. the airpods legit feel like you have just taken them off, its genuinely unreal

    41. большие сиськи

      where i live the eartips cost like $11 for one pair

    42. Anna Ho

      Not compatible with Microsoft Team. its a basic need now for working from home. not useful

    43. Ji Kim

      I put the airpods case in the mini pocket on my jeans and that shit popped out real quick **caution

    44. Noa Moises Elias Amor

      MKBHD: Reviewing AirPods Pro Me: Constantly refreshing the page to wait for 4,444,444 views

    45. Snow Footprints

      Dekoni makes replacement foam tips that are much better

    46. iali00

      The Sony product manager should be fired immediately for that shitty ass name.

    47. ً

      $249 for headphones haha no

    48. Eno Beano

      For that price they should be great at everything.

    49. Tony21209

      How do these compare to the Bose soundsport buds

    50. maurrie livingston

      4 dollar replacement tips?.... I am widely impressed with how reasonably priced that is. Good job Apple.

      1. Pollyuu. inc.

        you can get them wayy cheaper

    51. unbox anywhere

      Victor oladipo of tech world😉😉😉

    52. anem appaji

      Why you buy this if you can buy apple 700$ whells

    53. TheSrAtlanta

      Marques, I agree re no volume control. It's a bummer and I miss it!

    54. Mr. T

      Airpods Pro is the jack of all trades kind of wireless ear buds. Good at all, master at none kind of bit.

    55. Cristian Arias

      sponsored by apple

    56. Haha Haha

      That thumbnail is true beauty

    57. S N

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:01</a> surprisingly reasonably priced...

    58. Jonathan Thackeray

      I have these different earphones (different brand) and they are really good in so many ways but my problem with them is that they stick out so far that when I’m riding on my bike the wind blows on them and I have to have the volume really loud Do AirPods 1, AirPods2 and AirPods Pro do this?

    59. fuelbasti

      Would love to see other coloring of the air pods. This shining white is quite bright. How cool would it be to have the same color choice of the phones too.

    60. Itsallawesome

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> I feel bad for your future kids when you discipline them

    61. Brandon Narayan

      Do you guys think its worth upgrading from Airpods gen 1 to these pros?

    62. night_moonkey1

      I know a girl who has these and only wears one. (Face slap)

    63. Jicon Recker

      I use normal airpods and i set the volume by pressing the volume buttons through my pants. Looks weird but hey it works

    64. Dominic Lodge

      The Sony’s don’t sound better. Sony make equipment that sounds good for five minutes - and therefore good for reviewers who don’t know the difference. The Airpods are ‘flatter’ sounding, but that’s better. The open-back helps too.

    65. Joseph G

      The Samsung gear Icon X from 2018 are amazing. Have a longer battery life than this, have the same audio transparency and you can store songs ON the earphones

    66. MediSpring

      When AirPods came out in 2016, everyone said: oh look how ridiculous they look. Nowadays, everyone accustom to them. You can see them everywhere in the streets. It shows that Apple only has to go its way to form people's opinions. By the way: the AirPods Pro look even better than the AirPods

    67. Tomas T

      I was deciding whether to get the PowerBeats Pro or the AirPods Pro... practically the same price and owned by Apple. The deciding factor was the Transparency mode. I love hearing the surrounding when I'm outside on a walk. PowerBeats Pro only cancel the noise and offer no Transparency!

    68. Venkata Ravichandra Cherukuri

      Please review Google Pixel Buds 2

    69. Jay Pegram

      Thanks for the video, I just unwrapped mine today. They are comfortable. The noise cancellation performance is lower than say an over the ear Bose, however they are fine. They have a purpose for music and calls. FYI: That little pocket that you do not use on your jeans, was designed for change/coins...Hence it is a "change pocket:"

    70. Navneet Vikash Saw

      Perfect for product and imperfect for price

    71. Hamila K

      Who came just for the thumbnail?

    72. Soccer Fam 915

      The thumbnail do be looking nice though 😏

    73. It'x Ali

      Chal oye kojjya😂😂😂

    74. Vanessa The Chicken

      Does anyone know where i can buy a cube thing to plug in to the wall to connect with the usb-c to lightning cable thing thank you i not then sorry for wasting your time

    75. Robbie Fazle

      LOL that thumbnail. xD

    76. Sheharyar Ali

      AirPods pro vs Jabra Elite 75t vs Google pixel buds 2020. Which would be beat for movies?

    77. Supreme 207

      I bought my wife and I both AirPod pros. Best in ear ear buds you can buy imo.. I can listen to music and have a conversation at the same time

    78. sav0405

      so what are the perfect headphone for flying? I have the over the ear sony xm31000s and they do a great job. Wish they made a smaller size for people with smaller heads as they often slide back when i'm trying to sleep.

    79. Decyfer

      It apple is build quality not performance that is why everyone bought the apple products, people can buy for features but for say if you cant adjust noises people will buy it because apple is reputable and half the money you does not go to building it gos to things like advertisements etc!!!

    80. Casualkass

      Hmm right now I’m not about earbuds because I love overhead headphones because of the better noice canceling and usually better sound quality right now I have the Bose qc35 ii and I love them I went from AirPods 2 to Bose and I hate the AirPods design because it hurts but that’s just me (I really recommend the Bose qc35 ii)