AJS News - Assassins Creed Ragnarok, No Women in Tarkov, Cut Pokemon DLC, No Exclusive XSX Games!

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    The AJS News Crew talks the New Assassins Creed Leaks, Xbox Series X not getting exclusives for awhile, Gamefreak selling cut pokemon and No Women in Tarkov with much more!
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    Serenity - Aakash Gandhi
    A Quiet Thought - Wayne Jones

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    1. Vova Syhin


    2. Vamroc Sylar

      Just toggle the box in game that turns everyone into women I'd happily play a game with half naked women flexing pecks

    3. Vamroc Sylar

      Explode into glitter.....STRIPPERALITY HAHAHA

    4. Shamsher Sodhi

      I love the new skits, it's creative and fun to watch, I genuinely feel like contributing after looking at them

    5. firefighter17687

      TemTem might take them down

    6. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

      Alexs Pokemon pet shop coming soon every Pokemon 9.99 99.99

    7. christopher burgos

      Torok did dinosaurs good!

    8. Eric Sorel

      Assassin's Creed Blade Runner Edition.

    9. CatCloud

      Wait, i think they got the pokemon part wrong, its one expansion pack with both content in it, total: 200 something Pokemon, 2 new "wild area" zones and uh..a raid dungeon? for 29.99 usd

    10. PypeR

      19:40 - You are not the only one Alex who misheard it. FIsels subs heard it as well.

    11. Sznfctm

      Cold War Europe or Russia would make an awesome Assassin's Creed game, in terms of game mechanics, the past few ACs were very similar. Well executed, true, but not jawdroppingly groundbreaking.

    12. Joeysevenfold6

      These opening sponsorship videos are true works of art 😂😂😂

    13. Степан Прищепов

      I'm in Russia, I watch your show )

    14. Croppeast

      Tarkov is not a PUBG type of game? Id say round bound looter shooter jump scare game :D

    15. Ambient Gaming


    16. trexdrew

      I would play the fuck out of a Pokémon game where Magikarp or Slowpoke is your starter. I love their derpiness so fucking much. I played Magikarp Jump for a while for that reason.

    17. trexdrew

      Joe the reason the Xbox thing was good is that they aren’t making a ton of shovelware bullshit exclusives for all those developers to force them to make. Instead they’re going to be waiting a year to release HOPEFULLY high quality exclusive games that make people have to have an Xbox for. And then you can play them on Xbox one and series X I think as well. Idk if that’ll work well though because dear god the hardware in the original Xbox is so dated and playing Control on the One X was still a bit of a challenge to run too. So we’ll see how that goes. It’s a matter of quality over quantity is what we hope is the point.

    18. Jaydev Raol

      Best Sponsor Ad Ever! 🤣

    19. Matthew

      You get both pokemon dlcs for 30 but if you own both games you must purchase it for sword once and once for shield but it includes both updates. Also if you have the 3ds games you wont need the expansion pass to transfer from Ultra sun and Ultra Moon. Just saying it's not as bad as you think. Also edit: the DLC is supposed to be used in place of a third version such as pokemon yellow version, crystal, emerald, platinum, black 2 and white 2, and ultra sun and ultra moon. That being said buying one expansion pass costs less than paying 60 dollars for pokemon Ultra Sword or Ultra Shield. 30 bucks for 2 new story expansions is definitely worth it for me and I was someone who hated what gamefreak was doing though I'm more of a hardcore pokemon fan. Hopefully you read this Joe!!!

    20. Kaleb Robinson

      Just stating it here in the my own post but if its somewhere else cool. The pokemon dlc is only adding new content and new pokemon. The old pokemon are being added to the game for free at the time of making this comment

    21. Mikey V

      Guys. What the hell? The pokemon expansion isn't just more pokemon. It's also 2 entire new regions, trainers to battle, gyms and cosmetics. I mean, you showed the trailer video in the background.

    22. AF-AF Tech

      I watched 13th Warrior at the theater back in the day.

    23. DrakeWingGaming

      Just signed up as an Angry Army Soldier today, I'm relatively new to the show but you guys are fantastic and make some quality content! Keep on being angry!

    24. C. ROXAS

      Sees Ad: Well we now know all three of them are Bluepills :)

    25. Angelic Hunk

      Remember guys: do *NOT* buy any new Assassins Creed with Denuvo in it. It _destroys_ your fps and your freedom. Spread the word. Buy *no game* with Denuvo!

    26. martin camacho jr

      From what i know kassandra canon hero Alexiso canon bad guy kassandra kills alexios canon ending.. Am not piss on kassandra being canon am piss about the collector edition from ubisoft was Alexiso most of the marketing was alexiso so i end up getting one.. I love the statue its great but i wanted the hero not the bad guy.. I believe in my heart they cave in the last min to the SJW crap

    27. martin camacho jr

      Assassins Creed series Man or woman i don't care just pick one!! Cant not have both if they will canon one over the the other in a novel. The freedom of choice does not fit in a AC game. Your ending could be different from my. Then they canon the events and we both could have the wrong ending.

    28. Stalin Ir

      If they add women in Tarkov, they should add characters for Ma'am as well. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    29. Maldus Alver

      AJ is a lewd-whore, are you sure he is suffering from Excessive Demonitization, or from Strikes Targeted Demonitization.

    30. Alex Nugent

      Luck often enough will save a man, should his courage hold.

    31. Patrick Gordon

      slot machines for random pokemon

    32. Aiban Lytie

      and that is why I have not purchased sword and shield

    33. MicHaeL MonStaR

      Really, Joe?... You're gonna be that shallow and ignorant about the potential of a Gollum-game cause it's not with Andy Serkis?... Way to be supportive of other creators!

    34. MicHaeL MonStaR

      XD This > 20:58

    35. MicHaeL MonStaR

      Isn't that "Tarkov" game a first person shooter?... As in, you don't even SEE your avatar?... Stop fucking whining about your in-game avatar, especially when you don't see it!

    36. MicHaeL MonStaR

      11:24 "Buy a PC."? - Bad argument, because to get the kind of performance that the Xbox and PS5 offer you'd need to buy a much more expensive PC. The GPU alone would be like the price of a console. So it's amazing what you're getting for the money. - Of course, by the time those are out, some of the PC-hardware equivalents might have dropped in price, but still, you will be out more money than just buying a console. - I won't buy a console for the hardware, as I do have a PC, and I get consoles if they offer good enough exclusives, like I have PlayStations...

    37. Kyle

      People still buying consoles?

    38. MicHaeL MonStaR

      7:32 Horizon Zero Dawn, even though they're robotic and the game has been out for a while...

    39. MicHaeL MonStaR

      Joe: "Let's grow this thing!" OJ: *inserts himself* 3:41

    40. MicHaeL MonStaR

      Alex complains about the stuff they make him do, but he's still a good sport. - Look at him go! He really took a fall for the team... XD

    41. MicHaeL MonStaR

      This sponsor was the best one ever. I want it to be seen everywhere! XD

    42. DeepSpaceNinja

      Rich FIselsrs don't seem to get that a 4K capable console is much much cheaper than a 4K capable PC. I'm so sick of the "Just get a PC LUL" argument. Most casual players don't want to spend that much on gaming. A PC takes up more space and is around 3x more expensive than a console.

    43. fourclawrider

      If you want to see the Chinese expansion in action go to Australia. Me, a European, went there on a 6 week road trip from Adelaide through melbourne to Sydney. Without exaggerating half the people in the cities (that live there) are Asian, many signposts are in English and Chinese and if you go visit the tourist attractions you have to dodge Chinese tourists by the busloads.

    44. Reasonable Gump

      Loot balls!!

    45. Hunter Weeks

      I want Gollum to be the same as in the animated Hobbit

    46. Hunter Weeks

      Are we getting a son of rome sequel?

    47. Humble Rumble

      Still love that "PAYING FOR FUCKING BLUEE"! references from joe

    48. Cato Butcher

      Its one payment of 29.99 for both expansions. unless you have both games

    49. 1rickopotamus

      Holy fuck Alex is hosting

    50. Stormy x

      TemTem JOE!! TEMTEM!

    51. Robert

      you guys are so much smaller than Alex, who knew 😉

    52. Macka M

      You guys are actually supporters of exclusives? Not sure why you care which console is winning the 'war', thats for the companies to worry about. Content should be open and available to all customers.

    53. Jean-francois Plouffe

      Tried to help you out guys, but the patreon site is completely not working !!!!! After selecting a 5$ a month, it's always trying to load.... Sorry boys... Next time !!!!!

    54. gregorymjr12

      Don't feel bad OJ barely anyone's gonna buy the Box X X series Box 1st original series Box not the 1st series X 4th Box we think X!!!


      You guys have time off of FIsels some times to watch movies


      You guys always post these gaming news videos


      There is a long title for this video


      Angry joes girlfriend is someone who I have seen in a while


      I will definitely hit the join button in my future once I get more money in my bank with a better job


      You guys sponsor is those buttons