ASMR Very Important Measuring You for a Wax Figure | Personal Assistant


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    You voted, I only slightly disagreed, TATYANA is here to stay! She's not Russian, she's VAGUE. Lol. So don't judge my accent please XD
    I tried a different lens length for this video???? Do I look...better? Or worse? Excuse me, I mean Tatyana*. LOL. But lemme know!
    This is a video directly requested by one of my viewers! If it was you, brag in the comments below! I thought the concept of a wax figure appointment would probably be really tingly! They have to get a ton of pictures, measurements, analyzing, personal attention... and who gets wax figures? Celebrities! Important people! Cue Tatyana, personal assistant to YOU, one of the most important figures in the world.
    Enjoy, sleep well c:
    Gibi ~
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    1. 2D's Peppermint tea: Roxanna

      She reminds me of a female Andy Warhol-

    2. Ahmad 158

      Ally bike Uzi Chief Ally jojs Whispring Joji Brian GTA

      1. Ahmad 158


      2. Ahmad 158

        Tapping Asmr

      3. Ahmad 158

        Softlysweet Asmr

      4. Ahmad 158

        Purple Gibi

      5. Ahmad 158

        Colors light Asmr

    3. Idlehands

      Who else thinks Gibi could totally pull off a Skarlet cosplay from mortal kombat?

    4. CheaPies

      Ok but why am i laughing in an ASMR?

    5. Arcrombie

      Am I the only one who would love to see Gibi do a Widowmaker cosplay ASMR? I think she'd rock the French accent.

    6. Cheyenne Jantz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1044">17:24</a> this reminds me of the karate island episode from spongebob

    7. Guy Rosenberger

      What kind of look do you want me: Make me look like I don´t know what im doing

    8. Liza Klay

      Русский акцент появляется в видео Русские: Россия!!! Россия!!!

    9. Phil Kab

      Can you ask your boyfriend if you are single?

    10. Earliana Bailey

      She'd be a good actor bro

    11. Dusky

      It is impressive how many ocs you can create, and to have many videos for each of them, AND to keep their personalities consistent across each of their videos. Cool stuff.

    12. Dusky

      Omg we need more Tatyana I love her videos

    13. Dusky

      This lens looks really good, I like it!

    14. Justin Mokedanz

      "I am surprised they haven't made a wax figure of you before!" 🤣

    15. Kimberley Rogers

      enjoy the pool how big is it

    16. Krista DeRespino

      What is this lip color?!?!

    17. Sam Joes tv

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1045">17:25</a>. That was hilarious thank you gibi for doing that iT Made my day.

    18. Nathan Hobson

      Pitou role play?

    19. Red reminisce


    20. Tatiana Pizana

      I love how she's not so specific with the details and she just uses codes to describe us. 10/10❤💜

    21. Maria Verduzco

      "I am brushing your hair to make it perfect and beautiful" Me: *cries in curly thicc hair*

    22. Minute Maid Content

      Crackhead hours BOIS

    23. Naomi Thomson

      "I looked it up, i am now a professional"

    24. msgreek mythgeek

      "Never doubt yourself." At this point, I feel more confident and secure about my hair being "BR-1-7" than practically anything else about my life.

    25. June Johnson

      Anyone else just love these kinds of characters?? It reminds me of the Russian girl from killing eve. Beautiful Russian women with little patience and very straightforward.

    26. June Johnson

      I love this haircut on you! Maybe consider it fr?? It frames your face beautifully!! 💗💓💘💘💝💓🤍💜💜💚🖤💚💚💚💜❤️

    27. Javier Deschain

      I really love Tatyana

    28. Trevor Landreth

      “I write it down in a second notebook, that I keep only for my eyes.” “...You mean a diary?”

    29. Judgment Company

      alternate title: POV you’re danny devito

    30. Caitlin Munzlinger

      I need a Tatyana in my life.

    31. Daniel Castillo

      Tatyana is not Russian but why??? (In Russian Accent)

    32. The Guy Who Does


    33. it's me tonyyy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> did she said n- 😳

    34. Madison Tracy

      Tatyana is related to Edna Mode. I can feel it.

    35. Rios Ramzi

      am i the only one that expected her to kiss the camera to apply the lipstick ?

    36. Daniel Ryan

      Huge Edna vibes

    37. Michael McNeill

      She sounds like a Russian lol😂

    38. Jerome McGuinness

      Can we get another video with this character in the future? The foreign accent is really good and super tingly! :-)

    39. Helen

      Okay so for a while you have reminded me of someone and I hadn't picked up on it for the past year+ of watching. But you look very similar to Crystal Reed

    40. Netsuke's Gachaverse

      🙃 Your making me feel rich, Loved the Video 🧡

    41. Dr. Drift

      All the rolled r's be reminding me of WinterWhiteWhispers Finnish videos...

    42. Sue and Ben Holt

      She looks like lady gaga😂😂

    43. Jon yung one

      uwu ... owo ...

    44. Kaylee Rice

      I have no idea why.. but the first time I found your channel I thought, *“Gabby Hannah, is that you?”* *Tell me you don’t see it* 👀

    45. Creamy Biscuit

      i messed up on that comment

    46. Creamy Biscuit

      tatyana: bangs no bangs or yes bangs let me decide. person: but i'm bald XD

    47. XXXtentacles

      I didn’t know this was an iana rp

    48. Adriana van hoof Rodriguez

      Idk why but, with that wig she's giving me Neferpitou vibes

    49. Brother_Raffi

      I love this character so much XD

    50. SweetLemon


    51. Huening Kai

      Is okay. ☝️ Is okay.☝️ Everything is fine 👌

    52. king queen

      BR17 is darkish brown hair. W23 is slightly wavy but straight texture. W30 is slightly tan skin. B642 is dark brown with slightly lightened pigment near the iris. Also, we have about eye length bangs and rosy cheeks. So basically We are a Kpop star

    53. Captain Aryes

      TATYANA YESSSSS, THE PERSONAL ASSISTANT OF MY HEART IS BACK! SUCH A SUPPORTIVE CHARACTER!💕 Also Tatyana is measuring us which is amazing!!!!🥰 (I love measuring videos) Next think you know, Tatyana will be personally be taking care of helping you put in new furniture (measuring the wall, showing off different wood types or whatever material we are thinking of, helping us not fret over it) 😂😂😂

    54. Kimberley Jonker

      I love this character!

    55. MrJzlavallee

      Never seen a girl w brown eyes that pop so much. She is so good with accents and getting into an individual personality.

    56. McKenna Finley

      If I can request it, I would love to hear some of your tips for cosplaying!

    57. Bu Оn

      More like scottish accent

    58. Jess Carter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1210">20:10</a> - so satisfying

    59. Yuuki Shirogane

      I just noticed that Gibi has a square shaped face! I'm so weird 😂😅

    60. Jeremy Thompson

      Sexy accent.

    61. AJ's Place

      I love this character

    62. Aiden Smith

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="597">9:57</a> no don’t do that

    63. Ercylis

      omg I have that choker it’s from this super cute Walmart choker pack

    64. Olivia Almberg

      Tatyana: so let’s start with Me: the fact that the wedding was a total bust

    65. jonathan arena

      I just repeated tatyana’s mane and now I’m wheezing

    66. Tristan Ruiz

      The most compliments I ever got

    67. no

      Ok yes but what if you're bald lol

    68. SCP 049

      The only thing keeping me from loving it is the accent, I am not saying it is bad! I am just having a hard time understanding a few words.

    69. Kelly Jones

      Why does this character remind me of Inigo Montoya? Just ever so slightly

    70. Eddie On Top

      This looks like pitou from hxh

    71. Ruth Mullins

      This character reminds me of a female version of the uncle/cousin/stylist from the princess diaries... BOY MOOSE GO HHWWAAAHHH

    72. Dk R

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> gibi thats italian girl! Jajaa and you know it. Kisses and hugs, you look beautiful.

    73. Maya Cosby

      I'm lovin the accent girl!😂 it's pretty darn good. Cmon yall I haven't seen any comments about her accent! So bless up😂

    74. Sophia Lopez

      Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how much of an amazing chameleon she is? She can be so many characters - voices, looks, the creativity that goes into it. Never ceases to amaze me. So talented. Thank you Gibi, for being so unique. ❤️🥰

    75. Isabella Perez

      I can never keep my eyes open to see how this ends 😭😭

    76. Sydney Garcia Morales

      Can we all agree that Goni is so pretty

    77. BTK _Draine

      This is my favorite character. I need so much more of this. LOVE YOU GIBI ❤️!!

    78. ca1vinru1ez

      You kind of look like Iana

    79. ShadowShockVanguardX.D346

      Whats Vague? I always thought she was French

    80. Lorenzo Fernandes

      Come through Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova