Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Story Creator Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]

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    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Story Creator mode allows players to craft quests of their own and upload them for others to play in the open world of Ancient Greece. Join us, as we take a look at the free mode, play through some of the best creations, and practice our voice-over dialogue. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and UPLAY+.
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    1. Albert Rad

      Newervinter online got much better tool... And its sad.

    2. Koum Somanith

      Could I suggest or would you mind keep for the future Assassin’s creed “Angkor Empire” for your consideration?

    3. Lance is HereTV

      If they can play odyssey on the switch then what about origins,syndicate,unity the first game and the ezio collection are not out yet...they could’ve made more money


      I like this games Ubisoft north yes assassin's Creed origin 2 I need this games please sir

    5. Mike Tutch

      Add multiplayer

    6. AJ Smith

      Thank you assassins creed odyssey is my favorite Ubisoft games in the world even I am disappointed that you didn’t have any quest about Greek mythology including Zeus I’m very disappointed but thank you for making this my favorite game in the hole wide world thank you

    7. jay jones

      With all the DLC why wasn't Olympus part of it as well as Zeus? I swear I was hoping for that but you added the other 2 brothers. the game is great but seriously could of added that and that alone was a big disappointment.

    8. Saif khan

      Awesome video

    9. Daniel Mendoza


    10. さくらもち


    11. svbila


    12. svbila



      Lmao why does it look like a F2P game

    14. Unreal Gam3er

      hey guys (Ubisoft) i really have no idea why you did this... (as epic as story creator is) and this is why... You can ONLY have 20 actors per story, when you dev guys implemented 100s in the game (far too limited with what it can do)... You CANT have someone give you a quest in Megaris and THEN hand the quest (to same person) at Athens **well you can... you just have to make 2 copies... which eat into the 20 maximum!) HOW THE HECK do i implement fail criteria??? (i can only successfully fail a quest from a convo choice!!!) And finally... the *tie in links* (quest chains) the links are *broken* (does not tell me where to go next... does not tell me to track a quest and etc, and if you are NOT the creator then you have no clue where to go next!) Clear all these issues up OR explain them and etc, and then maybe people would *get it* FIANL thing... the forum for it... is useless!!! (No comments in about 2 weeks apart from my own *NoWebCam*)

    15. avenger raven

      I'm just going to say this this is the worst assassin's Creed this game has no reason to be an assassin's Creed game the story breaks so many f****** establish rules one of which is the Animus why can you just pick between two characters to play as that makes no sense the Animus is not supposed to be a simulation or the guessing game of how history went it supposed to replicate it to the letter also I think I can speak for every single person who played origins we want a byek sequel

    16. The lonely Minecrafter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="855">14:15</a> you died cause you had the lamest outfit combination and enhancements.

    17. Fábio Costa

      I accept this game as it is. Took me nearly an year to accept Odyssey's gameplay and limitations. Still the only thing that would make me replay it is if Alexios and Kassandra learned to use a shield. So... In the shelf it stays.

    18. Black sylla

      Hab zwei Videos auf FIsels hochgeladen da gibst vielleicht nützliche Informationen für euch in Odyssee Last ein like da, abonniert und teilt sie 😊

    19. Alii Victoria

      assasin sceed roblox e

    20. Udaan 321

      We Want New Serial Of Prince Of Persia It 2020.

    21. Udaan 321

      We Want prince Of Persia.

    22. Warped-_- Reaper

      Little advice. Dont make another rpg assassins creed please

    23. KRØNIC

      Finally i can now make a story about ragnarok

    24. Nuno Magalhães

      Eu Ubisoft nobody wants to fight against 30 guys, sometines,less is more!!like your insane amount of sidequests in One game.

      1. Christa Avolio

        I loved fighting mass amounts of people in ACO. Made me feel like Brad Pitt playing Achilles.

      2. Nuno Magalhães

        @Athen Paez ho,i,why,really, understand,why,get, good better.

    25. Raven Korra

      Can you continue assassins creed Odyssey

      1. Yoloboy

        @yourgrandaddan you know joke maybe?

      2. yourgrandaddan

        @Yoloboy no they didn't wtf

      3. Yoloboy

        no they deleted the game in december because it was blood and bad for kids

    26. mbr5611

      Should i buy the game? Big fan of Origins btw

      1. PicklesGaming

        @HECUsoldier map is copy pasted? from what lol, also microtransactions are totally avoidable you got no idea what you're talking about lmao. and this game is not a political agenda I have no idea where you got that from. it's a game about greek mythology, not about Democrats and Republicans.

      2. CraZzZy Boy


      3. HECUsoldier

        Don't play it. It's the weakest game in the franchise and set towards political agendas instead of entertainment. Filled with microtransactions that are practically unavoidable due to the massive grind this game has. Also you can't immerse yourself in the story of the character because you now play as generic person(it's your Oddysey, meh). Map is copy pasted, content was created with no passion. The graphics only matter now.

      4. pey

        mbr5611 it pretty good. the combat is fun there ALOT i mean ALOT to do. You can also recruit almost any enemy in the world to your ships crew which is awesome. Great rpg aspects many different types of weapons and armor you can find kinda like skyrim.

      5. Franz Henke

        Epicness ,....

    27. Persepunny Of the Punderworld

      "Dress up is an important part of Assassin's Creed, and you can't tell me otherwise" 😂😂😂

    28. The Doom Slayer Master Chief

      Hate the new ACs....

      1. Illumi Ibn Silver

        It's funny because you've never played Origins or Odyssey

    29. samantha olive

      I hope you never stop making Assasins creed if you did i would cry my heart out

    30. Rotem Salvatori

      Pls do not make this game like fortnite 😒😒

    31. Albert Macovei

      you can remove from the headlamp game cry 3 classic edition Jason's tattoo from the right hand so that the original headlamp cry 3 I played all the headlamps in the series on ps4 and you even have very strong and puzzling games and even I'm glad Jason won't have the right tattoo please ubisoft😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😪😪😪😪😪😫🤤😪😫😪😫😪😫😪😫😪😫😪😫😪😫😪😪😫😣please once again you can get his jason's tattoo from his right hand from the far cry 3 classic edition really please very much i play on ps4

    32. Shadow Lion Zero

      Correction: Alicorn is the Latin term used to describe a unicorn's HORN as a material. Rulers and the very wealthy with more money than brain's would try to acquire drinking horn cups made from Alicorn. It supposedly had the property to purify any drink if someone had tried to poison its contents. There are Assyrian winged unicorns but i have no idea what they are called, they do represent "light". The only other word I know of for a unicorn pegasus hybrid is a Pegacorn. Alicorn might be the incorrectly more common used term (thanks ignorant mass media) for this horse but I think it at least sounds better.

    33. Night Haven

      Odyssey Assassin's Creed Spartan Vs Orgins Assassin's Creed Medjay Who Would Win In Fighting In The Bloody Arena ?

      1. TheXboxDivision

        if it Alexios vs Bayek Alexios/Cassandra Alexios/Cassandra would win there basically gods

    34. Night Haven

      I wish they could do more Game's on Nubia Kush Sudan Medjays Wars that Most people don't know about they should Teach People History as well or Assassin's Creed Hannibal Barca of Carthage Carthagians Assassin's Creed Game That would be Epic

    35. Night Haven

      I Love Games that tells Real History an Cultures Would Love See For Next Couple of Assassin's Creed Games be The Zulu's Nations Zulu's War and Ethiopia Aksum Kingdom's and The Barbarians Assassin's Creed Game The Celtic Assassin's Creed the Vikings and maybe The Danes ECT......

    36. Night Haven

      Nice Gaming The Ethiopia Aksum Kingdom Ethiopia has Longer History Then Greece Ethiopia Aksum should be Next one or South African Shaka Zulu The Zulu Nations Assassin's Creed The Zulu Nations should be Next Assassin's Creed that would be Epic Great Job Guy's 👍

      1. Dan Conti

        It’s already confirmed to be vikings

    37. andrej đurica

      This game is awful

      1. andrej đurica

        @Comrade Kong because it was more lore friendly and it actually had a character that I didn't have to create or make create his opinion. It had a character that was developed, had a motivation, was human and developed naturally how the story unfold. Just look at that scene when Bayek and Aya stand on the beach and talk and compare it to the opening scene. Odyssey doesn't have that because you can do whatever you want, there is no satisfaction, no payoff. You can decide to save the hostage or to help an NPC and after the quest is over you can kill him/her. That's not clever design nor does it mean that you're making choices it's just lazy. It creates paradoxes, it just means that your character is an empty shell. They wanted to creat a witcher style AC but they created everything except it. Witcher doesn't allow you to kill your qurst giver, yes it gives you reall choices but they are all based on what Geralt(already established character in the books) could truly say. He is sometimes generous and sometimes just kills monsters for coins and sometimes he just wants to get laid, that's just how he is. He sounds like he doesn't give a frick about anything because of his mutations. But Odyssey doesn't have an established character. Odyssey also turned AC in to a MMO rpg with its grinding(it doesn't allow you just to play the story, yes Origins had it as well but to much smaller extent and was more balanced)

      2. Comrade Kong

        I’m just curious, why was Origins better than Odyssey?

      3. andrej đurica

        @Illumi Ibn Silver Unity could be better but black flag is one of my favourite alongside with Origins and Ezio trilogy

    38. Original Soundtrack

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="817">13:37</a> ¿What have they done to my favorite saga? This game does not deserve to be called Assassin's Creed.

    39. AbandonedAccJ4CKT1C4L


    40. TheForknut

      So can we get dlc for free when new game realese

    41. meme prez

      So u gonna do a continuation of arnos story

      1. RogueAssassin

        They won’t

    42. Yaba Kain

      looks like a fucking console with sub 30 fps.

    43. gilson figueiredo


    44. murph 4

      When is new AC game being announced?

      1. RogueAssassin

        Very soon

      2. gilson figueiredo

        Vai saber!

    45. Yuri Brito

      Masterpiece! This game is a MASTERPIECE! Assassin's Creed Odyssey portrays very well the Ancient Greek world ( Έλλάς). The game is simply accurate with everything, including the Greek geography and historical characters. However, in my personal analysis, Ubisoft also should have included Asia Minor and Magna Graecia in Assassin's Creed Odyssey ( both regions were also part of the Έλλάς). In Asia Minor, for example, it would be interesting to include the twelve Ionian city-states of the so-called Ionian League/Κοινή σύνοδος Ίώνων ( currently located within the Turkish provinces of İzmir, Aydın, Manisa, Uşak and Muğla). With the exception of Samos/Σάμος and Chios/Χίος ( which were part of the 12 Ionian cities and both are present in the game), Assassin's Creed Odyssey should have included the poleis of Miletus/Μίλητος ( the "cradle of philosophy"/"Το λίκνο της φιλοσοφίας", as I like to call it), Ephesus/Έφεσος, Teos/Τέως, Klazomenai/Κλαζομεναί, Colophon/Κολοφών, Myus/Μυός, Priene/Πριήνη, Erythrae/Έρυθραί and Lebedus/Λέβεδος. In Magna Graecia/Μεγάλη Έλλάς ( as the Romans called the Greek colonization within the present Italian regions of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia/Apulia and Campania), on the other hand, it would be interesting to include the poleis/cities of Syracuse/Syracusae/Συράκουσαι ( the largest and most important city of Magna Graecia since the days of the Kings/Tyrants Gelo I and Hieron I in the early 5th century BC), Agrigento/Akragas/Ακράγας ( Sicily's second most important city since the days of the tyrant Theron/Θήρων in the early 5th century BC), Croton/Crotone/Κρότων ( the most important polis of Calabria/Brutium), Metapontium/Μεταπόντιον ( the most important city of Basilicata/Lucania), Taranto/Tarentum/Τάρας ( the most important city of Puglia/Apulia and once the only Spartan colony in Magna Graecia) and/or Paestum/Poseidonia/Ποσειδωνία ( one of the most important cities of Campania). Among the Dodecanese Islands, in turn, the game included only the island of Kos ( Κως). However, the game also could have included the islands of Rhodes ( Ρόδος), Patmos ( Πάτμος), Karpathos ( Κάρπαθος), Kalymnos ( Κάλυμνος), Leros ( Λέρος) and Tilos ( Τήλος). Nevertheless, the game portrays the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades ( Κυκλάδες) perfectly well, especially Mykonos/ Μύκονος, Naxos/Νάξος ( the "queen of the Cyclades"/"Η βασίλισσα των Κυκλάδων", as I like to call it) and Delos/Δήλος ( which was the seat of the treasury of the Delian League until 454 BC, when Pericles transferred the treasury to Athens). However, the game did not fully include the Cyclades Islands. Some important islands like Sifnos ( Σίφνος), Amorgos ( Αμοργός), Ios ( Ίος) and Sikinos ( Σίκινος) were not included in the game. However, this is understandable as well, since the game would be even bigger if these islands and cities mentioned were included. Tks Ubisoft for this amazing Game! Rome in the next Assassin's Creed!

      1. andrej đurica

        @avenger raven agreed

      2. avenger raven

        I can agree that it portrays some parts of history really well but that's it as in assassin's Creed game it's absolutely terrible it's one of the worst if not the worst assassin's Creed game it breaks its own lore and establish rules about the Animus countless times

      3. andrej đurica

        @Mister K if it's so lore friendly why then both qubec and montreal teams don't want to speak with each other regarding the lore??? Why doesn't Ashraf Ismail want to have anything to do with odyssey and why did Quebec had to hire a writer form EA a nother studio to write a script on their dlc, their game??? It would be like if you hired a Bethesda writer to write a new uncharted game. Firstly they are coming from different studio and that makes them new to the franchise no matter how good they know the brand, secondly EA and Ubisoft make entirely different games, thirdly your hiring someone from the most infamous company that's based it's games on grinding and loot boxes. I'm sorry if that doesn't make them lazy and greedy I don't know what does. Yes he might not be one of the bad ones but he still doesn't know the brand like Montreal does heck they invented it.

      4. Illumi Ibn Silver

        @andrej đurica I agree with you about the fact UB$SHIT is very LAZY. I played Red dead 2 before Origins and Odyssey and these two games look mediocre compared to rd2. But seriously, who care about the lore since AC III ? BF had a very good story but as an AC game, it was awful Unity had the worst story of the franchise ,Syndicate was GARBAGE, Origins was cleary better but it had some lacks and in Odyssey,it's about the real lore of this franchise ,Isu and the first civilization.

      5. andrej đurica

        @Mister K yes lazy because I don't enjoy games just for mindless gameplay but for story for new experiences that make sense in that univers, to me playing video games is like watching a movie

    46. Michael McCarthy

      I was watchin this live then took a nap, and came back to finish it, but Chris's voice actin had me dyin. Especially his Barnabas.

    47. João Alvez

      Please Where's event in Odissey????

      1. Michael McCarthy

        You have to turn on Story Creator. Menu. -Options -Gameplay -Story Creator Mode -On/Off

      2. Michael McCarthy

        What event?

    48. Alex Mercer

      I luv Origins better than Odyssey

      1. Illumi Ibn Silver

        @Ivo77 lool

      2. Ivo77

        @Illumi Ibn Silver nope unity also had a bigger launch.

      3. Illumi Ibn Silver

        @Ivo77 since bf yes

      4. Ivo77

        @Illumi Ibn Silver odyssey didn't have the best launch sales.

      5. Illumi Ibn Silver

        @Ivo77 LMAO, nobody knows Origins'sales but you think it has better sales than Odyssey. But Odyssey had the best launch sales, you didn't say that.

    49. play with a gun

      I swear i will do subscribe in S.A.P.G .DO IT BRO (YOU SWEAR)

    50. mbg238

      Dont care for online gaming.Singleplayer only.