Before I fight Logan Paul...

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    1. Ali-A

      They finna be calling him L Paul

    2. candylandhook

      I'm an Aussie and all I need to win a fight is a milk carton.

    3. Linkin Ross

      tf did he put the kiwi flag in for aussie

    4. Kawaii -Angel

      That's the new Zealand flag not.australia... our flag has 6 stars .. and there not red there white...😂👊

    5. Mneda_

      Anyone else notice he didnt put up the right australian flag

    6. GodNyxx

      Is anyone gonna skip the fact that he got the Australia flag wrong?

    7. Shane Burton

      ksi I would like to see a meme now saying LETS GO CHUMP with a picture of shannon briggs bending logan paul over stuffing for in his mouth !!!!!

    8. Black_Banana_Man _

      Τhats not the Australian flag

    9. play guy hutz

      Your a mother fuckin fuck you bitch

    10. Cpz Astro

      2:42 all Aussies are mad

    11. Ayman Elorr

      mad disrespectful putting the New Zealand flag for the Aussie flag. lol

    12. mike hunt


    13. _Milsey_ Beastmode

      Why is his Username now 'KSIOlajidebtHD KSIOlajidebtHD'???

    14. cody gittins

      that aint australia, thats new zealand

    15. Pavan Krishna

      Who else din't see this video

    16. Maiahs life

      I love how he said New Zealand was aussie lol hahahaha

    17. slzzpy music

      I Love how he say "logan pool"

    18. slzzpy music


      1. Edward Khazzoum

        slzzpy music you tried ..

    19. Charlie Spicer

      That the New Zealand flag brother

    20. PappaPurple :3

      Why is his channel name KsiolajidebtHD KsiolajidebtHD?

      1. Fiery Wizard9

        yea, I was wondering that myself lol

    21. Bob Bobby

      Logan "I am on my period." Shannon "Let's go cramp!"

    22. charlie duff

      why is there a new Zealand flag The disrespect to my county he actually did us that dirty

    23. Abdullah Ferdous

      That’s NewZealand flag, mate.

    24. SineX


    25. Cyrus Ali

      Man's put New Zealand's flag for Australia, whack 2:41

    26. Ryan Hemsworth Music

      Who else is Australian and is triggered he used the wrong flag?

    27. Alexander Cremen

      Bruh I’m Aussie and he put the kiwi flag 🤦‍♂️ smh

    28. gtoss chddy

      Here from the future: MISSION SUCCESSFUL

    29. Navah James

      2::43 Australia? That’s the New Zealand 🇳🇿 flag haha

    30. Ace Spades

      I live in New Zealand. This mans did not just put a New Zealand flag for shitty Australia. My man like I love you to bits and I'm inspired by your hard work but like how can you mess that up?

    31. justinchmait

      2:43 man got the australian flag wrong 🤣

    32. Ceims Kenton

      Logan: I am gonna make him regret fighting me KSI: Uno reverse card

    33. Tristan Hughes

      Fuck you

    34. Jardeez

      At 2:42 nigga said New Zealand was Australia lololololololololol

    35. AOD TheJamsie

      OUTSTANDING JJ, well done brother. Totally deserved m8. Love you man (HCS Voiceattack KsAi)

    36. Jonesy

      Man used New Zealand’s flag as Australia’s....

    37. Karen

      wHo’S hEre aFTer kSI wOn | | | V

    38. Kool aid :D

      KSIOlajidebtHD wasn't enough so you added another KSIOlajidebtHD Good job!

    39. Death Tyohn

      Why the fk did his name became squared? Now that's a real math question right here.

    40. BoTLAm

      Wanna point out thats the new Zealand flag

    41. valluru ràdhysyam

      You're a massive cunt but Logan needed to stfu

    42. Joe Wilson

      Nice Australia flag there mate

    43. MISS PEACH

      You wanna know what’s weird, I got a KSI advertisement 👁👄👁

    44. Omar Vela Wheen

      My mans showed a New Zealand flag when he said Australia

    45. Basrii Blok e

      congrats bro

    46. Julian Watson

      Can we get dB legends content?

    47. AOD TheJamsie

      PROUD OF YOU JJ. Well done on stepping into the ring on your Pro Debut VICTORY. outstanding brother.... Hurry up and get back in my Ship on Elite Dangerous (Voice Attack KSI). It WAS a knockdown on the Third Sir.

    48. Bennyboy200818

      Congratulations jj

    49. Gilang[希望の戦士]

      Is it me or his channel name doubled

    50. Tomasz2006 Idk

      He put the fucking New Zealand flag instead of the Australian flag

    51. Yali Lazmi

      WINNER, WINNER, WINNER! so proud of you love you bro.

    52. Kevin Christensen

      spoiler, he won

    53. BoltAction ツ

      who is from NZ or Australia and when KSI said Australia it cane up with the New Zealand flag was like ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    54. Kayla Woollam

      I love how he kept his shirt on up until the weigh in

    55. Doggo the Gamer

      Has anyone noticed his channel name? It says KSIOlajidebtHD twice? Hmmmm. Accident or not?

      1. Doggo the Gamer

        Maybe its because he has two wins?

    56. Mr.Anonymous African

      "Australia" *New Zealand flag appears*

    57. Thicc Daddy 101

      He did not use the right flak for Australia

    58. Wicked Fiction

      Sorry mate, but that flag is for New Zealand not Australia 🙃

    59. Phoenix

      He got the Australian flag wrong!

    60. Jungle Sc0ut

      Hay guys enough about his forehead that neck beard stubble now thats a disiese jesus lord .