Before I fight Logan Paul...

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    1. Lukas McC

      any other kiwi fucking pissed

    2. LBN

      HE had to fucking laugh once

    3. young ydot

      Watching whilst in quarantine lool

    4. yxngJubz 08

      Why youtube? Could of recommended me in november but recomends me in may 2020 (quarintine)

    5. Samir Saeedi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> watching this back 6 months later and just realised he got Australia’s flag wrong

    6. cheese burger lord

      If you think about it you don't haft to lift tiers and shit your litterly punching each other lol

    7. trustyounot

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> He loves us? Since when?

    8. Matthew

      ksi really convinced me that he became a real boxer with real boxing knowledge but nothing happened. May have been the nerves but it does take years of fighting that these two fighers dont have

    9. Pez Pez

      The one thing that aged well

    10. Theespartin

      You piss me off you got the Australian flag wrong

    11. JustinTime

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> ok then...

      1. Endy Mendoza

        He did though

    12. Fros

      God Damn

    13. Abdel Rahman Hassan

      What's the outro music called?

    14. Abdel Rahman Hassan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> He said it He did it LET'S MUTE CHAMP!

    15. Stitch Commenting

      It already has been half a year since the fight

    16. Hugo Sanch3z


    17. Momo DaBeast

      whos here after his name is jj olatunji now rip ksilgbt

    18. SabihS

      Correction at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a>, kill the f***ing disease that is Corona virus

    19. ZakMeul

      So idk why im watching this video but i am from Australia and you really did just put a New Zealand flag on the screen when you said Australia my man wtf HAHAHAHA

    20. Haami-lee Tohia

      Australia took an L that day

    21. Foadjemal Hassen

      Our boi

    22. Little Big autocorrect

      Before the boy turned into a man 😂🤣😂🤣

    23. Luke’s Skits

      My cat was on my bed and smack jj with his tail

    24. Zest

      If jj lost his own fanbase would make fun of him the lost let’s be honest lol

    25. YT MONTAGE

      ON EGYPT?

    26. theshabomb !

      i know this is an old vid but jj starting to have a gap between his teeth again lmao

    27. Happy Stone

      Who’s here after ksi won 👇🏽

    28. Lemon Zest

      i like how in sparring JJ isn't swinging his arms but in a fight he go swing mode

      1. Vex Last

        As viddal said "once you enter the ring you forget everything"

      2. Ammar Khalid

        Ultra instincts超本能 swinging your arms doesn’t magically add an inch to them.

      3. Ammar Khalid

        Bcuz he went in aggressive.

      4. Max Wijsman Music

        Swingo mode

      5. After Death AD8

        Wouldn’t want to leak his tactics

    29. Momo DaBeast

      ksi predicted the disease at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> corona lol

    30. Dacky and David Vlogs

      Ksi=Fucking shit

      1. The Leak Of Rap

        Dacky The Siberian Husky if KSI is fucking shit the Logan is fucking fucking shit

    31. Heinz Doof

      you won

    32. ciara knowes

      I’m still so proud of you JJ ❤️ gonna go down in history unforgettable

    33. Lola Playz

      You don't need to train you are better

    34. Zak0

      There’s one app I’ve got you can watch any sport

    35. Megethiccpekka ZZ


    36. Megethiccpekka ZZ


    37. Blank Qt

      🇦🇺 🇳🇿 there’s a difference

    38. Rhys the warrior

      When he said Australia it was the New Zealand flag....

    39. Jasper Lazarus

      U put the newzeland flag instead of Australia flag dumb ass

    40. Jasper Lazarus

      And it was on laptop

    41. Jasper Lazarus

      I watched it on fite tv in Australia

    42. Charlotte Browne

      KSI: Australia 🇳🇿 All of Australia left

    43. c3 gamezZ

      Who’s here after JJ fucked Logan up and won

    44. Maurits Kerbert

      nobody: gib forgets that the crouching bug was fixed in the last update

    45. Ediris Ibrahim

      I mean all we really did was watch it though a mans glasses

    46. Sheila Phillips


    47. Kurtis Jones

      I never new the australian flag was also the new zealand flag?

    48. Joshua Egen

      my guy used a new zealand flag

    49. Kibrija Gasi

      What is for Serbia mann

    50. Therealadam246

      Hello spaghetti head. Nice to see that u beat mathematician. Oh ye I also call you chewing gum wrapper

    51. Jack Gully

      man put the new Zealand flag instead of the Australianflag

    52. josh5902158

      If only you can put your mind into making videos

    53. Noah Allison

      Notice he puts the New Zealand flag for Australia

    54. prankworld

      The best thing is watching this vid after the fight. What a beast

    55. Randomly cool


    56. Kayno

      the thing that really annoys me is that he got the Australia flag wrong

    57. Mauri Hall

      You one

      1. Stephen Walton

        *won ;)

    58. ElmikoYT

      you trained so hard to swing like a fucking windmill congrats bro tho

    59. benjamin rawson

      Oi you stupid fuck the Aussie flag you used is fucking New Zealands fuck youuuu

      1. Ameer 79

        Salty ass

    60. Francis Coybig Hartson 88

      Spit it oot blacky

    61. Royalty MSP

      Iss yo boii K to the S to da iii

    62. Jayden Bustos

      Ks bitch you suck

    63. Jayden Bustos

      Can you say you’re a bitch

    64. Declxn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> isn’t Australia fam😂

    65. Caleb And Ty

      You said Australia with the New Zealand flag😂

    66. boygottagun

      wrong aussie flag the nz

    67. Phoenix Budworth

      KSI the champ!

    68. Ethan Dean


    69. deadeye4100


    70. It’s just Kenzie

      In the weigh in KSI had two boxers on

    71. AlphaX2119

      This fuck whit said that the NEW ZEALAND FLAG WAS THR FUCKING AUSTRALIA FLAG 🇳🇿 ^ New Zealand. 🇦🇺 ^ Australian

    72. Rachel M1

      I can't believe Logan paul won th fight

    73. Soft Drink

      Let’s have an argument....

      1. Soft Drink

        Ruby Buckley you’ve lost me

      2. Ruby Buckley

        Firefly is the opposite to waterfall

    74. Susana Autagavaia


      1. Therealadam246

        @rofl 89k bruh it's a FIsels comment. You just need your comment to make sense. This isn't an English class. What are you?! my teacher

      2. rofl 89k

        @Therealadam246 I'm just saying, if you're gonna act smart at least have your grammar on point, same with your spelling and punctuation

      3. Therealadam246

        @rofl 89k it's an abbreviation you idiot. Are you stupid or something.

      4. rofl 89k

        @Therealadam246 Ironic that you use 'urself'

      5. JustinTime

        @Murphy1 benefit of the doubt maybe saying the flags look similar, which they do, but yeah def different places

    75. Bojan Predojevic

      Next ksi video i kiled logan paul

    76. Khalil Trains

      The boy killed the disease👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    77. Adeeb Jagirdar

      What about India. Where to watch it

    78. Jesse Fade

      Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!! Jide wins😁

    79. Team Repeat

      You got the Australian flag wrong that's the New Zealand flag

    80. Leah Brown

      Id just like to point out he used the austria flag not theaustralia flag xD