Best of the Worst: Wicked World

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    It's another spotlight episode! This time on the recently unearthed film Wicked World, from the man who made the all-time classic THINGS. And just to be clear, we didn't alter the editing of the scenes in Wicked World. The way they are presented in this video is how the movie is actually edited!

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    1. mikoto

      feeders must look pretty good right now huh mike

    2. Copious Doinks LLC.

      This movie is like the cinematic adaptation of "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties"

    3. Danny G

      6:38 She has a second pair of boobs on her back? What a time to be alive.

    4. mpouka nouka

      24:12 was this part of the soundtrack

    5. Corat

      Does the audio of the movie not work over Bluetooth for anyone else?

    6. ricardo valerio

      can y’all do a review of the fifth element

    7. The Nerdie Cafe

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Watch VelociPastor it's on Amazon Prime!

    8. Philip Godin

      Thanks for undubscribing me from one of my favorite channels youtube.

    9. Todd Sutt

      I watch space cop for a Rich Evan's nude sex scene.

    10. shaddonon

      Just when I thought the shot of babypuke-yellow pudding oozing down lobotomized Newt Gingrich's velvet-soft double chin couldn't get any better, Josh started clench-cheering the movie on to further excess--"Yeah! YHHH!"--over the chorus of horror and disgust.

    11. Jimpalainen

      I would love to see them do a BOTW on Ninja Mission.

    12. Travis Mitchell

      With How much they crap on both Michael Bay, and Disney Star Wars, I’d like to see them review Bad Boys For Life, a third film that actually is a better finale than Rise of Skywalker

    13. DinnerBells

      I always had a fishy feeling about Newt Gingrich.

      1. Alex Key

        As you should.

    14. JoeEnigma

      That laugh is fucking jarring!

    15. Lost in the Warp Pipe

      Out of curiosity I looked up Wicked World on Amazon (looks like it's not available in the UK thank god) but there is a bunch of give star reviews, one of which is by Barr J Gillis...

    16. MindGem

      omg, have you seen Uncut Gems yet? I find it very hard to beat that movie in 2020. It's fantastic, and most strange of all, it's Adam Sandler.

    17. ChromeColossus

      This was outrageously entertaining.

    18. Blavood

      Newt Gingrich? Last time I heard that name was....10 years ago. In a High School political science class.

    19. MaelstromGuy

      If anything this showed us we live in a society

    20. J K

      "The movie made me think off Quentin Tarantino, John Waters and Ed Wood. Tarantino because it's experimental and non-linear. John Waters because it looks grungy and shitty. Ed Wood because it sucks."

    21. Bianka Toth

      I think you guys just don't get it.i want to watch this film on acid

    22. V Espinosa

      You should visit the las blockbuster in the USA. 211 NE Revere Ave, Bend, OR 97701

    23. dannass5

      I would actually stop watching this show if it wasn't for rich. Seriously lol, it would feel empty.

    24. Christoph Zeit

      They wanted to do a snuff film. But they were too inept. This is a snuff film that failed.

    25. Rapsha100

      I swear to god they turned Rich's mic up higher than everyone else.

    26. Jason Adams

      Watching the footage of this movie gave me a stomach ache.

    27. Ivan Bnv

      you guys are sick!.. lol

    28. M Jones

      What is with the soda?

    29. MC WrinkleRelease

      That movie looks like a feature-length version of "Too Many Cooks".

    30. BiG NRG

      Could you guys please do a video on uncut gems?

    31. jon ward

      I'm 15 minutes in and I've already done like 5 double takes, lucky I didn't spit water all over the computer

    32. I_hate_sand8487

      whens the next plinkett review you hacks

    33. Mitchell C.

      I think my chip is malfunctioning, this made my blood boil from insanity.

    34. Owenrobot

      Audio grainier than a bowl of quinoa

    35. Ducaso


    36. Azanti

      I think Rich Evan's laugh should be classified as a WMD

    37. DrLovejuice

      I too would love to see a non-linear style from Neil Breen Let me rephrase.... I would love Redletter, to watch it for me. I think my brain would explode

    38. Big Grundo

      How does it feel to be a vegetable?

    39. Randy Steele

      PilotRedSun: The movie

    40. Holden Cole

      This feels like a corruption Vinny would play. Like, it’s like this movie is glitching and bugged as fuck.

    41. Xenofett

      This movie should be called WTF.

    42. Jeremy Falkner

      Will there be an Irishman Half in the Bag? Some say the movie is so long they're still watching it...

    43. Steven Twyford

      Would anyone like a hotdog?

    44. EnvyMachinery

      God damn it, Mike. Even where there isn't a vote to be cast, you still find a way to be a contrarian.

    45. Giovanni Romanelli

      I was returning to finish watching this video and was considering going back to the start to remind me of the rest of the movie so I could follow it better. Then I recalled what I was watching and continued from the halfway point anyway

    46. Rick Lucey


    47. Brogan Brainstorm

      If Joker features an unreliable narrator, Wicked World would have to feature an unreliable director.

    48. Ben Jackson

      This movie is what a movie would be if a computer algorithm was fed every single action and thriller movie from 1970 to 1995 and had to auto-generate "action/thriller" movie. This movie is the chatbot of movies.

    49. Deconverted Man

      they should team up with IHE! :D

    50. R.

      One of the most pioneering pieces of experimental film making in decades, and it's completely misinterpreted by these hack frauds.

    51. Adrian Luca

      Why do I get the feeling the the three suicidal daughters weren't virgins?

    52. Kelsey Young

      Why is Rich Evans in the gas mask

    53. Lee Croft

      We have something like this on Blu-ray but True Lies hasn’t been given the lovely Blu-ray treatment ???

    54. RochesFan

      23:25 in some alternate universe, it's normal to watch "THINGS"- _this_ is that universe

    55. Movies Over Matter Productions

      This movie got “Breeny” real quick didn’t it

    56. Bill Tree

      I had that same BB pistol as a kid. Haha

    57. Greg Daniel

      What the hell did they record the sound with? Kevin McCallister's TalkBoy?

    58. MosquitoMkV

      Let's not forget the unsung heroes of many, many B movies that make an appearance here: that starters' pistol the brother uses at the beginning, and the Crossman single-shot BB gun that you get in a little target-shooting set at WalMart for 12 bucks that EVERY bad movie gives its cops.

    59. patio87

      This movie is the worst I've seen, I can't even watch the clips they're hurting my head.

    60. Yusuke Kitagawa

      This film makes me feel too disgusted to eat.