Biden Campaign Shook, Democratic Field Narrows After New Hampshire Primary

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    In contrast to the messy Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primary produced clear-cut results. And while they weren't good for Joe Biden's campaign, the Granite State vote tally meant the end of the road for Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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    1. Nexus Yang


    2. D.A.M.H 77

      Berni 2020

    3. Jason Stoll

      2.2 f.u

    4. Nick Bottorf

      No wonder they call the “late show”. This show is DEAD.


      Bernie 2020!

    6. Ryan Groom

      4:32 Should’ve been “It’s in this key guys, this key”

    7. Micah Gourlas

      Your Sanders impression is light years beyond your Trump impression.

    8. lagosolarbros

      Potus the most dangerous one . A lot of people thinks like that

    9. Alfred

      Democrats should hang it up. Trump already won 2020. 😂😂😂😂😂

    10. intertubedude

      Yang 2024!

    11. opeyemi uthman

      This made me laugh... 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    12. igloo productions

      I’m just waiting for a president to finally confirm that yes aliens are real, all that Bob Lazar said is true, show us everything they know, and that’s that.

    13. Edoardo Z

      Does this means we won't have no more "hungry for power games"?😭

    14. G Money

      Bernie ain't representing shit.

    15. Michael on YouTube

      Why was Sanders, the winner, not mentioned in the title or description of this video?

    16. Pia Kennedy

      Yang doesn't need the $1000. With his smarts he could have done very well as a corporate lawyer for the greedy class. And he isn't that much of a tech entrepreneur - most of his career has been in education & non-profit by now...unless by "tech entrepreneur" you mean someone who's more clued up about our modern day economy.

    17. Shon W

      I get it Stephen who obviously is either a 1% or their pawn. Just because Bernie Sanders stands up for the common citizen he can not have money. Also he should only take money from corporations and not the common folks. Empty suits like Colbert hate common folk being able to engage in the political process by small donations. He takes it out on Bernie. Who is Colbert for ? Bloomberg, ....Wall Street Pete

    18. OpticalTrends

      Bernie is just bait & switch...

    19. CHARL De Gaulle


    20. caSSiuS ebankS

      Stephen is buttjudge supporter

    21. caSSiuS ebankS

      You're a liberal hack buddy lol

    22. Lindalee Law

      FYI: CO. Primary Mar. 3, Caucus , Mar. 7 I love Caucus- get to meet the hot , single and just let's say, I'm glad I'm screwing a Dem... these guys use condoms! Where as Republucan boys see a condom and ask for a banana .....🤩 .

    23. Lindalee Law

      No on Amy. Nit presidential material, and unlike Warren, Amy wants to be the First Women Pres. and like Petey B. just want the honor. Neither are qualified to lead our Nation.

    24. Bill Kong

      Maybe there's something about Bernie's story that triggers a nostalgic instinct in Trump's brain. The firebrand progressive preacher. A man chewed up by the system. The rightful heir usurped. The lost cause.

    25. Bill Kong

      Trump has a soft spot for Bernie after watching him get screwed over by Clinton in 2016. He might also think Bernie's gonna get screwed again and complimenting him will get his voters to turn him in the general.

    26. Lucas Williams

      Key word volunteers. The joke makes no sense

    27. Kevin Heintz

      Bernie is so respectable that even Trump has to respect him according to his own warped moral compass. Marinate on that.

    28. F U C K COLBERF

      Colbert is a loser.

    29. F U C K COLBERF

      Colbert sucks.

    30. Roach DoggJR

      Oh, he's not going anywhere. He'll stick around.

    31. TheJimtanker

      Take him down Bernie!

    32. Megan Davis

      Soooooo sad

    33. thevintagerose

      I miss the Hungry for Power Games. Absolutely classic.

    34. momcatwoo

      Stephen loooooves those garlic knots!

    35. Sean Mower

      This is why John Oliver is so much better than you.

    36. Justin M

      Bernie or bust

    37. Korak Kari

      Emmy clobacheck was throwing a petty party and thought she had a campaign rally!

    38. Daniela Gioseffi

      Bernie is the MOST Honest candidate, and he's been saving the USA from Kleptrocracy and trying to help our democracy, in tatters, survive. #FEELtheBern2020 Bernie is winning, because the educated young know he is the leader for their future.He's vital as I am and I'm his age and an American Book Award winning climate justice and civil rights activist since 1960! I hate when Stephen makes STUPID, WRONG headed jokes about Bernie. This is serious. There is practically no time to save habitable Earth. WAKEUp! Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation film Ice on Fire FREE on FIsels

      1. F U C K COLBERF

        Educated young? If they are so educated why do they spend 300,000 on a sociology degree. Living in an echo chamber doesn't make you educated.

    39. Rubber Gnome

      :( #yanggang2024 #yanggang2028

    40. Dr. I. B. Safe

      I’m honestly waiting to see that poodle get Bloomberged!

    41. peppered burger


    42. Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds

      Ready for economic collapse? Bernie 2020 and there’s nowhere left to go with a proper republic with fiscal sense

    43. Shaun Koreshowell/Bunds


    44. ZOMB

      How do people like these stupid talk shows

    45. Just Me

      I'm not even American, but I'm all for Bernie 2020. Get out there & vote, people!

    46. TheDuffyLONER64

      Ugh, I'm still incredibly upset that Yang suspended his campaign. 😕

    47. MLievens

      We'll get the race we should have had in 2016. Trump - Sanders

    48. Esmeralda Robles

      Amy :” I also have a shitty prosecutor record”

    49. DrWIN7er

      I love pretty much everything Bernie stands for but I don't think the current political climate is ready for his changes. Amy is my second choice and I think her more moderate objectives would be more effective right now. Changes would have to be gradual. Of course I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to political matters, this is just my take on it.

    50. Melanie Williams-Smotherman

      Trust me, the volunteers for Bernie's campaign give our time happily, because we fight for ourselves AND for others. Only Bernie will bring about the change we desperately need. And you should be happy, because all that energy will also help down-ballot candidates, and it will take such an army of supporters to defeat Donald Trump. #PresidentSanders

    51. SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture

      Bravo. Man, Colbert is definitely the king of Late Night.

      1. F U C K COLBERF

        partisan fool, not funny at all.

    52. Chickenparmm

      I wonder why Colbert patronizes Bernie at every turn? CBS?

    53. Steven Poynter

      I personally do not care which Democrat gets the nomination but I just think Joe is really the only one they can take Trump and win,,, I just do not see it in the other candidates not yet anyway Bernie May could,,, but. The Republicans and Trump are going to label him a socialist will make it harder

    54. SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture

      LOL @ "I am the man, now, let's stick it to ME!!!"

    55. Veight Rwd88

      Who’s the chick at bottom left? Damn...

    56. Rayhan S

      why don’t the headline says Bernie is the new frontrunner?

    57. Sharon Jones

      Jon , Thanx for the nod to #Lyle Mays. Classy Move.

    58. Bugdriver49

      Never could stand Will Ferrell....

    59. Gabriel Frank-McPheter

      Colbert is not funny. I didn’t laugh once.

    60. Duane Locsin

      Does Stephen Colbert still believe in fighting for "those who do not have power"?