Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak



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    Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the number of US cases has not yet peaked and the country won't likely be able to return to normal life by April. #CNN #News

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    1. Eka Setyono


    2. Just Me

      He's a lying Satanist! He's crippled and killed thousands and is kicked out of India! Now, he wants to take over NYC schools. He is in on this with WHO, Fauci. He loves to take advantage of the poor countries. His wife proudly wears an inverted cross necklace just like Chelsea Clinton. Satanists have to outwardly show or proclaim they follow Satan. They will release another round in fall. They will not stop. God is coming back soon and they know their time is coming to an end! Gates body cryptocurrency system patent is 060606, his name numbers 666, his bill he is trying to pass is HR 6666. There are several guys on YT who have done the investigation into Gates and his many "fronts", other foundations he uses to push his evil!

    3. Maria Repolust

      Poor Bill fighting against viruses since 1975

    4. Zakira Jahan

      An important video on *Warnings and Predictions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) about Covid-19 and its aftermath in Urdu.* A must watch for every one!!! Please watch & share with your friends & family.

    5. Dee Ann

      He was right about that. No mid April re-opening. I don't care who comes up with vaccine first. I'll be happy when they do.

      1. Milli Vanilli

        Stupidity is everywhere

    6. Geovoni Ves Is it a coincidence that wuhan got the so called virus as soon as they powered on their 5g? Watch this video link I'd recommend the entire thing but very important to watch first 7min to 7min 40sec. And if this nano tech can be put into a mosquito well most definitely it can be put in humans and work how designed to work successfully. 5g Nanotechnology Artificial intelligence Shadow government 21 Knowledge is power Power corrupts Absolute power absolutly corrupts He who needs control needs power and will become corrupt,sick,evil, unstoppable!!! Because no one wants the truth does not want to be free. Yes it's good some are waking up but it's the masses that need to wake up and not just sit up in bed, get the fuck up out of bed dressed eat drink and get outside and take your human birth rights seriously. The dominator culture is an abomination and authority will lead you into ruin. They dont give a shit about you. Or just turn on your tell lie vision watch the entertainment given to you by the jewish Hollywood stars. Go play ball eat your poison drink your coca cola holdnur 5g phone to ur head and follow the rule of law after all you can rest well knowing your rulers care for you and about you and know you are a free individual in a free society. As long as you pay your taxes and ya are you understanding this now??? Watch it all but first 7 min to 7min 40 sec.

    7. A Star Wars Fan

      This man is NOT a medical doctor and has no right discussing these issues. He plans to depopulate the earth. DO NOT TAKE HIS VACCINES. Research I.D. 2020 and Agenda 2030. Bill Gates NEEDS TO DIE.

    8. Chris Vlogs

      When you started dealing about viruses on Microsoft then you becamed an epidemiologist

    9. Sabreen Alsakhi

      Just because Bill Gates is smiling doesn’t mean he’s behind creating this virus or he thinks people are a joke. Just because yall are frustrated during this period of time & you’re too curious to find out when will this pandemic will end doesn’t mean he has to be. You cannot blame a human being for something cruel like this. Get over yourselves.

      1. Milli Vanilli

        Some people are a joke. Get a mirror

    10. Shawn Shaw

      check this wonderful video

    11. Prophetic Insights

      Bill Gates father ran planned Parenthood. The family has been on a mission for many years.

    12. Sarma Devarakonda

      Is Bill gates created corona?? he is able to predict.America should understand first internal Enemies

    13. Zulu Tay

      I see bill gates... I see 👿👿👿


    15. M


    16. M

      C hinese N ews N etwork

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    20. train wreq

      Fuck this Technocrat scumbag. I hope he dies a thousand deaths.

    21. Supreme


    22. jane simmons

      bill gates is a psycho,we do not want your vaccines,bill.We do not enjoy seeing or hearing anything you have you say.please ,if you want to help,give people non GMO food and shelter

    23. Palm Kris Security Agency


    24. RaiseTheSpirit

      very accurate predictions. Scary for me though as I'm a British male who chose to stay i Peru for this epidemic. And its already been 72 days of lockdown... I'm worried its going to carry on until the end of the year here as its a fairly poor country :/

    25. 없다나는 연인이

      Wuhan biological laboratory own virüs. Bill Gates it is innocent.

    26. Athena Pheonix

      Bill Gates the biggest assasin alive.

    27. Read Romans 10: 9-14

      CorbettReport 4 part series on Gates

    28. Kahlil King

      Garlic,Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda,Cinnamon, will kill viruses and bacteria.Keep ur immune strong.

    29. iramoleramo

      Imo de p

    30. Jim Corneleous

      CNN AND bill gates?? Oh boy the sheep are gonna love this!

    31. Tuner Tuner

      Fuck you Bill just fuck you.You laugh right in front of the camera

    32. Tuner Tuner

      Why everyone ask HIM about Coronavirus ? He is not a doctor ? He is not a expert ? He's only a rich guy because of Microsoft ? Isn't that weird ?

    33. Dave Whitney


    34. Elena Ortega


    35. Naveed Rasheed

      No 1 Terrest in menkind history ,May GOD Give him worrist Punishment Ameen

    36. 1495 2018

      Gates give your children every vaxxine you can find lets go

    37. T. N.D

      Fuck You Bill Gates. You make Corona Virus. Admit it !!!

    38. Blue Diamond

      How on earth is he still a free man ? Throw him in jail and strip him of his wealth

    39. Zahra A.

      Brooo no one can predict anything unless it’s planned, he only doing this for more money so he can control all of us, old man don’t act like you didn’t plan all this with the government

    40. Sapa Holliday

      It's odd that Windows has always been susceptible to virus's

    41. bamlak samuel

      He is Laughing he knows what he downing

    42. Matsui

      Japan just lifted it's restrictions and the word on the street here is #wewon #exceptionalism #Japan #JapanWins

    43. wtf mrb

      Always smiles in the wrong places, this guy makes me feel uneasy

    44. Three Axis

      How is it these people know when something will start and end.

      1. Servant Of Tmh

        They plan ahead.

    45. Ghada issa

      Satin devils

    46. Moreno J

      An prediction is exact date and what, how etc..Not some vage future date that maybe should come out or not. Look to the past and you know all most the whole future except the exact date can't not say . Around and we will see if I have wrong or not. If I have wrong I will come with a excuse. ;) but an common happen that mostly repeat in lives is not a real prediction.

    47. Q The Messiah

      Stay Quarantined and blind, SHEEP

    48. Harrison Adams

      How the fuck does Bill Gates have such a bad mic on his webcam?

    49. Helge Horn

      Such a nonsense. 33% growth forever? Why did the number of infected people in Sweden and Japan without lockdown then decline? Why do influenza waves decline without lockdowns? Comeon, start to think

    50. nasser ALR

      Bill Gates has been polishing his image in recent years. He spent millions (not billions)$$$$ donations here and there

    51. Hue Q.

      DR FAUCI also predicted bout a SURPRISE outbreak of an infectious disease next administration in 2017 🦠

    52. Teddie Newton

      Bill Gates you are part of the covid19 out break. You are a liar.

    53. Charlie Boy2

      Bill Gates A.K.A good friend of Epstein

    54. Mr

      5G and chemtrails cause flu symptoms. No vaccin for that. Just turn of the microwaves and stop spraying aluminium. Problem solved.

      1. Noya

        Mr your obviously uneducated in science.

    55. Tamer M

      If I was Dr. Anybody I take this very very very personally like this man isn't even a doctor we got the CDC WHO we got all these organizations but we're going to listen to Bill Gates why where are his medical credentials at

    56. تفضلوا بالاشتراك Subscribe !!

      Is he a medical doctor? Nope.

    57. blue poison

      There has to be a mass killing in channels like this when this thing is a visitor.

    58. Minne Lee

      Rich country will servive and poor country will die he need to go to hell bad man God got to deal with God

    59. Moss Stirling

      "KILLER BILL" ! He has "MURDERED 10 TIMES MORE SOULS" with his "VACCINES" than the CHINA WUHAN VIRUS !!!!!

    60. Simon Roberts

      Funny that the places doing lockdowns have seen the exponential death spikes, not seen in countries that haven't done the lockdowns

    61. Mad Sad

      Bill Gates is in the Electronic field, Microsoft & Computers, he is NOT in the Medical field, why did he talk and still talking about viruses & Vaccines??

    62. Joanne Lewis

      Bill Gates u got something wrong

    63. Fikiry eio Mengday

      You’re mouth of satan

    64. kiLuL76

      I hope donald trump can hang this billionare in public for trying to enslave people!

    65. kiLuL76

      Total bullshit.. CNN coupled with billionares who dont know anything about virus.. they know how to make money.. May Bill Gates die in tragic manner.. may his body rott in hell..

    66. Tony Dillinger

      Why is bill and Anderson's head cocked to the same direction....

    67. Clarence C

      There’s a difference between predicting a pandemic and planning a pandemic. This guy ain’t some prophet that just continuously predicts bad stuffs gonna happen and then it happens. He’s a criminal just like CNN and they need to be locked up at the very least.

    68. Fruitful vine

      Mr Bill gates you are in for a shock. Wait and see what the Almighty God is goong to do not long from now.

    69. Blane Doe

      People in these comments, It’s evolution! You are very upset that you can’t stay a monkey! Try to see the good in things. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t try to save lives. And if you are waiting for the truth, You haven’t evolved at all. You are asking to be programmed. We are here to experience life and adapt and love. If you live in fear and mania you are never truly alive! Now think of ways to make life on earth better for everyone. We can do this all together but not with this closed off mind set.

    70. Tramp Hitler . USA

      Why dont Killer criminel bill Gates . And TRAMP . Why dont Killer criminel

    71. Gisel Grace

      The normal flue, influenza what are the yearly figures given by the WHO. Look! .... Influenza is a serious global health threat that impacts all countries: every year, there are an estimated 1 billion cases, 3-5 million severe cases, and 290 000-650 000 influenza-related respiratory deaths worldwide. Are we really so eager to make Bill Gates richer to be forced to buy his homemade corona vaccine?

      1. Gisel Grace

        @Milli Vanilli Yes, he is a devil a Rockefeller paperboy for their eugenics project, only the rich are allowed to have children the rest of the world population must be sterilized.

      2. Milli Vanilli

        He funds WHO, many laboratories in china too.

    72. The ALPHA MALE

      CNN = fake news

    73. dani 09

      Before covid19 : Bill gates gained 2 billion dollars. Post covid19 : Bill gates gained 2 billion people.

    74. Felix Bjørnson


    75. Gabriela Kessler

      Bill Gates is worse then the "ratcatcher from Hameln" because he wants the soul of all humans for the devil. This narcissits and psychopath delf declared new god not only wants the forced vaccination of 7 billion peole = the whhole humanity, but also the implant of the microchip from Miscrosoft Patent 060606, also called WS2020060606, which is "the mark of the beast". See Revelation 13,16-18 und 14,9-11und 16,2 ! Put this son of an eugenist, narcissist and psychopath, who makes himself the god over the whole humanity into a psychiatric prison!

    76. Hector Concarne

      Ah, 33%. Got it!

    77. jojomojojc

      F@ck cnn and F@ck bill!

    78. Angelica Calloway

      How the fudge could he give an estimate unless he knew what was really going on. WAKE THE FUXX UP PEOPLE!!!! Also the math their doing “100 grow by 33% then you at 1000 that shit don’t even make since pay afukin intention DAMNNNN!!

      1. Milli Vanilli

        Arsu Bold then you would also know how many times he flew on epsteins plane.

      2. Arsu Bold

        Any person with the capability of logical thinking can make an estimate.

    79. Greg Abrams

      I'm so glad Bill Gates is informing us all. He owns massive stakes in pharmaceutical companies and has talked for several years about population control, but he wants to help us. He is such a good man. He does not want to put a sterilant in this vaccine like he did in 3rd world countries. Can someone remind me what medical schools he attended?

      1. Arsu Bold

        @Greg Abrams You can always watch a doctor report about it if you want, not much difference.

      2. Greg Abrams

        @Arsu Bold True. I just asked which medical school he went to. Nobody seems to know. Everytime a non doctor gives an opinion on covid, they are immediately discredited due to lack of schooling. I guess billionaires know everything about everything. I'm so glad someone with no schooling in the medical field is telling the whole world what to do.

      3. Arsu Bold

        Obviously, he studied about the virus so he can make a report about it.

    80. marcela fierro

      Why you even ask him anything he is evil