Blood In My Eyes ( It Is What It Is Remix)

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    1. Steven Evans

      I love u less kuse I dont want that stress

    2. marico boston


    3. J. Fields

      GOAT STILL🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

    4. Kevin Whitehouse

      I was here adapt OR parish records

    5. J. Fields

      Listen to this song literally everyday all day at work.....He GOAT

    6. Aurora Cole

      He better than NBA always

    7. Brandon Lawson


    8. Austin Chandler

      I can relate to money more than any of the rest of the artist.

    9. Nani Shavon


    10. Al Peace


    11. Geroski Arrington

      This beat 🔥

    12. Tony Grand

      Future is a professional LIAR HE don't do none of this

    13. Charlie Rock

      Fire department can't put this fire ass song out gang shit

    14. Joseph Contartesi


    15. Misukey Harris

      Another 💣💥 one

    16. Devonte harris

      Drop top drop top drop

    17. El Savage

      Him n Lil Baby be killing shit banger after banger

    18. John Rick

      Shitttt 🔥🔥🔥

    19. Derek Stevens

      🍞 gang

    20. xk p


    21. Ramsey Langford

      Shit trash asf

    22. Pharo Records

    23. YKG215


    24. Stevie Dickens Jr

      901 🔥🔥🔥

    25. sirgeechi

      Something didn't flow right with this, like he was off beat at times or wasn't a serious song

    26. Forever Family

      Can’t get attached right now heart so cold like weather in chiraq right now 🖤

    27. LeaLea Hazel

      So this remix to durk song I'm confused 😕

    28. Justin Hutton

      Ugh ugh ughhhhh!

    29. Justin Hutton

      Moneybagg fired up once again 🔥🔥⛽⛽💨💨💨

    30. Golden Boy

      Dont dont care Im a fan..Your one one of my fav. artist.

    31. Jemmy Karma Jem


    32. Jermaine Galloway

      My nigga just lost his life blood n my eyes so fuck a bitch

    33. Loco Beast 03

      like if moneybagg better than young boy

      1. Quon Quon

        Way better

      2. young fame

        That’s hard fr cause moneybag nice but he predictable...yb rap bout real life shit he songs have wayyyy more meaning than moneybag

      3. Hebrew Seven

        Bagg is for adults. YB names says it all. He is for kids 💯

      4. Rodrick Bradley

        Victor Avila duh

    34. jameer pugh

      play it in 1.25

      1. jameer pugh

        I been with you know what I'm sayin

    35. Steven Rodriguez

      I swear I can relate fuck these bitches let's get this money

    36. thuglife daniel

      Baggg ate this hoe 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    37. The Goddess

      My shit 🔥

    38. Sunni Rose


    39. Tommy Jarocity Marshall

      Ok bagg I hear Chicago stand up its our year

    40. Jamel Washington

      Straight flames keep applying pressure Bagg

    41. Bella Pooda

      Never disappoint me🎯

    42. KnowledgeIsKey

      with the bwa chain in the cut

    43. Wavii Bwave

      Another Banger ♨💯 Like if your here b4 100K

    44. DontPanicrs

      They need this on Spotify

    45. Ron Herron

      Ain't nobody fuk'n wit moneybagg right now

    46. Larry v. Batchelor Batchelor


    47. Todd Enlow

      Defamation of character, Ocean spray, and this song should all be number 1 hits

    48. J. Fields

      🎧🎧🎧🎧🎵🎼🎼🎼🎼 THIS DAT SHIT

    49. NaeNae No'lemmitts

      Always 🔥🔥🔥 #1Fan in Texas

    50. Truthful HD

      Nobody gonna talk about that wet ass fart at the end

    51. Xyamber Williams

      Anything with bagg I can relate its a stress reliever

    52. Tierra

      🔥 don’t need that stress don’t want your mess 🙅🏽‍♀️

      1. Steven Evans

        Just told a shawty that

    53. Kevo 2tymes

      Free Finese #2tymes #ItsMighty

    54. H0Tb0Y J4Y

      B4 I mil

    55. Jmoney Soto


    56. IAMBGJ

      Who knows this instrumental??

    57. Elite Gamer

      moneybagg always goin in. at least gotti has one good artist now. cmg has been shit since zilla been gone

    58. Mari The Goat

      Where the real moneybagg yo fans at💯

    59. DaBaggWay Demesma

      This One Song Killing Lil Baby Whole Mixtape On Jesus Don't Nobody Wanna See Bagg What He Said You Better Bet On Me My Money On Bagg

    60. Demarcus Huntergood

      Federal 🖤