Call of Duty®: Warzone - Official Trailer

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    Free to play for everyone.
    Drop in tomorrow.
    Explore Verdansk, bring home the money in Plunder, or fight until no one else stands in your way in Battle Royale. #FreeCallofDuty
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    1. NOOB isHERE

      Warzone : We presents Two Epic modes. Battle Royale and Plunder Me everytime i play : *PlUndEr*

    2. Meow Milev

      *With so many bots in call of duty mobile. I don't mind at all!*

    3. Paradox Pictures

      Rick : This is just Pubg with extra steps 😂 Looks cool tho

    4. Noble Society

      Showing support to everyone in our community ❤️😊

    5. AZRI CH


    6. Cxde Blxrtxn

      They really giving battlefield a run for their money

    7. alpha riddick

      don t work gpu problem lol gg

    8. Bautes Alexis

      Single please ?

    9. rooyalty blood

      What cod is that ?

      1. GoldenTurtleGaming 97

        It's an addition to Modern Warfare

    10. Nuker YT

      Is that riley

    11. thewolf man

      Please un switch

    12. bot gay

      Pubg.fornite.hz1z=banned COD=👍👍👍👍👍👍

    13. bofooit gojo

      This makes Blackout look like a beta version of Warzone.

    14. Martini Gaming

      Bulley sponge garbage.

    15. Flight Crew

      Apex legends: You can now revive dead team mates Fortnite: So can we! Warzone comes out Fortnite: We are so original that we have helicopters and you can now fight in Prison to return to the battle field once you die!

      1. bofooit gojo

        pilot nicknamed Chopper.

    16. Lucky Member

      Ihr bekommt nichts auf die Reihe ein Spiel was so viel spackt echt absolut gut gelungen bis auf die ganzen Hänger egal was Update gemacht und trozdem ich bin in gulak recht gut würde nicht gekillt der andere war nicht in der Mitte wo diese Flagge ist und trozdem bin ich raus .... you 😠

    17. hussam saghir

      Ll cool j works with anything

    18. akakrishbtw

      the fact that it has 150 players per match i dont think my pc will handle it :(

    19. Amir VIP


    20. iReviews Gaming

      This is a simulator, not a game anymore...

      1. Ekquizit Sounds

        Its definitely still a game

    21. okoye nonso

      Will the updates ever stop????? It's crazy

    22. Alex Roma

      Ma che coattata spettacolareeeeee! Questa è una dichiarazione di guerra per FORTNITE cazzarola! #Spettacolo!!

    23. Phil McGrath

      Rank progression crashes for several games as does battle pass progression please fix would love to max rank and complete battle pass.

    24. Blink

      really really great content 🙂 keep uploading and you will do very well on utube cheers man 🙂

    25. Ben Henderson

      Give me a sec to delete 3/4 of my games

    26. Lvl Ghost

      Ohhhhh and don’t get me started on the ducking cheaters

    27. ABRAHAM

      Looks like bf1 conquest

    28. Mr Coconut

      Warzone:ha ha i will take all of your memory Me:are you sure?

    29. Zman the Panda

      I thought these visuals would only be in the trailer but the game looks awesome and the gun play is fantastic I recommend it to everyone even if battle royals isn’t your thing.

    30. Alan Grey

      A new Call of Duty character can be seen briefly running along the rooftop. His name?! *Blade Reese* ...he loved those little chocolate peanut butter cups. Sadly, He was KIA by a pilot nicknamed Chopper.

    31. Oops List

      Warzone came at the right time 😆👌 Cheers 🥂 COVID19

    32. IT_QA


    33. TITAN WAR

      Is cool

    34. Chill JD

      I can’t lie Warzone is the first battle royale, I actually enjoy.

      1. coasterboy456

        Chill JD same

    35. soinu foig

      I was expecting Deadpool to show up at some point.

      1. Ekquizit Sounds

        You are a pathetic comment theif

    36. Monir Nour

      This game absolutely destroyed pubg

    37. click here or you will die in a gire

      Fortnite has been quite since you posted this

    38. KarlKoch


      1. soinu foig


    39. DN0ypid

      This song is dope. I didnt know this was LL Cool J when i first heard it

    40. Mathieu Descaudin

      Music ?

    41. Justin Fencsak

      Great game

    42. Budgie Cat

      Corona of Duty: Pandemic Warfare starring Winnie Xi the Flu will return after these messages

    43. Martino Martino

      Bruh Idgaf about nothing now but MW2 please activation make the humanity happy and release MP too!

    44. 777Dubliner

      Aaaaannnnd it's full of people using hacks... This game died faster than CoD:WaW. Get to work on a reporting system that you follow up on or soon this game will be lobbies full of people with rainbow names. And abandoned by its users.

    45. doogos are_good

      Cod trailer: BAMAMMAMAM THERE IN THE TREES!!! Real game: ay yo Timmy you got any amor

    46. good boy

      This is absolutely the best game

    47. Buğra Kurt

      Turkiyeden Görenler Butonu xD Herkese Şimdiden Sa

    48. Ninja Hacks

      That kid with 100 gbs

    49. Whythough

      So we’re not going to talk about the dog

      1. Dancing Panda

        Oh actually hold up a second there’s a new character called Talon who’s execution move uses the attack dog and it looks identical to the trailer scene

      2. Dancing Panda

        Yea lol how do we get that

    50. Vairh

      Yo, this trailer is lit but I found a better one no joke it's by Call of duty and only a few people have this video and it's surprising trust me. @t​

    51. Daisy Phal

      Ghost is a warzone character now

    52. Ernesto Gonzales

      Saludos cordiales desde México Durango 💯

    53. Spy Gamer


    54. razza razza

      Ruined by SBMM


      Modern warfare 2 the best game


      i love these series specially cod is my all time fav games love and blessing for them who create these awesome games ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    57. Mr.LukaG

      How much GB does it need?

      1. Nelsonromero Viva el salvador


    58. truegrimz Tnt

      Leave it to call of duty to make a badass trailer

    59. Minecraft gamer

      Fortnite: we have the best game ever Warzone: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career

    60. Minecraft gamer

      Hey that's my birthday

    61. Just a Random Guy

      I like fortnite, apex, and warzone. But I think that warzone is the most fun to play, then fortnite, let’s not hate other BR games let’s enjoy the ones we like. Except for PUBG, that game is tra-

    62. Амина Бахшиллаева

      луццц шщ

    63. Aviv Gannon

      One more game and they might reach the level of bf3 / bad company 2.

    64. Chasith Udagedara

      This is sick💥♥️

    65. A25AM04

      Some bugs: There are some corners that you're unable to mount on, also munitions box falls through some walls and if in a certain position near objects is unusable.

    66. Reckless Rambo

      Might sound ridiculous but this is one of the best game trailers I have ever watched!

    67. Jennifer Dubster


    68. YeahTheBois_Gaming

      Why is this the best trailer standing right beside dead island 2?

    69. Skippi Skip Production LLC

      If BO4 did their Battle Royale trailer more like this, I may have been fooled more into playing it.



    71. Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter

      Yeah 👅🍯🍟👄😍😗🤓 what's the deal. 👅🎁👄

    72. Mr. X

      7.1k fortnite and pubg scrubs disliked this video

    73. Чисайна Чисайна

      оМерика хоть в играх кого=то побеждает . В жизни везде только пиздюлей огребают .

    74. NLsmaleNL Xbox one Ps4 & pc gaming

      When Will we see modern Lmg weapons like the m249 saw and other modern lmg’s ?

    75. Sébastien Faucher

      camper game i uninstalled it faster than downloaded

    76. Ramjohn karamath

      Love your game

    77. eyehole man


    78. Angel garcia

      Boom Para Nachtu Nachtu pow

    79. Manuela Antonio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> best moment to me

    80. Alexandros Pav