Can 6 Psychics Predict The Fake Psychic?



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    1. Jubilee

      Hey Goodhumans! For the first time, we asked our IG followers to guess who the mole was, and we were blown away by how many of you voted! We love it when you guys get involved, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to take part in the future! See you there!

      1. WillMac RealTalk


      2. Runch Randa Dimples

        what is a psychic

      3. XxD4RkvKrYptOxX

        The prize should at least be $1000, 100 is a small amount.

      4. Ihab Almasri

        All moles vs one not mole

      5. Trevor Klein

        It is 7 not 6.

    2. Ty Smith

      Jubilee: How can we troll people without them realizing we are trolling them? Also Jubilee: Hold my beer!

    3. reeeeeeeee

      They all panic when they realized they didnt get the mole out. They're like " oh no I'm definitely a real physic I knew it was her like last month"

    4. Emily Clark

      I swear I knew who the mole was the second I first saw her

    5. Dox xx

      Time for another crusade.

    6. PogoProductions

      smells like a load of horseshit to me

    7. Andrew Barzal

      Next do 6 anti-vaxxers and a mole

    8. Juleduto97

      I'd say 6 liars and someone who doesn't lie but this time is lying

    9. BeGonTOTH

      these 6 idiots couldn't even skidoodle sakdoodle the mole out.

    10. Andrew Barzal

      Ironic that the one with all the psychics was one of the shortest episodes with them losing lol

    11. Maynne Millares

      They are all liars, being a psychic is just a stunt - cold reading.

    12. Oscar Lopez

      Is it me or that guy looks like lester from gta

    13. Alva J

      I mean it's interesting watching liars lie to each other

    14. Chong Al Gom

      they're not that powerful anymore

    15. Chong Al Gom

      not all psychic predicts future

    16. Chong Al Gom

      all kinds of magic need consent wtf... maybe not from the target obviously from the one casting it

    17. Chong Al Gom

      how about the ones watching and guessing it right? do we get a dollar?

    18. Muhaimn Al-janabi

      Why is all female Psychic so thick

    19. Animekid

      Do 6 Karen and one other female

    20. Su

      "One" is a liar. Hilarious.

    21. Adi Djohan

      I was expecting the episode to go down like "You're the mole because my invisible cat told me." Instead, we got "Are you a magician??"

    22. Shuai Nerd

      Why does Richard look like the man on the moon in Rick and Morty

      1. Ty Smith

        Yeah... He does look like a smudge

    23. John A

      1 actor vs 6 non-actors. That would test the skills of the real actor lol

    24. GentleMint

      "I knew it! I knew it was you!" Then, why'd you never vote for them?...

    25. Zachary Joshua Jao

      1:20 it got me confused at first because she said that she's from Japan then i read her name it was Paris 😂😂😂

    26. Chris Palermo

      The irony is strong in this video. I can feel it.

    27. L a u r e n

      So they don’t vote her out and than in the end “ I new it.” Than why didn’t u vote her out bruh ??!

    28. Makeup with Erica

      Shantell: I knew it was her. I wrote down her description. Also Shantell: *votes for Elijah every time*

    29. i know you’re right but

      i dont think i can fully understand what physics are lol

    30. Dave B

      We need a vulva, old norse

    31. emily m

      Go 'head mole lmao

    32. Amanda Stevens

      Me: if they're psychics, they'll just figure it out with their pSyChiC aBiLiTieS Video:

    33. Konye J

      I instantly guessed Paris.

    34. over it

      @2:12 the woman in the blue top's face 😂

    35. A7xFo

      Please do 6 flat earthers vs 1 secret scientist

    36. A7xFo

      "I knew it. I felt it, I felt it." *Didn't vote for her*

    37. Ingrid Dubbel

      Breanna is mentally ill.

    38. ChocolateXPDomino

      Bruh Dylan and Carla are not Psychics they should have know that Paris was the mole if they were Psychics, they should have raised their hands like Richard and Elijah cause those 2 guys knew what they were doing!

    39. Andru Holland-Jones

      Every body: she saidshe was from jupiter no one the girl that said she was from nine galaxies

    40. P. Marie C.

      "This is beautiful, but this is trying so hard..." ... says the guy dressed like a stereotypical charlatan magician.