Can Democrats and Republicans See Eye to Eye?



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    1. MoonShine Bri

      I don't believe any American wants America to go back to slavery and racism I just don't believe that and if they do they got major issues in and need to get over themselves! And I am white and I havent myself gotten very many privileges so just hearing "White" privilege kind of ticks me off because I don't get any kind of "white" privilege whatsoever

    2. MoonShine Bri

      The left AGENDA IS VERY MUCH PUSHED BY THE MEDIA! and I don't know if I can say make America great again but I can say make America better than it presently is!

    3. MoonShine Bri

      I will never be able to agree with people that come to America illegally not getting punished for breaking the law but all the while American citizens get punished for breaking the law all the time, I will never agree with that

    4. MoonShine Bri

      I agree and disagree policies in both policies.. neither are always right..

    5. anoushka

      why did none of the replubicans let charity SPEAK

    6. GetGoodGuitar365

      These republicans do not speak for me especially Christy or whatever the fuck her name is but Michael is chill

    7. IMO

      *An Independent is the only way to go.*

    8. nefarious

      i loved alan

    9. Kal 888

      There is no middle ground in politics without independents. boom.

    10. jsudlow12

      More conflict please!

    11. Common man

      Why all the republican people doesn't make sense at some point of time.. Michael : Sounded good until he said `Learn to Code`. 😂 Hope : I was bullied in school and crying now. 😆 Christy : Hollywood and then KKK hit List.. Stop 🛑 .. concludes Republican values are more of selfish and Democratic values more for people and society

    12. Anonymous_fades100

      My Mexican 🇺🇸🤝🇲🇽

    13. Eric Joslin

      That older white girl wants to fight the black girl and vice versa 😂👽

    14. Jtiz

      Best line ever: I am not against immigration I am against illegal immigration

    15. David G.

      Democrats are for right, instead of wrong. Republicans, however, will tell you anything in order to get reelected and keep that income incoming. That's all that matters to them. They can't see or care how others would be affected. They also use their favorite tactic in accusing you of doing the very same (or worse) they, themselves, have done. Do as I say, dammit. Do not as I do.

    16. Marsh Mallow

      Christy: I didn’t ask to be born latina

    17. Handy Fix

      The first 5 seconds of the video was enough to turn it off. Communists (we call them Democrats in America) have murdered over 100 million people. They will not be happy until they do it here in America.

    18. James Kinetic

      Hispanic is NOT a race. It’s a culture. You can be ANY race and be Hispanic. As a very indigenous looking Hispanic/Latina woman. Brown skin is looked at with shame in this country. I can tell Christy never faced the problem I have and many other native Latinos have.

    19. Alex Garmon

      What a caren

    20. Tem S

      Orange man bad. Thats their only defense. Sbut up. Get over yourself. Illegals committ rape murder and theft. Build the wall. Deport all illegals. They want to disarm to take over. Profeasional victims. Socialism is evil. Trump 2020

    21. Anthony Meza

      I think the lady in the yellow is way to dramatic but so is the older lady like fight already. I’m a republican and we don’t claim her

    22. Cole B

      Republican dark hair

    23. Cole B

      Never mind I like the dark haired on certain things

    24. Cole B

      Also trump is actually helping African Americans and everybody in general and unemployment rate is at its low of 3.5% now so the on republican dark hair lady kind of a b**** kind of but the other Republicans are good

    25. Cole B

      Trump 2020

    26. Cole B

      Nobody wants the kkk to return and it wasn't full built just on slavery I mean there was slavery but guess who got rid of it Republicans also constitution didn't say WHITE men will be equal. On fact they didnt want to end slavery at the start due to it being a new countrie and it wasn't ready for a civil war.

    27. Cole B

      "Whiteness" hmmm first time hearing it

    28. Jace

      I can't stop thinking about that josh sounds like Chris from family guy

    29. Sara Schmidt

      Someone who is on the side of a minority wouldn’t sit there and put down another minority, like that women did...

    30. aribbonatatime

      Every one of these people are trying to sound like they care for others but if you listen carefully you begin to realize that they are all advocating for their own selfish reasons. We all do it.

    31. jeff cw

      White guy - why don't you have a job? He thinks all 300 million Americans should be working

    32. Don Rodgers

      I had to stop watching after four and a half minutes. In that short span of time I knew exactly how things were going to go, and it wasn't going to be a pretty sight.

    33. Flowzz.Austintorツ

      Oh no someone is crying because a little girl told her off, grow up jeez

    34. Google User

      11:46 one girl was sexually exploited and a guy was stabbed, u were yelled at, stop whinging and GROW UP.

    35. Mark Housel

      Christy is vile

    36. Dante Jamiil

      Jesus christ, somebody get Christy out of here.

    37. Tatum Wilson

      Christy, lighten up and smile.

    38. Krusify

      Mike is the best.

    39. Krusify

      Charity and Christy both need to CHILL

    40. Sophie Bauman

      people like christy is why we republicans get a bad rep