Can Teens & Parents Understand Each Other?



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    Julkaistu 6 kuukautta sitten



      When the life coach stayed for the first question I died

    2. Jack Solis

      Noopur is my new favorite human

    3. Aarushi Kumar

      the diversity of the families in this video is kind of incredible

    4. Ducko

      Disgusting that that girl has two dads. She's being deprived of a mother, and that's sad. Both a mother and a father have different qualities that children need.

    5. rockintherae

      The Indian girl is a crash waiting to happen. I hope she finds confidence to stand her ground. Regain your control and confidence. Be healthy.

    6. phantomvampyress shadowkissed

      I have 2 daughter and i want them to talk to me openly. I will not shame them . My oldest is going on 11 dec 18. I talked to her about being open and always come to me because I'll never bash or belittle you. I let my daughter on you tube she shows me stuff and I'm I'm hers and comment . I think you should do that . Let her on but be on hers be active . Comment if someone comments inappropriately

    7. OdellJ

      The lady with the 1 son rly wanted to flex so hard. Like nobody cares lol.

    8. Brody Penn

      The teens were so smart and well spoken now I’m more self conscious

    9. Mackenzie Adams

      Does anyone think marissa looks like Demi Moore??

    10. Aidan Vader5

      This is the first of this series that I've seen that isn't a debate.

    11. Zespinossa

      don't all indians have depression?

    12. Vex Verdis

      The kid with the blond hair and glasses looked really annoying in the thumbnail. Like one of those punchable whiny tumblr types.

    13. B'mayum Sharma

      That 15 years old boy lowkey looked like he's 25

    14. Park Noah

      No one: Cassandra: my son goes to Yale with full scholarship

    15. Lia Bates

      Pro brexit vs anti brexit

    16. MrTeaaa

      Where did you get all these weird ass kids

    17. tigerlvr333

      Casual sex vs waiting for a serious relationship!

    18. dustin wright

      I think foster kids and social workers/ foster parents would be interesting

    19. In ThePM

      these kids would never survive in MW servers

    20. pizza steve

      "I feel too stressed" Teens: *GET TO THE CHAIRS!!!*

    21. Bruno Klintman

      Can you do Bearded men vs beardless women

    22. Bruno Klintman

      KKK members vs Black lives matter

    23. Cloud King

      I'm glad that some people have supportive parents. I had a support system with other family but I was damn near abused by my stepdad to the point of emotional and mental breakdowns and being treated like I wasnt even a son at times. So I like that allot of these parents seemed drastically different than allot of what I experianced

    24. NewSuperStar7

      And she standing in the back like a thug half the time

    25. NewSuperStar7

      Low key that old lady had a fit on I was like damn where she learn to dress

    26. Cow's Gaming

      Me 16 does chores no allowance because we are very poor however I do them keep them done and finish them everyday misses them for one day because homework Parents: YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THAT DAMN PHONE LET ME HAVE IT YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A WEEK GOD YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING!!!!!

    27. Frankie Saenz

      When that man started talking about his dad..damn it really hit deep. I had to make sure we didn’t have the same dad 😂

    28. samar

      I like this episode and I think it's a good idea to hear how adults and teenagers thinking about different things and it's a good idea to have a conversation between different generations

    29. Raska The Slaanesh

      Like there is a reason why internet should be 13+ like to make any account anywhere. Internet is full of morons and if you are less than 18, never put your address into public, even to friends on your friendlist. Like i feel like sometimes you have to be a little but mean too... Like with the games, ok, they are gifts, thank you, but will it make me be with you ? No, but thanks for games. I would not refuse a gift, right ? And if they get angry and stuff... Just tell them, they consciously made the decision to give a gift. Its like in relationship. You dont have to give back gifts that you got. But I think there should ve more cybersecurity classes not just in school, but at home, it should be talked at home too a lot.

    30. Jacob Gorokhovsky

      THIS episode is so "OK BOOMER!!!"

    31. Hermes Son

      Fatherless sons/daughters vs motherless sons/daughters

    32. Ben Stapleton

      Don’t let your daughter in FIsels. We gotta stop Coppa.

    33. Cameah Gill

      I wish the eldest woman was my mom or grandma. She’s got that mamma bear wise sage fierce protector energy.

    34. Chip Whitley

      As a conservative teen I automatically expect to relate to the ideologies of the parents rather than the teens.

    35. j e n n y

      one of elizabeth’s fathers were in the “do all gay men think the same?” video, right?

    36. img-_-gaming

      Swear I’d be so entertaining on this


      bro wtf where did they find these limp wristed androgynous "teens?" wheres the Hyper aggressive, weight lifting Alpha type? The one who devours philosophy by night and oppresses weaklings by day? you know, the one ALL people should aspire to be.

    38. Lars Indola

      These teens do not represent the rest, simply bad representatives

    39. farhahayra

      lol crying over the fact that i have a loving family but we dont talk about the things we need to talk about, so i just bottle it up and act like im okay with them which is not a great way to be, i still love my family though

    40. t3hKazy

      Anyone got Adams Instagram?