Casually Explained: Cycling

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    Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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    1. ThisMansBazza

      What about mountain biking

    2. Karel Wiebes

      What about the Dutch, we are the real cyclists

    3. Judas Iscariot

      Me: Mom can we have Sam Onella Mom: we have Sam onella at home Sam onella at home:

    4. John Cu

      I just bought my first bike andd this showed up.

    5. Nav.igator.bisht.PRO

      So cyclists are loners, got it thanks.

    6. Nav.igator.bisht.PRO

      So cyclists are male, got it thanks.

    7. drawingboard82

      My brother was a cyclist. Note the "Was". His brain was so tiny that it guided him off the edge of a cliff on a mountain road in Italy.

    8. Alfred Conqueror

      The puck Moen got me good lol (I like cycling and I follow her in IG)

    9. KirkeGaming

      I have a single speed (mainly due to there being less to break and I hate gears). I'm decently fast but I fucking hate hills.

    10. abdi

      This is so strange to watch as a dutch person...

    11. AnthonyGamerUK

      I like to see you talk about runners now

    12. Samuel

      what about BMX


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> is that a nod to the Justice League episode where Green Lantern makes a path with his ring for Flash to run on in order to throw some bomb at the Sun? If not, I'm sorry, I'll just leave.

    14. Romain Tagliaferro

      And than there is me, who tries to get to 70 kph on a cheap mountain bike in hill roads close to my house without any protection or equipement

    15. Lyrog

      Couple of weeks ago I saw a cyclist crash into some lady and she basically took a nosedive on the pavement. As she was trying to wipe the blood from her face, the dude complained how she ruined his 200 euro front wheel lmao

    16. lizardyeeter

      You forgot the Mountain Bikers

    17. Henk Vanatten

      i feel personally attacked but yoooo this shit relatable af

    18. twitertaker

      In Skate-/Longboarding this separation truly exists. To many skaters you are either a "real skater" doing Kickflips or riding down a hill at 30+km/h in the park or you are a pesky "commuter" using your board to get to the supermarket. While I agree that the first type is pretty cool, I do not understand why people hate the second type so much. I love riding my board and getting sh*t done. Its is so much more fun than walking around and it hurts noone. I do not pretend to be Tony Hawk.

    19. János Dobszai

      I watched this and not my YT feed is full of wheelie tutorials 😅

    20. bjorink

      i bought a bike yesterday and i’m a little worried

    21. Jimilous Cage

      Aunt Jemima Energy Gel 🤣

    22. feralbear3615

      Cycling is the fad du jour. First there were runners, then crossfitters, now bikers.

    23. PressPlay

      I'm a cyclist and a mountain biker. Ask me anything

    24. CheeseBurger X

      People who compare who is stronger and weaker among cyclist are the weakest ones. Coz they need their ego to be fed to feel strong lmao😂

    25. Jessica Raven

      I wish America had bikelanes. And better crossings. Sucks were I live being a pedestrian or cyclist feels like being a second class citizent compared to the tyranny of cars. At least in my state there's no laws against sidewalk riding so it is safer when there actually is a side walk that's is.

    26. Myles Hall

      Perfect. Legit describes my life as a cyclist

    27. Henry Kane

      I have a cervelo 😂

    28. Ricasio Gaming

      This roast session made me say DAMMMMNNN on multiple occasions.

    29. arda hatunoglu

      this was hilarious, ended with a unexpected twisted ad

    30. Ο Κ

      A cyclist would never have an actual life cause it's not aero

    31. Elon Musk

      Thank god my dads not a cyclist Hes a wife beater

    32. JimIBobIJones

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> that was too close to reality for comfort. I cycle to work and a guy on a carbon bike and full lycra kept overtaking me. Normally I like to annoy people who take it all too seriously by overtaking them and keeping ahead of them as long as possible but this occasion I had a full change on clothes and shoes in my panniers for a meeting at work so decided to drop back - a car comes out of a T junction and smashes into the guy on the carbon bike, the guy was OK but the car totalled the front of the bike and mangled the wheels, if that had hit a second later don't think he would have been alive.

    33. just some weeb

      I dont even know if this is a insult or not

    34. Michel Montoya

      Savage. Nothing else comes to mind. Carry on, Warrior Brotha ❤✊🏾

    35. Mina30000000

      It used to take me 70min to go to work by bus. I was able to reduce that time to 30min by riding my bike instead... But at what cost? Well... The ride to work is mostly steep uphills so the cost is only my sanity and my fucking legs. The ride back home is nice tough.

    36. sean s


    37. Ricardo Ramirez

      Come to nyc and you will get a mixture of both

    38. ScubaSchaef

      I just want to go fast

    39. Andrea Callini

      Whell mountain biking is 100% better

    40. Rudi Harling

      children? not aero

    41. SwiftTelly20

      This has to 90+% sarcasm...right? I'm a cyclist, and I used to be a courier. I'm not sure whether to take these insults personally or not. I'm really confused.

    42. Frex my man

      Oh god the maple syrup at the thumbnail.

    43. Chris Wesseling

      Love the honesty about the use of a VPN.

    44. PermaKulHurTur

      The commuter many times is more of a cyclist than many of those who pretend to be cyclists and ride 1/10 the mileage on an average week.

    45. Austin Hernandez

      Anyone else notice how the bike seat slowly goes up every time its shown again?

    46. DFX2KX

      I'm a semi-commuter I guess. Sometimes I ride to ride, sometimes I ride to get somewhere. I hate hills more then wind TBH. And It's not the cars I fear, but drivers on their phones. I can have buds in and still have far more situational awareness then Suzy Senior the Surge of Red Lights, Mailboxes, and anything that doesn't have a car horn. Someone once tried to convince me that I just HAD to get Lycra, because Aero matters. To which I said "If I cared about going fast, I'd slap a MOTOR on the thing".

    47. Bryan Seare

      I find this video kind of offensive. While somethings are slightly correct, It paints cyclists as extremist uncaring people who only care about their bike and Nothing else. Even if this extreme is just for humor, it really distorts reality. Cycling does not destroy marriages.

    48. ELM ONE

      Don’t forget the fixie

    49. Bukky Emmanuel

      Next time someone asks me if I want kids "Nah man, pregnant women aren't aero"

    50. Bukky Emmanuel

      The cyclist has come to terms with his own mortality

    51. EisBlume

      The high seat is killing me 😂😂

    52. Elmo

      Why am I watching this rubbish 🙃

    53. jalexander305

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> the dragon ball z power measuring thing lol

    54. Nick Pytel

      “Pregnant women are not aero” quote of the year

      1. feralbear3615

        My neighbour just got his firstborn son from his wife and I still see him going out biking every week.

    55. Vemon

      I'll stick to my skateboard

    56. Kimberly Roberts

      I’m new to the bike world and I’ve found that either very early morning rides or late night are the best. Almost no traffic, no problem with heat🥵🔥 and it’s calming. At most you’ll see a meth/crackhead and Bambi 🦌

    57. Kimberly Roberts

      😂😂😂😂 I’m a commuter/fun rides at the lake

    58. Simon Buyens

      "Pregnant women are not aero"

    59. Wizard

      and then you have Amsterdam.

    60. Konni Lol

      Even IF pregnant women aren't aero, they generate more downforce, so they don't get blow off their bike...

    61. Crazy Cooconuts

      I’ve watched this video so many times now

    62. mikkosha

      Reminds me of how a coworkers relationship broke apart after he bought a bike.

    63. Hybrid_ Inferno

      "because he actually has to wait for him to get off the bike before he can steal it" BEST line ever <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a>

    64. Luke Thompson

      What about mountain biking, trials, bmx, etc.?

    65. Timo Blok

      you aren’t a real cyclist unless you have made these complaints: 1. i always have the wind blowing in my face and never in my back. 2. which idiot invented cars? 3. i wish i was in a car right now.

      1. Drew Kulenguski

        Only 3

      2. Melone

        1 is correct, 3 is also correct, but 2, naahhh.

      3. echd1

        have never said one of that excuses

      4. Aiden O

        Said number 1 more times than I can remember

      5. GE12

        Can confirm 1 & 2, never wanted to be in the car, only in the truck to trash the car

    66. Soumaya Doualeh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> [ *LAUGHS* *IN* *DUTCH* ]

    67. Hideo Kojima

      Cyclists do have bellies

    68. Basil II

      Cyclists, the people that swerve into your car and claim insurance

    69. Jakub Fabisiak

      Oh god... my sides...

    70. CreatureOfGoddess

      I rode a bicycle 25k Mike's, through 17 States, pulling a pitbull in a trailer Total commuter

    71. TheRaphGamezN'More

      ... scooter ...

    72. Павло Шарган

      Btw, gcn showed, that beer belly is more aero than flat. So if you're pregnant and not a climber it's even better

    73. GGori 99


    74. Eliteiel

      The faster you go the lesser the chance to fall :)

    75. Morgan Eby

      how do i send this to my dad without sending this to my dad like two years ago he deadass biked through someone’s car window

    76. Hubster

      It's always the wanna be dweebs in spandex that are rude and uppity. Way to busy training for nothing to wave.

    77. Zane Waldie-Rusic

      And then there are the mountainbikers

    78. Tyler Dickson

      Where’s mountain and BMX tho....?

    79. Steve Warris

      even if i have a full carbon aero bike i liked the video. it was very funny!

    80. Andris Velmeris