Casually Explained: Cycling

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    Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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    1. Kathleen Henson

      I live in Denver and I don’t like cyclists. You slow traffic and think you get a lane. I try to give plenty of room but when you are riding two or three across you are dangerous. Trying to get in the mountains is impossible most days because huge masses of cyclists are going uphill. Even the best cyclist can’t go faster than a car. I respect you so do the same.

    2. Silas van der Schaaf

      *The Netherlands has entered the chat*

    3. NPC S/N 1579325

      You forgot the third option when you buy a bike.... A moving speed bump that’s worth 10 points

    4. Non Active

      Holy duck the drawing moved

    5. A Frying Pan

      I didn’t realize the cyclist had sunglasses and I thought he just had a really fuckdd up nose

    6. Amina King Brown

      cant wait to your next upload you have 68 uploads you need one more to achieve greatness

    7. Neight C

      Can you do a video on scientology? It could be your masterpiece...

    8. Ben Harder

      What are you doing to prepare for FTC regulations? Hearing from other video makes, as an animator you will not appear in recommended videos and we won't get notifications for videos anymore either

    9. Lukas Moser

      Minute 5:05. That’s not the descent of Alpe d’Huez in the last picture. It’s the Lacets de Montvernier. 😋

    10. Irene Mar

      This one was SHADY

    11. Daniel Leberger

      You didn't talk about TITS

    12. Racool

      This guy makes me feel the opposite of funny

    13. Frisky Dong

      I feel disturbance in Casually explained voice.

    14. SavageFishing

      dude go on a got talent show you're hilarious

    15. Labolas2Glasya

      What about mountainbiking?

    16. Pete & Pete

      By day I’m your everyday joe commuter to work and back... By night I am the cyclist 🚴‍♀️🦹🏻‍♂️ “Batman “voice

    17. Martin Ueding

      You missed the tiny mirror that the commuter has attached to his helmet. And also the air pressure powered car horn that he has to be heard by people in cars that cut him off.

    18. jocean ocean

      really settled down in bed, ready to sleep to this playing in the background, thinking this shit said "crying" instead of "cycling"

    19. Zachary Lefebvre

      You should talk about teamtree before 2020 if not we will not make it do your part please ;)

    20. Ariana Khan

      No one gonna mention the power meter joke?

    21. Javier Najera

      Pregnant women are not aero

    22. Jimboy Said no

      You sound like Astrozist

    23. M ZAKRIA

      did that drawing say Cycling 5.3 miles takes 55 mins !!! Surely that can't be true

    24. Adam Whitcomb

      LMAO I'm 16 and I ride centuries but I watched this with all my riding friends and we laughed our asses off!! I love this video

    25. Caffeinated Nation

      Bro...u ok? 😂

    26. s

      5:58 I see the DBZ scanner is in fashion with middle aged cyclists

    27. Josh Wave

      1:02 Yo this is vic. I live around the corner in james bay!!!

    28. R. H.

      I cant 😅

    29. Silverlone Plays

      Cyclists be like: GOTTA GO FAST!!!

    30. Emma Kelly

      You forgot the third category : Triathletes who think they are cyclist

    31. MotorDetroit


    32. Lord Ferret

      What happened to the podcast?

    33. Adam Bernatchez

      Who hurt you

    34. Big Ring

      All fun and good, but back in the real world, most folks I ride with are cyclists two days a week and commuters with nice bikes 5 days a week.

    35. Jake Madison

      I have great ideas for topics on genetics, scuba diving, snowboarding, and ice climbing

    36. general viewer

      hey cyclists got a tip for you why dont you cut off your head? it's not aero, it's heavy and it's useless on you anyway!

    37. 5t0rm 23

      This guy is great. It's like oversimplified meets theodd1sout.

    38. lechprotean

      can I like and dislike this video at the same time? I brutally fit the model.

    39. BlackMage07

      Legs: *shaved* Arms: *shaved* Face: *beard* Body: * t-rex HOTEL: TRIVAGO

    40. durianrider

      No mention of vegan diet? Egan 'vegan' Bernal lol

    41. Wheel Sawyer

      Bro that puck Moonen tinder tho

    42. Ryan Massey

      I am one of them young kids 🙈

    43. Just Random BOI

      Can u explain friendship

    44. Hasan Li

      Finish middle of pack... Of annually charity 60 miler lmfao crying again😭😭😭😭

    45. Hasan Li

      Best vid ever ..lmfaooo prego women are not aero.... Im crying😭😭😭

    46. Ryan Campbell

      Still waiting for the title "Casually Explained: Why I Love Natalie Dormer"

    47. odin pics

      can you do weightlifting next?

    48. Bram van Duijn

      I saw a helmet on the commuter and knew all I need to know about this video. Helmets are for warzones and construction areas. I'll go watch it now because I don't believe in critizising (sp?) without data.

      1. Bram van Duijn

        Not what I expected. Still angry about the helmet though.

    49. skeletonfather

      Ah. So that's why all the Cyclists™️ run the lights at the busiest intersections where I live.

    50. Phos4us

      Can someone ride me to decrease the chance I get stolen? :3

    51. Phos4us

      1. One time I accidentally did a 180 on bike like what cars do in action movies. I braked while turning fast and my back wheel yeeted around. It felt cool. 2. I should go to sleep on my bike to decrease the chances of it being stolen.

    52. Ben Solem

      i hate that after working at a bike shop for 3 years this is spot on.

    53. Hurvajs Spejblu

      Is this my future? 😃

    54. thebullsvk

      You like Sagan? :D

    55. Taylor Baum

      Could you do one on Brazilian Jiu jitsu

    56. Raphael deLaghetto

      The graphics budget has increased I see

    57. Condensed Milk

      I always wonder why cyclists always have their arses in the air

    58. Daan van Honschoten

      You are a cyclist, commuter or you are dutch

    59. Emily rose

      Damn who he got beef with

    60. Kassandra R

      this is a genuine question, i am so fucking high right now, is that a syrup bottle