Climate Change Activists vs Skeptics: Can They See Eye To Eye?


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    1. Jubilee

      Hey Goodhumans! This was one of the most requested episodes we’ve had. It was also one of the toughest to tackle for our team, but deeply illuminating for us as well. We hope the same for you. Here at Jubilee, we believe in the value of open & honest discussions in order to pave a path towards empathy and develop a better understanding of people with different perspectives. Capturing the complexity and deeper nuances of a topic in a short period is incredibly difficult. However, we hope this discussion can inspire you to dive deeper and spark your own conversations. We’d love to be a part of it and hear your own insights below, so please share 🙂

      1. Richard Depaola jr

        The scientist activist is dishonest as expected. His "99%" of scientists agree that humans are causing climate change leaves out that most of them also say its a GOOD thing because we have warmed up the ICE AGE we are in. Yes, we are in an ice age. There is a reason why from 1920 - 1970 all of science and the media were going nuts about global COOLING...because we were cooling. The most decorated scientists alive today like Freeman Dyson all state that we actually need to keep creating CO2 for another 100 years before we should start to slow down in order to be able to produce enough food for the growing population because its only due to the increased CO2 levels that we have been able to keep up...All plants requires CO2 to live and grow and the more CO2 there is the more food we can produce and its even turning our deserts hospitable again. We have seen a 6% decrease in desert lands over the last 40 years. This is scientific fact. Also, the U.N. climate change reports states clearly that there is NOT a crisis, that Sun spots AND the earths rotation around the sun has as much to do with global warming as CO2, because that is ALSO a scientific fact.

      2. Peter Cho

        Climate change, global warming is all hoax. This agenda is to control world population. They blame mankind needs to be eliminated beginning with abortion. Anyone to accept these nonsense issues are deceived by Satan. One person created this earth and everything in it is God. His is in control of weather. No man can stop the climate change, no man.

      3. Rod Martin, Jr.

        @pgdrums12 I agree completely. I could run circles around both groups on climate science. They should have had Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. Tim Ball or any one of dozens of other experts.

      4. chris widney

        @pgdrums12 they do that, If they were fair , they would get chief meteorologist from colorado university or the only founding member of Green Peace that is a scientist to show the skeptic side

      5. pgdrums12

        Hello, i don’t think you did a good job choosing the skeptics. at least, you did a poor job editing what was shown. there was very little depth to what they said and i think your bias was shown

    2. samuel hancock

      "were not seeing consistent seasons"..... who ever said seasons have ever been consistent. "incentives are built in"... yea lady who do you think pays for that? "i spend extensive amounts of time recycling, and get paid for it, every 6 months" so how much an hour.... The best part is they are more concerned with "climate change" then they are about future generations living in socialism! Lord help us...

    3. kid Lifted

      Would’ve been cooler to do this episode in the woods

    4. Bahrain Retard Guy

      i like how the black guy wants to water his lawn while his african brothers face drought in africa

    5. Mac Mcleod

      The blond female skeptic can only be described as willfully ignorant. She is ignoring data available because her income depends upon ignoring it.

    6. Popo Lin

      What a lot of people are forgetting is that climate change isn’t something that’s gonna affect the future, it’s already affecting us now. A lot of countries are already facing the consequences of climate change and a lot of people have actually died from it. There are countries where extreme droughts have occurred as well as the opposite in where there is too many rain with the rivers are flooding and land slides are happening.

    7. Phoebe James

      Climate change is a big joke and it’s a huge money maker out of fakery

    8. Matthew Murdoch

      I'd love to see a Middle Ground on HOW we deal with climate issues and differing opinions on that. (As opposed to whether my rights are infringed upon for having to deal with it) Also...if at all possible... A full discussion; not an edited 15mins. ....if I got to pick 😏

    9. m3number86

      Did anyone ask if these climate activists put their money where their mouths are? Do they drive? Do they fly? Etc.

    10. ThatOneGirl

      I believe in climate change. I'm skeptical of its extent. But I can tell you that the three skeptics on this panel are not making the right or most reasonable arguments.

    11. Bradz06

      Government has the ability to control and adjust weather but I am sure that is an irrelevant fact.

    12. EckoEcho

      She choose not to have or plan to have a babies? She just gotta meet the right partner.

    13. Luffy d

      People won't understand unless it hits them,simple as that.

    14. Jamie Klein

      in every country besides america, climate change is taken as fact. the only reason any skepticism exists is because conservatives have created a platform where people are allowed to disagree with real data.

    15. Mary Lawrence

      Also "Threats to Western Civilization" made my dog just start going CRAZY

    16. Mary Lawrence

      I thought we were over finding "middle ground" on climate change?

    17. Nicolas Balaguera

      notice how the skeptics aren´t skeptics, but people that just don't care, and also notice how the three of them are pretty old, i mean of course they don't care what happens to the earth in the future, they aren't going to be in it!

    18. Carmen DeAngelo

      "China... china..." WE DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE CHINA !

    19. Matthew Murdoch

      Is it just me, or do people seem far more empathetic in these videos as opposed to the comment sections 🤔 ...curious that...

    20. goodvibration

      This whole thing is a farce

    21. LikeNobody

      „at that time my dad was-“ BAM „-very angry“ but he right tho

    22. Sam Bab- SVD

      I just can't understand how a claimed "physicist" not listen to facts and science itself. I would love to read his work, peer reviewed journals.

    23. Genesis April

      Only one skeptic ONCE denied that climate change is real. It’s not about denial- it’s about righteousness, “keeping their right” to be wasteful. For them, it’s mostly about climate change being an inconvenience, or having to learn to be less selfish for the sake of life on earth. It’s a me-mentality vs. an us-mentality.

    24. Tom Vrabec

      When the man said that USA as a country would not make an impact due to China's emissions I was in disbelief. USA is one of the largest countries in the world and one of the leading countries in terms of emissions, on it own their change would have a massive impact. What more, as someone from a smaller country, the climate change sceptics here are making a similar argument but instead of china they say America. They do say America and not China despite their knowledge of China's emissions because of China extreme regime system. The competitive government of china is far to into the competition to reconsider their impacts but america could slowly change laws to shape the need for saving the world whilst still creating a huge job opportunity. I mean... make people recycle by law. First, extra taxes if you do not recycle plus you make a new job role of people who check f it runs as it is meant to, people who collect and handle specific waste, people who will be in research to deposing of specific waste. I mean,,, if you were to take a huge corporation their impact would be very large withing the nation. They are likely to become more popular to the modern consumer and if their competition was not recycling, they would make more profit by not having an extra tax.

    25. Jose Medina Ramirez

      So basically it was trump supporters vs. Climate activists 😂

    26. S J


    27. DanteEightSix

      The area where I lived in Japan mostly got its electricity from wind power. We could not use clocks because of the fluctuations. How do you think you are going to use electricity for everything with wind and solar? The only reason why you can now is because most electricity is produced by coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. But no, we can't have any of that.

    28. Monty On

      Wasn’t it proven that 100 companies produce 70% of CO2?

    29. Yahor Rohach

      Ok. I believe climate change is real. BUT, is human has much to do with this? Not sure. Proven fact: average temperature in our days is lowest for last TEN THOUTHAND years! I believe our main issue today is pollution, this is what we have to work on.

    30. davzinzan

      Deniers, not skeptics.

    31. NyQuilus dillwad

      I can't get passed the fact her name is MICHAEL

    32. grunair

      I hate the argument about China polluting. This is America, aren’t we SUPPOSED to be better? Why look to another country and use them as a benchmark on mediocrity?

    33. McKenzie Stewart

      china has more emissions because china has mOre pEoPlE

    34. richy phachanh

      Take note how he says that 99% agree that climate scientist agree on climate change, what kind of change? He didn't say warming or dimming.

    35. Flamery Blurs

      This is good, they actually chose skeptics who aren't egocentric. I've had a discussion about this with my grandfather, and when I brought up that future generations may be in a much, much worse situation climate-wise than we are, he said he didn't care, because he would be dead by then.

    36. Two Be

      I think they should’ve invited a climate scientist skeptic to balance things out.

    37. Newtoschool

      I completely see where the skeptics are coming from and understand why they are opposed to the point of view of the activists. This video was good at shedding light on the side that isn't covered very well in the media.

    38. Rick K

      This is a great concept. Any time you have equal parties with opposite opinions discussing their thoughts is a good thing. Unfortunately, this video was edited in a very biased way and the true concept was lost.

    39. Steve Houben

      Main things I noticed: - Climate change is somehow an infringement on national rights/ constitutions. Like how the fuck do you say "the right to water your lawn" and not just burst out laughing. - They are all talking about how China and such should change. The thing is that even if China changes, the U.S. will still need to change. And if they change now then they can form an inspiring example and they subtract alot from the year balance of for example millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide. - Switching over to more eco-friendly power sources etc. doesn't have to wreck an economy. It will just take longer to adapt to that process. - The typical "I know these people that are scientists" moment is frustrating as hell. Unless someone can name a certain report or study, they should not try to justify their views and beliefs. - The fact that some of these people are so scared of "socialism" is quite funny. But I'm from europe so I am not that involved with American politics and such. So no further comment on that point. All in all: climate change or anthropogenic climate change is a real thing and it should be a top 5 global concern. We need to step away from our view of "me, the individual" and look more as "we, the species". Help build a better future.

    40. kickazz1234

      The physicist and epidemiologist did not bring any of his scientific argument to the table at all, instead, he focused solely on how this is an unfair disadvantage to the US economy and hindering economic growth. I was so interested to hear what he had to say but whoa... Also the lady who is a part of a group for "western interests"... well as soon as she said that, I knew what would be coming out of her... garbage.